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Is Spicer Flap a Cover for Media to Tie Up White House in Global Affairs and Scuttle Trump’s Domestic Agenda?

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In the words of ABC News’ anchor David Muir, President Trump’s press secretary, Sean Spicer, set off a searing “firestorm” with rather awkward comments during a press conference comparing Syria’s leader Bashar al Assad to Adolph Hitler.

On Tuesday, April 11, Spicer said that even Hitler didn’t stoop to using chemical weapons like Assad allegedly did on April 4. Only two days later, with the facts on the ground still not clear, the U.S. launched a reported 59 cruise missiles at Syria to “punish” Assad’s alleged chemical attack.

Spicer clarified, however, that he meant that the sarin gas attributed to Assad didn’t exist in Hitler’s day, and that Assad used sarin gas in a weaponized-projectile form against his own people, or so it seems.

Spicer then apologized, admitting that his Assad-Hitler comparison was an awkward mistake. Yet ABC News wouldn’t let it go, saying over and over again that Spicer’s “highly insensitive” comments on Syria trivialized Nazi Germany’s gas chambers in WWII.

So, the “firestorm” of controversy, while some Jewish figures complained about Spicer’s remarks, came from ABC’s own hype, blowing Spicer’s brief comment totally out of proportion. Complaints are not necessarily a “firestorm,” which is a very loaded word.

And like usual, big media like ABC, which heatedly equated Spicer’s clunky comments with an alleged outright “denial” of the Jewish Holocaust in the second World War, can’t seem to find the real story.


Mainly, there’s still no solid proof that Syria’s leader used chemical weapons against his own people. Therefore, it was completely unnecessary for Spicer to compare Assad with Hitler in the first place, because the jury is still out on Assad.

When Congressman Thomas Massie of Kentucky (R) tried to explain to CNN that Syrian forces may have mistakenly hit a terrorist-controlled ammo dump that could have contained some kind of gas shells, CNN acted like Massie was a loon . . .

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