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SYRIA: Believe in Aleppo, Real Syrians Giving Hope to Real Syrians


21st Century Wire says…

After almost five years of externally enforced division and NATO and Gulf state terrorist occupation of East Aleppo, hope has been restored to the people of Aleppo, not by the same external forces under the faux humanitarian pretext, but by the people of Syria themselves. 

Kevork Almassian of Syriana Analysis explained what happened today, in Aleppo:

“This event was organized by the Junior Chamber International of Syria (31-3-2017), aiming to restore hope to the civilians and help them return to their city. Hundreds of Aleppi civilians attended the event, enjoyed the beautiful weather, singing and dancing in front of their proud Citadel.”

Sohayb Masri of Kawsar TV also explains, on camera, what this event means to the people of Aleppo:

“Today’s event is organised by the Junior Chamber International (JCI), aimed at restoring confidence to civilians and to help them return to their City. Some people launched social media campaigns such as “Aleppo is Burning”, “Aleppo is Dying” etc. Today Aleppo is back to life. Thanks to the Martyrs who baptized this soil. The victory of Aleppo is thanks to all the Martyrs who came from all over Syria to defend Aleppo and the people of Aleppo and their Citadel. I just want to say something, the Martyrs sacrificed their lives in order to bring back happiness and smiles to the faces of the civilians. Let’s believe in this. May their souls rest in peace. The Martyrs of the Old City, the Syrian forces that fought hard battles had a crucial role in restoring hope to the Aleppi people”

Thanks to Syriana Analysis for this video covering today’s event in Aleppo:


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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue