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Tucker Carlson to Border Angels Founder: Why Shouldn’t Borders Be Protected?

21st Century Wire says…

“Why shouldn’t borders be protected?”

It is a fair question Tucker is asking Enrique Morones, founder of ‘Border Angels’ (pro-immigration advocate group) in a recent discussion about President Trump’s 10 point immigration plan.

Morones was quick to call Trump’s position on illegal immigration “racist” and “xenophobic” yet seemed to have no knowledge that the policies of Mexico are much more harsh with regard to illegal immigration. In Mexico illegal immigration is a felony, illegal immigrants can face deportations (based even on financial viability, physical and mental health) and up to 10 years in prison for repeat offenders. Tucker also points out that Mexico only allows 4% of their applicants clemency whereas the US grants 49% and Morones again seems completely unaware of the facts being presented.

Certainly it is a sensitive topic that should be open for debate by all citizens but the critical thinkers out there are likely wondering… Are Morones and many of those on the left confusing the difference between enforcing legal US immigration policies and acts of hatred? Why does he not hold Mexico to the same standard as the US? Watch the interview below and you decide.


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