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Rosie O’Donnell Thinks Martial Law is in Order to Prevent a Trump Presidency

21st Century Wire says…

Arguably irrelevant Hollywood personality, Rosie O’Donnell has taken to social media to support the concept of the US Government imposing Martial Law on the nation to avoid a Trump presidency. 

The Hollywood personality, who by all accounts of her own should be in Canada by now, seems to have very little understanding of not only politics, but of the law as well. She, in caps-lock Tweet shouting, said that the inauguration should be delayed under martial law until Trump is “cleared of all charges.” Obviously she’s referring to the ‘dossier’ that was discredited as a fake within hours of its release by BuzzFeed and subsequent republication by many left leaning mainstream media outlets. “Charges” implies a legal case yet there was no legal case, no victim, no crime, nothing of substance at all because it was a fake document.

Have a look at her whacky, ill fated attempts at affecting the political dialog on her social media output.

As though the high horsed Hollywood liberal echo chamber didn’t get enough with the caps-locked illogical rant above, she followed with yet another cry to interrupt a legitimately elected US political official with a military take over and suspension of constitutional rights.

As the final days of the Obama administration tick away we continue to bear witness to many Hollywood celebs throwing tantrums and wearing their ignorance of political realities on their sleeves (and social media feeds.) Rosie is one of the ultimate examples of the hypocrisy that we’ve been shown by others of her ilk such as Meryl Streep recently. These Hollywood celebs say they support equality, tolerance,  and freedom out of one side of their mouth then push for totalitarian, military enforced, martial law and disruption of free elections when the elections don’t go their way.

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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue