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CNN Fake News vs Real News: First Images of Abandoned Terrorist Facilities in East Aleppo, Not From CNN

This week, the momentum in Syria shifted dramatically as the Syrian Army liberated the Old City in eastern Aleppo, so far retaking 80% of ‘rebel’-held areas in the city. As a result, operatives in Washington and their allies are now taking desperate measures in order to try and preserve the viability of remaining terrorist forces on the ground – in the hopes of extending Syria’s five year bloody conflict and overthrowing the legal government in Damascus. 21WIRE will post more ALEPPO UPDATES as new information comes in…

The Western mainstream media continue to give a twisted picture of reality in Aleppo.

During CNN’s coverage of newly liberated areas of East Aleppo on Wednesday afternoon, CNN anchor Kate Bolduan (who cried profusely over staged ‘Dusty Boy’ Omran image) spoke to her correspondent Fred Pleitgen by telephone (offering no real images, so it’s impossible to verify if Pleitgen was actually in East Aleppo as CNN claimed, more than likely he was not), and Bolduan refers to Pleitgen as “the first western journalist inside East Aleppo,” which is in itself a lie, as RT’s Lizzie Phelan (who is British and therefore western) was already reporting from the East-West green line in Aleppo since late Monday.

CNN’s Clarissa Ward in an award-winning theatrical performance from Al Qaeda-controlled East Aleppo.

CNN was characterizing the liberation of East Aleppo as a “humanitarian disaster” as theatrical Bolduan then gushes at the end of the segment to Pleitgen, another polemic along the lines of, “Thank you Fred, it’s so great we have brave journalists like you to show the world what’s really going on…” All that after CNN has, for the last 4 years straight, been spinning and completely misrepresenting events on the ground, and presenting reports by Clarissa Ward which appear to glorify terroist suicide bombers and various “rebel” terrorists (Al Nusra, Arar al-Sham, Nour al-din al-Zenki et all) occupying east Aleppo, effectively giving additional PR support to al Nusra-led efforts. 

Ward is flanked by another US asset promoting jihadist extremism, Bilal Abdul Karim, together producing what are clearly staged reports, alongside CNN’s endless airing of unvetted, staged White Helmets imagery – and passing it off to the viewing public as authentic video and photos supplied by nameless “Syrian activists”. Throughout the west’s proxy war against Syria, CNN has only reported the rebel/terrorist perspective, shamelessly portraying militant terrorists as “moderate rebels” and freedom fighters, while systematically demonizing any Syrian or Russian who is defending the nation state of Syria.  

Unlike CNN’s intentionally skewed US State Dept-slanted propaganda (eg. fake news), the following reports by RT’s Phelan, and R&U Vids, is real. The following footage is stunning, and very revealing….

“Battles continue between pro-government forces and rebels in Aleppo’s Old City, with Damascus slowly winning back territory. RT’s Lizzie Phelan and her crew were the first journalists to visit the neighborhoods just captured by the government.” Watch:

Here is another video you will not see on CNN or any Western corporate propaganda outlet, filmed by ANNA News, which shows a captured US Coalition-backed ‘rebel’ admitting he was forced to fight by terrorist commanders, and paid a regular wage plus perks – to terrorize and lay siege by mortar and Hell Cannon on innocent civilians in government-protected West Aleppo. Watch this incredible video:

The following is more footage of the Syrian Army advancing through the streets of East Aleppo. You can see multiple flags and insignias of listed terrorist fighting groups, once more proving that extremist terrorists forces – not ‘moderate rebels’, had full operational control over East Aleppo. Watch this stunning footage:



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