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CIA GATEKEEPER? CNN’s Chris Cuomo says Americans are ‘criminals’ for reading WikiLeaks’ Clinton email dump

21st Century Wire says…

CNN’s Chris Cuomo (image, above) is certainly one of America’s most maligned and gaff-prone mainstream media pundits. But are these really gaffs, or is there more to this media operative?

This week, Cuomo went into full establishment mode, by attempting to scare the American public into NOT viewing Wikileaks emails online.

Cuomo declared this week, “Also interesting is remember, it’s illegal to possess, ah, the stolen documents — it’s different for the media. So everything you’re learning about this, you’re learning from us.”

After Cuomo’s fatal misstep, he quickly began back-pedaling and obfuscating his troubling position regarding public access to items that are in the public interest:


What is even more disturbing about Cuomo’s off-hand legal declarations here, is that he is doing so in defense of Hillary Clinton’s presidential run – whose numerous scandals are pervasive throughout the Wikileaks emails. This is hardly the role of a “journalist.”

NEWSFLASH FOR CNN: If the leaked documents are about elected and appointed public officials (especially those seeking the presidency), and the content exposes illegal and unethical activities – and is clearly in the public interest (which these emails are) – then any decent journalist worth their salt (no such thing at CNN) would publish them and even encourage the public to comb over the documents, unless the media outlet in question functions as a gatekeeper (which CNN does). 

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As the son of former New York governor Mario Cuomo, and the brother of New York governor Andrew Cuomo, Chris is part of a political dynasty family and member of an elite establishment. It’s doubtful he would’ve been given such a prominent position in a major broadcast network if he wasn’t part of that establishment.

Last year, 21WIRE ran a scathing report criticizing CNN’s Cuomo over his reliance on dubious ISIS and al Qaeda “online magazines” for his news ‘breaking news’ reports. After a bomb brought down a Russian Metrojet Airbus A321 leaving Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, Cuomo cited an ‘ISIS Monthly’ aka ‘DABIQ Magazine‘ claiming that a “Schweppes Bomb” brought down the airliner.

21WIRE tweeted the CNN host our critique and in response, Chris Cuomo then blocked @21WIRE from viewing his Twitter page:


For a self-described ‘journalist’ hosting a major broadcast TV network program, is Cuomo so insecure that he blocked a small independent news site for criticizing a CNN report – which relies on ISIS as its source?

Q: Is Chris Cuomo a media gatekeeper? 
A: In the case of the above Wikileaks story, the answer is YES. 

It is well documented that the CIA has a number of media infiltration and propaganda programs, including Operation Mockingbird.

Is Cuomo participating in such a program, in this case, being run out of CNN?

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