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Carnage on Bastille Day: ‘Terror’ Attack in Nice – French Airstrikes on Raqqa?


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21st Century Wire

According to French authorities, at least 73 people are said to have been killed, and some 100 more injured in Nice, France, this evening following reports that a truck was driven into a crowd.

French police are calling it a “terrorist attack.”

21WIRE believes that the French ministry is already meeting in emergency session with President Francois Hollande, where the French government will be drawing up tentative plans to launch a dramatic series of airstrikes on Raqqa, Syria, possibly as early as tomorrow.

However, the scenes from this event are somewhat strange, to say the least…

According to initial reports, a truck-lorry, said to be driven by a ‘terrorist’ and possibly one accomplice, drove into crowds who were heading home after a Bastille Day fireworks display along the beach in Nice, France. Early reports claim that after the truck’s occupant drove into the crowd he proceeded to fire gun shots at the crowd, before being shot and killed by the police.

Here is a photo of the truck after police fired upon it and are said to have killed the driver(s):

This bizarre, blurry photo was posted minutes after the alleged terrorist attack in Nice:

Can a truck really produce that many fatalities? At first glance, it really does seem improbable.

Random bodies are seen covered in bed sheets on the Corniche, and not on the road where it’s said the truck had run over and killed so many victims. What exactly happened here? Where did all of the bed sheets come from? How come no one is attending to the ‘dead’ after the apparent attack? Another strange scene:


This photo, posted on Twitter, appears to be depressingly well arranged, including a baby doll:


Perhaps the most bizarre of all of the dozens of initial photos and videos released online in the aftermath of this event – is this video which was uploaded to Twitter, seen here:

If this was indeed a terrorist attack as authorities are now maintaining, was this event supposed to be a truck-bomb event, rather than the highly unorthodox “driving into a crowd” attack that authorities are maintaining?

Does the Daily Mirror seem a little out of synch with reality? Here they report:

Especially when one watches the video of the truck doing “100 mph” and does it mount the pavement?


Here is a video of French police ‘moving in’ to shoot and kill the HGV Lorry driver and effectively ending the event:

Then we have SITE Intelligence run by Rita Katz, a US/Israeli operative based in Bethesda Maryland, on CIA Langley’s doorstep, who immediately began tweeting alleged “evidence” of ISIS glee over the attacks and claiming that while ISIS has not yet claimed responsibility, they have “mobilized to threaten France”.

Are we seeing incitement for France to bomb ISIS in Syria?

Meanwhile, FOX News claims to have proven that the Nice production was at least “inspired” by either ISIS or Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) – by virtue of an article in the “al Qaeda Magazine” ‘INSPIRE’ which described how a would be terrorist should drive a truck to kill the ‘infidels’. Here FOX reads from a 2010 (Issue 18) copy of INSPIRE they just happened to have at hand for dictation:

Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 02.23.09

UPDATE: July 15th – 8am GMT

Christian Etrosi a former Mayor of Nice has raised his doubts as to how the truck could have been allowed to access the Promenade’s pedestrian area particularly bypassing heightened French security and “State of Emergency” measures on one of the most important public holidays and historic celebrations in the French calendar.  Reported in Le Monde.

New footage has just been released on the 15th July 2016 of the moment police surround the truck and shoot the attacker, French-Tunisian Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel.

Yet again identity papers were conveniently found inside the truck:

“Police had previously said that they had formally identified the man, after finding ID papers and a phone in the truck he used to kill 84 people on Thursday night, during Nice’s Bastille Day celebrations.” ~ The Independent

Here is the shooting of the attacker, filmed from another angle and tweeted by SkyNews:

The morning after the horrific events in Nice,  SITE Intelligence is amplifying their ISIS narrative with the usual high quality ISIS marketing material.  Who produces this material? Who funds the ISIS public relations department?

Israeli Prime Minister, Bejamin Netanyahu joins in pledging solidarity with France in the “fight against terrorism”.  The Israeli response to all terror attacks on French soil since the Charlie Hebdo attacks in January 2015 has been immediate, prominent and forceful. Israel is already embedded in the French government so are we seeing a clandestine co-operation being revealed with each attack?

As with all these “terrorist” attacks, events should not be viewed in isolation and connections need to be made.  The day before this attack on Nice, France closed its embassy in Ankara, Turkey, citing “security fears” as the reason for the closure following the recent bombing of Attaturk airport by suspected ISIS operatives.

“The French embassy advises French citizens in Turkey to be vigilant because of the terror threat in the country, particularly in tourist areas. French interests and citizens in Turkey could be targeted by terrorists because of France’s engagement in the fight against terrorism, the embassy says on its website.” ~ Wall Street Journal

Latest update from Sputnik News, France, French Special Forces have defused an explosives laden truck parked on a highway near Nice.

“A French demining squad blew up a suspicious package on a road near Nice, where a demining operation has been carried out.”

NOTE: Perhaps then, it’s also no coincidence that this Nice attack came at the very same time that the French government was due to lift its extended ‘State of Emergency’ on July 26th – an extended special state powers regime which was carried over from the Paris Attacks last November.

Stay tuned to 21WIRE for more updates.

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