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The BREXIT Deception, Britain’s One Party State, Chilcot Cop-out & Germany EU Agenda

CARTOON: “The BREXIT Deception” (Courtesy: UK Column)

21st Century Wire says…

Another powerful news broadcast today live from Plymouth, England.

UK Column anchors Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson are joined by Alex Thomson from Eastern Approaches and David Ellis from Strategic Defence Initiatives for today’s news programme. Watch:

START Iraq Inquiry & Admiral West : ‘Some bastard told me to do it…’
2:32 Dave Ellis – ‘It wasn’t about nuclear weapons. It was about currency.’
5:54 Chilcot reality: ‘Blair’s drive to connect Saddam to 9/11’
7:21 Rationalisation of intelligence systems across the EU superstate
10:14 Police receive internet record access in spite of data-breaches
13:01 NATO summit in Warsaw in provocative escalation context
16:17 ‘Euro currency has failed’ – ‘currency reset’ via military
19:21 Legitimate spheres of influence & the monetary Axis of Evil
21:58 Agenda of ‘global monetary interests using military power’
22:23 ‘Constant interference’ in the Scottish child abuse inquiry
24:01 Nicky Morgan launches a sinister ‘staying close’ scheme
28:22 UK Column breakdown of the establishment Abuse-rings
30:34 Mark Carney announces a grand scheme to fix Britain
34:23 ‘Missing Years’ of Oliver Letwin & his NYC links
38:05 ‘Parliamentary Labour Party is being ripped apart…’
40:41 Ken Loach & policy control at the time of the strikes
42:27 One-party-State & ‘Oliver Letwin’s private fiefdom’
42:43 Nazi continuation plans & a European Book Review
45:59 ‘inflated thieving financial services’ & wild corruption
48:02 eurocrats signify disrespect whilst legal questions stand
49:57 ‘we need to elect six hundred & fifty independent MPs’
51:26 a German sovereignty movement picks up a little steam
53:48 shouts at a Minister of ‘Traitor! Traitor! Get out of here!’




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