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(VIDEO) Japan’s Mount Aso Volcano Erupts Following Major Earthquake Yesterday

21st Century Wire says…

Japan continues to experience serious aftershocks from yesterday’s major earthquake.

The 7.0 earthquake struck Japan’s Kyushu Island, just after another 6.2 quake had hit the region just two days earlier.

The death toll has risen to 19, according to figures released by the Kumamoto Prefecture’s disaster management office.
No word yet about whether this week’s spate of disasters has affect the Island’s two nuclear reactors.

The quake appears to have also triggered a volcanic eruption. Watch:


After a series of deadly earthquakes in Japan, a “small-scale” eruption of Mount Aso has been recorded by the Japan Meteorological Agency. However, it decided to keep the alert level at 2, as it was not immediately clear whether the natural disasters were related.

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Plumes of smoke rose some 100 meters into the sky, according to local media and videos captured by witnesses. The eruption of Mt. Aso, located in southern Japan, was recorded at around 11:30pm GMT Friday.

Since small eruptions had been recorded at Mt. Aso even before the series of deadly quakes hit the area on Thursday and Friday, the Japanese Meteorological Agency has reportedly decided to keep the alert level at 2 on a scale of 1-5…

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