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McCain & Nuland’s Fascist Foot Soldiers: NeoNazi Mob Attacks LGBT Event in Ukraine

21st Century Wire says..

In 2013 and 2014, US State Department operative Victoria Nuland, along with war envoy Senator John McCain, worked with the Ukraine’s NeoNazi militant factions in the hope that they would perform the majority of the dirty work required to first overthrow the parliament in Kiev, put down any opposition to the new coup, and later to terrorize the Russian-speaking populations in the Ukraine and the Donbass region.

Now the US and EU-engineered chaos in the Ukraine has come full circle…

They marketed their Washington project as ‘freedom & democracy’ and sold the toxic coalition as “progressive”.

Here’s the latest in a long line of totally regressive developments by the US-back Nazi elements in the Ukraine – watch as a Nazi street mob descends on a gay pride event…

It’s also worth noting how the western media, along with George Soros-funded “Pussy Riot” publicity stunt campaign – worked hard to portray Russia as an intolerant society and Putin as “anti-gay” – all while the US State Dept. and Soros covertly backed the Nazi revival in the Ukraine. They have created a monster that cannot be put back in the bottle for another generation. Even the Ukrainian police are siding with US-backed Nazi mobs now:

“What the LGBT community found most shocking is that police failed to arrest a single attacker. Instead, according to local media, the authorities opted to hold a series of “informative discussions” with the youth, none of whom officially belonged to an organized party.”

More from RT

Ukrainian riot police proved to be somewhat useless against a crowd of ultra-nationalists in the city of Lvov, as they failed to protect an LGBT gathering from harassment and did not arrest a single suspect after retreating from the confrontation with attackers.

Amid a court ban on public Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) events in the city of Lvov, minority activists decided to organize a private gathering in the Dnestr hotel, where a few dozen people arrived to take part in the so-called “Equality Festival.”

The organizers placed private security at the entrance to the conference hall where the festival, which close to 200 people registered to attend, was about to begin. In addition local police units reinforced the security for the closed door festival, the highlight of which was a poster exhibition dedicated to women and minority rights.

But the event never took place, as a crowd of ultra nationalist youth, few covering their faces with balaclavas, slowly but surely surrounded the Dnestr hotel demanding that authorities stop the event.

“We are blocked at the hotel,” organizer Olena Shevchenko said on Facebook from the hotel. “Police don’t want to react, they are saying all those people in masks just meet their friends here.”…

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