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PREHISTORIC: Huge Geometric Shapes Discovered in Middle East Pre-Date Nazca Lines

21st Century Wire says…

Everything just keeps getting older.

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Huge geometric patterns first discovered in Jordan’s Azraq Oasis by pilots in World War I have just been dated, and the findings are leaving the realms of mainstream history.

Two of the wheel like shapes were found to have been built around 8,500BC, making them far older than the world famous Nazca Lines in Peru that only date back to between 200BC-500AD.

The spokes on the wheels are oriented in a southeast-northwest pattern, which would align them with the sunrise during the winter solstice.

Aside from that, nobody knows why exactly these huge patterns were created. Ancient Alien researchers suggest that such structures could have been used to communicate with extraterrestrial visitors.

The researchers involved with this case readily admit that it would not have been possible for those who constructed these patterns to view them from above.

‘The most startling thing about the ‘Works’ is that they are difficult to identify from the ground,’ said the research paper.

In 8,500BC, when these patterns were created, the climate in the Middle East was wetter than it is today (yes, anthropogenic Climate Change believers, this planet’s climate is not stable), so it is entirely possible that a completely forgotten civilisation once existed at the Azraq Oasis.

Locals say they are ‘works of the old men’.

Much research exists dating the Egyptian Sphinx back to a similar date of between 6,000-12,000BC, due to rain-induced weathering found on the monument from the wet period, yet mainstream historians still insist it was constructed in 2,500BC.

If there is growing evidence of civilisations existing in what should have been prehistoric times, why are they not being adequately investigated by mainstream historians?

What could these lost civilisations have to teach us?

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