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No Sweets, Just Drones: Happy Halloween from 21WIRE

21st Century Wire says…

Trick or Treat? Or how about some drones, asymmetric warfare, humanitarian intervention, targeted assassinations, or mass murder?

This Halloween, 21WIRE has surveyed the Washington DC political crypt, and managed to dust-off some of the scariest bureaucratic monsters and psychopathic New World Order operators, in an effort to scare you – the reader!

Relax, you will get your candy later, but first, trick or treat…

Who knows what Henry Kissinger and the boyz get up to while running around in Wicker Man animal masks in the woods at Bohemian Grove every summer, but one thing is certain: history has not been kind to this remorseless war criminal. A shrewd operator who is responsible for countless deaths worldwide, yet still lionized by fellow war hawks like John McCain…

John McCain
If you check the Encyclopedia Britannica for the definition of compromised psychopath, you might find an image of this rare and dangerous hawk-like creature commonly known as “McPain” aka Senator John McCain. If you see him in your neighborhood – whether it’s in the US (like Sasquatch and the Yeti, this remorseless monster has also been spotted overseas multiple times, both in the Ukraine and in Syria), turn off the porch lights and lock all of your doors and windows. Note: this political wilderbeast is sometime seen in the company of other similar breeds…

This creature is commonly known as “Wild Peach” aka Senator Lindsey Graham. He is historically significant in that he is the first circus sideshow creature who escaped captivity and amazingly – ran for US president. The odd breed of ‘chicken-hawk’ loves war, bombs and killing Arabs, and yet, more effeminate and not as intelligent or cunning as the McCain breed of critter, but this one has been known to lash out at strangers, but fear not – his bark is much worse than his bite. Whatever you do, DO NOT feed this rabid political monster. Note: the Graham critter can be seen often in the company of another rabid political creature and a parasitic financial lobby which lives in the swamps of Washington DC…

This one is known as the ‘Bibi’ monster, and his bark and his bite are equally lethal. He is so scary even he cannot bear to look at himself in the mirror each morning. This rare breed is a very popular animal attraction for Neoconservatives and junior Republican Senators in Washington who fawn over him and who also enjoy the financial gifts that the Bibi monster brings each year. The Bibi monster is especially dangerous if you are an Arab. If you see this one in your neighborhood we can only advise the following: run! Note: the Bibi monster is especially attracted to a similar political creature who loves bathing in Washington DC’s massive underground pool of slush funds…

This one is commonly known as “Madame Secretary” or “Hillary”, and she is especially dangerous, especially if challenged. Behind this one you will find a trail of unexplained casualties. This one has been known to laugh off public executions and shows absolutely no remorse whatsoever when it comes to her conquests. Very rarely, you might catch a fleeting glance of this one in the company of her former mate and partner in crime, who unfortunately, like his wife, is just a bit long in the tooth…

Luckily, this aging and seemingly fun-loving critter, commonly known as “Slick Willy” or “Bill”, is not as lethal a predator as he once was, but still has a lust for power and might become dangerous again if his former mate (and still wife) manages to take up residence in the White House next year.

Despite multiple heart transplants due to stress and living large off the US tax payers, this dangerous reptilian hybrid creature still remains active in the Washington DC area, and has also been spotted in the woods in his native state of Wyoming. Commonly known as “Dick”, this one is particularly dangerous even to his friends and has been known to shoot his friends while out on a leisurely hunting outing. In his prime, this Dick was especially deadly and is directly responsible for millions of deaths in the Middle East, as well as suspected as being involved in facilitating the Attacks of Sept 11, 2001. Note: this one can sometimes be seen on the prowl with another similar aging breed of dinosaur…

This old curmudgeon spends his time traveling between Australia, New York City and Israel. Commonly known as “Murdoch”, he is perhaps one of the world’s most dangerous political monsters because his job is to convince the world that other psychopathic scary monsters like “Dick” are just decent, regular folk trying to make a government wage. If you see Rupert, you know that a war beckons. He loves war, killing, bombs, genocide but most of all, he loves money. This one is also best friends with another vile and crafty viper…

Tony Blair
This is perhaps the most crafty scary creature you will encounter in the political underworld. Commonly referred to as “Tony”, this animal has no fixed abode and is forced to travel constantly because he is one the world’s most hated and despised political creatures and is paranoid that one day he will be apprehended for his war crimes. This one has a particularly special talent in that he can lie to the public while still maintaining a phony smile. Very cunning, and not to be approached without proper protection.

Another breed of war hawk, this one is commonly known as “Rudy G.”, because he is often flippant and rude. Rudy loves war, bombs and putting soldiers in harm’s way in order to stay relevant in the public eye which makes him a type of chicken-hawk, because without a war to call on, this one would simply shrivel up and die. He is kept watered and fed by generous political donors, including money from overseas terrorist cults like the MEK – who keep him on a leash when performing in public. Note: this dangerous bird has been known to shape-shift between genders as well, as evidenced by this shocking rare image captured at a New York City fetish event…

Manhattan transfer.
Here is a frightening image of the Rudy Monster in rare gender-fluid form, looking absolutely fabulous in a pink chiffon and white feather boa. It’s believed that most political creatures in Washington have this ability. In this photo she can be seen calling for the bombing Iraq, Afghanistan and numerous countries white drinking a glass of Chablis and smoking a cigar. See her on video here. Note: this one can be seen in the company of another strange breed…

This is one of strangest creatures in the political zoo. His is a rare pure breed of chicken hawk also known as the “Hannity Hawk”. He can be seen daily on a marginally popular nationally televised animal network called “FOX”, and on radio too. This breed of chicken hawk can be identified by his unique low hairline, and thus he is often confused for another similar-looking yet harmless children’s pet known as the Monchhichi. The Hannity Hawk has been known to become aroused when near the Bibi Monster, but also is heavily attracted to this strange political animal…

No, that’s not a Halloween mask she’s wearing. This is one of the strangest, yet scariest creatures which can be found roaming the well-to-do regions of South Florida, Long Island, Tel Aviv and the Hollywood suburbs. It goes by many names, “Plastic Train Wreck”, “Medusa”, “That Loud-mouthed Witch”, but is commonly known as “Pam Gellar”. This shape-shifter has a particularly troubled background – no one knows where she came from and how long her political shelf life will last, but one thing is certain – she hates Arabs and where she ventures, trouble almost certainly follows. If you see her in your area, do not engage. Call the local zoo and ask for professional assistance to move her away to a safe location.

Though very wealthy and with an outward philanthropic appearance, this is one of the planet’s most deadliest predators. Known commonly as “Soros”, he’s a silent killer who enjoys destroying countries for sport, and often partners with the parasitic third sector creature known as the “NGO” disguised as ‘the human rights effort’. This Soros creature also lives on Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) and has plans to force the entire planet to accept GMO food in place of real food. He loves money, but loves power even more.

If you see this one in your area handing out vaccines like treats, grab your children and beware. This clever critter commonly known as “Bill Gates” managed to dupe half the world by selling a dodgy computer operating system and then monopolizing the industry. With all the money he amassed, he’s been able to buy influence, and he’s a believer in 20th century crack-science called Eugenics. Bill wants to reduced the earth’s population by an order of magnitude and has devised a number of cunning plans to fulfill his dark vision of the future. Don’t be fooled by the nerdy smile -this one is very dangerous indeed.

They say that dinosaurs have been extinct for millions of years, but a few still remain to roam the earth. This desert-dwelling species has many names but is commonly known as “Salman”. This one lives off, and retains his hereditary privilege and local dominance from oil revenues, and also loves expensive military hardware. Currently, he is brutally bombing his neighbors in Yemen and is said to be quite please about it. Note: with more money than sense, Salman fights depression by going on shopping sprees, and purchases many of his killing toys from his ‘special’ English friend

This particular political monster is often confused with the popular 1980’s children’s toy known as the “Cabbage Patch Doll“, but don’t be fooled – he’s as deadly as they come in his ability to create mayhem and instability at home and overseas. Commonly known as “Dave”, he belongs to an advanced domesticated yet cunning breed of political animal. He and his peer group seem to loath the poor and underprivileged classes which they refer to as ‘common’. He is the Alpha Dog of his pack, surrounded by his boyhood chums – all trained at the same schools and all bent on seizing and holding on to power at all costs. Presently, he is foaming at the mouth to get involved in the Syrian War, and would take great joy in watching the country go up in flames. This type of monster has also been known to partake in some rather bizarre porcine mating rituals, although it’s not certain exactly what activities this one has been up. Suffice to say, it’s probably not something that plebs like us would find all that interesting…

If you see one of these roaming around your neighborhood, our best advice is to pack-up and move away from the area. Do not waste your time calling authorities in Washington DC because they don’t seem all that interested in seeing this particular animal go away. In fact, Washington’s monster love the ISIS or al Qaeda Monster because by its existence provides Washington parasite classes with an endless pretext for selling endless wars around the planet. A perfect example of what zoologists refer to as “symbiosis”…

Did we leave any scary NWO monsters out? Please leave them in the comment section below




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