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Battle Royale China-style: Game-Addicted Kids Sent to Junior Military Rehab School

21st Century Wire says…

For years, western societies have been cultivating the idea of ‘boot camps’ for children who’ve run amok, seemingly beyond the ability of mom and dad to manage.

What can a parent do when they have a defiant, out-of-control teen who is addicted to computer games and virtual digital worlds?

Conventional wisdom in the west leads us to believe that there is no ‘easy fix’ to this problem. Dr. Sara Bean M.Ed says:

“Your child isn’t a digital camera that you can mail away and get fixed and returned to you in working order. You have to change the dynamic within your family if you want to see results.”

If you’re in China, here’s the state-run option, where authorities has developed a new military rehab center for kids. Handing one’s children over to the state for militarized indoctrination at such a young age reminds one of a Battle Royale scenario unfolding, as was depicted in the award-winning Japanese film which featured school children who were unwittingly herded into enter a deadly game in which they were forced to kill each other.

Should Chinese parents be worried, or not?


(Image: © Ruptly )

Don’t know what to do with your kids who sit glued to their computer screens and other gadgets all day, killing everything that moves in those nasty video games? Send them to rehab to play with a real rifle!

(Image: © Ruptly )

Well at least that’s what they do in China… Like in this private military-style correctional facility for internet-addicted children on the outskirts of Beijing.

(Image: © Ruptly )

The Xicheng Military Training Base is just one example of over 250 camps for internet and computer game-addicted children currently functioning in China…

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