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Pathetic Propaganda Stunt: ISIS Attacks Palmyra After Being Annihilated by Russian Airstrikes

21st Century Wire says…

They are getting desperate after only one week of Russian bombing.

While most news outlets are reporting the latest ISIS attack on Palmyra’s ancient monuments with outrage, it actually reveals something incredibly important – they are getting really desperate.

While it is, of course, a tragedy to lose ancient monuments from our past, this one did not get turned into dust in vain. The Arch of Triumph may have been destroyed, but the Russian’s are certainly triumphing against ISIS.

Russian airstrikes have caused monumental damage to ISIS in just under a week, causing desertion and widespread panic throughout the ranks of the foreign, invading terrorists.

Syria, Palmyra, Ancient Roman City, Triumphal Arch And
Stone – An opponent that ISIS can actually win a battle against. (Photo Credit: Getty)

We can interpret the destruction of this monument as nothing but a pathetic propaganda stunt from ISIS, attempting to exhibit some form of power to counter the widespread reports that they are falling apart at the seams. 

Unfortunately for ISIS, nothing can save them now and they are reduced to attacking stone monuments – targets which are quite literally the only thing they can win a battle against at this point.

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