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ISIS Threatens the Ancient City of Palmyra in Syria

21st Century Wire says…

This week the global media has been declaring that the ancient city of Palmyra in Syria has “fallen to ISIS”.

This may be partially true, but as there are very few, if any, independent media reporters on the ground in Palmyra – it’s nearly impossible to know the full extent of the “ISIS advance”. Emotive media images like these have been plastered all over the western press agencies and media outlets for the last 5 days running:

Powerful ISIS propaganda relies on western corporate media to promote its image and to heighten fear.

Certainly, the US and European media outlets would be keen to show that this specially designated World Heritage site is now in the hands of terrorists – a story which would naturally trigger outrage of western academics and intelligensia, feeding further calls for more western military intervention in the Syria conflict.

Other accounts of the situation vary, like this report by writer Ziad Fadel for SyrianPerspective

“Tadmur (Palmyra): Even nominally friendly sites like NSNBC are misreporting events in this historically important town in the far east of Homs Governorate.

Many sites are simply making the fatuous statement that the entire city of Palmyra has been overrun by ISIS fanatics and that includes Alalam and Al-Mayaadeen.

Interesting to note that neither news source has anyone on the ground there to report directly…”

Indeed, downplaying ISIS terrorist victories could be damage control PR from Damascus – or it could be closer to the truth than western mainstream coverage. It’s difficult to tell. Still, ISIS relies on the western media to provide publicity for all of its military conquests, so mainstream coverage should always be viewed with an equally, if not much more discerning eye than with seemingly pro-Damascus coverage coming out of Syria.

Still, no movement from western media about the blatant US, Israeli and Saudi/Qatari connections to ISIS and al Nusra terror brigades in Syria and Iraq. This is still a “no go” area for all major US, UK and European media outlets.

Is Palmyra under threat now? Yes, definitely. But to what degree, we cannot accurately tell just yet…

Ancient city of Palmyra in Syria – is now under threat by ISIS.

US-Supported Islamic State Terrorists Seize Palmyra

Stephen Lendman

Global Research

The ancient Syrian city is a UNESCO World Heritage site – one of the Middle East’s most treasured ones.

UNESCO calls it one of “outstanding universal value, (an) oasis in the Syria desert” northeast of Damascus.

From the 1st to the 2nd century, the art and architecture of Palmyra, standing at the crossroads of several civilizations, married Greco-Roman techniques with local traditions and Persian influences.”

According to UNESCO director-general Irina Bokova, its ancient ruins “already suffered four years of conflict. It suffered from looting and represents an irreplaceable treasure for the Syrian people an for the world.”

She appealed to “all parties” to prevent its destruction. Short of immediate military intervention if Security Council authorized, ancient treasures appear lost.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich expressed grave concern saying:

“(w)e’d consider (the) destruction (of Palmyra’s architectural treasures) an unpardonable act of vandalism, encroachment on general human values, and an insult to civilization.”

“The activity of the so-called anti-ISIS coalition led by the United States has failed to produce results…and has not affected the ability of the Islamic State to expand.”

Obama bears full responsibility. Washington recruits, trains, funds, arms and directs IS/ISIS/ISIL Daish terrorists and likeminded ones – using them as proxy foot soldiers against independent governments like Syria it wants toppled.

Last week, the UN said a third of Palmyra’s population of 200,000 fled. US-supported Takfiri terrorists control large parts of Syria’s north and east.

Syrian state TV said government forces withdrew from the city. On Wednesday, its director of antiquities, Maamoun Abdulkarim, said:

Hundreds and hundreds of statues we were worried would be smashed and sold are all now in safe places.”

“The fear is for the museum and the large monuments that cannot be moved. This is the entire world’s battle.”

IS control of Palmyra is “an international catastrophe. It will be a repetition of the barbarism and savagery (seen) in Nimrud, Hatra and Mosul,” Iraq.

UNESCO calls this type wanton destruction a “war crime.” IS terrorism is well-known. The Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) reported the following:

“Reliable local sources inside the city… said ISIS terrorists slaughtered and mutilated at least 400 civilians, including children, women and elderly people.”

Individuals targeted were alleged government loyalists or employees as well as others apparently unwilling to accept IS rule.

Palmyra’s National Hospital nursing department head was murdered along with her family members.

Thousands of city residents are trapped. They’re prevented from leaving. IS confiscated their property. According to SANA:

“These and other ISIS atrocities are being perpetrated amid shameful international silence, with the Security Council only expressing ‘concern’ without taking any practical deterrent measures on the ground.”

In mid-May, US special forces entered Syria covertly. White House national security council spokeswoman Bernadette Meehan said Obama authorized the operation to kill or capture “ISIL senior leader known as Abu Sayyaf and his wife Umm.”

She’s in US military custody in Iraq, said Meehan. Abu Sayyaf was killed, she added. SANA reported the raid. Was it a Syrian operation, not a US one?

Why would Washington want one of its IS commanders killed? SANA reported Syrian forces killed IS “oil minister” Abu Taym Saudi on the same day. Was he Abu Sayyaf? Arabic names are often interchangeable.

Meehan claims the operation was conducted “with the full consent of Iraqi authorities…consistent with domestic and international law,” she added.

Syria is Obama’s war – naked aggression by any standard using IS and other takfiri terrorists as US proxy foot soldiers.

Reports indicate IS terrorists seized the Syrian/Iraqi Al-Tanaf border crossing, the last one Damascus controlled. It’s 150 miles from Palmyra. Syrian Prime Minister Wael al-Halaqi blamed Washington, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar, Israel, and other countries backing its war for atrocities committed in Palmyra. He called on responsible international leaders and human rights organizations to denounce their support for terrorism.

Obama’s war is in its fifth year. Syria is being systematically raped – ravaged and destroyed in plain sight.

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