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Ugly America: Paranoid of Syrian Refugees, South Carolina Residents Call For ‘Religious Purity’ in US

21st Century Wire says…

This should come as no surprise in a state which has re-elected the likes of Lindsey Graham.

Despite the fact that no Syrian refugees have arrived to date, residents in South Carolina are already holding “pro-American” rallies in fear that Muslims might land in their communities. Their fear is that a few dozen, or even a few hundred Arabs might “transform” the ethnic, social and religious make-up of their state of 5 million people.


Xenophobe: Hilton Head lawyer Lauren Martel.

According to one outspoken (and not very bright) local attorney, Ms. Lauren L. Martel, the United States of America “is a Judeo-Christian nation.”

She adds: “We are not a Muslim nation, and those two things cannot coexist.”

The interesting thing about this new patriot-racist wave, is that those who claim to be ‘constitutionalists’ are no more than corrupt clerics of their own new religion. Think of the Taliban, wearing a red, white and blue turban. These self-styled constitutional clerics remain oblivious to the fact that US Constitution clearly lays out religious tolerance and freedom in America – a concept that is not exclusive to ‘Judeo-Christians’. The fact that Martel is a lawyer makes this all the more laughable, and one wonders if she’s ever really read the US Constitution. Notice also here, how this relatively new religious-political construct has been invented, called “Judeo-Christian”, which is being used to help contain this new American doctrine of religious exclusivity and intolerance.

Fascist-leaning conservatives have tried to package this anti-Muslim campaign as “pro-American” – a lethal cocktail of ethnic fear-mongering and ‘patriotism’. It’s no surprise how the conversation quickly transformed into a paranoid hate fest, featuring an endless stream of throw-away, right-wing fundamentalist ideas. These have trickled down to communities around the United States is the result of a long concerted well-funded and comprehensive effort to inject racist and xenophobic talking points into the low end of America’s political discourse. The chief purveyors of this rhetoric are group of well-paid syndicated right-wing radio talk show hosts, led by Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity and Michael Savage, along with other professional agitators like Israel-First lobbyist Pamela Gellar, all of whom have scapegoated the Muslim religion and people as the main source of all the world problems, while continually hyping-up a “Muslim takeover of America”. 

The paranoia of some South Carolina residents is clear from this report. In the report, paranoid residents of South Carolina can be heard recycling identical talking points heard night on US right-wing talk radio – fear of Muslims over-running America, complaints that “they don’t plan to assimilate“, and “they don’t plan to take on our culture”.

Another paranoid mother believed that communists had somehow ‘infiltrated’ the Christian Evangelical movement in order to drum-up support for a Muslim refugee resettlement in the southern states.

The geopolitical objectives of the campaign should be fairly obvious by now – providing much-needed political padding for Pentagon and Israeli military directives in the Middle East. As writer Chrysler Summer explains:

“We simply have an easier time making the decision to drop bombs on Muslim countries than we do any other. Of course we justify that with our belief that Muslims are out to get us. Not some Muslims, which would be a more accurate way of looking at that. No, we use a wider brush and paint everyone who practices the religion of Islam as radical militants.”

PROFITING OFF FEAR: Well-funded right-wing media have been pushing racial and religious hate in America (Image Source: Opposing Views)

Just a Hitler and the Nazis managed to scapegoat Jews, Gypsies and Slavs (and other ‘non-Germans’) and blame them for all of the Reich ills during the run-up to World War II, Israeli-American Lobby’s well-funded anti-Muslim campaign has been very effective at doing what many fascist movements have done in history: capturing the most gullible and lowest common denominator in society.

In fact according to last year’s statistics, “the Muslims” only constitute .06% of the US population. Looks like it will be a very, very long time before there is a “Muslim takeover” of America. Judging from the intensity of the anti-Muslim rhetoric however, America should be more afraid of an imminent fascist takeover instead.

Meanwhile, this well-coordinated fear campaign continues…

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