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Syriza Snap Vote: Tsipras Declares Early Victory With New Coalition For Greece

21st Century Wire says…

Tsipras’s gamble for holding a snap poll to neutralize a party revolt seems to have paid off, for now…

1-alexis-tsipras-Syriza-2Embattled Syriza leader and PM Alexis Tsipras (photo,left) announced victory in elections to his supporters in Athens today, as well as plans for a new coalition with ANEL to form a new government.

Syriza won 35.5% of the vote versus 28.1% for the centre-right opposition. This means that Syriza will have 145 seats in the new parliament, alongside parties New Democracy and Golden Dawn who have 75 and 19 seats respectively.

The snap election was held because of Tsipras’s U-turn on accepting more tough austerity in exchange for Greece’s third international bailout. A rocky road still lies ahead for this fledgling movement, as austerity comes to bear down hard on the Greek people in the coming years.

More from Sputnik…


ATHENS (Sputnik) —  Leader of the Greek Syriza party Alexis Tsipras announced Sunday during his speech in the centre of Athens the victory of his party in the Greek snap elections and confirmed the forming of a coalition with the Independent Greeks (ANEL) party.

“Tomorrow morning we will begin our cooperation work with ANEL,” Tsipras stated.

“We will continue our struggle against the powers that were stronger that we are… [the mandate that we won] is the mandate for the next four years,” the politician said.

Data after 50% counted says that Greece’s Syriza party leads in parliamentary elections with 35.5% of votes while New Democracy party gets 28.1% and the Golden Dawn party with 7.1 —percent support, as 50 percent of votes were counted, according to official estimates..

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