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Does Florida Gun Shop Owner Andy Hallinan Want A ‘Final Solution’ For Muslim-Americans?

21st Century Wire says…

Yet another sign of a reactionary right-wing movement that is openly promoting fascism in the US.

Notice that America’s new racist rhetoric is being promoted by top Republican politicians and media personalities.

Watch and wait. It won’t be long before these same voices begin to call for ethnic cleansing of Muslims from the US, inquisition rhetoric offering US Muslims citizenship if they “convert” to Christianity…

Andy Hallinan (photo, above), owner of Florida Gun Supply, does not like Muslims and seems to want them to leave the US for ‘moral and safety reasons’.

On the anniversary of the 9/11 false flag attack, he’s offering coupons to anyone who shares his views. This is much more than just a publicity stunt to generate sales for his business. Clearly, this Florida-based instigator evokes the cult of ‘patriot’ while stirring the pot of fear.

He declares his store a Muslim-free zone”, allegedly, to meet what he claims is a “moral and legal responsibility to ensure the safety of all patriots in my community.”

Hallinan’s public stunt is strikingly similar to Phoenix resident and ex-US Marine, John Ritzheimer, who called for an armed march to a local mosque followed by a Pam Geller-style “Mohammed Cartoon Drawing Contest”. The event, which drew national and world media coverage, smacked of a staged instigation complete with a full police and federal agent escort.

Mixing religion, guns and patriotism, framed in a synthetic, Neoconservative and Zionist-centric, 9/11 death cult world view, is a highly toxic cocktail. In 2015, anti-Muslim rhetoric has reached an all-time high in the US. Pandering to a dumbed-down audience, Hallinan is deluded enough to convince himself that he can shield his overt fascist tone with a pseudo sense of morality and concerns for ‘public safety. This could have easily been a scene out of Nazi Germany. It’s a given that if Hallinan had replaced his ‘Muslim’ rhetoric with the word ‘Jew’, he would be taken off the streets within 24 hours and charged with hate crime and incitement by the US Department of Justice. Of course, Hallinan knows this.

If he is not charged, then it’s highly likely that Hallinan himself is playing the role of Federal instigator here, and performing on behalf of some agency.

No doubt he’s being given the thumbs up (albeit, the quiet thumbs up) and encouraged by the usual cadre of highly paid US media reactionary right-wing pundits like Glenn Beck, Michael Savage and Sean Hannityall of whom loudly decried “Obama’s race war” while they work diligently each day to build-up their own brand of social and religious division by demonizing Muslims worldwide, and egging on the likes of Andy Hallinan.

Alas, another “brave” patriot.

Goebells would have been proud…

‘I’M A REAL PATRIOT’: NeoNaziesque gun store owner Andy Hallinan.

‘Never forget’: Florida gun store offers ‘Muslim’ coupon for 9/11 anniversary


Courting controversy again, a Florida gun shop used Twitter to offer a free car wash and beer in remembrance of the September 11 terrorist attack, plus $25 off any gun purchased online with the coupon code “Muslim.”


“At the end of the day, I am compelled to stand up for what I believe in. And I believe Islam is evil at its core,” Andy Hallinan, owner of Florida Gun Supply, told MSNBC.

The Twitter post featured an image of the American flag with the caption “Never Forget” and the date 09.11.2001. It also featured text saying: “It’s 9/11 week. Use coupon code “muslim” at our site for $25 off any gun. Come in Fri for a free car wash and beer!”

Hallinan also displayed the same image on his Facebook page, but without any mention of the coupon code “muslim.”

ICYMI: Print this Facebook post off and come into Florida Gun Supply tomorrow between 10AM – 6PM and we’ll wash your car…

Posted by Florida Gun Supply on Thursday, September 10, 2015

Hallinan told MSNBC he doesn’t believe “every Muslim is evil at their core.

But I do believe that the extreme political correctness in the US leads to loss of life. And that’s why I have promotions like these designed to combat that kind of political correctness.”

Hallinan couldn’t tell the network how many people had taken advantage of his 9/11 promotion as of Friday afternoon, though he did say he’d been “washing cars all day.”

It is not the first time Hallinan’s PR antics have created a hullabaloo. He rose to national prominence in July by declaring his gun shop a “Muslim free-zone” following the shooting massacre in Chattanooga, Tennessee that left five US service members dead.

(…) To announce the ban, Hallinan released a video in which he stood in front of a Confederate flag and said the Tennessee attack hadn’t been an isolated incident, but was, rather, related to other “terrorist attacks.” He also offered free concealed-carry classes at his store as well as shooting range visits, imploring viewers to “take this opportunity to get armed, get trained and carry daily.”…

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