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Western Worries: China Arrives On The World Stage

21st Century Wire says…

China has most definitely arrived, but should the West be worried?

The recent Chinese economic blunder was blamed for a massive sell-off on Wall St. and Chinese currency devaluations can have far reaching consequences for the wider world.

Depending on the metrics used, it is possible to see China as the world’s number one economy, so it is unsurprising that what happens in China will affect the rest of us too. Moreover, the Chinese are building 57-storey skyscrapers in under three weeks, putting Western construction practises to shame.

But, is China’s military might the greater threat? Recently, the Chinese tested a hypersonic missile which is capable of delivering a nuclear warhead through even the most modern and robust missile defence systems. China has even called on the West to stop its antagonization of Russia by ending its interference in Ukraine.

What is the deal with China? Should the West be worried? Watch the following discussion on RT’s CrossTalk and make your own decision:

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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue