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Digital Fascism: CIA, NSA Asking For Backdoor Into Ubër and Others

21st Century Wire says…

This new ‘Stasi’ mentality seems to be the norm now in Washington DC…

How can US ‘intelligence chiefs’ demand that businesses become their “partners” in mass digital dragnet spying and other invasions of privacy? Indeed, there are no limits for Washington’s new overpaid class of control freaks.

“US intel agencies and those reliable partners are crowdsourcing updates to their five-year science and technology strategy in order to match ODNI needs with corporate projects via a classified website.”

We’re told that Washington-based spy agencies, “need to be able to post the challenge in a way that the system automatically alerts the right technology suppliers.”


US spies seek to lure private companies like Ubër into collaboration


The US Office of the Director of National Intelligence wants to make it easier for private, “uncleared” companies, which don’t usually aid the intelligence community (such as ridesharing company Uber) to contribute to next generation surveillance needs.

The strategy to encourage unconventional partners to collaborate with intelligence agencies is part of a recently released, unclassified roadmap that outlines the future of data analysis.

TheEnhanced Processing and Management of Data from Disparate Sources,” as the plan is called, explains six areas that the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI), led by James Clapper, believes will be crucial for surveillance community in the near future.

“One of our goals for the coming year is to try and extend our outreach via whichever trade associations are willing to take it on, into the uncleared community as well,” David Honey, the ODNI director of science and technology, told Nextgov.

“That’s why getting this information on to the ODNI’s open website was so important to us. We want to have that outreach to the nontraditionals to include the uncleared performer community so that they can gain insight into what the challenges are that we face so that they can come forward with ideas.”

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Accessing private sector research and syncing it with ODNI threat assessments for the future means “the right technology will be ready at the right time at the right price,” Nextgov reported.

For example, ride-sharing company Uber could offer the government tools that could be molded to fit intelligence-gathering needs, Honey said...

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