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Roadmap To World War III: ‘East vs West Playtime Is Over’

21st Century Wire says…

Whereas before, Washington insisted that the new Iraq-Syria War was about destroying ISIS/ISIL, this week President Obama ditched any pretense of a humanitarian intervention, lobbying openly to ramp-up his ‘Sand Pirate‘ proxy war in Syria – to achieve a ‘regime change’.

The White House continues to make claims that this will not be a prolonged open-ended conflict, but we’ve heard all this before

Continued US-led airstrikes on Syria and Iraq will only embolden multinational jihadists as they have through history when foreign invaders seek to dominate Middle Eastern and Central Asian lands.

Add Russia to the US and NATO’s new list of ‘evil doers’, and at the very least, we have a new Cold War-style arms race, and at most – a powder keg waiting to erupt.

Admittedly, the following passage is somewhat alarmist in its tone, and talks of the Russian economy “collapsing” are very premature, but the geopolitical tension is certainly at an all-time high by post-Cold War standards…

Mac Slavo

The rhetoric in Russia has been heating up lately with Vladimir Putin recently giving a speech in which he warned that playtime between the East and West is over. And while things between the United States and the former Soviet Union have always been tense, this time Putin might really mean it.

Unreported by the American mainstream media is the fact that the Russian economy, along with its currency the Rouble, is collapsing because of Western sanctions enacted following Russia’s annexation of Crimea earlier this year. First, the West’s banking system attacked the private financial holdings of Russian politicians and businessmen.

There were even rumors that the U.S. would target Putin’s $40 billion personal fortunate held abroad. Then, Europe and the U.S. enacted trade restrictions on Russia, essentially crippling their internationally dependent commerce system.

If history is any guide, the economic disaster in Russia could well be the catalyst Putin needs to motivate his people into a nationalistic frenzy that demonizes western nations and the United States in particular.

But before we put all of the blame on Putin and his obvious desire to restore Russia’s super power status on the world stage, it’s important to note that his recent actions have not taken place in a vacuum, nor are they strictly related to the events currently playing out in the Ukraine.

The roadmap to World War 3 was conceptualized long ago, and like the buildup to the Great War of 1914, the causes and catalysts are multi-faceted and encompass not just a few countries, but the entire global paradigm.

Watch: ‘The Roadmap to World War 3’, produced by Crush The Street


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