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NATO Pushes Baltic Front: Canadian Jets Intercept Russian Plane and Sweden’s ‘Russian Sub Hoax’

21st Century Wire says…

Now that NATO has firmly planted its feed in the southeastern European front by feeding arms and coordinating intelligence and logistics with the CIA-backed Ukrainian government in Kiev, military technocrats in the Belgian city on Mons have their sights set on the crucial northern Baltic front.

According to NATO’s press office this week, Two Canadian CF-18 Hornet jets scrambled Monday from the Siauliai Air Base in Lithuania – to intercept a Russian Ilyushin-20 surveillance plane. NATO claims the Canadian fighters shadowed the Russian craft for 15 minutes before disengaging.

NATO added, “There were two similar incidents in the region on Oct. 7 and Sept. 11, but on neither occasion did the Russian aircraft constitute a threat to NATO forces”.

This story would have struggled to grab any headlines this week  however,  as media were swamped with new Ebola scares and a staged shooting event at Canada’s Parliament.

DAHBOO77 gives commentary on the air force intercept:

This latest high-flying PR event over the Baltic is following Sweden’s fake reports of a Russian sub in Swedish territorial waters earlier this week. As a result of this week’s ‘Sub Hoax’ (below) and the NATO air intercept, Swedish Defense Forces announced this week that it will cease all existing cooperation with Russia “until further notice”.

Critics believe the sub hoax has been engineered to push Sweden closer to joining NATO by pumping up a new ‘Russian Threat’ to influence Swedish voters to accepting their country’s membership into the military union.

RT reported on Sweden’s bizarre ‘Russian Sub Hoax’:

“Sweden started its largest since the Cold War military operation in the Baltic a week ago, explaining that the troops were engaged in search of a possible “foreign underwater activity”. The Swedish media alleged the operation could be the hunt for a “damaged Russian submarine” in the area.”

HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER: Swedish Navy pretending to hunt for a fictional Russian sub.

Amusingly, Russian officials chastised the reactionary Swedish DOD who conducted their largest-ever naval operation since WWII – in order to search out a non-existent Russian submarine, which was mostly likely a Dutch submarine:

On Sunday the Russian Defense Ministry provided whatever aid it could to the Swedes in their futile search,” the source commented.

The source added that if the Swedish Navy wanted to spare taxpayers’ money and nerves, they should turn to The Netherlands. The country’s Walrus-class diesel-electric submarine Bruinvis was in the Baltic Sea last week, not far from Stockholm.

Is NATO is determined to increase tensions with Russia, in order to spark a new 1980’s-style arms race?

Washington and NATO’s New Cold War against Russia keeps getting warmer. It seems only a matter of time before western politicians and overly-eager military brass push tensions beyond the point of no return.

Watch this space…

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