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How Democracy Got Shredded, and Re-Shredded

McKIllopAndrew McKillop
21st Century Wire

Watch it Happen in Realtime

For several weeks now (which is an awful long time in politics), the leaders of what reverently referred to as the “western” or “mature democracies”, aka “advanced industrial democracies”, or  sometimes aka “postindustrial democracies” – have beaten the drum through their glove puppet media, for all-out support to the totally unelected Flash Mob/Fascist Mob “government” of Kiev in western Ukraine.

Never in modern history has the establishment’s credibility been so shot, and never have they looked so bad trying to convince us all that, “things are really looking up!” They say that the economies in Europe are on the rebound, only no one seems to be hiring, and there are still no new full-time jobs. You can only fudge statistics so much.

They are still beaming with pride over their latest nation-building project. To listen to them you would think it was a Defining Moment for Civilization, and certainly a ‘Red Line in the Sand’. Barack Obama is said to have had sand kicked in his face on the beach one day, but then he took up weight lifting, or something epic like that.

NOT A CLUE: Obama may have topped Bush Jr as America’s most useless President in US history.

The red line in the sand is of course Red Baron Putin and his red-colored tanks crossing rivers that are running red with blood (according to Rupert Murdoch’s ‘Wall St Journal’ which never lies). In fact, what happened was a bunch of what ‘WSJ’ calls “terrorists” in eastern Ukraine arranged “illegal” city referendums across their Republic of Novorossiya. Presumably, this was terrorism challenging democracy (but still no mention of the illegal government who seized power in Kiev). The whole concept of democracy or a republic has been ever twisted by the narrative being churned out of Washington and London and through its media partners. Too bad for the Flash Mob.

This doesn’t really concern us, although US senator John McCain, from deep inside his garden bunker seems to want a thermonuclear war with Russia, but then again, he’s always wanted that. Another perfectly mentally balanced politician, Sarah Palin, now described by our reliable friends at Wall St Journal as a “Sexy Lady” who can be a stunning rival to that other Botox Gal, Hillary Clinton in 2016, said she would also like a thermonuclear war. Don’t they say that radiation fallout increases sexual appetite and your earning power?

The fact is democracy got shredded furthest, fastest and most furiously in those aka “mature democracies”, run by dumbsters like Palin, McCain, Obama, Bush or Clinton, and their real bosses, the crony bankster elite.

Everyone is mulling over that eternal question: how do we take them down?

Wind Back the Clock to the Year Minus-One

When the Neolib (with their Neocon alternate personalities) soothsayers rode high, in the early 1980’s, the two arch priests of the new religion were Britain’s Margaret Thatcher and the USA’s Ronald Reagan. They gave serial press conferences to explain and describe their Great Transformation. With po-faced, popeyed sincerity, sometimes tinged with hysteria, they would often out-do each other with higher and impressive levels of rhetoric. Margaret Thatcher arguably did it best. She repeatedly declared:  “There is no such thing as society”. In that case, do we need government?

Obviously not. If you don’t have a society you don’t need government.

Almost insanely at the exact same moment in time in the late 1980’s, the glove puppet media was whining about “the knowledge-based society”. Superior knowledge of the Bill Gates-Steve Jobs variety was going to be rather richly rewarded, and everybody else could go eat mud cakes. Science and technology were on the march. The Internet revolution was coming. Soon we would have email, Facebook and Instagram, aren’t we lucky now?

Kevin Philips, David Stockman, Paul Craig Roberts and other critics of the Neolib Religion, point out that something grave and somber happened to government, and even the notion of government, starting in the 1980s. To be sure, this can be analyzed and attributed by some authors to a form, or type of “crisis of capitalism”. Continuing with that approach, Western and American financial capitalism hit a pivotal period in history, and ‘crony capitalism’ – always ready for a crazy gamble – ventured a new, and multiple play.

Firstly, the economy was “financialized” as Old Stuff – like engineering, mining and manufacturing, or anything remotely productive at all – were dumped. Then the debt handle was turned, very fast, to shower the capitalist casino with new gaming chips. Next, the housing and stock markets were “democratized”, in the sense of making them a 24/7  speculative circus act of delirious “price discovery” and “new value”.

The next market crash was set in stone – but further down the line. That is the capitalist trick. Push the come-uppance they need just a bit further down the track. A single day will do. Meantime, they can fine-up their exit strategies and pull the ejector seat button when their next crisis “matures”.

But we can do better than that analysis, although it is good. An alternate analysis for why society “cracked” in the early 1980s, in those aka “democracies”, and lost faith in knowledge, and lost interest in and abandoned democracy was all only a metastase. The original cancer was deeper inside the body-politic.

This pivotal change almost certainly happened some while before the 1980s – possibly the shocks of the 1975 Vietnam War defeat of the USA or the oil shocks of the 1970’s. Possibly there had been a cumulative phenomenon of the type some climate scientists pretend is in store for us, as CO2 levels build to some fatal “tipping point” after which there is no going back for Global Warming.

For the economy and its “system architecture”, aka The Pyramid, placing the financial industry atop of the socioeconomic edifice, the invention of the hedge fund in the late 1960’s may have been a key tipping point.

In any case, the supposed Great Transformation of the economy, from the early 1980s, was a surprise to its own arch priests and their WSJ glove puppet media agents and servants. The millenarian transformation sparked a vast and enduring firework show of dishonesty, theft, fumbling incompetence and what is politely called “quantitative negligence”. Numbers did not matter. They could be denied or falsified. Nothing mattered. The economy became a “black box” computer system, an unknown.

Nobody Knows What It Is

Today when you say “the economy”, they say “the financial markets” but markets only shuffle paper chips and promises, nothing else. In fact they don’t really exist, in the same way a metastase isn’t a real cancer but related to or dependent on a deeper original cancer – which could have disappeared. Your body is only left with the bad memory.

Democracy, for our crony elites, is like an original cancer. Metastase referendums are a really bad memory for them and make them scream with fear. The US called out its B-52 Strato-fortresses, all 10 of them, and the six B-2 Stealth bombers it can afford to play with – fuel is so expensive and you know we want to cut emissions – to run Exercize Global Lightning-14 when the White House heard about the referendum results in eastern Ukraine. And don’t forget about the flying duck called the F-35 Fighter Jet which can’t fly and cost $1 trillion dollars already. From his garden bunker, McCain whooped with joy! Sarah Palin maybe went out and bought some cute new lacy panties but ‘Wall St Journal’ hasn’t yet told us how she rejoiced.

Anyone with a functioning brain and a 5th grade reading level knew that stealth bummers and O’Bummer politics, jokes and dancing moves – doesn’t work any miracles, and will not stop the tide of resistance to crony governments inside their home patches. These criminals sat around for decades and let the economy, as well as society, your rights and mine – get shredded. Why should we be interested in their delirium?

Whatever democracy is in those aka “mature democracies”, it delivers nothing but hype, followed irony, followed by more hype, and wrapped up in half-truths and made-up rationales. Like the Ukraine crisis shows, the crony elites are always trying to crank up a war, someplace. Sure as we are sitting here, they are working on another one. Do something about the economy? Nada.

The establishment’s facade is crumbling before our eyes, and they are scared. They know that when the game of musical chairs is finally over, there will be hell to pay – and all eyes will be on the cronies and elites this time.

How long we have to accept that is not up to the glove puppets and their bosses, it’s up to us – the people.




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