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MSNBC and Chris Hayes: The Toilet Bowl of Broadcast Journalism

21st Century Wire says…

As partisan media outlets go, none are more blatantly over-the-top as the White House’s broadcast media arm MSNBC.

Broadcasting from New York City’s 30 Rockefeller Plaza, seldom is any attempt made to provide viewers even a morsel of fair or balanced discourse on any topic, especially if the debate involves the activities a Democrat Party controlled US federal government.

MSNBC’s mantra: ‘we will do whatever it takes to demonize anyone critical of this administration or its left-wing agenda’. By definition, this is state-controlled propaganda.

Rachel Maddow lookalike and MSNBC host Chris Hayes, holds the tiara this week for the most ridiculous partisan harlot masquerading as a broadcast journalist. Hayes’s epic fail came during his interview (hit piece) segment with Nevada State Assemblywoman Michelle Fiore, where he spend the better part of 5 minutes trying to put his own words into her mouth by constructing a series of strawman arguments designed to not only discredit her, but to only show one side of the federal crisis at Bundy Ranch in Nevada.

Throughout the hit-piece, Hayes remains completely disinterested in any facts being offered by his guest regarding the Bundy Ranch story, instead obsessing over discrediting both her and mischaracterizing rancher Cliven Bundy as a criminal. Unfortunately for Hayes, the interview brief he was given by his producers was thin on details and fat on skewed talking points, and Fiore was able to see right through the spin Hayes was attempting to apply at every turn. That doesn’t stop Hayes, however, from the standard practice of shouting down and interrupting  his guest in order to herd his audience down a partisan cul-de-sac.

The result is a media hatchet job gone awry, as Hayes’s government attack position gets trampled as Fiore occupies the moral and intellectual high ground by resisting Hayes’s high school debate techniques.

Watch Chris Hayes’s shameless train wreck here:

It’s obvious that ex-Obama White House staffers and overpaid hosts employed at MSNBC are more than willing participants in this partisan theatre – providing the money is right, and thus are beyond pale in terms of neutral commentary. The real losers in this media charade are the public, many of whom are so used to being steam rolled by disinformation and partisan media outlets on all sides of the spectrum, that even narrow discourse like what is put forth by MSNBC – is perceived as normal.

It’s worth reminding viewers that MSNBC is the network that allowed British anchor Martin Bashir to remain on its airwaves for years, before showering him with money on his way out the door following what many agree was the most vile partisan outburst every made on US airwaves in the history of broadcasting.

Not to be outdone by Bashir, MSNBC also employs (at the request of the White House) former street agitator, race mob organizer and FBI snitch, Al Sharpton, whose treatment of the English language itself could easily be classified as torture to the average viewer. Whether it’s Sharpton, Bashir, Rachel Maddow, the Reverend Sharpton (pundits are still wondering why he’s actually been given a show on a national network), or channel’s highest paid non-talent, Chris Matthews, or other minor players like spokesmodel Krystal Ball and self-styled ‘race expert’ Melissa Harris-Perry – everyone at 30 Rock marches to the beat of the Democratic Party’s social engineering and cultural Marxist agenda.

Hat Tip to Right Scoop for this video.

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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue