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Watch US Cops Run Away When Anarchy Ensues on Our Streets

21st Century Wire says…

Editors Note: We acknowledge that the majority of law enforcement working in America are fine professionals and hard working, and between the criminals, the courts, the lawyers, the DHS federal initiatives, and the politicians – they have their work cut-out for them, in one of the most challenging professions any man or woman can undertake. We salute you. This story is only meant to highlight those law enforcement who have lowered the bar, in the hopes that highlighting these incidents might shine a light on what needs to improve in police performance. 

The militarization of US police forces is a disturbing trend for sure. But will the MRAPs pull up when your neighborhood is burning?

Maybe, maybe not…

INEFFECTIVE: Police are becoming a joke in some parts of America, and often flex their muscle in the wrong place, at the wrong time.

Yet, when Americans really need law and order in their communities, the police are sometime nowhere to be found, and can also be seen fleeing the scene – in the interest of their own safety first. They tend to reserve their impressive show of force for trivial incidents like raids on medical marijuana depositories, or closing down organic farms (see video below).

Below are a selection of graphic displays – of what you can count on from “law enforcement” when it really the Cannelloni hits the fan.

Given their traditional role as peace officers, it’s still pretty shocking to see how the police no longer function in cities like Oakland, California…

Brasscheck TV

When they are informed, prepare well in advance and use overwhelming force, police can almost operate effectively.

You know, beating non-violent protesters and raiding the homes of families that might have marijuana (assuming they get the address right.)

But when it comes to dealing with what’s really out there, “mano a mano”, it’s advantage criminals. Overwhelmingly.

The only thing that “keeps us safe” is that fact that an overwhelming percentage of the population is peaceful, and even criminals keep things to a reasonable level.

But those percentages can change.

Note: In NYC cops have already completely lost control of the roadways. The only thing that prevents total mayhem is a lack of ambition on the part of the bad guys. They only come out and assert their real control occasionally… 

In California, it’s well known about the police’s traditional function of generating revenue through issuing traffic tickets, but some officers rarely miss an opportunity to get intimate with attractive females, even if it takes a half-hour or more. Fighting crime can be a real chore it seems…

Also, we can’t forget the California police force from Fullerton, engaging is sadist beatings of homeless persons, and in the case of mentally disabled drifter, Kelly Thomas, where it took 4 or  more ‘officers’ to beat him to death – before being let off the hook for this particular murder caught on camera…

And lastly, here is a peak at one of US law enforcement’s new fetishes. Forget about anarchy in urban areas, and forget about drug trafficking flooding their streets with cheap heroin and meth – the real danger, according to police, is shutting down organic food outlets:

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