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(VIDEO) What Do We Really Know About History?

21st Century Wire says…

Time to ponder some big concepts, and even bigger questions…

Given how history changes over time, it’s fair to ask: what do we really know about history? How much of history gets changes and edited over time, and how accurate are TV and Hollywood depictions of past events?

Here’s one quirky, but perfectly valid theoretical example of how far the facts can drift over time…

‘The History Channel and Other Fantasies’

Brasscheck TV

We barely know what went on the other side of town last week, what makes us think that “historical” accounts from 1,000 years ago are accurate enough to take seriously?

There’s an old saying: “History is written by the winners.” It’s also written by people who lived in dry, arid climates and built in stone (like Egypt.) Why? Because their structures are far more likely to survive than people who built-in wood and lived in the rain forest. Also, have you ever been to an abandoned factory?

Would there be any way in a million years you could reconstruct was built there, using what materials and methods and to what specification based on what remains? History is an interesting subject, but conclusions merit intense skepticism.

‘Beatles 3000’


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