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Breaking The Chains: Our Financial System is Pulling Us Down

JLJason Liosatos
21st Century Wire

People only really find out they are dependent on something when it stops providing, and at that point its often too late to survive without it’.

We are being forced to awaken to the shocking fact that governments and the financial systems are collapsing, as they were always destined to do,  being based on short term greed, fear, recklessness, and managed without vision and wisdom. The first big card to fall is the US, and others will undoubtedly follow.

It is almost unbelievable that we have trusted an economic, casino like system, that can fall apart at any time with one turn of a card, or one reckless throw of the dice, which could trigger a world collapse resulting in endless suffering and misery for the whole of humanity.

There is an urgency to escape this system, an emergency so great that mere words can hardly portray it. That urgency is for human beings to break free from their subservience and slavery to governments and their reckless financial games. If that sounds exaggerated or overstated consider this; what would we do if we went to the supermarket and there was no food on the shelves? It sounds impossible right?

The fact that it almost sounds ridiculous and impossible tells us how conditioned we are. That scenario could happen at any time, any day, easily. How about if we also opened our taps and there was no water, or no heating in our houses, or worse still we lost our jobs and our houses and had nowhere to live anymore. All these things are hanging in the balance in our system, with one turn of the roulette wheel in the global gambling casino, run by people addicted to power and profit over anything else.

This may all sound too ridiculous, but we wouldn’t know what to do if things went wrong, we would be absolutely desperate, fighting over dandelion leaves in the hedgerows, rummaging in bins, and stealing people’s apples to feed our children. There would be complete chaos within days of a supermarket closing its doors on us.

Most people have no savings and are in debt to credit cards, loans, and mortgages. These people, which make up most of society, are literally only three wage cheques away from homelessness. If they lost their job and couldn’t pay the mortgage for three months they would be thrown out onto the street, kids and all.

For some amazing reason we have believed the politicians promises, but do we really think they are beautiful, compassionate beings dedicated to our well being and future comfort and stability, if we do we have been very easily fooled. It is a bitter pill to swallow, but it is a fact that we have been rendered virtually helpless, walking a literal tightrope, at the mercy of the global casino and its reckless players. It is an awful truth to accept, but it is better to know the truth, because it gives us a chance to do something about it. People don’t even know how to grow a potato anymore, and worse still don’t have time.

We have become dis-empowered beyond belief, but we must not beat ourselves up about it, it’s been done to us not by us, though of course we went along with it. We have slowly been convinced that we can’t look after ourselves any more. And who can blame us, don’t we all want to be looked after, spoon fed and taken care of by someone, and so the oligarchs prey on that feeling with impunity.

SYSTEM OF DEBT: Federal Reserve scam has been sucking the life – and the wealth, from honest, working people.

You have to admire our trust and belief in a system that promises to look after us and save us. It really is a wonderful endearing quality in humans, really admirable and beautiful. Trust is lovely in the right hands, but in the wrong hands it will inevitably be taken advantage of. We have become accustomed to do, think, eat, drink, wear, feel, and adhere to virtually anything we are told to do. As I have mentioned before but will say it here again that the oligarchs call us cattle behind our backs, and have a good laugh about our subservience to them, and that’s a documented fact. It doesn’t feel nice does it? But we can only escape a situation that is dangerous for us when we recognize it, and that recognition is now being forced on us as we watch the unsustainable, unethical world economy teeter on disaster, which is a dire wake up call that we find another way.

Author Jason Liosatos is host of Outside the Box on UK Column TV. Find out more about at www.jasonliosatos.com.

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