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Tory Chop-Shop: 50,000 march in Manchester against selling-off of Britain’s NHS

21st Century Wire says…

The British are coming at last – to the streets.

It’s great to see the Tory government (with the Liberal Democrats in their pocket) in its natural habitat and getting on with what it does best… state asset-stripping.

Amid minimal fanfare in the UK mainstream press, an incredible street manifestation took place with 50,000 people outside the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester this weekend – an unprecedented crowd for a domestic austerity issue. Their protest was centred around David Cameron’s Conservative drive to privatise the NHS – Britain’s National Healthcare System.

How far are the Government  prepared to go? All the way in fact. This is just one of many assets that have already been stripped from the NHS – google “privatisation of NHS” and you will find dozens of others:

“The Government was tonight accused of gambling with the UK’s blood supply by selling the state-owned NHS plasma supplier to a US private equity firm.

The Department of Health overlooked several healthcare or pharmaceutical firms and at least one blood plasma specialist before choosing to sell an 80 per cent stake in Plasma Resources UK to Bain Capital, the company co-founded by Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, in a £230m deal. The Government will retain a 20 per stake and a share of potential future profits.”

‘Thank you Dave’: Richard Branson’s Virgin Care already has a piece of the NHS – and is set to take more of it.

Britons need to wake up – and fast, because the great NHS fire sale is already well underway. Here the latest on this from The Independent…

Kashmira Gander
The Independent

Around 50,000 have arrived in Manchester for the first day of the Conservative Party conference to protest against austerity cuts and NHS changes.

The march set off at midday and passed through the centre of the city. It will end with speeches at a rally in Whitworth Park.

Greater Manchester Police said that the mile long protest was one of the largest they had ever watched over, and that no arrests have been made.

Frances O’Grady, TUC general secretary, said beforehand: “The march and rally will allow thousands of ordinary people to show the government exactly what they think of their policies.

“Austerity is having a devastating effect on our communities and services, with 21,000 NHS jobs lost over the last three months alone.

“The NHS is one of Britain’s finest achievements and we will not allow ministers to destroy, through cuts and privatisation, what has taken generations to build.”

A Department of Health spokeswoman said there was “absolutely no government policy to privatise NHS services”.
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