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NSA-cum-SKYNET: ‘Future Snowdens will be replaced by computers’

21st Century Wire says…

The US government says it will be outsourcing jobs of potential would-be whistleblowers… to computers.

NSA Head Gen. Keith Alexander, who only two weeks previous, stood in front of a crowd of ‘white hat’ hackers at a Las Vegas convention, begging them to come and work for the NSA. Now he’s telling us that rather than risk a future whistleblower like Snowden, the NSA will be employing computers instead.

So which is it? Which would the NSA and Alexander rather have managing the digital dragnet – human hackers, or SKYNET computers?

Alexander seems to lack the level of intelligence required to make important decisions on behalf of Americans, so in order to compensate for his mental handicap, he’s handing over that process to super computers.

Should the intelligence gathering and analytical operations of the US be fully automated, with all technical and value judgments being done by machines, instead of humans?

The technology is already here, and the US government and wealthy corporations currently have a monopoly on this new technology. Based on their behaviour to date, it is a foregone conclusion how they will be using it.

Eric Ladizinsky, is the co-founder and chief scientist of a company called D-Wave who have developed a 512-qubit quantum computer capable of artificial intelligence (AI), which they will be turning over to the NSA and Google.

Mike Adams of Natural News explains, “Ladizinsky’s team has already built a 512-qubit quantum computer. And they’re already selling them to wealthy corporations, too.”

“When groundbreaking new technology is developed by smart people, it almost immediately gets turned into a weapon. Quantum computing will be no different. This technology grants God-like powers to police state governments that seek to dominate and oppress the People”, adds Adams. 

That God-like power is embodied in AI , and this level of automation and decision-making is being devolved from human analysts – over to more powerful computers. This will also include Drone operations, where an attack Drone will make a value decision on which heat-signature targets on its screen can be terminated. To hell with any mistakes from here on out, as you can expect that your politicians will enjoy a new level of deniability, saying simply, “It was the computer’s decision.”

All this is being paid for by US taxpayer dollars. They are burning through our money and giving us a national debt in return.

Our government is completely out of control, and can no longer make sensible decisions on the public’s behalf.

So what’s next for democracy?

NSA head: Replace would-be Snowdens with computers to stop future leaks


The director of the NSA announced that the secretive intelligence agency plans to prevent future security breaches by replacing the position once held by whistleblower and former NSA contractor Edward Snowden with computers.

The National Security Agency plans to drastically cut back on the number of people employed as systems administrators, Gen. Keith Alexander said during a cyber security conference in New York City on Thursday. 

Snowden, a former employee of government-contracted consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton, worked for the NSA for more than a year before his role changed to systems administrator. It was while holding this position that he leaked classified details about previously undisclosed surveillance programs to the media.

What we’re in the process of doing – not fast enough – is reducing our systems administrators by about 90 per cent,” Alexander said. The NSA currently employs approximately 1,000 systems administrators. 

We’ve put people in the loop of transferring data, securing networks and doing things that machines are probably better at doing,” he said, going on to describe how technology will make NSA secrets “more defensible and more secure.” 

While Snowden has been referred to as a systems administrator, he told The Guardian that his job was actually to work as an “infrastructure analyst,” spending his days searching for new methods to infiltrate internet and telephone networks. 

Alexander also defended the NSA’s conduct, claiming the agency’s actions have been “grossly mischaracterized” by the media. 

No one has willfully or knowingly disobeyed the law or tried to invade your civil liberties or privacies. There were no mistakes like that at all,” he said.

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