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Pentagon considers ECOWAS troops inept, will AFRICOM step in?


The Pentagon has thus indicate that, according to him, the troops of the economic community of West African States were “totally incapable” carry on fighting against terrorist groups from northern Mali. History of ‘impulsive actions’ in its own way create a future US intervention in the Malian territory.

The challenge? Resources – coveted – soil and the Malian basement such as oil, gas, gold and uranium.

“Has this stage, the ECOWAS forces are capable of nothing», thus considers Michael Sheehan, one of the senior officials of the Pentagon… stating that this situation “must change”.

Since the beginning of military operations in Mali, the United States still strongly doubted the capacity of the forces of the ECOWAS, consisting of 4,300 men, to carry out their mission on the spot. The heads of State of the West African organization had particularly criticized for the slow pace of the deployment of their forces in northern Mali. End of February, the president of Chad, Idriss Déby had summoned them to speed up sending their military on the battlefield.

It should be noted that the France for its part disengaged a hundred men. The United Nations has planned meanwhile to deploy 11 200 peacekeepers.

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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue