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Mandela’s wife: South Africa is an ‘angry nation’ on brink of ‘something very dangerous’

Sara Malm
Daily Mail

The wife of former president Nelson Mandela  has warned that South Africa has become an ‘angry nation’, as it is refusing to  deal with its apartheid past. Human rights activist Graca Machel, 67, said  the nation is on the brink of ‘something very dangerous’ which it may not be  able to stop.

The Mozambican third wife of ANC icon Mandela  was speaking at the memorial service of a taxi driver who died in police custody  after officers tied his hands to the back of their van and dragged him to this  death. Taxi driver Mido Macia is alleged to have  argued a traffic violation after which police handcuffed the 27-year-old to  their vehicle in front of a horrified crowd. He was found dead two hours later in a police  cell in the Daveyton township of Johannesburg, last Tuesday. At the memorial Mrs Machel said South  Africa’s anger came from ‘unaddressed issues’ referring to the nation’s history  of apartheid, The Telegraph  reports. Mrs Machel, said a reluctance to deal with  the nation’s past has resulted in an ‘increasing institutionalisation of  violence and a police force which is ‘actively aggressive’ towards the  public. ‘South Africa is an angry nation,’ she said. ‘We are on the precipice of something very dangerous with the potential of not  being able to stop the fall.’

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