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21st Century Wire says…

We wouldn’t have believed it, until we saw them this week photographed in a London property with time-lapse photography tracking movement across the frame.

It’s worth looking into…

(Image Source: Crystal Life)

By Cheyenne MacMasters

What are orbs? Are they ghosts? Dust motes? A light leak in your camera? No, the good news is that they are none of the above.

Digital flash photography has expanded our narrow visual range to now include orbs. Klaus Heinemann, a NASA scientist who obtained his Ph.D. in experimental physics, calls them ”emanations of spiritual beings.”

Just as car headlights are not the driver, the orb light we see is not the being. Orbs love passion and rich sound, this orb shined forth in response to a blues singer who used to sing opera. His hearty voice was a true orb’s delight. Notice the dark line along the inner rim, a very characteristic detail of an orb.

What are orbs? Orbs are round, orbs are tear drop, and orbs come in different colors.

They like to cruise above your rooftop at night and hover around the bushes.

What are orbs?

They are beings who love enthusiasm. These orbs were awash over a tree that has served as the meeting place for hot air balloonists for many years. Apparently the orbs know there will be a party whenever the balloonists gather in the wee dawn hours. Who knew that orbs like to party? Or, that they liked you?

What are orbs? Remember, they aren’t ghosts. You don’t have to go to a graveyard to photograph what is right outside your door. Often, they are waiting for you.

This is the balloonist’s party tree already alight with orbs before everyone had arrived. Waiting expectantly for that party. Orbs are all about passion and enthusiasm, especially yours…

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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue