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Did Paxman and BBC bottle it with pedophile report for Newsnight tonight?

21st Century Wire says…

The public were expecting a major political figure to be outed on Newsnight tonight. Certainly there was enough hype beforehand with BBC’s joint investigator from the BIJ, Iain Overton, and C4’s Michael Crick both Tweeting “if all goes well…” 

But sadly, nothing happened. Why?

Piers Morgan Tweeted that Paxman should “grow a pair”, but we are not surprised if the BBC bottled this one, not least of all because the Beeb is currently at the mercy of Downing Street who will keep its premier propaganda outlet on a short leash from now on. Anyway, that’s a bit rich coming from a career coat hanger like Piers.

There are some early reports of a Super Injunction being slapped on Newsnight’s desk at the 11th hour to protect a certain elite’s name from being soiled, but we’ll have to wait and see tomorrow…

Some big names have been thrown around in the run-up to tonight’s broadcast — Lord McAlpine’s name was certainly trending on Twitter as a man connected to the North Wales child sex scandal, as were others. But the reality is this pedophile scandal and cover-up isn’t just about one or two high-profile names — it’s really about dozens of high-profile names, including politicians and perhaps royals, along with hundreds of other celebrities, financiers, civil servants, police and judiciary. The horrible reality that the establishment do not want the public to see: Savile is the tip of a massive iceberg.

HERE’S THE KICKER: One has to really begin to question the system: Government, Police and the BBC — who have already spent millions and deployed (we are told) massive resources to get to the bottom of the paedophile rings, only to come up with one arrest…the Cambodian child harvester known affectionately as… Gary Glitter.

Interestingly, McAlpine’s name has already been mentioned and linked to other previous investigations including some digging by MI5’s Andrea Davison, which you can read for yourself…


Andrea Davison, Savile, SERCO and Child Abuse, Covert Arms Shipments and Government Fraud

Justice Denied

Details have immerged  from Court Documents and colleagues about  ex spy  Andrea Davison,  who fled the UK in July 2012 after years of persecution by the British Authorities.

Continuing the persecution DC Robinson of the  Derby Police recently told Andrea Davison’s stalker, internet troll Gordon Bowden, where she was.  The Derby Police told him she living in  Argentina and was not, as widely speculated, in the Ecuador Embassy  with Julian Assange.

Internet troll of note and police informer Gordon Bowen of Derby.

Andrea  was well known in Parliament and in the Media as a superlative investigator into covert arms deals, financial corruption and paedophilia in the Police and the Government.  She rose to notoriety   during the 90’s when she was at the forefront of exposing the Conservative Government’s  secret and illegal arms deals to Iraq.  Working with the strange and enigmatic Spy Frank Machon she was given  thousands of documents to prove the covert supply line and sent on a mission to expose to the Labour party that the Conservative Government was selling arms to Iraq and Iran.

Spy, or ex-Spy? Agent Andrea Davison pictured on camping trip.

During the first Gulf war Andrea had been  dropped behind enemy lines on other  secret missions. The  flights went  from RAF  Valley air base in Anglesey North Wales which is close to her home and  now has a famous Airman stationed Prince William. She and  her  group used SAS bases in Iraq without their knowledge and went deep into Iraq to take out traitors working for the Iraqis and to meet up  with their own agents.  During these missions her Thyroid was damaged by coming into contact with the Chemical and  Biological weapons deployed  on the Iraqi front lines. Damage to the Thyroid effects every cell in the Body  and is a creeping  disease which, without medication,  slowly debilitates and then kills.

Around this period Andrea also found time to  work tirelessly  to expose pedophiles in the the Police  and in  the Government such as Peter Morrison…

Continue this story at: Justice Denied



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