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Obama’s Great African Military Safari

PHPatrick Henningsen
21st Century Wire

October 18, 2011

In 2008, Barack Obama made history as the first black President in the United States of America. Three years later, he has made history again, this time as the first US President to establish a permanent US military presence on the African continent.

Obama announced late last week, “I believe that deploying these U.S. armed forces furthers U.S. national security interests and foreign policy and will be a significant contribution toward counter-LRA efforts in central Africa.”

Safari USA: African-Americans may be shocked to discover that Obama is the first US President to break-in Africa

It is ironic that America’s first black President would be the one to establish a permanent US military beach head in Africa, but one only has to read the numerous strategic briefings available from U.S. AFRICOM to reveal a long-range Anglo-American agenda for the Dark Continent.

When the US formed AFRICOM in 2007 under President George W. Bush, 49 different countries signed on to the US military imperial charter for Africa.

AFICOM is a colonial subsidary of Neoconservative pièce de résistance known as the Project for a New American Century (PNAC). In sporting terms, you could say that Bush Jr kicked the ball down the field in 2007, but it is Barack Obama who has carried the ball over the goal line in 2011.

Phony Kony

Last Friday, Obama extended his bold new military safari tour of Africa, ordering the deployment of 100 special forces US troops to the central Africa country of Uganda, allegedly to support local forces in battling the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA). Formed in 1987, they have been engaged in an armed rebellion against the ruling Ugandan government.

Interestingly, LRA’s leader is the infamous Joseph Kony, who also has all the makings of a bin-Ladenesque comic book villain. Should that conflict escalate, tales of Kony will provide a ready, out-of-the-box meal for a US mainstream media machine who are forever gagging for a new world public enemy number one.

Uganda looks to have brokered an initial deal here as a US local partner in Africa, a relationship which was formalized following Uganda’s key role (allegedly) in battling Muslim extremists in Somalia. Whatever Uganda’s actual role was, their rewards have been substantial. Obama recently sent them around $45 million in military equipment, and this will certainly be topped up annually if Uganda continues to host US troops there.


From an AFRICOM standpoint, this latest deal with Uganda is a major step forward in militarily colonizing the continent. What Obama did not highlight in his announcement last week is that a small force is already present in Uganda, and that the new attachment of US special forces who are arriving shortly will be dispatched to perform various ops in the surrounding South Sudan, Somalia, Central African Republic and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Add to this an extensive laundry list of US State Department and ‘national security’ objectives, and you have a fully baked recipe for a permanent US military presence in Africa.

To achieve this, the US will also require numerous black ops, backed by a large supporting cast of CIA field workers, agents, US military administrators and paid contractors. This will enable the US, with all the elements necessary for the overthrow of any African  country south of the Sahara desert.

If recent events in North Africa are any indication, the US will often back and support a military dictatorship, rather than allow for a country’s own self-determination. Egypt is the best example of this. After all the fanfare surround the Arab Spring, few have bothered to pay attention to who and what actually replaced Egypt’s overthrown regime there. Now Egypt’s ‘temporary’ military government does not want to relinquish the reins of power.

Not surprisingly, only one country refused to sign on to AFRICOM’s neocolonial charter. That country was Libya.

If you have any doubts as to what a country can expect if it falls foul of the America’s AFRICOM dictates, look no further than Libya and its leader Moummar Qaddafi.

Following UN’s flimsy resolution 1973, Libya was pulverized by a full-blown NATO military air assault. Following the destruction of most of its cities and their infrastructures, Libya is currently in the process of being carved by selected US and European corporations. It’s doubtful that Libya will ever see half the stability or prosperity it had achieved under Qaddafi.

Libya was a hot run, and a subsequent Beta test on the part of NATO and AFRICOM. First on AFRICOM’s menu is UN sanctions, then arming a local faction and fomenting civil unrest, then regime change, followed by the privatization and auctioning off of any valuable state assets to US and European companies, and eventually – a long, hard session of neoliberal IMF economic shock therapy.

Note that the US military or NATO will always be on call if local rebels need their revolution advanced down field. If this process cannot be initiated via the UN, the US will also be very well-placed to run a clandestine operation anywhere on the continent.

In Uganda’s case, it may work as a reverse of NATO’s Libyan-style intervention, whereby US troops will crush, not assist Ugandan rebels rising up against a corrupt and despotic government.

On the very long-range end of the agenda will be to unify Africa into an EU-type superstate, the African Union, and with a single African currency. For Wall Street and the City of London, this is a relatively untapped opportunity to plunder, and then re-plunder a number of otherwise emerging growth economies.

Proponents of AFRICOM seem confident, and with good reason. The US has always been successful at achieving a high level of destabilization in any country it interacts with militarily. This special brand of “engineered chaos” then needs to be managed by a strong military presence in the region.

Globalist elites and transnational corporations could not be more thrilled- hundreds of no-bid contracts, opening up new markets, new monopolies, and extremely cheap labor for globalist industries… in Africa.

In terms of the global geopolitical chessboard, AFRICOM’s most significant objective for America and Europe will be to confront, minimize, sabotage, and where possible- completely destroy China’s economic interests in Africa. Evicting the Chinese from their hundreds of economic interests and political partnerships in Africa amounts to a new Cold War between the Anglo-American Empire and China.

Unfortunately for Africa, USA Inc has become one giant corporation, and certainly behaves like one. Its current CEO, Barack Obama, has one of the hardest hitting velvet gloves in history. He has already demonstrated that he can, and will, bomb a nation into compliance with the globalist plan to completely re-colonize and re-corporatize Africa, arguably the most resource-rich continent on the planet.

The process will take time, and will no doubt cost many billions of dollars, and thousands of innocent lives will be lost at the hands of CIA-sponsored civil and guerrilla wars. One AFRICOM study believes that China would eventually send its troops to Africa, to defend its economic interests there. The study warns:

“Now China has achieved a stage of economic development which requires endless supplies of African raw materials and has started to develop the capacity to exercise influence in most corners of the globe. The extrapolation of history predicts that distrust and uncertainty will inevitably lead the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) to Africa in staggering number.”

AFRICOM, in its own words,  is almost expecting a  military confrontation with China over its interests in Africa, and with the new US practice of ‘pre-emptive foreign policy’, it serves as an almost perfect storm for a new not-so-cold war there.

China will not just react, as the US might do, if its interests and investment have been threatened in Africa. This is partly because unlike USA Inc, China is still a functioning nation-state and Chinese leaders are not being constantly pressured by its corporations to act over-aggressively to protect Chinese interests.

In the twilight days of every US administration, an American President is defined by his all-important legacy.

Whether Obama becomes either a one term or two term President- after it’s all said and done, he will be remembered as Kenya’s only begotten son, who sold out Africans to his globalist overlords- the man who eventually broke the back of Africa.

Ironic, as we still remember how much hope (remember that word) some people had of him, way, way back in 2008.




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