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Mainstream Media Used Photoshopped Dead Bin Laden Pictures

21st Century Wire

May 2, 2011

Infowars reports:

The Guardian notes that the image was used by the Mail, Times, Telegraph, Sun and Mirror websites, who picked it up from an online news site. The image was removed by the newspapers after it became apparent that it was a fake that had been online for over two years…

The image is a crude Photoshop composite of two different images. The composite has been used in several articles over the past two years, the very purpose of many of which was to highlight the fact that multiple experts and credible figures were on record as believing Bin Laden to be already long dead.

This sorry saga once again demonstrates how the corporate dinosaur media has been completely surpassed by the alternative media and the new social media.”

Desperate major media outlets ran with the fake Bin Laden photo, which is merely a composite of two different pictures.

The ten year old fairy tale of the evil marionette puppet Osama Bin Laden continues to dazzle the mindless audiences around the world. Now he has finally been reported to have been killed in a raid, but unfortunately, there is no body or any evidence that this actually happened yesterday. This latest cock-up only further discredits the CIA’s comic book legend, putting the illusive Saudi Terror Villain right up there with Elvis Presley’s extended life in the FBI witness protection program, or Jim Morrison’s escape to Africa.

The big question: why announce Bin Laden’s death now? Is this a prelude to some global policy shift in the fabled War on Terror?

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