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UK COLUMN: National Defense Strategy, US Off-Shore Bioweapons, Turkey’s Syria Play

Our latest: reading between the lines on the new US National Defense Strategy, and revealing classified off-shore US bioweapons operations, the Davos deception, and we ask whether or not Turkey’s latest gamble in Syria will produce any results other than more instability.

UK Column co-anchor Mike Robinson is joined by guest host Patrick Henningsen with all the top stories internationally. Watch:

START – USA: National Defense Strategy 2018 summary
– Sergey Lavrov: US relies on confrontational concepts
– WMD America: Inside the Pentagon’s bioweapons Global industry
16:40 – Syria: USA will have to ask Damascus for permission to operate
– Matthew Rycroft becomes Permanent Secretary at DFID…
– EU military unification: Daily Express waking up at last…?
25:29 – Davos meeting 2018 blocked by snow: ‘fake news’ high on agenda
31:47 – DEMOS supplies a ‘fake news’ toolkit…
– New report on the fight against online child sexual abuse
– Brexit: House of Lords has no right to stop EU Withdrawal Bill
– Eugene Lukjanenko hunger strike: day 60
– Home Office inquiry over Police storing 20 million mugshots
– Andrew Mitchell feared media sting was foreign spy operation

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