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NEVER BEFORE SEEN: FBI Trove of 9/11 Pentagon Photos Refuels Conspiracy Suspicions

21st Century Wire says…

The FBI released 27 ‘never before seen’ images chronicling the destructive Pentagon attack on 9/11. While the FBI move appears to be an effort to be more transparent – they’ve refueled old conspiracy suspicions hidden in plain sight

‘COVER-UP?’ – Photo Illustration 21WIRE’s Shawn Helton 

To this day, the attacks on September 11th, 2001, have remained some of the most enigmatic crimes of the century.

There has been an endless dispute over the how of 9/11 and the who, as well as the various methods used to carry out the atrocities of that day. There’s an even heavier debate over what brought down WTC Building 7 and since then, other 9/11 ‘rabbit holes’ have also challenged the nature of the planes said to be involved in both New York and Washington DC.

Whatever your thoughts are concerning planes or other theories on 9/11 it’s still worth noting that even the mainstream media admitted at the time that there was,“no evidence of a plane at all,” following the destruction of a portion of the Pentagon’s western side.

Watch as Jamie McIntyre, a former Senior Pentagon correspondent for CNN, suggests the lack of evidence supporting the official story surrounding American Airlines flight 77….

Here’s one telling image released by the FBI that doesn’t appear to support the official story of American Airlines flight 77’s fuselage crashing into the Western side of the Pentagon. Its as if logic and reason were also casualties on 9/11 – where is the rest of the plane and why is the crater so small?

‘PENTAGON TALES’ – What really happened here? (Image Source: vault.fbi.gov)

In another telling image, part of the damage seen at the Pentagon on 9/11 looks errily reminiscent to that of the Oklahoma City bombing

INTERIOR EXPLOSION? – Why does this look similar to the damage at OKC IN 1995? (Image Source: abcnews)

The FBI releases also contained images of twisted plane parts that curiously lacked evidence of fire damage – given the devastating crime scene, it’s hard to see how that would be possible.

See the FBI photos here for yourself – and ask yourself one single question: where is the Boeing passenger airliner? 

More from Free Thought Project below…

(Image Source: mcclatchy-wires)

BREAKING: The FBI Just Released Never Before Seen Photos of 9/11 Pentagon Wreckage

Claire Bernish
Free Thought Project

After surreptitiously releasing to the public one week ago, the FBI unceremoniously announced today the unprecedented release of never-before-seen images from the attacks of September 11, 2001, and some of the pictures evoke still more questions.

FBI-Pentagon-9-11 Tweet

Others could be seen as putting to rest a popular theory American Airlines Flight 77 never actually smashed into the Pentagon.

The FBI Vault release is minute in size, to say the least — with a mere 27 images comprising the file — and does not include video, audio, nor anything other than photos.

But, given the stony silence from the U.S. government toward families of victims of the attacks, even the meager disclosure is a welcome morsel of information with the potential to provide answers.

Indeed, in the very first image, labeled plainly, “9-11 Pentagon Debris 1,” a single piece of wreckage sits isolated on a parcel of lawn — bearing the American Airlines logo and marked with letters and numbers.


More from Free Thought Project here

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  • The focus on the Pentagon crash site for conspiracy researchers has been less intense than the focus on WTC and Building 7. But some other the othe issues raised by skeptics include:
    1) Small hole for fuselage, no obvious wing debris, as shown above
    2) The flight would have taken a very complicated path to hit exactly that part of the Pentagon, which just happened to belong to Office of Naval Intelligence. Most all of the ONI Pentagon based officers were said to have been killed by the strike, which itself is quite surprising..
    3) Films of whatever it was approaching the Pentagon, plane or missile, were confiscated and never shown.
    4) Cheney gave false testimony about his timeline on the morning of 9/11 and whether or not and when he gave orders to shoot down the plane approaching DC
    5) There were military aviation exercises scheduled for the same day which pulled some forces away from regular duty and confused air traffic responders

    • Tralbry

      Missiles don’t “approach” in the conventional sense and even a plane approaching at 500 mph isn’t easily captured by tourists. Some video has been released and because a 757 is so fats of course it’s blurry. Cell phone cameras weren’t so ubiquitous in 2001 but still your claims that all photos were confiscated is unsubstantiated. It’s absurd to think Cheney would operationally be the one to give that order, the wing debris claim is trying to proving a negative and the flight path is not especially complicated. It’s even documented in the 9/11 commission report. It makes no sense to suggest ONI was targeted if you believe the inside job nonsense. In fact, it’d make far more sense to strike to target an innocuous area not related to intelligence. #5 suggests nothing conspiratorial except that the MIC conducts training exercises all the time, which they do.

      It was a plane and there were dozens of eyewitnesses to that.

  • LeseMajeste

    9/11 was an Israeli masterminded False Flag with help from traitors in the WH, the Pentagon, CIA, FBA and NSA. With generous help from the Lying MSM.


    As two of the five dancing “Israelis” arrested on 9/11 (Oded Ellner and Sivan Kurzberg) stated explicitly: “The fact of the matter is we are coming from a ‘country’ that experiences terror daily (sic!)…”and “We are Israeli. We are not your problem. Your problems are our problems. The Palestinians are the problem.”

    Israel was now able to hide their genocide of Palestinians behind the global War of Terror.

    The ONLY ones arrested on 9/11 for participating in that False Flag were Israeli nationals.

    • imbroglio

      And very soon they were released.

  • Shoestring911

    Interestingly, it is being reported that this is not a new release of photos by the FBI. The photos were actually released six years ago but disappeared from the FBI’s website due to a technical glitch. It is only now, however, that the error has been fixed and the photos have reappeared on the website. Details are here: http://www.voanews.com/a/federal-bureau-investigation-restores-nine-eleven-photos-website/3791256.html

  • ricck lineheart

    And this has put American troops practically all over the middle east . no war no profits for Wall St. or the weapons dealers and mercenary corporations , no new or late model Toyota or Dodge trucks . No concerted effort to build The Greater Israel , 9-11 set this in motion .

  • goingbrokes

    That piece with the serial number is the worst – it is clearly pentagon grass in the background.

  • Shoestring911

    Pierre-Henri Bunel, a French former artillery officer with expertise in the effects of explosives on buildings, did an analysis of images of the Pentagon attack site and concluded, “[T]he detonation that struck the building was that of a high-powered hollow charge used to destroy hardened buildings and carried by an aerial vehicle, a missile.”

    His analysis was published as a chapter in Thierry Meyssan’s book ‘Pentagate,’ but you can read it online here: http://www.voltairenet.org/article139203.html

  • imbroglio

    Who cares that there are no plane debris, human bodies, ( has anyone seen them? ) or the hole looks like a mouse hole. What is important : “We’ve made a fool of you, and it worked “.
    It was depleted uranium. There are all indications.

    • tiger

      DU, fired from where? DU does not cause fires; it’s a kinetic weapon.

  • imbroglio

    The pictures look more like a dumpsite, not a plane crash.

  • 46nd2

    Thank God the name plate wasn’t damaged in the incineration so we could tell it was totally part of the plane. Had the same good fortune when the driver’s license of the terrorist who flew the plane into one of the towers survived the fireball… so we knew who it was.

    • tiger

      But where are the pristine Arab passports and Korans? Not to mention two 777 turbofans and undercarriage! Please, this story wouldn’t on Sesame St.

  • pete fairhurst

    This whole story has been thoroughly debunked here:


    Fake news it seems

  • Brooke Watson

    I wonder where the bodies of the passengers are?? I have seen photos of plane crashes into buildings and mountains, and there are bodies – what happened to the passengers

    • ram2009

      You should not embarrass your “Intelligence Agencies” or the Pentagon.

  • DwnRange

    The real story here is “WHO” changed FAA SOP for hijacked aircraft in the US?

    (SOP = standard operating procedures, such as those in place with the Payne Stewart Lear jet crash/deaths in 1999)

    Once you know the answer to that question you’ll have the answer to whether or not 9/11 was was an inside job. (suggest ya look around June/July of 2001 and you’ll find the answer to that question – shortly after the meeting with the Taliban in Houston, Texas where they were promised carpets of gold or carpets of bombs, before October 1st, 2011, depending of course on their handling and disposition/protection of the proposed pipeline across Afghanistan)

  • Longsoupline2

    Only a moron needed this to even ponder this was anything other than a cruise missile Odd just so happens that it hit in exactly the spot where the auditors were digging for the missing 3 Trillion was that Rumsfeld announced the day before ?
    LeseMajest has it right . Dont focus on that it was a false flag. Focus on WHO and WHY .. Whats frustrating is that much of this countries problems can start to be solved in an instant if the names listed in his post be arrested on the spot.. US military when are you gonna grow a pair ?? What was that part about your oath ?Foreign and domestic ?

  • Space Ghost

    If you’ve ever driven on the I-95 and paying attention, the Pentagon is in a slight depression, as far as the real three dimensional terrain on the side of the impact …and how did the barely-trained student pilots level a plane that size so that it hit directly into the side of the Pentagon and not the roof or the ground?

    Years before looking into this here and there, as many others, I distinctly remember the visuals not computing with the story on the day of…

  • whatwaysup

    The ‘state’ can release the missing security videos showing the strike and allow open investigation/contest/witness of physical evidence they claim is 77 anytime they like. Could prove this shit in a minute. But they don’t. Somehow these photos are supposed to mean something ? The mcClatchy image showing roof and rings.http://www.mcclatchy-wires.com/incoming/ctc5bw/picture141940099/ALTERNATES/FREE_1140/FBI_9_11_Pentagon_Photos_60338.jpg ..help me through this..obvious hit in outer wall and obvious fire damaged inner ring..if I draw a line, where is damage to middle ring?

    • Marko

      What you’re seeing in that open area between the “D” and “C” rings is not the ground level , but the roof of a two-story section. Count the windows vertically. The damage you expect to see is hidden , below the roof of the two-story structure.

      It doesn’t change the fact that it’s a big lie , though. The Citizen Investigation team , linked in this thread by “The Awakening” , has a good analysis.

      • whatwaysup

        Thanks. That had been my only possible consideration.
        I have read and watched CIT and find their evidence formidable and entirely credible.

  • The Awakening

    The Jason Ingersoll Image Collection


    The Citizens Investigation Team;


    National Security Alert – 9/11 Pentagon Event


  • The Awakening

    The late Bill Cooper speaks on the 28th June 2001 and forewarns ‘a major attack’;

  • Tralbry

    There are no newly released photos. These were released long ago and there’s no evidence that the FBI tried to pass these off as new or even made an announcement about it. As usual, it’s the conspiracy nuts twisting it into some kind of major issue. The nice thing about being a nut is that if they were new photos you can claim they’ve been hiding it and if it turns out that they were old you can claim that they’re trying to fool us all with inconsequential “evidence”.