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LONDON ATTACK: Attacker Named As British Man ‘Khalid Masood’, Known To British Intelligence

21st Century Wire says…

On Wednesday at 14:40 GMT, a knife attacker was shot by armed police after a car mowed down pedestrians on Westminster Bridge and charged the gates of the British Parliament, in what police are treating as a terrorist incident.

Four people, including the assailant and a Metropolitan police officer, died as a result of Wednesday’s attack. It has been reported that 29 people were injured during the incident.


Within the last couple of hours, Scotland Yard has named 52 year old Khalid Masood as yesterday’s attacker at Westminster. British Prime Minister Theresa May today at the House of Commons revealed that Masood was known to British security services but on a ‘periphery’ level. Police have also confirmed that Masood was known to them too with a previous criminal record including assault, possession of offensive weapons, and public order offences.

More on this report from RT…


The London terrorist attacker has been named by police as Khalid Masood.

Masood, 52, was born in Kent and detectives believe he was most recently living in the West Midlands. Masood was also known by a number of aliases,  Scotland Yard says.

Masood was not the subject of any current investigations and there was no prior intelligence about his intent to mount a terrorist attack.

He was known to police, however, and had a range of previous convictions for assaults, including GBH, possession of offensive weapons and public order offenses.

His first conviction was in November 1983 for criminal damage and his last conviction was in December 2003 for possession of a knife.

He had never been convicted for any terrorism offences, police say.

According to Sky News, Masood was an English teacher and religious convert. He was a married father of three, who was into bodybuilding.

Masood killed three and injured 29 people in a terrorist attack in Westminster on Wednesday. He rammed pedestrians while speeding across Westminster Bridge in a car, then ran towards Parliament and stabbed a police officer dead.

Masood was shot dead by an armed police officer outside Parliament.

Giving details of the attacker’s background in Parliament today, May said the assailant was known to police and MI5 – the UK’s domestic intelligence agency.

“What I can confirm is that the man was British-born and that – some years ago – he was once investigated in relation to concerns about violent extremism. He was a peripheral figure.

“The case is historic – he was not part of the current intelligence picture. There was no prior intelligence of his intent – or of the plot. Intensive investigations continue…”

Continue this report at RT

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  • Shoestring911

    BBC correspondent Dominic Casciani reportedly said on Twitter: “BBC understands from multiple sources two assailants in vehicle on Westminster Bridge.” See: http://uk.reuters.com/article/britain-security-assailants-idUKL9N1FK01N

    I was watching the BBC News Channel on Wednesday when reporter Daniel Sandford said eyewitnesses had referred to a second attacker–a “bald white man”–being involved in the attack. (See http://archive.is/IhMux )

    If I remember correctly, Sandford said these eyewitnesses were police officers, so their descriptions of the incident ought to be pretty reliable. They had also said that it was the white attacker–not the “black man with goatee beard”–who was armed. If this is correct, it seems likely to me that it was the bald white man who attacked and killed PC Keith Palmer. This man is still unidentified and is not being mentioned in any reports about the attack.


      Hi Shoestring911, thank you for your comments. I’ve also come across your commentary in another thread on 21W and it’s very interesting indeed.

      Like you, I was collating information from the get go of the event on Wednesday and also came across the brief news about another ‘assailant’ yet not confirmed.

      This was something I discussed in the ‘BoilerRoom’ yesterday on ACR


      I’ll be composing another analysis shortly for 21W. I’ll also most certainly credit you online/on-air where possible for your insight and contribution.

      • Shoestring911

        Thanks funksoul. This information about a possible second attacker is the most important evidence, in my opinion. If correct, it destroys the official narrative of the attack, especially if this bald white man was responsible for stabbing the police officer. And it could mean that all the reports we are now seeing about the background of the other alleged attacker, Khalid Masood, are just a diversion, directing people away from examining what exactly happened when the attack occurred.

        • David Slater

          This also would explain why there were 2 knives reported (Google London attack two knives), with one being “clean” of blood – see photos hosted by Paul Joseph Watson. People are questioning why the knife in the photo seems clean of blood yet is lying by the officer who was stabbed.

          • David Slater

            Here’s a pic of the 2 knives:

            Also, curiously, why do many of the victims have their shoes removed? Probably nothing – maybe first-aiders do this for some reason! Even woman under bus has shoes off! Any explanations would be welcome.

            Edit: Has Westminster Bridge become a mosque suddenly?

          • Shoestring911

            This makes sense. I’m pretty sure the BBC’s Daniel Sandford mentioned that the white attacker was carrying two weapons.

          • David Slater

            Conjuring up images of Clint Eastwood in a “quick-draw”! Maybe Sandford imagines the attacker swirled the knives furiously around each hand before thrusting into his victim? What a load of nonsense imagery we are supposed to swallow. The two-knife quickdraw kid doesn’t exist I’m aftraid, I just can’t imagine this under the circumstances.

          • Shoestring911

            He was just relaying what the eyewitnesses told him.

  • Freespirit

    Just another attempt by Zionists to excite those Bigoted Goyim to blame all Muslims and prepare for Israel’s desired WAR against Islam, at the EXPENSE, of course, in Blood and Money, of Western countries, especially that of, U.S.?

    • Tal_Ben_Avraham

      So you agree with an attack that costed 4 lives and injured and maimed over 40 others?
      Your rabid hatred for Jews blinds you to the fact that you’re defending terrorism.


    Interesting revelations @Showstring911 @DavidSlater, thank you for contributing and please keep it coming. Great attention to detail.