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Syrian Army Warns Israel: ‘We Will Respond’ After IDF Attacks Syrian Military Airport

21st Century Wire says…

Last night, 21WIRE revealed that Israel had attacked its neighbor Syria – in an unprovoked act of aggression. Reports vary between air or SS missile attack, and it’s not yet known how many casualties were sustained by the Syrian military. As usual, total silence from the ‘international community’ – which only goes to prove that Israel is allowed to act outside of international law. By definition, this is a rogue state.

This reckless move by Israel will only inflame an already tense situation already involving a number of geopolitical players.

However, it’s also important to ask why Israel has launched this latest attack.

Was it to aid its terrorist cohort forces on the ground? This seems to be case…


Syrian state news agency SANA says Israeli jets have bombed the Mezzeh military airport west of Damascus, accusing Tel Aviv of supporting terrorism. The airport was rocked by multiple explosions, with ambulances rushing to the scene.

The Syrian Arab Army has warned that there will be repercussions for Israel for the “flagrant attack” on the military base, state TV said, citing a Syrian army command spokesman. It also linked the alleged strike to Israel’s “support of terrorist groups.”

The army said several missiles were fired at the Mezzeh airport’s compounds from the Lake Tiberias area in northern Israel at about 12am Friday. The strike reportedly damaged one of the compounds of the crucial military facility.

The Mezzeh airport is located west of Damascus, just 5 kilometers from the Presidential Palace, the official residence of Syrian President Bashar Assad.

There was no information on the death toll resulting from the airstrike immediately available. The base is reported to house Syria’s elite Republican Guards and Special Forces.

Footage from the scene with heavy fire and the sounds of explosions has surfaced on social media. Multiple reports from journalists and activists on the ground described the bombing, with the opposition also reporting there were rockets fired:


This is the second time in two months the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) has being accused by the Syrian government of targeting Syrian positions from Israeli territory.

On December 7, SANA reported that “several surface-to-surface missiles” were launched by the IDF from the Golan Heights. At the time, the source in the Syrian armed forces slammed the attack as a “desperate attempt” by Israel to endorse terrorists…

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  • Ronald

    Damascus must move that airport north so that Israel can not fire upon it from within Israel . Really Putin must speak up .

  • Eol Awki

    Well I guess this answers the question about Syria’s air defences. Apparently they are all under direct control of the Russians.

  • They’ve been “warning about response” for the past five years or so. Since none of their claims about this particular attack can be verified , and most of them appear to be fabricated, allow us to giggle at their “warnings”. The Damascus regime is still fighting for its life (more precisely, the Shiite militias are fighting for dominating whatever is left of Syria while the official regime remains as a symbolic figurehead), so surely it has no intention to commit suicide by adding one more very powerful enemy to the long list of fronts it currently has to fight with. But if they insist on making utter fools of themselves with this hollow rhetoric, all power to them.

    • Analyze_This_88

      Oh no, here he is… Netanyahu’s personal TROLL.