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ALEPPO: The Reality on the Ground Defies Western Mainstream Media Distortion

Syrian Arab Army soldier helps an elderly civilian to collect her belongings from her ruined home in Sheikh Saeed, liberated the day before from Nusra Front aka Al Qaeda occupation. (Photo: Vanessa Beeley 12/12/2016)

21st Century Wire says…

Independent journalist and special contributor to 21st Century Wire has just returned from Aleppo where she spent considerable time visiting the freshly liberated areas of East Aleppo that have been under NATO and Gulf state-funded and armed terrorist and militant occupation for the last four years.

Terrorist factions such as Nusra Front, Al Qaeda in Syria, and ISIS hold sway over the estimated 22 brigades of assorted mercenaries and militants such as Ahrar Al Sham and Nour Al Din Zinki. Zinki were responsible  for the beheading of 12 year old Palestinian child, Abdullah Issa, and they are funded by the US who has steadfastly refused to condemn the public torture and decapitation of a child that was filmed and published widely across the social media spectrum.

Vanessa Beeley spoke to Dr Ron Paul and Daniel McAdams of the Ron Paul Liberty Report about her experiences in East Aleppo and conveyed the testimony from Syrian civilians set free from their four year imprisonment, liberated by the Syrian Arab Army and their allies in the region. Watch:


21st Century Wire Syria Files


  • Vanessa, I sincerely hope that you are compiling your experiences in this war so that you can someday (soon I hope) give the rest of us their benefit. As an anthropologist and historian, I value first-hand accounts and contemporary documentation of events above all other sources. I value opinions only as much and so far as the evidence presented by the opinion holder and their own pertinent experience, knowledge, and skills. As one of the few reporters who actually went to the conflict points in Syria, I hold you in the highest regard.