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Trinity of Terror: Turkey, Israel & ISIS Conspire to Steal Syrian Energy Resources

21st Century Wire says…

Three geopolitical actors are operating at the expense of millions to fulfil a selfish geopolitical aim.

Watch a video of this report here:

The discovery of a gas field in Israeli waters means that Israel could soon be an energy exporting nation. Well, at least if it is able to secure the route for a pipeline through Syrian waters into Turkey.

New Eastern Outlook reports that, ‘Syrian president Assad refused to sign a proposed agreement that would allow a pipeline through Syria connecting Qatari gas to Turkey and onto European markets. Assad said this was to protect the interests of his Russian allies who are the main suppliers of gas to Europe.’

It is, therefore, incredibly unlikely that Assad would allow an Israeli pipeline through Syrian waters and into Turkey.

How many lives will Turkey & Israel sacrifice to establish their pipeline? (Photo: Markus Schweiss)

Turkey is aiming to becoming an energy transit hub, from the Middle East to Europe, which explains why it has been attempting to destabilise Syria by allowing ISIS terrorists to operate in Turkish territory and transport stolen Syrian oil back into Turkey.

Meanwhile, Israel has been providing support to those same ISIS terrorists, supplying medical attention to the jihadists, in the hope of carving off the coastal portion of Syrian territory for their gas pipeline into Turkey.

Moreover, the discovery of oil in the Golan Heights, an internationally recognised Syrian territory, is also a target of the Israelis and Turks. Turkey and Israel were talking ten years about not only gas pipelines between the two states, but also oil pipelines.

We might see this strange alliance as a Trinity of Terror, as Israel, Turkey and ISIS ally together causing the deaths of thousands, and misery for many others. Is ir simply to fulfill their own selfish geopolitical dreams?

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  • The current Israeli policy is to advance the East-Med pipeline from Haifa via Cyprus and Greece to Europe: http://atimes.com/2016/01/israel-gains-strategic-depth-in-eastern-mediterranean/ This plan may also link to the recently discovered Egyptian gas fields in the South Mediterranean basin. The old and discarded plan of the Haifa-to-Turkey pipeline, which the SFGate link in the article’s body shows, was proposed in 2006 (long before the Syrian civil war) and was meant to pass through international water between Syria and Cyprus. The notion that it was going to pass through Syria’s territorial water is absurd nonsense, if only because of Security problems that even regime change in Syria could not solve. In any case Only the Americans are still interested in the Turkish pipeline option, as they believe it will help Turkey finance its anti-Russian policies in Syria and Crimea. As for the discovery of oil in the Golan Heights – if developed (assuming environmentalist objections to fracking near the country’s largest water reserves will be overcome), it will supply maybe 5 to 10 percent of Israel’s oil needs. Nothing too dramatic (even if the fracking process will not end up in a catastrophe). Genuine “International law” regarding the Golan is based only on the League of nations mandate from a century ago which recognized the Golan as Israeli territory (as it has been since 1500BC). Subsequent rigged votes by the UN cabal that suggest otherwise are null and void, irrespective of what fanboys of the Assad dynasty would like to believe.

    • kennyalligood

      Well at least it is clear now what the “zionist fanboys” want.

    • Key

      Anything and everything chaotic that is occurring in the middle east is for the guaranteed security of small Israel and not for the US or any other western country that Israel controls.

    • Laura Green

      Golan Heights have never been Israeli, since Palestine has never belonged to jews (Khazarian Mafia )

      The hidden history of how the United States was used to create Israel—

    • TruthNow

      Your Bible-based geo-politics has no basis in law, religion, or international relations. Judaism is organized crime masked as religion.

  • No. Not a “Trinity”. The hijacked government of the USA must, unfortunately, be added to the “Coalition of the Guilty”. Israel unfortunately is somewhat “joined at the hip” with our foreign affairs goals and agendas. Deep and dark though they may be.

    Excellent article and point though. Thank you. I just felt compelled to add my own guilt, as a man of conscience who has not been able to, as of yet, help to reign in my own governments criminality and its alliances with other sordid Nation States.

    Again, thank you for shedding much needed light on this dingy corner of “The Grand Chessboard”


  • JB

    Why have explosive gas when you can have a safe gravity engine giving you 15 KW?

    Rosch have the device and its dropping the price of Oil & Gas.

    Welcome to your war free future folks:- to stop war and oppression we need to get these out:-

  • TruthNow

    EVERY geo-political scheme of the US, Israel and NATO (includes Turkey) has destroyed millions of lives and destabilized the globe. This is the true Axis of Evil.