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GLADIO GOES GLOBAL: Gangs and Counter Gangs in Europe, Northern Ireland, Iraq and now in Syria

21st Century Wire says…

“General Sir Anthony Farrar-Hockley, a former commander-in-chief of NATO forces in northern Europe said…that a covert intelligence service was set up in Italy with the help of British agents and the CIA – which also partly funded it. The Italian branch of the network was known as Operation Gladio.”

– Richard Norton Taylor, Guardian, 15/11/90

“Gladio was … set up with British help in the 1950’s, operated by the secret services and partly financed by the United States CIA.”

– Richard Norton-Taylor, Guardian, 16/11/90

To understand today’s geopolitical chaos, we must first understand the methods of instability used by the state, both at home and abroad…

The website Aangirfan describes a asymmetric counter intelligence operation – originally designed as a “stay behind operation” for defending a country, but later turned back in on itself and unleashed to terrorize the ‘Homeland’ (Europe, North America) as a means of manipulating political, social and military outcomes, including defense spending – at home. This is not a conspiracy theory – it’s historical fact.

Is this operation still active today? Looking at events at home and away, it certainly seems so.

Once perfected, this covert paramilitary ‘Pseudo Gang” operation can be deployed abroad as a way of destroying a city, country or region, from within:

“The idea of the ‘pseudo gang’ is to murder innocent civilians and then blame the murders on the people that the military wants to discredit.”

“The pseudo gang works for the military but pretends to be a bunch of terrorists.”

In addition to the French, Belgium and Italian branches of Operation GLADIO, there is also the rarely mentioned British contingent – GLADIO’s key component, which seems to be international in scope – bringing GLADIO into a global context. Aangirfan adds here:

“UK Police are being given more powerful guns and extra training to prepare for a possible Mumbai-style terror attack in Britain.

Security chiefs are staging a series of terrorism exercises with police sharpshooters training alongside units of the notorious Special Air Services (SAS). Apparently, the development follows the discovery, in September 2010, of a credible ‘CIA-NATO Gladio-style’ false flag plot.

The SAS have been accused of training ‘terrorists’. Britain’s SAS (Special Air Services) trained the Khmer Rouge. The British Special Air Services (SAS) firm Keenie Meenie Services reportedly trained the Tamil Tigers. (Southern India, Sri Lanka terrorist groups). The SAS trained bin Laden’s Mujahedin fighters in Scotland.”

How is this related to ISIS and al Qaeda in Syria? This depends on whether or not you are willing to join these dots. How much training have the SAS been giving to Jihadist terrorists in Jordan and Turkey?

Listen to this conversation between British radio host Tony Gosling and 21WIRE’s Patrick Henningsen, as they discuss the Paris Attacks, Syria, GLADIO and the recent false flag in San Bernardino, CA. Listen:

We look at this as a successful, tried and true method of divide and conquer – with fingerprints left all over the world during the 20th and 21st centuries in places like Northern Ireland, Vietnam, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Belgium, the Philippines, Kenya, Sri Lanka, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Columbia, London, Madrid, Los Angeles, New York and later in Iraq, Libya, the Ukraine and now in Syria, and many other places still.

Episode #113 of the SUNDAY WIRE heard host Patrick Henningsen in an incredible in-depth discussion with Irish writer and political affairs analyst Gearóid Ó Colmáin, as they delved into this hidden world of secret wars, gangs and counter-gangs, as outlined in the seminal book on this subject, written by British General Frank Kitson, entitled “Gangs and Counter Gangs“. It’s a near playbook and instruction manual for inducing instability.

In terms of today’s devastating terrorist conclave presently based in Syria and Turkey, readers should note that GLADIO’s ‘stay behind operation’ also laid stakes down in Turkey. When considering the sheer number of rival jihadist and ‘rebel battalions’ (gangs) and their counter-gangs who are currently operating in this region right now – the FSA, al Qaeda, al Nusra, Grey Wolves, Islamic Front, ISIS, ISIL, IS (to name only a few), and it’s not difficult to recognize a common design to this all too familiar mayhem, as well as its real architects. Consider the bizarre nature of Boko Haram in Nigeria. Is it possible that these could be hired contract killers, set loose to induce ‘insecurity’ in the region?

How far does a GLADIO-style operation reach? Aangirfan adds here:

On 30 January 2010, we learn that NATO generals devised Operation Cage (Cage probe deepens with Poyrazköy indictment) which included the idea of detonating explosives during school field trips to military museums in Turkey. The intention was to kill lots of kids.

The UK’s General Frank Kitson reportedly developed the idea of the ‘pseudo gang’ (General Frank Kitson: Trail Blazing Fake Terrorism).

It happened in Belgium.

In 1984, a squad of US Marines was parachuted into Belgium, and met by a member of the Belgian military intelligence (NATO, Gladio and the strategy of tension. N.A.T.O stay behind). They hid for a fortnight before attacking the police station in Vielsalm. Weapons and ammunition were stolen. A Belgian police officer was murdered.

In 1991, a Belgian Senate investigation proved that this attack was the work of the American and Belgian military.

Further attacks took place in Belgium. More arms and ammunition were stolen in these attacks. This stolen weaponry was handed over to fascist groups. Around this time in Belgium, extremists were carrying out the so-called Brabant Massacres. These were a group of attacks over a period of two years.”

Groups of armed men would burst into restaurants and supermarkets and start shooting.

Here is a clip from an older documentary on Operation GLADIO, detailing the Brabant Massacres. The testimony is truly terrifying, and yet, this was planned and executed by western intelligence services in concert with criminals for hire, organized crime syndicates – against western citizens. Watch:

Listen to this brilliant interview with author Daniele Ganser, who documented the terrorist activities of the security services through GLADIO in his book, “NATO’s Secret Armies: Operation Gladio and Terrorism in Western Europe.” What Ganser is describing seems to be exactly what’s been deployed on the ground not only in Paris, but in Syria too, taking the form of al Qaeda ‘Rebels”, ISIS and the like. Listen:




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  • colinjames71

    Know your Gladio- The essential Gladio B playlist, a series of interviews with James Corbett and Sibel Edmonds:

    Gladio B: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLN6xa7kD9dZ_qXHAmm4dx-Bqqy10mSVDZ

    • Rick

      Really revealing and informative series on Gladio, good link.

  • T-Rex

    This is scary when you listen to that Ganser interview and imagine that against what we are seeing today. By the GLADIO playbook, the Paris Attacks are 100% GLADIO, using thugs, patsies or mercenaries and soldiers to carry out domestic terror. The coward Hollande either cannot see this, or he is too afraid to challenge it. Either way, its bad for the people.

    • Laura Green

      ” coward Hollande ” not only sees this, he is a part of it .

  • Space Ghost

    How long has this all really been going on?

    Gladio style ops never left no matter if they call it that or not. Same with “yellow journalism.” The term “yellow journalism” is also used as if it no longer exists. It helped forward the Spanish American War according to a .gov “Office of The Historian” site, which also talks about it as if it is something that doesn’t happen anymore. https://history.state.gov/milestones/1866-1898/yellow-journalism.

    What was 9/11, WMD’s, and the Iraq War coverage then? What’s the ISIS/Syria coverage with terror in Europe and the U.S.? The same, and with just as shady origins. The more things change, the more they stay the same. Or in the eyes of the manipulators–“if it aint broke, don’t fix it!”

  • anna miller

    Why do so many continue in sleep, for we do so at our own peril. From President Eisenhower’s farewell speech to the US American public:
    “In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of
    unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial
    complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced
    power exists and will persist”.
    Where are our elected leaders, lawyers and law students, half-way decent individuals involved in the CIA & FBI, global academics, middle
    managers, concerned government workers, trade unions, scientists, parents of offspring and those involved in spiritual pursuits?
    Are we to just roll over and allow this blatant corruption to continue? We are many they are few. The people involved in these deceptions and covert manipulations are very sick and need confinement.

    • AmericanRemnant

      “Where are our elected leaders, lawyers and law students, half-way decent
      individuals involved in the CIA & FBI, global academics, middle
      managers, concerned government workers, trade unions, scientists, parents of offspring and those involved in spiritual pursuits?”

      They are compartmentalized, concerning themselves with themselves, like the vast majority of people.

      Having to stoop to artificially manufacturing events and presenting them as real news to further the agenda highlights the scope and scale of control over society and shows both the desperation and incompetence. The false narrative is unraveling and there is nothing they can do to change that.