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Israel Joins Forces With ISIS? Tel Aviv Bombs Syria for Sixth Time in 18 months

21st Century Wire says…

The Syrian conflict continues to develop into a proxy war, pitting various foreign ‘national interests’ against one another, including Iran vs. Israel.

Israel launched its sixth airstrike inside Syria in last 18 months, in what the local media are describing as a ‘targeted killing’ carried out  Sunday, killing at least 6 members of Hezbollah and the al Quds Iranian Guard who were fighting ISIS, al Nusra and other terrorist organizations operating in Syria.

Among those killed in the missile attack was Jihad Mughniyeh, son of the former Hezbollah head, Imad Mughniyeh, who was assassinated by the IDF in Damascus in 2008.

Local media reported that a car with six men on board was en route from Lebanon to Syria when its occupants were killed by a US-made Israeli helicopter.

The Israel raid took place near the Syrian city of Al Quneitra (see map below) near the Golan Heights region. Israel has long sought to forcibly annex Syria’s Golan Heights area and past aggression by Israel forced the UN to intervene by passing UN Resolution 497 in 1981, and placing a UNIFIL international peacekeeping force there until recently, when they were driven out of their position by Jabhat al Nusra terrorist fighters who received strategic, financial and military backing from Israel’s IDF.


Back in Sept 2014, Israel used its IDF Patriot Missile battery to provide air cover to ISIS in the Golan Heights, to shoot down a Syrian MIG21, allegedly because it “violated Israeli airspace”, but the Israeli move aided ISIS in its advance through the area.

In addition, according to Fars News Agency, also killed in the Israeli attack inside Syria was an Iranian Revolutionary Guard commander, Mohammad-Ali Allahdadi, who was fighting alongside Damascus’s anti-ISIS coalition.

Lebanon’s Shi’ite-oriented Hezbollah militia force is traditionally backed by Iran. In 2013, the group made it publicly known that they were fighting alongside the Syrian army in order to repel US and Saudi-backed Salafist terrorist groups and other western-backed foreign Islamist militants who have been gradually flooding into Syria since 2011, as part of the Washington-Riyadh-Tel Aviv Axis powers in their plan to topple the al Assad government in Damascus.

Hezbollah has vowed retaliation for Sunday’s Israeli attack. Previously, Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah (image above) said how an Israeli attack in Syria is equivalent to an attack on Lebanon itself. It’s believed by Hezbollah that Sunday’s strike was the first of many intentional military provocations by Israel, who hope to draw out Hezbollah into a wider conflict, and thus helping ISIS, al Nusra and Washington’s “moderate rebel” FSA forces to over-run the Assad government and his forces in Syria.  It is doubtful however, that Hezbollah will respond any time soon, or open a new military front against Israel in South Lebanon, not least of all because of key domestic Lebanese ‘reconciliation’ talks currently underway across political and religious lines in the country.

Sunday’s attack raises more questions about Israel’s military role in the Syrian conflict, and why they would be providing air cover and official military support to ISIS and other Islamic terrorist groups fighting against the Syrian Army and its allies. 

As 21WIRE reported back in December after its previous Israeli attack in Syria, contrary to popular belief, Israel is very much involved in the destabilization of Syria, and providing direct support to ISIS and other Islamic terrorist groups operating inside Syria.

Under direct pressure from the US, UN Security Council members do not appear to be willing to suggest sanctions, or hold Israel responsible in any way for any its repeated attacks against its neighbors, for fear of what misfortunes and diplomatic difficulties might befall them. As a result, Israel has been acting with impunity in the region. Since 2006, Israel has conducted several air strikes on Syria. Below is a description of those attacks:

Al Quneitra (18 January 2015) – Missile attack near the Golan Heights, killing 6 Hezbollah and Iranian anti-ISIS soldiers, including one al Quds commander.

Damascus and Dimas attack (7 December 2014) – Alleged Israeli airstrikes in Syria against a warehouse of advanced S-300 missiles, which were en route to Hezbollah in Lebanon.[25]
Missile Strike at Golan Heights (23 September 2014) – IDF Patriot Missile battery shot down a Syrian MIG21, allegedly because it violated Israeli airspace. 
Beqaa Valley airstrike
 (24 February 2014) – Two airstrikes against an alleged Hezbollah missile base in Lebanon near the border with Syria.[21]
2nd Latakia attack (26 January 2014) – Alleged Israeli airstrike against a Syrian warehouse of S-300 missiles.[20]
Snawbar airstrike (30 October 2013) – Alleged Israeli airstrike at an air defense site in Snawbar.[19]
Latakia explosion (5 July 2013) – Alleged Israeli airstrike on a Syrian depot containing Russian-made Yakhont anti-ship missiles.[18]
Airstrikes on Syria (3-5 May 2013) – Airstrikes on Syria against alleged long-ranged weapons sent from Iran to Hezbollah.[16][17]
Jamraya airstrike (30 January 2013) – Alleged Israeli airstrike on a Syrian convoy allegedly transporting weapons to Hezbollah.[14] Other sources stated the targeted site was a military research center in Jamraya responsible for developing biological and chemical weapons.[15]
Operation Orchard (6 September 2007) Israeli airstrike on a ‘suspected’ nuclear reactor[4] in the Deir ez-Zor region[5] of Syria. The Israeli and U.S. governments imposed virtually total news blackouts immediately after the raid that held for seven months.[6] 
Ain es Saheb airstrike (5 October 2003) – Israeli Air Force operation against an alleged Palestinian militant training camp in Ain es Saheb, Syria.

Additionally, Israel has attacked Lebanon repeatedly, most notably in 2006 when it slaughtered some 1,500 Lebanoese civilians during it’s indiscriminate bombing raids hitting residential areas and targeting ‘infrastructure’ in neighboring Lebanon:

Operation Just Reward (12 July – 14 August 2006) – Israeli counterattack which began with air force bombing of Hezbollah positions in Southern Lebanon. Israel attacked Lebanon in this bloody siege which ended with 1,191 Lebanese dead in total (including combatants and foreign civilians in Lebanon) with over 4,000 injured. The IDF lost only 121 soldiers, and Israeli civilians said to have died were 43. 

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  • Predrag J. Maranovic

    Israeli butchers on the move again. They love war.

    • Stein

      They are in for some payback when the war is over with govt victory.

    • Hp B

      Back shooting bushwhackers.
      When they have to fight for real they lose and the crying and teeth gnashing commences. Witness 2006..

  • Jihad Mughniyah is the son of Imad Mughniyah who was liquidated by the Mossad in Damascus in 2008.Imad Mughniyah was the only international terrorist published in the FBI’s “most wanted list” (in September 2001) who wasn’t controlled by the CIA, but rather by the Iranian regime. This raid follows a series of high-profile Mossad penetrations to the Shiite intelligence apparatus and game changing assassinations of top Iranian Generals running the regime’s shadow war in Syria and Iraq, the latest of which was Qassem Suleimani. READ ON: http://osnetdaily.com/2015/01/breaking-senior-shiite-officers-liquidated-israeli-airstrike-syria/

  • sleat

    Israel never attacks ISIS, and ISIS never attacks Israel. It’s always been like that. Interesting times. Now if somebody were to go in and REALLY start whomping on ISIS, not pretend attacks like the US does, that would be very amusing! They’d quickly have to make up another arch frenemy.

    • Rogoraeck

      Israel never attacks ISIS, and ISIS never attacks Israel.
      That’s because ISIS = Israeli Secret Intelligence Services !

      • sleat

        All the more reason for a credible military force to truly challenge them!

        Back them into a tight enough corner and the jig might be up!

  • scott_ewing

    Why doesn’t ISIS attack israel?

    • Hp B

      ISISISrael’s proxy.

      • scott_ewing

        Ahh thought so.

        It also looks a lot like the Western foreign policy makers are using ISIS to slowly destroy the sovereign nation of Syria.

        • Hp B

          Bullets, bombs, compound interest..

          • scott_ewing

            This is true.

            Shame about all the death, human suffering, orphans, ruined lives, trauma, stolen land and resources, and enmity

            that goes with the job of selling weapons or working in global central banking.

            I guess some things just don’t bother some people.


          • Hp B

            Hey, they’re only “the other”
            Maybe someone someday will name for us even one single solitary Jewish holy day which doesn’t celebrate slaughter of “the other”

          • scott_ewing

            Indeed. Pillaging a planet is probably much easier on the soul – if one is not humanistic in their outlook.

            They must truly view us to be something akin to monkeys or cattle.


          • Forrest Carlton Lackey

            Goyim means cattle.

  • Hp B

    I wonder if there exists even one nation on earth where a vast majority of citizens don’t despise Israel and “Israelis”

    Zio-America and Zio-America Jr. (Canada) excluded.

    • Rogoraeck

      Humhhhh………. The whole WORLD is “Anti-Semitic” ???

      • Hp B

        Well “the usual suspects” don’t call everyone else(the goyim) “the other” for no reason, do they? Nothing existential about that..

        Have you seen the polls?

        #1 threat to world peace = Zio-USA
        #2 = Israel (AKA) that shi**y little country.

        Go ahead, name me one single solitary Jewish (haha) holy day which isn’t a celebration of slaughter of “the other”

      • Forrest Carlton Lackey

        Yes, including actual semites-arabs and mideasterners. NOt east europeans.
        Also, their own fellow jews who criticize them.

  • samlebon23

    Israeli Secret Intelligence Service

    • Forrest Carlton Lackey

      And nooooobody is paying attention to this.

  • Robert Coombs

    say 1 thing while doing the opposite

    • Forrest Carlton Lackey

      They’re gonna use the “anti semitism” “problem” to take away more of our freedoms. It’s gonna force people, even people who don’t know about Jews, are gonna fight em’ when people’s rights and freedoms are taken away to “stop anti semitism.” They want this. Not all the Jews. But people of this ilk.

      • scott_ewing

        If – when expressing an opinion – someone try’s to smear me with ‘anti-semite’ I just remind those word-twisting supremacists – that most Semites speak Arabic.

        I have also noticed that many zionists who are working the threads online in their bid to ‘manage peoples perceptions’
        – also like to try and hide behind ‘Jewish”.

        It’s like they think we are all stupid and can’t see what they are doing or something.

        • Forrest Carlton Lackey

          If there’s an ounce of truth to the theory that Mossad created Hamas, then the people of Israel should hate Mossad more than the rest of us. If they do realize it, they’ll probably be too late. Funny, the Israelis are loyal to a government that creates terrorists to attack their own towns so that the crooks like Bibi will stay in power, and they’re mad at people like me and you for saying so? What a shame.

  • Mott the Hoople

    Any questions ?

    • Forrest Carlton Lackey

      Don’t forget UK. I hear that some people spotted ISIS being led astray by mercenaries from US UK and Israel. And don’t forget all the remnants of Al Queda that we were originally going to destroy then help out overthrow Assad….the only thing standing between Fundamentalists and minorities in Syria. Whoever has been going against Assad has by consequence condemned a lot of Christians to die by ISIS hands.
      Hmmmm. Pagan Occult Goddess. Funny thing to name a muslim organization.

  • Mott the Hoople

    The solution to the Israrl problem is inside a cool room, inside a level 4 bio-warfare . 90+% of Israelis have inbred Eastern European DNA markers, that are easily use to genetically modify a genetically modified strain of Ebola.
    The transmisson of the agents would be viadrones spraying over the most heavily populated areas of Tel Aviv, and spread from there. Palestinians, and the very small number of Israelis’ with Semite DNA) not infected

    What goes around, comes around. The Israelis will lean that well.

  • Farflungstar

    …yet still they are the victims. Always the eternal victims.

  • massagrabber

    zionist rag?