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MH17 Verdict: Real Evidence Points to US-Kiev Cover-up of Failed False Flag

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21st Century Wire


Until this past Monday, the downing of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 on July 17, 2014, was a potential game changer for global geopolitics and the New Cold War. However, a funny thing happened on the way to the Kremlin…

In this report, we will lay out the facts based on a wide breadth of available information and data surrounding MH17. We will also present and give critique to Washington and Kiev’s “mountain of evidence” that has saturated US and European-based media coverage since the incident took place.

21WIRE has compiled this report with the help of many contributors and references from English-speaking media, as well as material translated from Russian and Ukrainian media sources, along with other historical references to provide context. Our objective is to get as close to the truth as possible. Although revelations will appear to be self-evident, we still encourage the public to draw their own conclusions regarding this pivotal event.


There are other well-known anomalies surrounding this event which have been covered at 21WIRE, as well as connections to MH370, but for the purposes of this investigation we will focus on both factual and speculative evidence brought forth by the US, Ukraine and Russia.

As we will clearly demonstrate, the only wild conspiracy theories being pushed right now, are those coming out of the US State Department, and the government in Kiev, Ukraine, which are being repeated by CNN, BBC, FOX-NewsCorp, ABC, CBS and NBC…

The Brink of War

Last Monday morning was not a pleasant one for the US State Department. Russian officials surprised Washington and its NATO partners when it released all available satellite imagery and air traffic control data which was recorded in and around the final minutes of Flight MH17 – and presented it to the world media on live television. The data painted a very different picture, drawing contrasting conclusions to what Washington and Kiev officials had been disseminating via western media since July 17th. Following their presentation, Moscow handed its findings – air traffic data and time stamped satellite imagery – to European authorities. We will review those findings in detail later in this report. In stark contrast, US officials have been reluctant to do the same. Is Washington willing to share any object data or evidence to the public, or is it only interested in sharing that which somehow fits into the same predetermined narrative it stood by on July 17th, one which already assigned guilt to both rebel fighters in eastern Ukraine and Russia?

We hope that political leaders and media organizations in the US and Europe will take the time to consider all available information, rather than simply repeat and spin what is bouncing around the media echo chamber. It’s also crucial to understand the geopolitical context in which this incident has occurred in order to discover who really possessed the motive, and the means to destroy this passenger aircraft, and which parties stand to benefit most from such an international incident.

After reviewing the evidence, all indicators points to the downing of MH17 as a highly coordinated, but failed false flag event.

MH17: A Doomed Flight Path

A Malaysian Airlines spokesman has already confirmed that, for some unknown reason, Kiev-based Ukrainian Air Traffic Control (ATC) ordered MH17 off of its original flight path along the international air route, known as L980.

Most likely, this order was given to pilots while MH17 was still in Polish air space. L980 is one of the most popular and most congested air routes in the world, as well as a key link between major international hubs in Europe, like London Heathrow, Amsterdam Schiphol, and Frankfurt, and Asian destinations, like Singapore, Mumbai, Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur.

As MH17 moved into Ukrainian air space, it was moved by ATC Kiev approximately 200 miles north – putting it on a new course, heading directly into a war zone, a well-known dangerous area by now – one that’s hosted a number of downed military craft over the previous 3 weeks.

Robert Mark, a commercial pilot and editor of Aviation International News Safety magazine, confirmed that most Malaysia Airlines flights from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur would normally travel along a route significantly further south than the route MH17 was diverted onto. Data on all airline flight records can be found here.

The BBC reported on July 17th:

“Ukraine’s SBU security service has confiscated recordings of conversations between Ukrainian air traffic control officers and the crew of the doomed airliner, a source in Kiev has told Interfax news agency.”

Independent investigators are worried that ATC audio records of the MH17 flight appear to have been confiscated by the Kiev government. No reason has been given for this loss of transparency, but not a word from Washington regarding this cover-up of crucial evidence.

Did this order to change the flight path come from the Ukrainian authorities? Was the pilot instructed to change course? To be sure, the order to change the flight path did not come from Eurocontrol, but rather from ATC in Kiev.

Clue: British media run interference by conjuring a “Storm”

Soon after the incident, British news outlets began floating the story – without evidence, that MH17 was diverted to “avoid thunderstorms in southern Ukraine”. This was also placed on Wikipedia at the same time. Nico Voorbach, who is Dutch, is president of the European Cockpit Association, and was the man used to nudge out this talking point. Voorbach casually slides this crucial fabrication out there, telling The Guardian of all papers, “I heard that MH17 was diverting from some showers as there were thunderclouds”.

The only problem is that Malaysian Airlines immediately refuted this in a report from Malaysia News:

“MAS operations director Captain Izham Ismail has also refuted claims that heavy weather led to MH17 changing its flight plan (…) There were no reports from the pilot to suggest that this was the case,” Izham said.

What is significant, however, is that the Western media acknowledged that the change in the flight path did occur, indicating that the alleged “heavy weather” narrative is a fabrication designed to distract, and obscure the fact that MH17’s course was indeed divert into the war zone that day.

Global Research clarifies this confusing issue:

“The route over Ukrainian airspace where the incident occurred is commonly used for Europe to Asia flights. A flight from a different carrier was on the same route at the time of the MH17 incident, as were a number of other flights from other carriers in the days and weeks before. Eurocontrol maintains records of all flights across European airspace, including those across Ukraine.”

“What this statement confirms is that the MH17 ‘s “usual flight path” was similar to the flight paths of some 150 international flights which cross Eastern Ukraine on a daily basis. According to Malaysian Airlines “The usual flight route [across the sea of Azov] was earlier declared safe by the International Civil Aviation Organisation. The International Air Transportation Association has stated that the airspace the aircraft was traversing was not subject to restrictions (that approved flight path is indicated in the maps below).”

The regular flight path of MH17 (and other international flights) over a period of ten days prior to July 17th (day of the disaster), crossing Eastern Ukraine in a southeasterly direction is across the Sea of Azov.

The Times of India reported this:

“Minutes before the crash caused by a missile strike, the AI pilots had also heard the controller give the Malaysian aircraft MH17 what is called “a direct routing”. This permits an aircraft to fly straight, instead of tracking the regular route which is generally a zig-zag track that goes from one ground-based navigation aid or way point to another. “Direct routing saves fuel and time and is preferred by pilots. In this case, it proved fatal,” said an airline source.” 

UPDATE TBC: A number of bloggers have reported that the past flights on FlightRadar and FlightAware were changed between July 24-25th, the new “old flights” were placed over the Donetsk People’s Republic instead of the flights going further south. This does not jibe with what was reported last week by researcher Vagelis Karmiros using data from flight-tracking website Flightaware and published on a number established sites like Zero Hedge. Stay tuned here for updates.

The Event

The fatal event occurred somewhere in the interval between 17:21:28 and 17:22:30 Moscow Time. The exact time of the crash is believed to be at 5:23pm. The last available geographic coordinates can be found here on Flight Radar24:

Weather and Visibility Factor Kiev-based air traffic controllers not only led MH17 right over its alleged ‘target zone’ in Eastern Ukraine’s Donetsk region, but also helped make it visible.

Although weather data online is all but unavailable for the area of Donetsk, Ukraine for July 17th, conditions are evident by numerous videos depicting the crash and crash site in the aftermath — it was cloudy and overcast, with more visibility above the cloud canopy. This factor is important because at its cruising altitude of approximately 33,000 feet (10,000 meters), the airliner would not be visible from the ground in the rebel-held area where Washington is insisting a SAM missile was launched. Why Kiev air traffic controllers order MH17 to suddenly drop its altitude, from 35,000 feet to around 33,000 feet, just before the plane’s demise is unknown for sure, but it would have been near impossible for the alleged rebel gunman occupying this relatively small rebel-held patch of land to make a visual sighting of MH17 and acquire the target during the 1-2 minute window they would have had (assuming they were even in possession of the BUK missile system). The Los Angeles Times reports:

“Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 was cruising just 1,000 feet above restricted airspace when it was struck by a missile in Ukraine’s Donetsk region, according to aviation and intelligence officials.“Despite ongoing violence in eastern Ukraine, including the recent downing of two military aircraft, Ukrainian aviation officials had closed the region’s airspace only below 32,000 feet in altitude.Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 was cruising just 1,000 feet above restricted airspace (33,000 ft) when it was struck by a missile in Ukraine’s Donetsk region, according to aviation and intelligence officials.”

To date, Kiev has refused to acknowledge or explain why the plane was moved into position in this way. Moreover, Interfax news agency reported that Ukraine’s SBU security service confiscated recordings of conversations between Ukrainian air traffic control officers and the crew immediately after the incident.

The probability that this is all an ‘unfortunate coincidence’ reduces to near zero when one considers the air traffic data and Kiev’s denial of the close proximity of its Ukrainian SU-25 fighter jet in pursuit of MH17 minutes before the crash (see ‘Aircraft in the Vicinity’ below).

Small Rebel Target Window

Much has been made by the US and its media of MH17 being shot down and crashing in “the rebel-held area”, but few are aware of just how small the said area actually is. The Ukrainian military had already isolated the rebel area which Kiev and Washington insist a rebel-controlled BUK SAM missile battery had fired on the passenger jet. The actual size of this rebel-held patch is only 50 miles wide, with MH17 approaching on a southeastern route over Horlivka, the frontline of this rebel-held zone, towards Snezhnoye (Snizhne). Cruising at 580 mph (933 kmph), MH17 would have only been visible for a very short time – just over 1 minute (if Kiev had not ordered MH17 to alter its course and altitude then it would not have been visible at all), from the vantage point of the alleged rebel firing position.

According the Janes Defense, the alleged culprit – an SA-11 (NATO code name) or ‘BUK’ missile system, requires 5 minutes set-up active targeting, followed by an additional 22 seconds ‘reaction time’ for target acquisition and firing. As the MH17 was only visible for 70 seconds above this rebel-held area surrounding Grabovo, unless the alleged rebel firing position was specifically tracking MH17 long before it entered the rebel-held airspace and could distinguish it from other military civilian aircraft also in the general vicinity, Washington’s theory and Kiev’s accusation – that rebels shot down this aircraft becomes even weaker. Considering these factors, the probability increases greatly that targeting MH17 would have had to be premeditated far in advance of the 70 seconds it was visible above this particular rebel-held area.

Russian Satellite Data and Public Presentation

On Monday, the Russian government, with almost every major global media outlet in attendance, released all of its air traffic data and satellite imaging data (in fact, only part of it) – all verifiable, including time stamps and supporting data. The entire content of the presentation was also handed over to the European authorities. The conclusions to be drawn from this are stunning, to say the least. Despite the public release of this information, US and British media outlets did report back to its people on these findings. They are as follows: Minutes before the downing of MH17, the plane made a mysterious ‘Left Turn’ as it flew over the Donetsk area at approximately 5:20pm Moscow time, making a sharp 14km deviation, before attempting to regain its previous course before dropping altitude disappearing from radar at 5:23pm. As we previously pointed out, air traffic controllers in Kiev had already diverted MH17 200 miles further north into the target zone, so the question remains: was Kiev ATC also responsible for this final, fatal diversion, or is there another reason for this unusual turn (see ‘Mysterious Left Turn’, below)?

According to clear satellite images provided, on July 16th, the Ukrainian Army positioned 3-4 anti-aircraft BUK M1 SAM missile batteries close to Donetsk.

These systems included full launching, loading and radio location units, located in the immediate vicinity of the MH17 crash site. One system was placed approximately 8km northwest of Lugansk. In addition, a radio location system for these Ukrainian Army missile batteries is situated 5km north of Donetsk. On July 17th, the day of the incident, these batteries were moved to a position 8km south of Shahktyorsk. In addition to this, two other radio location units are also identified in the immediate vicinity. These SAM systems had a range of 35km distance, and 25km altitude.  From July 18th, after the downing of MH17, Kiev’s BUK launchers were then moved away from the firing zone.

Unlike rebel fighters, the Ukrainian military is in possession of some 27 BUK missile systems capable of bringing down high-flying jets, and forensic satellite imagery places at least 3 of their launchers in the Donetsk region on the day of this tragedy. Yet, Washington and NATO will not inquire about the possibility that any of these system had targeted MH17.

This is a definitive smoking gun: why did the Ukrainian Army move these short-range anti-aircraft SAM missile batteries into position on July 16-17th – to an interior region of East Ukraine where it’s known that the rebel resistance possess no air crafts whatsoever? Not surprisingly, both the US and Kiev have not answered that difficult question, perhaps for obvious reasons. In addition, the Ukrainian Army’s radio location traffic near Donetsk peaked on the 16th and 17th, including a total of 9 separate radio location systems active.

On the 18th and 19th of July, radio location traffic from these stations dropped sharply, down to 4 stations. If, as Washington/Kiev claims, rebels fired a BUK missile at MH17, then the rebel radar location signals would be clearly noted and verifiable on the day; only, they are not. .


All Aircraft in the Vicinity Between 5pm-6pm Moscow Time on July 17th, the following aircraft have been identified in the general vicinity of MH17 on its course heading to its fatal destination of Grabovo:

1. Boeing 772 – traveling southeast from Copenhagen to Singapore at 5:17pm

2. Boeing 778 – traveling southeast from Paris to Taipei at 5:24pm

3. Boeing 778 – traveling northwest from Delhi to Birmingham circa 5:20pm

4. Boeing 777 – Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 at 5:17pm

5. Ukrainian Fighter Jet (confirmation of model TBC) appears on radar, trailing MH17 at same altitude, est. 4km behind it at 5:21pm

Note: the pilots and passengers of Singapore Airlines Flight SIA351 were close enough to have visually observed, at high altitude, the demise of MH17. At 5:20pm MH17 began to abruptly lose speed, eventually slowing to 124mph (200kmph). About this time, possibly an Su-25 Ukrainian fighter jet appears on ATC radar climbing in the direction of MH17, before trailing MH17 on the same flight path approximately 3-5km behind MH17, rapidly approaching the same flight level – only minutes before MH17 disappeared on radar. Note that a Ukrainian fighter would not have been visible on ATC radar before it broke the ATC long-range standby radar tracking ceiling of 5km in altitude. Civilian ATC radar would not be able to identify this Su-25 as military because no secondary detection system is mounted – typical for military aircraft. Over the next four minutes, the Ukrainian fighter remained in the area. Note also that the Su-25 can be armed with air-to-air R-60 missiles with a range of up to 5km-12km, but as 21WIRE has discovered, the Su-25 is not the only combat aircraft the Ukrainian Air Force has in its possession.

On June 4, 2014, Janes Defense reported that Kiev have recently returned to service two other higher performance fighters, including the Su-27 ‘Flanker’ and the MiG-29 ‘Fulcrum’ fighters.

The altitude ceiling performance characteristics of all in-service Ukrainian fighters are as follows: .

Su-25 ‘Frogfoot’ fighter – Ceiling: 23,000 ft/ 7,000 m, or up to 32,800 ft/ 10,000 m (depending aircraft modifications)

Su-27 ‘Flanker’ fighter – Ceiling: 64,000 ft/ 19,000 m

MiG-29 ‘Fulcrum’ jet – Ceiling:  59,000 ft/ 18,000 m

Su-24 ‘Fencer’ fighter – Ceiling: 36,000 ft/ 11,000 m, or up to 57,400 ft/ 17,500 m (depending on variations of turbo intake)

Although the exact altitude position of MH17 is not yet know for every given second of its final minutes, it’s clear that a Ukrainian combat jet was in its shadow. Suffice to say, Kiev had a number of combat aircraft capable of engaging MH17 at within a wide range of altitudes, as well as firing air-to-air missile at short range (3-5km)either upwards, or downward angles using laser guided targeting which is standard on many of these models.

Another Smoking Gun: Kiev government officials insisted on July 17th that, “No military aircraft were available in the region”. Based on available data detailed above, this appears to be a lie, indicating that a cover-up was taking place.

Again, it’s important to note here that at the moment when MH17 was allegedly was hit for the first time, at around 5:23pm Moscow time, the passenger jet was also within the range of several Ukrainian BUK batteries deployed close to Donetsk and as well as the Ukrainian Army’s BUK system positioned on the day just 8km south of Shakhterskoye, only a few miles from the eventual crash site at Grabovo. 

IMAGE: A Ukrainian military Su-25 fighter jet carries air-to-air missiles, as do the Su-27 ‘Flanker’, and the MIG-29 Folcrum Fighter.

MH17’s Mysterious Left Turn

On passing glance, this seemingly minor, yet unexplained  event doesn’t appear to be significant, but as is often the case, the devil is in the detail.  Again, was Kiev ATC also responsible for MH17’s final and fatal diversion from its course, or is there another reason for what appears to be an evasive maneuver? One very real possibility for MH17 losing being diverted 14km to the left is that its GPS or navigation system was being jammed. US-NATO forces happened to be conducting an electronic warfare exercise in the Black Sea on July 17th (see ‘SEA BREEZE 2014’, below).

In addition to this possibility, all Boeing jets (except Germany’s Lufthansa fleet) are equipped with a remote override that can be accessed by authorities in certain foreign countries, one being the United States. Although not publicly acknowledged until recentlyBoeing Uninterruptible Autopilot (BUAP) systems have been standard since the late 1990’s, apparently designed to take control of a commercial aircraft away from the pilot or flight crew, chiefly in the event of a terrorist incident.

Another possible explanation for this crucial event in the timeline is that MH17 was ‘hit’, or damaged, taking an emergency 180º left turn for 14km, before disappearing completely off of radar. This appears to be the case. On July 23rd, Anna-News published an interview with retired Russian Air Force colonel Aleksand Zhilin (Александр Жилин) a frequent military commentator on Ukraine’s Civil War.

“According to the colonel, at 16:19:45 (local time, and 5:19pm Moscow time), a Ukrainian jet fighter targeted the Boeing with an air-to-air missile R-60. The missile damaged the right engine of the Boeing. The Boeing was hit, but still managed to stay in the air. However, in doing so, the Boeing turned 180 degrees to the left. It was at this moment that the false flag attack started falling apart. According to Zhilin, part of the plan controlled by the US with Ukrainian hands executing it was to have the Boeing crash past the southern frontline by the Ukrainian-Russian border. Had the Boeing fallen there, securing the crash sites with the troops in response to international pressure was on top of all else effectively to allow Kiev to lift the encirclement of its brigades (currently pinned down by rebels) in the southern pocket by the Russian border.”

“When, however, the Boeing started to turn in the opposite direction and was still apparently manageable, the US-Ukrainian headquarters of the special operation panicked and ordered the BUK battery to destroy the plane in the air in order to pre-empt the possibility of the Boeing’s emergency landing. A Buk missile was fired and the plane was then finally destroyed.”

21WIRE spoke to former Czech diplomat and political analyst, Vladimir Suchan, who puts Zhilin’s comments into context of what was happening militarily at the time of the crash. Suchan explains, “If MH17 was hit right over the frontline over Snezhnoye, this would have placed the timing and location of the intended downing and crash site to  either the territory controlled by the Ukrainian army, or much closer to the border between Russia and Ukraine where the “securing of the site” would allow lifting the strategic encirclement of the Ukrainian troops in the south and thus, on top of other objectives, saving Kiev’s armed forces from its first major military defeat.” (see ‘Military All-Out Offense’ section below)

If, indeed MH17 was struck by an air-to-air missile at that time, a distress call may have been sent to Kiev ATC, but as yet, Kiev officials may be reluctant to share, or release the entirety of its communications from July 17th.  At the time of this report being filed at 21WIRE, a second source to verify this testimony is not presently available.

Zhilin’s account certainly makes sense when placed next to all ATC and satellite data released by Moscow. However, flight recorder information and data from MH17’s black boxes would certainly be able to corroborate this timeline of events, and one hopes that Great Britain’s predetermined political stance against Russia does not prevent Downing Street, or MI5 Intelligence Services from releasing the black box information in its entirety and more importantly, a full and unedited disclosure to the media. More than likely, the BBC will have first access to this release, and how the BBC report their findings will be very telling.

Above, is one possible map of MH17 final minutes, as calculated from one source of available public data, available here: http://nikolay-istomin.livejournal.com/3057934.html.

This account is also consistent with the location of key pieces of wreckage scattered over the wider crash site radius. It shows M17 turning back on itself, after being struck initially. If this was the final path, then it completely disapproves the US (US State Department) conspiracy theory that a rebel-controlled BUK missile hit the plane head-on from Snezhnoye (Snizhne). This U-turn then also helps explain why Kiev’s first “leaked conversation of the rebels” (see ‘Kiev’s Botch Social Media Audio’ below) tried to place the rebel’s BUK battery at a completely different location in Debaltzevo, a few kilometers northwest of the main crash site at Grabovo. However, that would not explain the U-turn, which they tried so much to conceal – for it points to the Ukrainian jet fighter.

As part of their PR damage-control exercise, Washington released this Google Map-style graphic on Tuesday July 22nd, illustrating its theory that the rebel missile battery was now located in Snezhnoye:


Incredibly, Washington’s latest evidence/theory, depicted above, put their alleged rebel firing position in an entirely new spot – at Snezhnoye, and this now contradicts other ‘social media’ items being held-up by John Kerry and President Obama in their “mountain of evidence” (see ‘More Falsified and Sloppy ‘Evidence’ Supplied by SBU’, below).

The irony of this somehow escaped US State Dept. Deputy Spokesperson, Marie Harf during her globally televised ‘intelligence’ briefing on Tuesday (see ‘US Now in Full Retreat and Damage-Control Mode’, below). Almost certainly, the US government already has a comprehensive communications, satellite and radar data set which could either corroborate, or disprove what Russia has released. The fact that Washington only has this Google graphic to offer to the public indicates that what it has… may not be what it wants.

Whistleblower: A Spanish Air Traffic Controller in Kiev

All evidence pointing to a Ukrainian Su-25 fighter jet in the same frame as MH17, also validates the testimony of ‘Carlos’, an ATC contractor in Kiev. ETN received information from an air traffic controller (Borispol Airport) in Kiev on Malaysia Airlines flight MH17:

“This Kiev air traffic controller is a citizen of Spain and was working in the Ukraine. He was taken off duty as a civil air-traffic controller along with other foreigners immediately after a Malaysia Airlines passenger aircraft was shot down over the Eastern Ukraine killing 295 passengers and crew on board. The air traffic controller suggested in a private evaluation and basing it on military sources in Kiev, that the Ukrainian military was behind this shoot down. Radar records were immediately confiscated after it became clear a passenger jet was shot down. Military air traffic controllers in internal communication acknowledged the military was involved, and some military chatter said they did not know where the order to shoot down the plane originated from. Obviously it happened after a series of errors, since the very same plane was escorted by two Ukrainian fighter jets until 3 minutes before it disappeared from radar.”

‘Carlos’ was reporting from the Kiev airport in real time on Twitter, of the downing of MH17 as the tragedy was taking place — during that very time and in the very next hour – only to disappear immediately, along with his Twitter account. Again, real mounting evidence which points to an obvious cover-up by Kiev and its NATO partners.

CSI: Flight MH17

Crime scene investigation is important, although reports to date from the crash site in Grabovo do not inspire very much confidence that a thorough and independent forensic investigation will be carried out, or that the chain of custody for evidence is being observed. The key evidence would be ballistics, including pieces of shrapnel retrieved from the wreckage. It should be easy to determine if they came from any of the following:

1. A bomb on board (this is still a possibility).

2. An air-to-air missile. 

3. A surface-to-air missile.

After that, the autopsy of the bodies would reveal additional evidence about what really took place on July 17th. A present, the majority of the remains are being handled by the Netherlands government, and given their NATO involvement to date in the Ukrainian conflict, it’s debatable whether or not they would present any findings which do not square with Washington and Kiev’s narrow, yet ever-evolving narrative of the incident. Finally, if MH17 was indeed shot down as a false flag provocation of war by either a Ukrainian SU-25 fighter, or a Ukrainian Army BUK SAM – or both, as much of the hard evidence suggests, then would Malaysia declare war on the Ukraine? Would the UN table a resolution backing sanctions against Ukrainian officials in Kiev for their role in this international war crime?

US-NATO’s Military Drill in the Black Sea Ended on July 17th

Russia’s Satellite Data and Public Presentation on Monday July 21st has put Washington on its back foot. The existence of this intelligence, now made public, along with other data in Russia’s possession, means that the Washington cannot show the real intelligence – which they too have. It’s no coincidence that US and NATO conducted a large-scale military and intelligence drill in the Black Sea just south of Crimea named, SEA BREEZE 2014, which just so happened to end on… July 17th. The drill included hundreds of US military specialists running ‘war simulations’ in electronic warfare, data collection from a spy satellite, and ‘monitoring’ of all passenger aircraft flying in the region. A massive drill – yet another improbable coincidence.

Another smoking gun: Is it a coincidence that the US had its new experimental satellite positioned over Eastern Europe for 1-2 hours, and directly over Donetsk in eastern Ukraine from 5:06pm – 5:21pm. Taking this fact into consideration, alongside the other improbable ‘coincidences’, leads to an almost certain conclusion. In addition to SEA BREEZE, both US and British armed forces had also scheduled a concurrent military exercise, code named, Rapid Trident 2014, a NATO event which takes place annually in and around the Ukraine, designed to “promote regional stability and security, strengthen partnership capacity and foster trust while improving interoperability between the land forces of Ukraine, and NATO and partner nations,” according to the US Forces in Europe website. Since March, the Pentagon has kept quiet regarding the number of US forces, and hardware assets expected to participate in the maneuvers. According to US Army spokesman Col. Steven Warren, Rapid Trident is the only Ukraine military exercise the US planned to participate in this year, and it’s main purpose was, “To help the Ukrainian military improve its troops and weapons operability with NATO forces.” 

Ukrainian Military All-Out Offensive Timed For July 18th

Three uncomfortable realities in Kiev were prevailing before the downing of MH17 on July 17th:

Firstly, the troops were losing morale, and suffering defections and other serious set-backs in an increasingly unpopular military theater of Eastern Ukraine. Kiev was losing the PR war hearts and minds in the Ukraine and abroad.  After the downing of MH17, Kiev garnered huge public sympathy and support, and just so happened to launch a massive offensive on July 18th, one which military analysts believe would have to have been planned many weeks in advance – and could not just be a knee-jerk reaction to the MH17 tragedy as government spokespersons in Kiev insist.

Secondly, they were losing the war. Behind the lines battle reports from ‘Strelkov’s Blog’ at the time confirms this all-out offensive at Snezhnoye by the Kiev military planners against the People’s Republics of Donetsk and Lugansk – allowing the Ukrainian Army to penetrate deeper and deeper, in effect splitting Donetsk and Lugansk.

21WIRE observed other data which supports the same conclusion – a major military offensive was launched in the aftermath of the MH17 crash.

Vladimir Suchan adds, “After the loss of MH17 and some talk about “humanitarian ceasefire”, the Kiev regime launched three massive offensives from the north, the west (from Artemovsk, which included a large tank attack) and in the south. Since it always takes some good time to prepare an offensive, this had to be planned sufficiently ahead, though, with a view of the desperate situation for the junta in the south, most likely at a very accelerated pace. Reference link: http://voicesevas.ru/news/yugo-vostok/2968-voyna-na-yugo-vostoke-onlayn-18072014-hronika-sobytiy-post-obnovlyaetsya.html

“In this regard, it is also very plausible that some hope was put on having the command of Novororrysia paralyzed, busy and distracted over MH17. By all accounts, both the timing and location of the MH17 crash, has enabled a huge ‘game changer’ in terms of how this conflict was previously going.”

If the international community were indeed to connect the prospect of a  false flag attack on MH17 with the false flag attack by Maidan snipers back in February, and the attempted false flag attack with the Odessa massacre, perhaps the Ukrainian Civil War could be abated, for the right reasons. As the US media juggernaut rolls ahead, there is still no sign of either Washington, London or Brussels admitting that their partners in Kiev are massacring civilians in a brutal civil war…

Disturbing reports are also coming in about the Ukrainian Military dropping White Phosphorus on civilian targets this week, as forces continue bombarding areas surrounding of Lugansk. Here are two unconfirmed videos, possible evidence of unconventional chemical weapons being deployed over several locations near Lugansk People’s Republic of Novorossia, from July 20-21, 2014:

Thirdly, Kiev is going broke trying to fund what appears to be an ethnic cleansing campaign in eastern Ukraine. Sources from the Parliamentary budget office in Kiev now confirm that as of August 1st, Kiev can’t pay its military (who are, in fact, waging war against its own people and calling it ‘anti-terror operations’).

“To continue the anti-terrorist operation in eastern Ukraine, it  is necessary to amend the state budget and to find additional sources of its content. We do not have money to pay at least a cash security to our military from August”, stated Ukraine’s Finance Minister Oleksandr Shlapak, speaking in Parliament this week. According to Shlapak, funds previously provided by the state budget for these purposes has been calculated for the period prior to July 1st, and continued operations will require additional funds totaling 9 billion UAH ($1 billion). Infighting has already begun, as MP’s are now blaming the Ministry of Defense and army staff for corruption and looting of money. 

In the wake of the MH17 disaster, US and its NATO allies are responding with a renewed call for more military aid to Kiev and to fast-track the Ukraine’s membership into Washington’s overseas military surrogate, NATO. As an emergency response to “secure the crash site”, NATO stalwart, The Netherlands, are weighing up deploying NATO troops into the middle of this war zone. Such a move could easily cascade into something much worse should another bizarre “accident” occur, or some tragedy befalls Dutch troops inserted into the hot zone.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has responded with strong words of condemnation, stating, No matter what our Western counterparts tell us, we can see what’s going on. As it stands, NATO is blatantly building up its forces in Eastern Europe, including the Black Sea and the Baltic Sea areas. Its operational and combat training activities are gaining in scale.”

While the US push Kiev eastwards to fight Washington’s proxy war against Russia, the political and financial situation in Kiev is rapidly falling apart.

On Thursday July 24th, Victoria Nuland’s hand-picked coalition leader following a US-backed violent military coup back in February, Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy ‘Yatz’ Yatsenyuk (photo, left) announced his resignation in connection with the collapse of a Washington-designed coalition and parliament blocking government initiatives.

Watch as a fist fight break out this week between Washington’s new Neofascist partners during a Parliament session in Kiev:

His resignation indicates that ‘Yatz’ may be falling out of favor with central planning in Washington, and a sign of chaos still to come in the halls of Kiev’s Parliament.

Made-up ‘Evidence’ From Washington and Kiev

The talking point shift by the US media on Tuesday July 22nd was an obvious reaction to the Russian data dump. US media are now airing Washington DC’s revised conspiracy theories. Theory 1) “The rebels shot MH17 down by mistake”, and Theory 2) “Russia is responsible for creating the conditions for this tragedy”.

In reality, no evidence actually exists to date, other than anecdotal, that the rebels in the east possess any ‘BUK’ surface-to-air missile systems (see Washington and Kiev’s ‘BUK’ Missile Evidence Debunked’, below).

Close observers of Washington DC’s media blitz can only be left with a feeling of embarrassment, as the US State Department still clings to some semblance of continuity in the face of a total PR meltdown. As late as July 22nd, the US State Department was  still attempting to pass-off its ‘evidence’ from social media (Twitter and YouTube), and backed-up by what it claims is “common sense”, that “clearly indicates Ukrainian militia shot down MH17”.

Since the incident on July 17th, the Kiev regime and US State Department have built their case against Rebels in eastern Ukraine and Moscow, and even Vladimir Putin himself, on the following items, which have all been thoroughly discredited by now:

1. The audio  “tapes” issued by Kiev
2. A video and photos of BUK missile batteries issued by Kiev (of their own BUK missile batteries)
3. Claims by Kiev and supported by the West, that Ukraine had “no military aircraft in the air” at the time of the crash of the MH17 plane. 

1_PoroshenkoOn July 22nd, the Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko (photo, left) was forced to change Kiev’s story – a damage-control exercise to  the overwhelming evidence against Ukraine. He has since reversed this position.

Suchan explains the western political media machine and its all-out effort to cast Russia and Putin as international pariahs over the incident:

“What has been thus established is that Ukraine, as well as the US, the EU, NATO, and other Western countries, have been systematically and grossly lying about evidence pertaining to the tragedy of MH17, thus willfully – and bluntly, abusing the tragedy and the demise of the victims and the suffering of their families for perverse political goals related to NATO expansionism and anti-Russian hysteria, and ‘Russophobia’, in order to support an openly fascist regime in Kiev, whose objective is the deliberate destruction of civilians and civilian infrastructure in east Ukraine.”

“The smearing campaign has also been used to demonize and criminalize anti-fascism and its resistance to a fascist dictatorship in Kiev, enrolled by Ukraine’s criminal oligarchs.”

Washington and Kiev’s ‘BUK’ Missile Evidence Debunked

Immediately after the MH17 crash event on July 17th, the Ukrainian government in Kiev quickly uploaded a brief YouTube video it purported to be ‘evidence’ of “a ‘BUK’ missile system being moved” out of a rebel-held area near Donetsk. US State Department officials, and every US media outlet, led by CNN, FOX, ABC, NBC and CBS, along with major US talk radio hosts like Sean Hannity, immediately jumped on this 5 second YouTube video claiming it was, “Irrefutable proof that a Russian-made BUK missile system was being moved away after it shot down MH17”. That talking point began to cascade from media, and into public chatter. It seemed their job was all but done.

Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation newspaper , The Sun, always ready to take any pro-war line to the extreme, led the ‘conflict pornography’ on news stands, intentionally inciting fear and jingoism, doing what it always does: nudge British working class readers in a predetermined direction and fuse public opinion among differing classes on divisive international issues. No surprise then, as The Sun ran, “Putin’s Missile” as its headline the next morning. Similar covers and headlines were cloned across US and British media. Within hours of the news breaking – and despite this blanket coverage, not one of these newspapers or TV broadcasters offered any real evidence outside of anecdotal and wild speculation and conjectural theories.

Once again, we’ve witnessed the world’s most powerful, highly coordinated and synchronized propaganda machine. Once it’s set in motion, most western consumers are helpless to fend off its relentless repeating and universal coverage across hundreds of media outlets owned in most part by 5 US, and 2 British corporations.

A similar attempt was made by Washington and London last September, when US Secretary of State John Kerry, along with then British Foreign Secretary William Hague, presented their now infamous claim of ‘open source evidence’ (YouTube videos) used to assign blame to the Syrian government for a chemical weapons attack against its own people. Many of the photos and videos were later proven to be faked and staged, and ‘the gas’ was made in Britain, and that ‘chemical attack’ was in fact staged by Syrian insurgents still being supported by the US-British-Saudi-Qatari Axis.

Verdict: Active Cover-Up Taking Place

Washington’s initial ‘BUK Missile’ social media evidence seems to be rapidly heading down the same memory hole as its Syria predecessor, and soon, it will not be mentioned again by any US official. The speed at which it was released after the crash, and the fact that falsified audio, video, and photos have been intentionally released by the Kiev government in the wake of such a tragedy, demonstrates a clear motive to deceive the public about who is to blame for the MH17 event – using falsified evidence to build a case against ‘pro-Russian separatists’ and Moscow, and even Russian President Vladimir Putin himself.

What is obvious, but not being discussed in mainstream western circles is that, as with Syria since 2011, Washington and its NATO allies have been openly conducting a proxy war in the Ukraine, and have managed to control media coverage in the west so that what clearly a Civil War in the Ukraine – is being cynically, and very wrongly labeled as an “anti-terror operation”. On a daily basis, the Ukrainian Military are carrying out attacks on civilian targets all over Eastern Ukraine, killing thousands of its own innocent citizens with the full logistical and financial backing of the Washington and NATO. In Syria, the tables are reversed, where the government in Damascus is clearly fighting against known al Qaeda and ISIS-linked foreign terrorists brigades, as Washington and London politicians and media insist on calling it a ‘civil war’. Both are classic proxy wars being waged by the NATO block of nations.

More Falsified and Sloppy ‘Evidence’ Supplied by SBU Defense Ministry in Kiev

Let’s start with the famous 5 second YouTube video released by Kiev and lauded by Washington, CNN, ABC, FOX et all, of a BUK missile battery being moved, we were told, secretly by rebels out of the area after the plane crash.

Not only does signage clearly visible in the video place this truck in Krasnoarmeysk – a town which has been in control of the Ukrainian Army since May 11th. Here is one early news release of the now discredited video.

In the absence of any real evidence or data, it’s worth asking who has paid large sums of money to create a 3-D computer animation sequences, of what the US/Kiev governments claim look place?

In addition to falsified YouTube video, Kiev also published falsified photos of an alleged BUK missile system on July 19th. Kiev’s Security Service (SBU) published photos online it claimed showed ‘Russia’ secretly withdrawing a BUK-M system from the Ukraine civil war zone, but shortly after publishing this article the photos in question were deleted. The photo released by Kiev was actually an image taken of its own military’s BUK missiles – ironically, our readers will find that Kiev showing photos of its own systems is much closer to the real story than we previously thought.

Somewhat haphazardly, Kiev’s SBU, which is overseen by the new CIA station occupying the top floor in the same building in Kiev, released two more videos meant to assign blame to rebels in Donetsk, with Kiev claiming these were of Russian-made BUK-M being transported back to Russia on July 18th after the crash – but both videos were clearly shot during the winter time, with one found to have been previously published in March. Again, more intentional lying by Kiev, in order to assign blame to ‘pro-Russian Separatists’, and Moscow.

Kiev’s Botched Social Media ‘Audio Clips’

Early on, Washington and the entire western media machine, made much of two audio ‘tapes’ released via YouTube by Kiev officials, alleged to be taken from conversations between ‘pro-Russian separatist’ rebel commanders.

Both Kiev and Washington held these up as ‘evidence’ of rebels using a BUK SAM missile system to shoot down MH17. The only problem here, is that both ‘tapes’ contradict each other regarding the location of the alleged missile batteries. 

Vladimir Suchan points out the obvious, “The identification of the direction of the blast then also disproves the junta’s videos with “leaked conversations” from yesterday and today–for the missile could not then be launched either from Debaltzevo, or Donetsk, as claimed on both tapes -these places were by then a bit far, and not in front of MH17. That’s also evidently why, today the junta’s sites are claiming that the BUK missile battery was supposed to be in Snezhnoye, forgetting all about their first tape leak with commander ‘Bes’ from Gorlovka (40 miles north-west). If the Ukrainian Army used a BUK missile, then it would most likely have been fired from north of Amvrosivka, which is a place of a large concentration of Ukrainian troops. It is also southwest of Torez and Snezhnoye in the proximity of which the crash site is located. BUK missiles have a range of up to 20 miles. Enough for a battery in the Amvrosivka region.”

Zero Hedge reported on July 17th:

The only problem is that there is absolutely no way to confirm who “Major” and “Grek” are, and considering the entire Ukraine civil war has been merely one provocation and counter-provocation after another, explicitly staged in advance by either the CIA on the side of Kiev or the Kremlin on the Russian side, one does have to wonder whether the said two “smoking gun” participants aren’t merely two random people speaking Russian and reading off a script?

The clip concludes with another unnamed “Militant” who supposedly is speaking to Mykola Kozitsyn, one of the purported leaders of the Cossacks operating in east Ukraine. The Militant makes it clear to Kozitsyn that it is not a military plane and has “Malaysian Airlines” written on the side. One wonders just where one could find such writing on the side of the crashed and exploded fuselage but that one is for the forensics to decide.”

In addition, multiple independent analysis’s of these audio recordings also reveals that these audio recordings were not integral files, indicating they were spliced together, as is evident from the different time stamp dates visible from the raw audio data. It also reveals at least one portion was recorded, or edited on July 16th – before the crash of MH17. ITAR-TASS Agency confirms this:

“The tape’s second fragment consists of three pieces but was presented as a single audio recording. However, a spectral and time analysis has showed that the dialog was cut into pieces and then assembled. Short pauses in the tape are very indicative: the audio file has preserved time marks which show that the dialog was assembled from various episodes, the expert said. The tape’s linguistic analysis also shows that those who made the faked tape clearly did not have enough material and time, the expert said. That is why, speech fragments can hardly correlate with each other in terms of their sense and the spectral picture of audio materials also differs, the expert said. But the most indicative moment is that the audio tape clearly shows that it was created almost a day before the airliner crash, the expert said.”

Only one conclusion can be drawn here: these tapes were faked, and released after the crash in order to assign blame on rebels and Russia for this event.

In addition to this, video production on both Kiev ‘tapes’ matches a previous YouTube video – same graphics style and editing, which was previously proven to be another fake. Interestingly, Ukrainian producers used the same actor, an alleged Cossack rebel commander, Mykola Kozitsyn, in their MH17 audio production.

Zero Hedge also reveals: “Finally, we clearly have no way of authenticating the recording or the participants, it was just over a month ago, on June 5, when in another attempt to cast blame and discredit the separatists, Ukraine released another trademark YouTube clip seeking to disparage and frame Kozitsyn, entitled “Russian Cossack Formations are Responsible For Chaos In Ukraine.”

In summary, multiple falsified information releases by Kiev government officials only points to one conclusion: a cover-up. By contrast, Russia officials have not released or promoted any falsified or fraudulent ‘evidence’ used to assign blame to any parties – instead Moscow released all of its verifiable data surrounding the incident which has now forced Washington to rethink its wild approach which previously tried to pin responsibility on Russia itself…

IMAGE: President Obama and John Kerry unable to settle on a version of events (Photo: RCJ)

Up until now, Washington has been able to give its support to openly fascist and racists political parties and militants in western Ukraine, but as Kiev’s brutal civil war wages on, world media and more historically-minded members of Europe may eventually revolt against this risky marriage of convenience.

US Now in Full Retreat and Damage-Control Mode

Amazingly, in a US State Department briefing led by Deputy Spokesperson Marie Harf on Tuesday July 22nd, Harf insisted that, yes, US intelligence officials still include these ‘social media’ posts as part of what Secretary of State John Kerry describes as a “mountain of evidence”.

Obviously under great pressure to show strength in the face of a complete collapse in confidence, Harf (photo, below) could be seen stuttering and twitching nervously as difficult questions were raised by members of the media.

#MARIE HARF: Under President Obama, State Department spokespersons have become ‘political activists’.

In one of the biggest flops in State Dept. history, Harf appeared so desperate to shed any further questions on ‘social media evidence’, that she opted for a fatal gaff – stating on record that “US intelligence officials have authenticated the audio”. Unless she means they’ve authenticated these as fake, this statement may come back to haunt US officials. Many are now calling it a bold-faced lie, designed to cover-up the mishandling and over-politicization of posts found on social media, shamelessly used by Washington to promote a war agenda.

As a result, CNN and others are now scavenging the tragedy, trying to hide the emerging facts under the heap of its “fair and balanced” mainstream conspiracy theories. The story has now shifted from what happened, to how US politicians are dealing with the crisis, as was evident after one major outlet who ran this headline, “Obama: What exactly are they trying to hide?” 

On Tuesday, the US government finally admitted (as well as it could), that it had been bluffing about its ‘certainty’ that Russia was behind the downing of Malaysian Air Flight MH-17. 

Washington’s New Conspiracy Theory

In a damage control exercise this past Tuesday, Washington invited members of the majors like the Washington Post and the LA Times, to an ‘intelligence update’ briefing, and a press conference run by the inexperienced Marie Harf.

The Los Angeles Times reported: “U.S. intelligence agencies have so far been unable to determine the nationalities or identities of the crew that launched the missile. U.S. officials said it was possible the SA-11 [anti-aircraft missile] was launched by a defector from the Ukrainian military who was trained to use similar missile systems.”

The quiet U-turn by Washington signals that its previous case blaming the rebels has been destroyed, and rather than concede that the Ukrainian Army has actually shot down MH17, they’ve chosen to instead concoct a new revision about a “rogue defector” and his “rogue team” who happen to be wearing Ukrainian Army uniforms.

Washington’s new and creative official conspiracy theories now include:

1. Ukrainian separatists shot down plane by mistake after misreading ‘fuzzy’ radar images on a much-too sophisticated AS-11 system (as if US intelligence officials were actually there), probably mistook the airliner for a Ukrainian military plane (reverting to their original line).

2. Missile that brought down Malaysian jet probably fired by ‘ill-trained crew’ of pro-Russian rebels

The “ill-trained crew” theory is the work of one U.S. official who, “requested anonymity because he was not authorized to speak publicly on the issue”. And who could blame him?

Finally, Washington ends up at a place it knows well – reducing a major geopolitical event or crime down to the work of a lone wolf, or in this case, a ‘rogue defector’ from the Ukrainian Army, an image which will no doubt fuel even more wild commentary by Wolf Blitzer, Anderson Cooper, George Stephanopoulos and Sean Hannity.

American investigative reporter Robert Parry (who broke many of the Iran-Contra scandal for AP and Newsweek in the 80’s) published this on Consortium News, July 20th (based on his CIA source):

“What I’ve been told by one source, who has provided accurate information on similar matters in the past, is that U.S. intelligence agencies do have detailed satellite images of the likely missile battery that launched the fateful missile, but the battery appears to have been under the control of Ukrainian government troops dressed in what look like Ukrainian uniforms.” 

This account is fully consistent with 1) the “anonymous US intelligence officers’ briefing from US mainstream media on Tuesday July 22,” as reported, 2) the briefing by the Russian Ministry of Defense on July 21 and, 3) Alexandr Zhilin‘s analysis previously covered.

Backpedaling even further, Washington has officially downgraded its overall indictment, with another ‘senior intelligence official’ announcing a brand new party line – a weaker thesis, somehow claiming that, “Russia created the conditions for this to happen”

More Western Media Manipulation

London’s media arms have also sprung into action in an attempt to reinforce Washington-NATO-Kiev Axis assignment of guilt. In a classic demonstration of its pro-Foreign Office institutional bias, Guardian writer Shawn Walker carefully attempts to contain the western guilty verdict, considering only ‘pro-Russian rebels’ and intentionally reinforcing the ‘Rebel-BUK conspiracy theory’.

Walker states, “Claims by pro-Russia separatists in east Ukraine that they have never been in possession of the missile launcher apparently used to down flight MH17 are looking increasingly flimsy, as several witnesses told the Guardian they had seen what appeared to be a Buk missile launcher in the vicinity of the crash site last Thursday.

The sightings back up a number of photographs and videos posted online that put the Buk system close to the crash site on the day of the disaster. Just before lunchtime last Thursday, prior to the Malaysia Airlines plane’s takeoff, a Buk was driven through Gagarin Street, one of the central thoroughfares of Torez, witnesses said.”

The Guardian could very well be relaying genuine eyewitness accounts here, but only advanced media watchers will have noticed the slight of hand being applied here: Walker has ruled out any other possible suspects other than rebels – skillfully hiding his paper’s bias in reporting by pouring evidence collected into a pre-determined verdict. If the Guardian were not applying an institutional (British Foreign Office pre-determined conclusion) bias, then its editor would have combined the eyewitness accounts to the clear satellite photographic evidence provided by the Russian authorities, and it doesn’t take a genius to figure out who was really in possession of these surface-to-air missile systems – the Ukrainian military.

Official US Plan to Destroy Civilian Aircraft for Diplomatic Gain

The first official known plan to fake the destruction of a civilian aircraft was drafted by the US Pentagon in 1962. A former NSA analyst at Strategic Culture reports:

“The use of commercial passenger planes as false flag targets of opportunity for U.S. national security and intelligence planners is nothing new. The U.S. National Archives yielded an explosive formerly classified document some five months before the 9/11 attack in 2001. The document, “Justification for U.S. Military Intervention in Cuba”, outlined for Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara, a series of false flag attacks, code named OPERATION NORTHWOODS, which would be carried out by the United States on various targets but be blamed on the Fidel Castro government of Cuba. Dated March 13, 1962, the Top Secret NORTHWOODS document was prepared by America’s top covert Special Operations officer, General Edward Lansdale.”

“The NORTHWOODS plans called for the sinking of a boatload of Cuban refugees en route from Cuba to U.S. shores, blowing up an American ship in Cuban waters, and more importantly in light of the recent downing of Malaysian Airlines flight 17 over eastern Ukraine, faking a Cuban Air Force attack on a civilian jetliner.

Lansdale and his NORTHWOODS planners concluded that the U.S. invasion of Cuba would receive wide support as a result of an outraged public. The document states: “World opinion and the United Nations forum should be favorably affected by developing the international image of Cuban government as rash and irresponsible, and as an alarming and unpredictable threat to the peace of the Western Hemisphere.”

Most certainly, this blueprint by US intelligence is mirrored today in 2014, as the US and its NATO member allies (and media assets in tow) using totally synchronized messaging – dominated by wild speculation, hyperbole and hysteria characterizing the rebels in the east of Ukraine as terrorists, Russia as the enemy, and President Vladimir Putin as ‘the personification of evil’ for American and British media consumers.

The world can only pray, that the truth may prevail.


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  • caussie

    I stated right at the beginning that in no way was Putin of the rebels responsible for this, they had absolutely nothing to gain by doing this……. only one country, with one lying bastard in charge, had sanctions against Russia. Though what the hell something happening in a different continent should be any business of Obamas is beyond me. Does he not have enough problems in his own country to deal with? In the meantime the European countries did not have sanctions against Russia, but the immediately after this happens after they are now considering sanctions… I believe a weapon that could bring down a plane like this can be carried and fired by one person, please feel free to correct me if I am wrong… so in my opinion one has to know just where were the CIA in all of this, (well one only has to remember just how well the destruction of two multi-national buildings worked, didn´t half the world turn out to fight in Afghanistan, searching for a phantom) Obamas redlines, sanctions and downright chest puffing didn´t work so why not a plane carrying international travellers. One only has to watch the movie Zeitgeist to find out exactly what the CIA are capable of and have done in the past, Why was Sadam Hussien killed? Not because of any weapons of mass destruction, it was simply because he refused to be bought off and toe the line….. Watch the movie, form your own opinions…..

    • Eric Schultz

      The narrative is that the rebels shot down the wrong airplane by mistake. They thought MH17 was an LH-76 carrying supplies for the ATO.

      You are incorrect that one person can carry a missile that can reach that high. The max height for a shoulder fired missile is approximately 3,500 meters. The air craft was at an altitude of 10,000 meters.

      • caussie

        Thank you Eric, I have never believed that the rebels shot this plane down, accidently or on purpose, however the news reports here kept showing these types of weapons I thought maybe it was an easy thing to do as I am sure most of my counterparts do….

        • Eric Schultz

          From inside a BUK, it is easy to mistake a commercial aircraft. They are not tied into the local air traffic, so they can not retrieve this information. Essentially, the planes size, altitude, speed, and direction are available and nothing else.

          • Mikael

            You’re wrong. There’s really no excuse to shoot down an airliner with the Buk unless you were trying to. That system is transponder aware, meaning they can detect if they are targeting an airliner.

          • Eric Schultz

            Please, do not correct unless you are confident that you are correct.

            The stand-alone BUK-M1 does not have friend or foe identification. Friend of Foe detection falls on the additional radar vehicle (TELAR).

            source: http://aviationweek.com/defense/buk-missile-system-lethal-undiscriminating

          • Muhammad Abbass

            Not so. The BUK has the ability to recognise civilian transponders besides which the rebels have no aircraft whilst Ukraine had the only BUK SAM missiles systems in the area. There was no legitimate reason for Ukraine to have these systems deployed but they did have. Their guilt and that of NATO is not in doubt.

    • Kergun

      There’s no current weapon that can do that. Otherwise, good post

    • Venice

      Very well put Caussie!
      My favorite amongst many quotes from your insightful post is: “didn’t half the world turn out in Afghanistan, searching for a phantom?”
      Lol. I bow to your awesomeness! So much truth in one space.

    • Paula Anguita

      Indeed, neither Russia nor the pro-Russian rebels have anything to gain from this, only the US has. Whenever in doubt where to look: Follow the Money. While Europe is still in a huge financial crisis, the USA is even more. They need production to improve the economy: as history teaches us, the most effective way to get the economy going is to create a war, preferably somewhere else on the globe. By creating a war, not only the production of weapons (steel) increases but also the demand for oil and gaz.

      Now, the middle east and also Russia own a lot of that and so does the USA. So, to get people to buy American oil and gaz, there is the gain… make people in Europa upset with Russia and let them turn to buy USA oil in stead. This is exactly what McCain said in a interview with the Dutch TV Show ‘EenVandaag’: http://www.eenvandaag.nl/buitenland/52708/mccain_bewapen_oekra_ne_tegen_russische_agressie_?autoplay=1

      Sanctions from Europe against Russia is just what the USA wants. Until now, European countries have been dependent on Russian oil and gaz and have a lot of trade with Russia. That is why Europe is very reluctant to have sanctions against Russia: it backfires at them right away. Germany (Merkel in front) has been very quiet and France still continues its contract to build 2 navy submarines for Russia. So, to my impression, these ‘sanctions’ have just been put up to keep the USA happy…

      Besides: just would like to add that the Dutch media is acting the same way as the UK and USA media: very one-sided and anti-Russia/ pro-USA, including all speculations and copy-pasting British and American media.

      • Why do people refer to the pro-Russian community members as rebels? They are Russian speaking members of a group of people that has voted and wishes to be autonomous from Kiev and its fascist junta, they are not rebelling against anything, they are exercising their prerogative to be who and what they choose. Rebel infers some push back against a lawful or civil and orderly community of citizens and government, nothing could be further from the truth, these people are simply fighting to exists as they choose!

        • QV3

          That’s the western msm prostitutes. Islamic jihadists are called ‘insurgents’ Pro Russian Ukrainians are called rebels. Amderican filth should be called spawn of satan.

      • QV3

        What sanctions? Germany doesn’t want sanctions. Switzerland , a couple of days ago came out strongly against Russian sanctions.

        BRICS nations are least bothered. There’s trillions to earn with the Eurasian Union, the Shanghai Cooperation and the Silk Road Revival.

        The US$ better be soft for wiping the arse.

        The BRICS bank which is destined to rival the World Bank and the IMF – signifying the “END of western dominance of the globl financial and economic order” to quote


      • QV3

        Never forget. The US became rich after the destruction of Germany in WWII. The US are insatiably greedy vamipires with parasites for a population. The destruction of europe, especially Germany means European economies will become open and vulnerable to US commerical interests. The Evil US wants entire Europe to become from serfs to slaves. Germany is still an OCCUPIED nation. Why no democracy, human rights, R2P for Germany? Why still a vassal state for filthy America’s hegemony?
        Never , ever, trust a filthy , evil Continent that had its Wall Street fund the Rise of Hitler.
        1.7 million German POWs were starved to death by Eisenhower.
        Who ferried hundreds of Nazis to America. And put them in positions of power.

        From 1945, America should have been rightly called The United Nazi Stasi State. Today, America is a Police State with Stasi in charge.

    • caussie

      If any of you still think that there is no way a country would deliberately cause a war, then I would like to suggest that you at least watch Zeitgeist the movie for me the first part is a little slow but about half way throughyou will see just how a country not only causes wars it manipulates other countries to make the first move so they can sit back and act like the innocent party….. watch it free on here, it is also available in Spanish….

      • Spychiatrist

        Zeitgeist is more globalist baloney. If you trust those idiots then I’ve got a bridge for sale to you.

        What’s their (Zeitgeists) stock in trade solution? More and bigger and better GLOBAL GOVERNMENT! Just like that idiot Russel Brand. Are you people simple or what?

        • caussie

          I found the parts concerning the tactics used to get other countries to fight amongst themselve, the manipulation used to get themselves involved in wars that were really none of their business extremely interesting and what we are looking at here appears to be along the very same lines. Personally I found the religious part boring, but the twin towers, well I have never believed any that has been said officially about that…..I also thought Rockfellers idea of chipping the population very similiar to what was feared would happen with Obamacare. Whilst I respect your opinion, I have no idea who Russel Brand is and no desire to buy a bridge from you…. As for me being simple, I so wish I could think like you however, I can´t shove my head that far up my arse.

          • JohnnyGenlock

            Going from memory, Zeitgeist is an attempt by a younger generation to solve for solutions. Problem is they have lost the cultural underpinnings of individual liberty. Therefore, they tend toward socialist/authoritarian solutions as something which looks good to them. Religion is the easy target because it is the paradigm of the past. Zeitgeist’s producers fail to come to awareness of the current paradigm of scientism. Our priests in white smocks with pocket pen protectors; both medicine, and the sciences. That has become the religion of the day, the dogma accepted on faith. And it is through that we are attacked on so many fronts as invisibly to our perception as the medieval peasant was blind in his day to the mental hold religion had on him.

          • TimWebb

            The Son of God states that He will set all that come to Him free from the delusions of this world.
            And indeed He will, as He has always done.
            “Every one that is of the truth heareth My voice”.
            Amen, Lord Jesus.

      • TimWebb

        Probably a good idea to simplify things even further, with one quotation from Gutle Schnapper,
        “If my sons did not want wars, there would be no wars”.
        In the context of this statement, it is very clear “Who did 9-11?”.

  • Predrag J. Maranovic

    This is the best report out there on MH17 – you boys absolutely nailed it.

    • Kergun

      They really did Predrag, they did it

    • JohnnyGenlock

      While excellent information, the article is too long and ponderous. Perhaps a price to pay for thoroughness, but, . . . Loses audiences. Needs to be shorter for contemporary attention spans.

  • 17, not 7 July!? TYPO: SEA BREEZE 2014, which just so happened to end on… July 7th.

  • James Trusty

    It would be nice if America and the MSM told the truth for once. Someday, America is going to pay a huge price for her evil words and deeds….

    • Eileen Kuch

      Well, James, the USSA and its MSM propaganda machine haven’t done that in decades. They lied about the 11/22/63 assassination of John F. Kennedy; they lied about the Gulf of Tonkin incident shortly thereafter; they lied about the 06/07/67 Israeli attack on the USS Liberty (34 crew dead, 171 injured); they lied about the 09/11/01 terrorist attacks in NYC and DC; not to mention the Boston Marathon Bombing and the several mass shooting incidents. Therefore, it wouldn’t be difficult for them to lie about the MH-17 shoot-down as well. Lying is second nature to these psychopathic scumbags.

      • Muhammad Abbass

        I think this one is their Waterloo Eileen. Now that is not good news, because to lose this one publicly given all they’ve invested in it, will mean they have to just start the war without Russia doing anything to step into their amateurish bear trap.

        • Eileen Kuch

          You’re absolutely right on the MH-17 false flag, Muhammad; but, are they that suicidal as to start a war they know they won’t ever win; most likely not even survive?
          Oh, almost forgot; Israhell’s Samson Option.

          • Muhammad Abbass

            Both Israel and the USSA have their nuts in a vice, Gaza has become a tar baby for the Zids since Hamas can sense their desperation and refuse ceasefire without blockade lifted (which Rothschildlanida will not do) and so genocide is their only option in their eyes and that will be their death knell as the surrounding Arab states are not stupid and know they’re next and no better time like now to jump the beast state. Jihadis getting ready to head from Pakistan to there now by the ay, Hafiz Saeed is riled up and in the news here in Lahore as I write.

            The yanks are in the same amateurish bear trap they set fro Russia as well with no way out but to tip the chess board on the floor. Check mate is not in their power game. The Banksters appear to have reached the bottom of the deck of the poker game and it isn’t a winning card, so out come the six shooters. Given the way our cretinous leadership has performed to date we’re truly screwed if they manage to get a shooting war going with the Bear. The Bear also is showing signs of losing patience. Putin has been uncharacteristically direct in his speech and if these idiots on our side had half a brain between them they’d know it is time to stop poking and shouting at the Russian Bear and back away from the bear with maybe a few sooting words thrown in for good measure. Don’t count on it, since our leaders are all clueless puppets.

          • Eileen Kuch

            The Zionist Jewish “leaders” in charge of Israhell are certified psychopaths; and that’s another reason for their genocidal war against the people of Palestine. Indeed, they know their time’s running short; thus, they plan to take the entire world with them when they fall (and, fall they will). It’s known as the Samson Option; and it’s been planned some decades ago, after Israhell built its own nuclear arsenal. The Zionist Entity presently has at least four submarines prowling the seas, armed with nuclear-tipped cruise missiles to use against a number of European capital cities, as well as Washington, DC, and possibly New York City.
            As for the USSA, the most likely scenario will be a civil war; as over 200 citizens are well-armed – at least half of them being hunters, combat veterans, or both. Also, these citizens know the terrain around them as they do the backs of their hands. Should this happen, this war will be a bloody one; it may be bloodier than the 1861-65 War Between the States, in which 600,000 Americans died.

          • QV3

            Yahweh used Zionism to regain Israel so the prophecy the Jews will return home after their sacking in 135AD had come to an end. Yahweh uses who He chooses. He used Cyrus the Persian to lead his captive people out of Babylon where they were in slavery in 70AD.

            Israel was a desert when the first 40 Jews arrived. As prophesied, He turned the desert into a garden. Isaiah 41:18 was fulfilled.

            “I will open rivers in high places, and fountains in the midst of the valleys: I will make the wilderness a pool of water, and the dry land springs of water.”

            Recently, a large water reservoir was found under the First Temple.
            The God of Israel looks after His own. Guaranteed. And all who come against Him will be annihilated.

            Sodom & Gomorrah aka America will meet its end soon.
            As will the muslims in the coming Psalm 83 annihilation.

          • Eileen Kuch

            Sorry, QV3; you totally misinterpreted Isaiah’s prophesies regarding the Romans’ final destruction of Jerusalem and the dispersion of the Jews in 135 AD. God allowed this destruction because the Hebrews disobeyed His edicts; they were a rebellious lot; and, thus, they were scattered all across the known world, with the command to never again establish a militaristic, political Israel; never again to build another Temple there to replace the one destroyed in 70 AD. Their exile was permanent; thus, the only Israel they were permitted to re-establish could only be spiritual; i.e., within their own hearts and souls. Any re-establishment of a material Israel would never receive the blessings that the ancient, Old Testament Israel had before the crucifixion of His Son, Jesus Christ. It was their rejection of Jesus that finally doomed their nation and Jerusalem, along with the Temple, to destruction by the Romans

          • QV3

            “I will bring back my exiled
            people Israel; they will rebuild the ruined cities and live in them. They will
            plant vineyards and drink their wine; they will make gardens and eat their fruit.
            I will plant Israel in their own land never again to be uprooted from the land
            I have given them,’says Yahweh your God.” (Amos 9:14-15)

          • QV3

            I know the Bible better than you. I have studied the bible and reconciled God’s prophecies with events that fulfilled those prophecies.
            That Israel still exists is PROOF that Israel is the apple of His eye — and anone who tries to destroy Israel will be destroyed. Look at your West today. Look at America. I have duly recorded the number of disasters that befell the West each time Israel was threatened, bullied, coerced to return land it won in wars, and land as concession for peace with murderous sons of Ishmael, destined to burn in flames till they are o more. You are an apostate.

          • Eileen Kuch

            Do you? I don’t think so. You may know the Old Testament better, but not the New. I’m no apostate; I’m a CHRISTIAN; and modern Israel has NO ties to its Biblical name. Modern Israel defies God in its absolute evil; it targets Christianity and Islam alike. The prophesy did not mean a material, political and military Israel, but a SPIRITUAL one.
            Modern Israel is NOT God’s Israel; its a Rothschild, NWO base for the subjugation of all humanity and the annihilation of those who refuse to submit to the “religion” of Satanism. Sorry, pal; you just misinterpreted scripture – mainly, the Book of Revelation.

          • QV3

            God used Cyrus the Persian to take His people out of Babylon captivity. Cyrus was not an Israelite. Same way, God will use who He thinks fit to accomplish the fulfillment of His prophecies. The Rothschilds were His instrument.
            “I will bring back my exiled people Israel; they will rebuild the ruined cities and live in them. They will plant vineyards and drink their wine; they will make gardens and eat their fruit.
            I will plant Israel in their own land never again to be uprooted from the land I have given them,’says Yahweh your God.” (Amos 9:14-15)

            And when Britain tried to annihilate the thousands of Jews by handing over the Army Depot to their darling arabs, God saw fit the Arabs were defeated. No western nation could every carry out an Entebbe. Israel could because the God of Israel is there. Comes Armageddon, and the West will be one with the AntiChrist and perish with their eyes burning in their sockets; their flesh fall off their bones.
            Today’s the West’ christianity serves and worships Satan.
            We delight in seeing the West decline, dying, every day.

          • Gort Sneeley

            You don’t know the meaning of the word ‘apostate.’ Apostates are reprobate Christians (not Christians any more), which Eileen Kuch most certainly is not. You, however, don’t know what a true Jew is nor what a true Christian is, because you just do NOT know the LORD. Stop Muslim-bashing and throw away your books of knowledge and your boxes of spells and your useless incantations. As Jesus said, unless you repent, you shall perish in your sins.

          • QV3

            You repent. I know where I am heading and destined for — the New Jerusalem. You can sit and rot in the old, perishing world. Begone.

          • Apostle Nonsuch

            QV3, are you a Christian? If so, are you born-again, or some other type? Are you a religious Jew? A proselyte? This Yahweh you speak of? Do you trust in and believe in and worship him? Is he God the Father or someone else? If Yahweh is God, why did Jesus never mention him? Is it not true that Yahweh is historically the god of the Phoenicians? Check your history and do not be so gullible! The same Zionist Jews you wrote about are working assiduously to integrate and merge true Christian faith with Jewish religion, including the Torah and Talmud. This religious synchretism is designed to destroy Christian faith and the Christ Who is its Lord. Do not be so easily deceived! The prophecies you speak of such as the ‘return of Israel’ and Israel ‘becoming a garden’ have not been fulfilled. Those actions and activities are, whether Christians like it or not, deceptions implemented against the entire world, to ensure that ‘god’s people — that is — yahweh’s people’ also known as the Synagogue of Satan, gain control of the world. Jesus spoke directly to this, and to you deceived people, many centuries ago: but you refuse to accept that, until God Himself acts, it is all the work of deceived flesh.

          • QV3

            Nobody seems to want to reply to Amos 9:14-15 that I had posted.

          • Muhammad Abbass

            It’s old news QV3, past tense and fullfilled history not prophesy for today.

          • QV3

            That what you think, Satan Mass Murdering henchman.

          • Gort Sneeley

            Don’t be such a dick.

          • QV3

            And you don’t be such a prick!

          • Shamael

            YHWH is a base of creation, YH is fire human, WH is water human, thus male and female. Y is fire, H is nothingness or Air, W is water, and lower H is earth. It are the 4 elements of creation. In Islam it is DMHM, in Islam almost everything is written in negative, thus we turn it in mirror to MHMD, Muhamad. Some idiot, once more, hat to take that name and start a conquest for power and money. IMAM/MAMI, the mother of creation, every child calls his mother Mami. INRI is the same as well.

            The Tetragramaton is a symbol of power, ALAH/HALA, now in YHWH, putting the fire, thus connceting all and nothing or + and -, makes it YH Sh WH, Yeshuah, Jesus, the base of sexual fire and creation once more. In Islam, AL is everything thus male, LA is nothing and H is our window to life. ALLAH is equal to YHSHWH, a Pentagrammaton. Penta means human creation. The human is the Pentagram, the five pointed star, standing as male, inverted as female (our devil we love so much and all venerate). ALA is our creating field, it is what you see in my avatar, male and female genitals in harmony. L is libra, the scale, justice. In Hebrew the letter is Lamed, in Arabic, Lam, now combine Isis and Lam, you get Islam. Islam means submission to the female conquest, a principle that men fight so much in that “religion”. Islam means also Justitia, female is the sword, and the scale makes it Justitia, the justice, Islam means thus justice. Now is Justice peace, find out your selves.

            The sword is letter Za, in Hebbrew Zain, speak Zion, the symbol of female, mother blood and honor. NAZI/ZAIN, see how the National Zionismus matches the name of the letter, and that gives you an idea to where Zionism went from Germany and how it used destructive power to build a state that had never to exist according to the Taurat. This state is legally acquired and has been founded on legal base. But, all of us are living in a world where one lie more or one less is not important anyway, the more often you repeat it, the more it ends by becoming a truth, like all the history they find in the Bible while there is none.
            The goal sanctifies the method you use to reach it, like always and past and present events prove this more than ever.

          • QV3

            Worry not for me. Save yourself.

          • Shamael

            The Bible was written in it’s first part, the Taurat, some 1500 before this imaginary birth of Christ. Now, how could someone write about a sacking 135AD some 1500 years earlier. Moses described his own death in the Taurat, how could he do that?

            You speak about the desert. So let me give you once more a lesson. The Old Testament starts in a split Land. Egypt. There is an upper Egypt, and there is a lower Egypt. Now let us just make symbols, the lower part shows up, thus a standing triangle, the upper part shows sown, thus an inverted triangle. So we have thus that 2 kingdoms that need to unite to create a new dynasty. we are thus now in the story of Egypt. I is a story, not history, because that history is a lie anyway.

            Now, lower Egypt is fertile land, it can feed the people for 72 years and more. Well, I am 64 now and as a man, the shotgun is still working and the people still move around when I trigger it.

            The upper Egypt is a desert, only the Nile-delta. In this desert that people can go for 40 years. Well, every woman gets fertile at 13, and generally after 53, menopause end that fertility, thus that people can do the job for 40 years, today we can do it longer, but let us stick to the fact that this story is more than 10000 years old.

            Now, once the male, Moses, is aware the he has a Paharaoh as a brother, a lightbringer, a Lucifer, what every man has, when t eh thing is not Judas and it just good for a pee, he tries to beware chastity, he fights the androgyne force, the 2 priests of the Pharaoh, and this ends by the love drop falling from the penis, the slave that falls from the stall in the temple, and that triggers Moses to go in the desert and have sex. When you put the magic wand in the water, break the virginity, it turns to blood, if female is exited it becomes a red sea, now open the way for you people into this holy land.

            The father and the son are one, well i also call my little pee-boy sometimes , come on son, lets go to war, Those who wrote the books did the same as we can see. All the father and his son need is female attraction, the magnetic field of the devil, sexual fire and attraction, and here we have that holy spirit. This spirit is not that holy, since it is a double cutting sword, male get attracted by all female. The connection in sex, the camel that connects the door (eyelet of the needle) and that open shte window to life, in Hebrew symbolism, GDH, or GOD, is what creates life, it create all humans, and it creates also life in all animal world and vegetal world. This connection is numbered 345, what sums 12, 3, 5, and 4 symbols of the zodiac that make the zodiac of procreation. But 5 + 4 is 9, the square root of 9 is 3. So, on the end, do you think that Pythagoras discovered really something new. Stonehenge was built 2300 years earlier and contained all the measures of the temple of new Jerusalem, what is the Pantheon of GODs, the base of the sacred geometry.

            H Sh M, H is window to life, Sh is fire, M is water, Hashem is what Jews call GOD, the letters sum 345. M Sh H, is the mirrored word, means Moses, so GOD and his mirrored image, the human.

            Now, all of you can do 2 things now, or you smash me as an idiot, and those who believe as normal blind fools in religion will do like usually, or, you take this as a base and start thinking, read and try to see what the cloak hides, stop being blind, deaf, walking like cripples and leave your brain rot like eaten by leprosy. I am not Jesus, but I can also cure some of your sick minds. I am just a humble nothing, a Rabbi of Kabbalah who teaches the secret doctrine since more than 40 years now.

            Help us to get rid of the evil that religion has brought to this world, try to understand the real sense of the books, which are just a blueprint of our body and the user manual to it.

          • Gort Sneeley

            There are 1 billion Muslims in the world. Some are extremely laid back and don’t take their religion seriously; a FEW are ‘fundamentalist radicals’ who are willing to slaughter entire Cities to force their version of religious truth onto the world — or kill everyone if possible, who resists them. I can’t take you seriously when you say that all Muslims will be wiped off the face of the Earth. So God doesn’t care about 1 billion people He created? Nothing? By the way i think there is some confusion over who ‘Yahveh’ or JWVH or Yahweh actually is. I don’t know enough about this to debate it with you; but is it possible Yahveh is NOT the same person as the LORD of the Old Testament? And what about Jesus? Is Jesus (or Yahshuah, if you prefer the Aramaic transliteration) the same person as Yahweh/Yahveh??? How about the Phoenician god the Israelites worshipped before they worshipped the God?, the LORD? His name is Baal, Molech, or Ramphan, isn’t it? Is it possible Yahveh is the SAME person the Kabaalists worship today? The one that Christians THINK (or seem to think) is the LORD? Since you are not a Christian, you won’t maybe understand my meaning but no, the Jews are NOT going to be saved by Jehovah. Only Jesus Christ is the true Savior; He is the One who will be at the helm and win the battle of Armageddon; not your false Jews, who will be found fighting AGAINST the LORD, and his Christ.

            By the way, are you aware of the New Testament Book of Revelation? In that book there are these words: “….And the seventh angel sounded; and there were great voices in heaven, saying, The kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord, and of his Christ; and he shall reign for ever and ever.” Where is your Jewish God in this? Why do you reject Jesus as the Messiah, when it is so much in your interest to not do so any longer?

          • QV3

            Read the Book of REvelation 9:18 One third of the world He will destroy. If you are American, He has specially written Revelation 18 for you. Enjoy.

          • Apostle Nonsuch

            200 citizens? I think you meant 200,000,000? But 1) Obumster and his gayboy leadership and false Jew supporters are well aware of the ‘armed-to-the-teeth’ citizenry (don’t expect any foreign-born, especially illegal, immigrants to desire to shoot your Obumster or his vermin) and have built quite an arsenal of bullets, tanks, APCs and nice prison camps complete with huge morgues to take care of you — efficiently AND sustainably; 2) the so-called ‘army’ of armed citizens is not well organized, nor well-financed. It has no media machine for heartwrenching propaganda (complete with false flags, psyops, actornauts, false freedom fighters, or CIA ‘support’); 3) no civil disturbance in history has been able to overthrow the American Government, except the people of the USA themselves. While this is a fact, what is not well-known is the truth about the Civil War, and that the side that ‘won’ was clearly NOT the ‘civilian militia.’ Troops need money to fight and eat through a war. No citizen militias can overthrow the US Government today — because it is financed by many overseas interests, and those interests (through frauds such as the UN) will have zero qualms about installing Chinese and Russian troops against ‘citizen militias,’ and mercillesly rubbing them out. Especially, if those payments to said troops are coming from the wealthy elite. The only hope is to slow down, decimate, and mercillessly destroy those attacking you — and hope and pray that God will not leave you in your time of need, but, rather, stand by you as you fight for America to remain (or become again) a truly Christian country. It is true that we Christians must love our neighbors; but that should not stop you from taking out a ladyboy who is shooting at you, trying to enforce the rules and laws of the Godless wicked.

          • Eileen Kuch

            There’s one huge problem with use of Chinese and/or Russian troops in the USSA: ZOG is very hostile to both nations, especially Russia. NO foreign army has the advantage of knowledge of the terrain. Just look at Afghanistan. The biggest reason that country has never been fully conquered – even by the USSA and NATO – is the fact that the local tribes used their knowledge of the terrain to defeat even the most advanced military power through asymmetrical warfare.
            And, you don’t believe that the local militias here don’t have that knowledge and are incapable of waging guerilla warfare? These militias would be fighting for their homes and families (as the Viet Cong and other such guerilla forces); whereas, the invaders/mercenaries would be only fighting for pay; and fighting to defend one’s home and family trumps fighting for pay in the long run.
            Just remember; it took 8 years for Britain’s 13 Colonies to defeat the most powerful Empire in the world; and, help from the UK’s rival France enabled the victory to be realized that soon. The War of 1812 was won that much sooner, with no outside help. Never underestimate the power of defending one’s hearth and home and the determination of those fighting to defend them.

          • Gort Sneeley

            I apologise for my ignorance; but did the British win the Civil War against the Confederate Troops? If so, why was the British Flag not flown as the US flag? I thought the Brits lost?

          • Gort Sneeley

            Uhhhhhh….think you meant more than ‘200 citizens.’ A typo? Should be 200,000,000 citizens…no?

          • Eileen Kuch

            Thanks, Gort, for pointing that out …. yes, indeed, it was a typo. I actually meant 200 million citizens owning some 300 million firearms.

          • QV3

            The entire Arab world care a damn about palis. The palis chose Hamas. And now must enjoy the gifts of Hamas.
            Israel has every right to defend herself.

          • Muhammad Abbass

            The Palestinians did indeed choose Hamas, in a democratic election which was then ignored like the imperial Zionists always do when results don’t go their way. Hamas have been an effective resistance, and resitance is all Palestinians can do. However they will win simply by doing this and they are winning, even as Israel’s star is setting quickly. Israel has no right to murder all and sundry in it’s hell for leather rush to Eretix Yisrael which will never be a reality I promise you. Israel is a phoney state born of lies and violence, inventor of terrorism and master of false flag terrorism in particular since the KIng David Hotel bombing until the Lavon Affair, from 9/11 to ISIS these phoney Muslim terrorists in Syria and Iraq. Modern day israel is the inheritor of the Pharisees, the children of the devil as Jesus called them. Modern day iIrael is a doomed national apartheid project which was actually never even intended to survive past it’s fast aprroachng use by date.

            Israel has no right to do what it does, no right to exist in fact. Israel has no future and nor should it have in any place other than hell.

          • Gort Sneeley

            Don’t leave out the not-so-masterful MH17 and MH370 attacks against Muslim Malaysia. If real people were thrown onto the ground in Donetsk in a desperate false flag attempt to ‘get more troops and money for resistin them Mooslems’ then this travesty of justice needs to be fully exposed, and its perpetrators, in public and before the whole world. And justice needs to be done against these dogs.

          • QV3

            Israel has every right to defend itself.

          • Muhammad Abbass

            Both Israel and the USSA have their nuts in a vice, Gaza has become a tar baby for the Zids since Hamas can sense their desperation and refuse ceasefire without blockade lifted (which Rothschildlanida will not do) and so genocide is their only option in their eyes and that will be their death knell as the surrounding Arab states are not stupid and know they’re next and no better time like now to jump the beast state. Jihadis getting ready to head from Pakistan to there now by the ay, Hafiz Saeed is riled up and in the news here in Lahore as I write.

            The yanks are in the same amateurish bear trap they set fro Russia as well with no way out but to tip the chess board on the floor. Check mate is not in their power game. The Banksters appear to have reached the bottom of the deck of the poker game and it isn’t a winning card, so out come the six shooters. Given the way our cretinous leadership has performed to date we’re truly screwed if they manage to get a shooting war going with the Bear. The Bear also is showing signs of losing patience. Putin has been uncharacteristically direct in his speech and if these idiots on our side had half a brain between them they’d know it is time to stop poking and shouting at the Russian Bear and back away from the bear with maybe a few sooting words thrown in for good measure. Don’t count on it, since our leaders are all clueless puppets.

          • James Trusty

            God has cursed America. Her
            compulsion to play god of our world, while promoting a truly evil
            sociopolitical-economic system honoring the cult of the unholy trinity of me,
            myself and I, which extols the virtues of pride, vanity, greed, materialism,
            hedonism, and hostile ambivalence toward nature and our fellow creatures, have
            provoked Him to destroy her. He has chosen Russia and China to serve as the
            instruments of her fate. Nothing she can or will do shall change the course of
            history leading to her tumble into the Abyss….

          • QV3

            That is very true, James. Count the number of disasters that befell America everytime she pressured Israel to give land as concession for peace. Revelation 18 is specifically for America. Today a muslim nation with a muslim potus.

          • Apostle Nonsuch

            Not so, James, not so! The LORD certainly has NOT cursed America! It is Christian Americans, who have succumbed to the worship of money, materialism, and the pleasures of this life — worshipping the creature above the Creator — who have drawn the wrath of God toward (and soon, to be directly above), who are most responsible for the corruption, and coming destruction of America the Great. As i write, have you not noticed the incremental changes taking place in the bank machine ATMs across the world and now in the US? I travel a lot, and have lived in or visited several continents not just countries; do you not see the hand-sized slots that are now on many ATMs? These are now there to allow full biometrics to be implemented. But, before that can be accomplished for 90% of the population (the mimimum for the Banksters not to lose money), first the Christians must be effectively scapegoated. That way, once they all have ‘Ebola,’ they can be and will be effectively crucified, murdered, wiped out and in public, without remorse, by the same retarded thugs who put Obummer in power. Before America is destroyed, her Christians (the true ones at least — not those who were never born again as Jesus made clear is the first step for anyone to become a true Christian) MUST be wiped away — or at least, efficiently corralled into death camps where — unlike at Dacheau — they can be efficiently killed off (yes, Jews died in the prison camps of Hitler — but they were sent there by their own brethren, by the Synagogue of Satan — to gain control over the entire world); once the Christians who believe truth and justice and freedom and the love of the Father are worth shooting vermin for, are efficiently isolated, infected with a deadly disease, shot on sight, murdered in their homes in the USA IN SUFFICIENT NUMBERS to make it ‘normal,’ and ‘the best thing for the American people,’ then you will see the Russian Bear, and the Chinese Dragon, move in to take the spoils, as they disembowel the hated lion. Don’t forget! The lion of Judah is a mortal creature; it is the Synagogue of Satan. It is vanquished by Christ Himself, if you understand Revelation correctly. There is NO SUCH THING as religious harmony between Jews and true Christians! Jews are no different than Buddhists or Hindus or Satanists! Their ungodly religion is no different whatsoever from High Anglicanism (which allows gays to marry, even as lesbian “bishops”) or High Catholicism. These religions DO NOT LOVE OR WORSHIP GOD OR HIS CHRIST and they are filth and shit in the sight of God! (Not the souls mind you! God loves you and your soul is so precious to Him that He allowed His son to be crucified to redeem your soul); but God detests and hates the religion of man, which equally hates, despises, and rejects Him and His Salvation, which is Jesus Christ.

          • James Trusty

            I can assure you that God has indeed cursed America. She was born evil. Her evil, however, has become much too blatant, during the past couple of generations for God to continue abiding her existence. He has shown me what will happen to her. The Son, in turn, has guided me through my explorations of the reasons why God loathes America and is exceedingly angry with her. Yes, He hates man-made religions. Americanism is the foulest of all man-made religions…What nation to do you suppose is most responsible for setting things up in regard to your ideas of why America shall fall? Hint: She is her own worst enemy as well as the enemy of humanity, of our fellow creatures, of the Earth, and of God. The biometrics that you fear were created within her. If God were to allow her to exist very much longer, our world would become as lifeless as is Mars….

          • Shamael

            GOD, you seem to know what that is and you my be able to tell us?

          • Shamael

            You do not understand much of sacred text, don’t you? Your salvation story proves this at glance. Salvation, you say, but from what do you want to be saved? Christ, you speak about something you even ignore what it means. Thus the questions: what is GOD in your opinion, what is Christ, what is the Nation of Israel? Stop all seeking explanation of what happens in this world inside Bible scriptures, there are none. And stop too making publicity for religions, it has killed more than 10 billions of humans in the last 6000 years. I think that enough is enough. Anyway, all what happens in this world at this moment, is a machination in which the other side, the invisible one, of the Vatican is not very unfamiliar with. Life is a mirror, one side is real, the other fakes you, and all depends on what side of the mirror you stand.

          • QV3

            So Sorry Muhammad. Israel is PROTECTED by God. The muslims in the ME will soon face their holocaust.

          • Apostle Nonsuch

            So sorry, QV3 but you are entirely incorrect. Are you implying that God is willing that Palestinian children are viable targets for headshots? While sitting in their pitifully-equipped (due to diabolical Israeli sanctions) classrooms, as has happened on many occasions? Are you saying the Living God, whom the Bible states ‘is Love,’ is willing that Israel, guided by the unconverted, spiritually DEAD leadership in the Knesset, who (knowingly or with full knowledge and desire) worship Satan, also known as Lucifer, Baal-Peor, Mammon, Astarte, etc., is willing that more than one million Iraqi children should be starved, deliberately allowed to suffocate and die due to American and world sanctions — due to Israeli aggression and God-less desire to control the entire world? You are completely wrong and you misrepresent God. Your blood shall be upon your own head. By the way, if you support the Godless leadership of Israel, or any Jew anywhere in the world who does so (directly or indirectly), Jesus Christ Himself tells us that YOU and all LIKE YOU, who stoned the prophets whom God sent, are lawfully responsible for the deaths of ALL of God’s prophets, INCLUDING JESUS CHRIST, and your penalty will be impossible to pay — this is why, if you refuse to repent and trust in Christ, your soul must endure eternal torment in Hell.

          • QV3

            Have you read the Bible in its entirety? If so, have you studied it in its entirety?

            Blood is already on your head and hands.
            The fact that Israel exists today should remind “Christians” tlike you that they worship a promise keeping God. The assurance of their eternal salvation hangs on the premise of a gift of grace promised by the God of Abraham.
            Ephesians: 2: 8-9

            You defy the Jesus you claim to trust when he said: If there had been no Jews, there would be no patriachs, no prophets, no apostles, no Bible, and no Saviour.
            Jesus Himself said in John 4:22: “Salvation is from the Jews. Every person who who has received salvation through faith in Jesus owes their whole spiritual inheritance to the Jewish people”

            You so-called christian apostates have thrown His Eternal Covenant to Abraham where He said: …………and those that bless thee I shall bless, and those that curse thee, I shall CURSE. Genesis 12:3
            read right through Genesis 17.


          • Shamael

            This is all true, salvation from non material existence into material body is only by the way of the Jewish nation. But that is only true if you know what the word “Jew ” means, and what the Nation of Israel of the Bible is. That fact that some idiots created all what the Bible tells us, including the Taurat (Torah), is what makes the mess in this world. Tribes have called them Jews, others called themselves Muslims, both words mean the same, same as Aryans, Christians means the same.

            It is this stubborn idea to create this biblical Jesus world in Palestine, same as Disney created his Disney world in Florida, and the fact we have built almost everything to make people believe in the “story”, that is the source of all evil we live. This includes Rome (ROMA/AMOR, symbol of Sagittarius), Nazareth, Jerusalem, Jericho, Makkah, Medina, and many other places that are taken for GOD’s tourism and that fill the cash drawers of the false Prophets.

            All is about power and money, maybe some day you will understand that too.

          • Gort Sneeley

            The signs and symbols of the Kabbalists will not give you any power or credibility whatsoever with the true God. You must believe this or you will search for such practical power and wisdom until you die — and not find out you were entirely WRONG until it is too late to repent (change your mind) and believe what Jesus Christ said, no matter what you think about Christianity; no matter what experience you have had from Christians in your life; and no matter WHAT anybody else in your life EVER says to you about it. This understanding of the PERFECT TRUTH and the KNOWLEDGE OF GOD (meaning KNOWING GOD LIKE YOU KNOW SOMEONE PERSONALLY, NOT IN YOUR INTELLECT AND YOUR HEAD) is only possible if you sincerely seek to know Jesus, and IF what He said is really true; man cannot reveal this truth to you but only God.

          • QV3

            You leave my understanding to me. Get yours right. Goodbye.

          • Gort Sneeley

            i notice you do not quote the actual version of the text for John 4:22. In my version, there is nothing about your sentence: “Every person who who has received salvation through faith in Jesus owes their whole spiritual inheritance to the Jewish people.” This is not there and you are interpreting what you like; and discarding what you don’t agree with.

          • QV3

            I do not know what bible you My quote comes from the KJV. The only credible Bible.
            Only the West suffers from satan’s disease of anti-semitism. The East does not.

          • Gort Sneeley

            Sorry but the New Testament in Christ is a NEW covenant that God created to REPLACE the Old one; for the old one was INSUFFICIENT to save anyone — since no man except a ‘God man’ can PERFECTLY keep the law of God — hence the need for perpetual sacrifices for sin in the Old Testament, even when the Bible clearly states in many places that certain prophets and men of God were ‘blameless.” If you suppose it is possible for you to keep the commandments of God and to please God by doing so (which many pious Jews, Catholics, Buddhists and others do) then you don’t need a Savior to die for your sin penalty and eternal judgment in Hell, do you? You don’t even NEED a ‘new covenant.’ I am not the one saying the Old Covenant is of no effect; nor, that God despises His own covenant with His own people; but the New Testament itself states that one CAN NOT be saved by the Old Covenant; and it is the entire premise of the New Testament, the preaching of the first Christians and Apostles; and of Jesus’ ministry itself. I tried to clarify something but i have not communicated it well: God is faithful to His promises; but not to those who say they are Jews; but who despise Christ and His teachings. You really need to understand what this means and it clearly does NOT mean that modern Jews will go to Heaven or be saved, any more than a modern Pharisee or a modern Buddhist who converts and becomes a ‘Jew.’ True Jews trust Christ and abandon all hope in their religion, their works, or ANY religion or ANY works, to build a solid and trustworthy eternal connection between their soul and spirit and God’s Spirit.

          • Shamael

            “Satan, also known as Lucifer, Baal-Peor, Mammon, Astarte”
            You read too much NWO conspiracy stories, don’t you?
            Lucifer has never been Satan, and will never be. Lucifer is a transmitting principle, a source of an emanation, while Satan is a simple anagram of Natas, what in Latin means you get born. Live, nice word isn’t it? it’s the mirrored word of evil. It does not even refers to shaitan, what means in Hebrew, the other side, or the enemy. The symbol of nativity is Santa, well that is one more anagram of Satan. Baal is false, it is Boel, Boelfegore is a pagan word that signifies simple sexual fire, or Kundalini. The letter o is in Hebrew the letter Ayin, symbolizes the eyes and the ovaries, male and female genitals. It is the letter in the triangles of my avatar and spoken A. The A from El or Al is spoken hhhh, it is a breath and symbolizes air, or nothing. So in reality Al or El speaks Hhhhel. Astarte is an ancient pagan word for Isis, the base principle of creation, what is also Mary, in Hebrew MarYh, if you invert it it becomes HyRam, the builder of the temple, symbolizes Virgo or the vagina. Here you get planted as a seed, becoming Christ, and from this virgin you where born as Christ child, but not only you, all of us, born from a virgin birth.

            It would take years to introduce you to symbolism and language of branches of the Kabbalah in which all sacred text worldwide are written. This particular slang, a way to describe images in symbols and translate it in text, describing things by other things, inverting and interlacing text-lines, words, using letters as numbers, and so on, has been made to conceal the content of those scriptures. “Reading” the unreadable and using it as is, in a literal way, is causing the mess we live since ever in religious world.

            Now, if you think snakes talk, the one can pull camels through eyelets of needles, that burning bushes write laws in stone-tables, that one can walk on water, turn water in blood or wine, one can open the sea to bring a whole nation through, that one resurrects from death and ascents to heaven, that one boat can hold all animals of the world to save them from a flood, that GOD killed all children in one night, or one man was asked to kill his son on an altar, if you believe all that, find a psychoanalyst, you are sick in mind.

            All of that is pure truth, but only of you are able to read behind the veil. All what all of you write here about the Bible, proves that you interpret the baby, cabbage, and stork story the way it is written. So, good luck with that, and keep killing each other for the next thousand year for this nonsense.

          • Gort Sneeley

            You said: “So Sorry Muhammad. Israel is PROTECTED by God. The muslims in the ME will soon face their holocaust.” No, they won’t. For God is ‘no respecter of persons.’ False Jews, whether they call themselves Jews or Muslims, will suffer God’s judgment unless they repent. You people who call yourself ‘spiritual’ or ‘pagan’ or ‘kabbalists’ (all of us have a spirit and all of us have a faith of some sort, labelled or not) are misguided, because you do not know God. Jesus stated the following: “….And this is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent.” John 17:3 (KJV). If you knew God, you would not trust the Kabbalah, or any other man made religion (true Christianity is NOT and never has been a ‘religion.’). You only need to know Jesus (for He is knowable) in order to know the Father in Heaven; and if you know these persons, you have eternal life. I cannot explain this to you and you will NOT understand it, until you have experienced it by being supernaturally born again (something only God can do). I pray that the eyes of your heart will be opened and you will know i am not preaching hatred of anyone (just hatred of the actions of the false Jews). I cannot edit what i wrote above, which used some harsh language (‘shits’) but my hatred is not against anyone; but against the evil they do.

          • Muhammad Abbass

            So sorry QV3, that Israel was a people not a state and it never referred to a bunch of eastern European converts anyway, but the ancestors of Palestinians above all. More to the point is the misapplication of that ancient contract which the Jews of the time breached anyway; and modern times under above outlined scenario. There is no mythical contract with God and modern day Israel, modern day Israel is a phoney on every level, and God has in fact referred to this apostate state in prophecy and utter destruction is what awaits it.

            In short, God is not a Real Estate agent and even if He was the original contractees breached the contract and lost title to the land even before the modern pretenders who are not even related to the original contractees. You are deluded.

          • QV3

            You have not read the Bible. You have not read its prophecies nor tested it against events that had occurred n the secular world vis a vis the Bible. Waste of time writing to you. Till you read the Bible, reconcile prophecies with events that proves prophecies fulfilled, no more discussions. As you are a muslim, you should have no complaints when you die, most horribly, n coming days. Maybe at the last minute you will realise islam is false and turn to the God of Abraham.

          • Muhammad Abbass

            I have indeed read the Bible and unlike you I guess, I understood it. I studied it for two years in seminary actually. I’m a Muslim convert sunshine, so your presumption is really wasted in this case. Islam worships the God of Abraham you dribbling idiot.

          • QV3

            Seminary. Says all. Brainwashed to be a filthy Israel/Jew hating scum. You will die as prophesied: eyes rotting in their sockets and flesh falling off its bones. Befitting for a satanling.

          • Muhammad Abbass

            You’re a cretin. I was taught in an LDS seminary so I was taught as a Zionist you dopey clown. I don’t hate Jews as a religion even today but I hate Zionists like demons and in general loathe Jews as a people without any sense of guilt or shame by the way so call me an anti-Semite to your hearts content, I have a T-Shirt declaring myself one and wear it when I feel like pissing off your kind. I only came to “hate Jews” once I became educated about them fairly late in life. In this Muslims know exactly what we’re dealing with. we know from the Quran they are nobody’s friend.

          • QV3

            And you are a spawn of Satan.

          • Shamael

            Avraham, the word is a composed one. A is air, here all starts, nothing. AB, is Ave, hail, means in the empty house. R is the king, so in the empty house of the king. RA is the light, and it becomes by RAH, the sin, AM means nothingness in the water. Now, this is our base of creation. You start by nothing, its empty, you enter the house of the king, commit the sin, bring the light in that house, and in the creative water where nothing is and all will become.

            Now see it this way, access yourself the uterus or house of the king of the mountain, commit the sin, plant your seed and create the earth. Avraham is our base of creating our human body, the temple of Solomon.

            At the beginning, the Elokim, made heaven and earth. So, this means that a couple of humans created a brain and a body, thus their child. And the Elokim saw that the earth was a void and desolation. All those who have ever had a baby, know this, they understand what it means to have something that pees, shits, eats and drinks only.

            And then the Elokim created the wole nature around us, they teached their child all they knew to end by having him made to their image. Almost on the end, they created the human, for sure, we learn about our human body and sexuality when we are at an age to understand this.

            So, now that you have a basic key, start reading your book once more, and please, use your brain and imagination, the whole story is a cartoon described in text.

          • Gort Sneeley

            Your Kabbala amounts to nothing and your words and symbols mean nothing as they have no power with God; only with the evil one. What you CLEARLY don’t understand is that by dabbling more and more in occult knowledge, you attract evil to yourself because you are deliberately choosing to reject the true One. God doesn’t need special signs and symbols to do anything — only Masons and their diabolical and deceitful progeny do.

          • Muhammad Abbass

            Not interested, I have followed the one and only creator for long before I came to Islam. Even before the covenant I made as a Melchizedek Priesthood holder I have followed the only being I am sure exists outside myself, and now I call Him Allah. It may help to know I basically conform to a particular Gnostic outlook which does not feel quite so bound by symbolism and technique and my outlook is very esoteric but I am living the life of a Muslim, and have no need to disrupt the religion of my coreligionists and it just so happens that Islam contains within it’s precepts the most precise and perfect manual for the perfect life in these dimensions including preparation for all eventualities that I have found. It works. I am not seeking anything more for now other than the next step up the mountain of light.

          • Gort Sneeley

            I should have guessed. Again i say, God bless you richly, in all things!

          • QV3

            You must be very proud that Islam destroyed civilisations never to recover, except Iran, and all islamic countries today are nothing but sewers.

          • Shamael

            There are no real prophecies in the Bible at all, the so called prophecies are just a prediction of known events in a process that has started. Now, concerning the future of humanity, look around, it’s easy to make prophecies here, isn’t it?

          • Gort Sneeley

            You don’t know your Bible at all. There are passages in the Old Testament which by their content alone make it clear a reference to ‘the Messiah’ was made three to four thousand years before Jesus came and said “I AM” and made it clear by His words and actions that He is indeed the true Messiah — which truth you modern Jews and Kabaalists reject, so you can enjoy and rejoice in your own evil works and useless traditions. I won’t give a reference here but there are many such verses. Only someone dedicated to refuting the connection between the numerous prophecies of Christ in the Old Testament which are clearly about the Christ of the New Testament would try and continually state, after many years, that there are ‘no true prophecies’ in the Bible. You are willingly ignorant. This is because Satan has blinded your mind. You should repent, before you harden your heart to the point that God himself cannot reach you.

          • QV3

            I have researched and found prophecies of the bible come to pass. Look around. The Rabid Anti Semite West is sinking into the toilet. The non-existent Anti Semite East is rising.

            As God said Isaiah 60:12, “For the nation or kingdom that will not serve you (Israel) will perish; it will be utterly ruined.”

            The East invests billions in Israel and reaps billions back.
            The West curse Israel and Jews while shamelessly using Jew
            inventions, every day. Israel is still the world’s leader in patents. Go drink camel urine for your future ailments. Stupid is as stupid is, forever. Comes from cursing Jews and Israel. Hence the entire West is going down the tubes.

          • Gort Sneeley

            This guy doesn’t sound like a Muslim; he sounds like a Christian (an informed one). You are so incorrect on many fronts i don’t know where to start. How about this: the Muslim faith was actually a hybrid religion started by false Jews. It certainly seems to make a lot of sense these days, since $trillions are now being spent in ‘security’ and ‘defense’ to ‘protect us all from them evil Mooslems’ (especially to protect the false JEWS from them…and make sure Israelis get to steal even MORE land and resources).

          • QV3

            Look up the video who invented Islam.

            Good ole Vatican. Feb 6, 2015 – Pope John Paul Kisses The Koran. The astonishing story of how theVatican created Islam comes from a former Jesuit priest by the name of …

            Research it.

          • Gort Sneeley

            Muhammad, you are totally correct and thank you for writing this; it is written so well and with such confidence; and i know it is all TRUE. Thank you. May God bless you richly for sharing this truth; far too many people are serving Satan unawares and the false prophets of Isra-Hell and their Synagogue of Satan (and many secret Sayanim, some willingly and handsomely paid for it; and many of us not even aware we serve the false god and his fiat currency) throughout the world…it needs to stop. The US unfortunately has become a Viper’s nest of deceit and diabolical works of the evil one…i wonder if it will be spared complete destruction when Israel finally gets its ‘just desserts.’

          • QV3

            And so sorry Muhammad. Your quran is a copy of the old testament. Obsessed with killing everyone; look at your fellow muslims. SPIT! YOur book is a Destroyer. 164 violent verses. Civilisations were destroyed and turned islamic.
            Biblical prophecies have come to pass and fulfilled; more are being fulfilled , each passing day.
            As for the Khazarians, they are not Jews. But embraced Judaism.
            Yahweh owns the entire world. He is the Creator.
            And make sure, very sure, if you are hospitalised, tell the medical staff you will not use ANY Jewish invented medical technology. Go drink camel’s urine. As dictated.

          • Shamael

            ahhh, one more holocaust industry, god joke, let’s laugh.

          • Apostle Nonsuch

            That’s what you get for allowing — and i mean allowing — a dirty, dick-eating, mentally-defective negro to run your country. A black Christian, with solid family values i would vote for; but not this Jew-anus licking God-less imposter. Your leadership is not just clueless it is vile and detestable in the sight of God. The O’bumster is a proven liar and fraud, and he will attract the wrath of God. The imposters in Israel, who worship Baal-Peor, who worship and serve Mammon the god of money, are not going to suffer like the average Christian American is just about to suffer. You see, if lies like 911 and a president without even a valid birth certificate can be foisted onto your great country, it is clear that the true Christians in your country, and the One they serve, are about to be publically ridiculed — and Him once again crucified (except in this time, it is the church itself that will be crucified in public) because the church has failed to obey the LORD and it has failed to destroy the wicked out of its midst. Therefore, judgment, which “….begins at the House of God” must begin in the USA with the Christians being mercillesly slaughtered and imprisoned — and next, it shall be the liars and cock-eaters in the Knesset. After that, Christ shall destroy all of you who refuse to believe in, trust in, and love Him. And so you shall understand, finally, what role the Russian Bear and the Chinese dragon are about to play, in the destruction of the Prince.

          • Muhammad Abbass

            Clueless bugger, I’m an Australian. Even if I was a yankee idiot I’d not really be the one who allowed the dick eater to be president. My vote would be as worthless as any other informed one in that sea of ignorance. I don’t see how his skin colour or race dictates anything except your obsessions and the last president before Obama was a poofter at least part time let’s not forget. The USA system is broken, no matter which puppet is in the seat.

          • Gort Sneeley

            You are too stupid for words if you think the goal is NOT to antagonize the US and Russia into a ‘new war.’ The provocation for the next global war IS the goal, lame brain.

          • Muhammad Abbass

            At what point have I denied any such thing? It is obvious the USA is trying to goad Russia into war, and I have been saying as much from the outset.

          • Apostle Nonsuch

            Israel has at least 200 nuclear weapons, apparently. Or that is what is the ‘unofficial’ story. But, what if the world discovered that the true number of functional, megaton-class warheads owned by Israel is actually nil? I wonder what would happen, then? The world does not need to worry about Israel and its theoretical nukes. One advance strike on Israel, which is smaller in size than Singapore, would annihilate every single human being within five miles of Tel Aviv, and (unfortunately) much of Gaza, Syria, Lebanon and Jordan. It is a fact that Russia tested one such device, the ‘Tsar Bomba.’ At 65 Million Tons of TNT (measured, not theoretical), it is a fact that Israel, if struck with such a weapon, would literally cease to exist. But, so would the supposed burial chamber of Jesus Christ, the Moslem temple in Jerusalem, and several thousand years of significant world history — at the very least, because 120 km around the area of the strike zone would become permanently highly radioactive. So, a direct and large strike using nuclear means is, currently, just not viable — and the false Jews who worship Baal, in the Knesset, know this. On the other hand, as the Bible and Jesus spoke of, a land invasion by land troops

          • Eileen Kuch

            Here’s the situation, Apostle Nonsuch; Israel does have nukes; Mossad agents stole the required ingredients from the NUMEC plant in Apollo, PA in the early 1960’s with help from the plant’s owner; transported them to Israel; and began producing nukes.
            JFK somehow found out and was furious; he did not want any nukes in the Middle East, period; as he knew the area’s volatility; and, so, he contacted then PM David Ben-Gurion and demanded a UN inspection. Six weeks later, he was assassinated; and, his successor, LBJ, rescinded the demand and allowed the Zionist Entity to continue its nuke program. As of today, Israel has an estimated 400-800 such weapons (nobody knows the exact number), a portion of them inside cruise missiles on at least four Dolphin-class subs, manufactured and provided by Germany.

          • Gort Sneeley

            Thank you Eileen, this is a very interesting piece of information i was entirely unaware of. I will need to research this; makes a good rationale for the murder of JFK. On the other hand, Kennedy WAS going to deconstruct the Federal Reserve, and had begun the process of printing non interest-bearing United States Notes which Congress would control. He also wanted to withdraw all troops from Vietnam, another Bankers’ war. Those reasons alone would have got him murdered. Apart from the fact that he was about to tell the whole world that NASA lied about going to the Moon.

        • Kenyan Lad

          I found it almost amusing that most Americans and people of the west don’t understand it will not be a war with Russia it will be war with Russia and Friends.
          USA has no friends only enemies for 70+years of illegal wars and interventions
          How the table lines up USA with possibly UK versus Russia, China, India, Pakistan, North Korea, France (does not like being blackmailed by USA) and is Israel really USA true friend. Remember most of those countries have an alliance with each other /others and now with the BRICS their bond is even stronger
          It will not be a land war, so don’t brag about Nato, it will be nukes and the land war will happen after
          It should be impressive party especially as China is already 1st strike readiness from constant USA aggression over the pacific and from USA shooting down the airliner in South China Sea last week

          • QV3

            Well said, Kenyan land. Kudos.

          • Harry

            Russia is not an enemy of Irsael and, unlike many European nations, is not going to recognize the Palestinian State. You should bear in mind that Russians think Israel is but an extension of Russia with every third Israeli citizen speaking some Russian, almost all Israeli elite comes from the former Soviet Union and Israeli clinics fish for patients in Moscow and Saint Petersburg, all Israeli doctors speaking some Russian. In fact Russia is a lot closer to Israel than the US

          • Gort Sneeley

            Agreed. This brings up an important point about who actually led the Bolshevik Revolution and the fact that Trotsky, Lenin and most of the ‘communist revolutionaries’ were false Jews. The only comparable thing to a real ‘commune’ is the Israeli Kibbutz. Theodore Herzl, the ‘Architect of Zionism,’ what was his nationality? Greek, was it? (could not have been…they are obviously not financially astute)…oh yes and Karl Marx, what was his nationality? Irish, right (his real name is Lev Bronstein. Does that give you a hint)?

        • FHTEX

          Without the U,S, the rest of NATO is no match for the Russian military on its home turf. And, Obama will not be able to convince the American people to engage in another war, as over 90% of the calls and emails to Congress last September ran against involvement in Syria. But, Western leaders want to desperately get rid of China and Russia and Iran who along with their allies now control the vast majority of the world’s oil and gas reserves. Time is running out as Saudi and U.S. oil dries up and the Asian powers begin to exert total control over the world’s energy supply. The failure to control Iraq and Syria and put pressure on Iran is making the financial cabal that runs the West very nervous–and reckless!

          • QV3

            NATO soldiers pay Afghans money to keep them safe in Afghanistan.

          • keller josef

            and will pay more to let them finally get out

          • Gort Sneeley

            Another MSM Zionist shill speaks for the West. Tell you what, get ready to be destroyed; for your unrighteous deeds and words will be your utter and complete undoing.

        • Gort Sneeley

          You are joking, right? Don’t be so ignorant; the MH370 psyop followed almost immediately; then the ‘Paris incident;’ then the South Carolina ‘incident,’ then the Canadian Parliament ‘incident,’ and on and on it goes. In the meantime, while ‘nobody’s looking,’ Afhganistan, Iraq, and Syria are being emptied of their gold and natural resources, their priceless antiquities, and most of all, their sovereignty and their banking systems not yet 100% dependent on the Rothschilds.

      • ADHamburg

        I am pretty sure, that the US-government AS WELL AS the Russian or any other government in East or West or North or South depends in it’s policy-making to a great extend on lies, half-truths, deceptions, killings, sabotage, compromising and framing of individuals.
        However, as said above, this is NOT an exclusive American specialty, but unfortunately a modus operandi used worldwide by many nations.

        • Muhammad Abbass

          Just the losers trying to go the old “oh well everyone is doing it” route when all else fails. This forgets Russia has not been caught out in any such lies or half truths and the USSA has not been doing anything else. Only one side in such a contest needs to lie as it happens.

          Oh and you’re right it is not an exclusive American thing, just a Jewish thing and the Jews rule the USA and the rest of the West. Where the Jews rule the lies do too.

          • ADHamburg

            No, of course Russiia and it’s legal predecessor USSR have never done something similar to what the US did… Ha, ha!!
            I just mention Afghanistan, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Chechnya and a lot within their own country.
            If you want to deny this, then you are not neutral.
            Just for your guidance:
            I am friends with people from many countries, among them Russians, Israelis, Americans, Iranians, Turkish and from a number of Asian countries.
            My contribution was neutral, whereas this website and e.g. your contributions are very biased against Jews and Americans.
            So stop being such a loudmouth and try to hold back with your nonsensical statements.

            Kind regards

          • FHTEX

            it is true that the Soviet Union used military force in Hungary and Czechoslovakia–not right, but somewhat understandable in that it had lost over 20 million against Germany in WWII and felt threatened by the West (remember that Khruschev and Eisenhower were about to end the Cold War in 1959 until the unconscionable U-2 flights over Russia came to light). And, Chechnya was an integral part of Russia. I used to think about the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in the same light you do until I read Brzezinsky’s account of how the U.S. armed johadists not just in Afghanistan but also in the Soviet Central Republics for the express purpose of breaking up the Soviet Union. Again, this make the Soviet reaction more understandable, albeit still unjustified. By contrast, Britain has invaded 90% of the world’s nations during the past millenium and has its footprints over lots of conflicts around the globe even today and, of course, the U.S. currently has troops in over 150 nations (including 46 or 50 in Africa) and has been in armed conflict all over Asia and Africa during the past few decades.

          • PeterS

            For another view, see my info about 1968 in my upper post.

          • QV3

            Now Chechens are fighting with Russia against the Ukies.

          • Gort Sneeley

            The USA has more than SEVEN HUNDRED (700) foreign military bases. This should put every one of us reading this in fear of what is going to happen, after SUCH a financial commitment to ‘pre invasionary’ forces on ALL of our doorsteps. Especially when the US is led and controlled by the false Jews of the world, and in secret (the real decisions are not supplied to the public…hence the constant confusion).

          • PeterS

            As a citizen of the former Czechoslovakia, I would dare to say something (in against of common propaganda) to the events in 1968. Those events were not about exempting themselves from the communist system. Quite the contrary. At that time were varied sources of economic progress in the word. For further successful progress of the economy was necessary to find sophisticated solutions, introduce computer science, cybernetics, a new sciences. And it could not be done in a rigid management mentality and heavy industry mentality. It was necessary to find new forms of organization, exempt people in the workplace, encourage their creativity, share information. One part of Communist Party, which sought to understand these changes, try to obtain more freedom, but in order to obtain higher efficiency in rivalry with the West. These communists wanted to show to the Soviet Union communists how to build the communism!

            Compared to them, of course, still others communists who feared that greater freedom rob them of their power. It was a movement in the period 1962-1968. In communist system without natural dynamics always, when crisis is discovered, appears “revisionism” (because nobody knows how to build communist society. So the right way was soviet, an all others were revisionism).

            In 1968 it was after the Arab – Israeli war, when Arab forces were indeed destroyed, but the Soviet marshals immediately wanted to deliver new weapons and continue the conflict. But at the same time US and USSR develop nuclear umbrellas. U.S. promised umbrella over Israel and the USSR over the Arabs. Soviet politicians were looking for a solution to prevent the marshals unleashed war and thus found a solution. Employing them with their invasion to Czechoslovakia. Not that they can not send weapons, but the invasion of 200,000 soldiers prevent marshals to have available human resources for training Arabs with new weapons … That’s what this was. Silent political U.S. – USSR to avert nuclear catastrophe. If necessary, I explain more.

            PS: Hungary? Same as Ukraine. Much more fasists. After World War II in UA there was the objective to open denazification proces same as in Germany. Nuremberg Trials 2 Stalin dont wanted.

            Quote, make it clear what the situation in western Ukraine was. And this has to be understood today. UA east and west will not live together:

            Based on the evidence of West Ukraine, there were indeed grounds to support those claims. In 1951, the CIA’s first chief of covert operations, Frank Wisner,estimated that thirty-five thousand Soviet military and Communist party cadres inWest Ukraine had been liquidated by Ukrainian nationalist guerrillas in the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists/Ukrainian Insurgent Army (OUN/UPA) since theend of the Second World War. More recent research in Soviet military and policesecurity files shows that over thirty thousand Soviet cadres and collaborators hadbeen assassinated by the OUN/UPA by the end of 1945 alone, with thousands morekilled or intimidated in subsequent years. A small, independent, highly clandestinenationalist guerrilla force in West Ukraine, which never exceeded thirty thousand,had managed to tie down at least two hundred thousand Red Army troops and toassassinate more than seven thousand Red Army of oficers during Germany’s hastyretreat from the region in 1944–1945. As late as February 1947, “remnants” of these same guerrilla units were still holding their own in a covert war against at leastsixty-eight thousand crack troops in Soviet special forces, plus tens of thousands of Red Army support cadres, and over sixty-three thousand local militia in speciallyorganized Destruction Battalions.

            From: The Early Cold War inSoviet West Ukraine,1944–1948

          • FHTEX

            Interesting take on events after WWII.

            I can’t comment on your analysis of the events in Hungary and Czechoslovakia. But, I agree that there is really bad blood between Western and Eastern Ukraine and, with the impending default of the of the Ukrainian bonds, Ukraine will soon be in a state of collapse. In the last truly democratic election, the deposed president Yanukovich won every eastern province (some with >90% of the vote) and lost every western province (some with <10% of the vote). Western and Eastern Ukraine are separated by language (Ukrainian vs. Russian), religion, economic activity (rural vs. industrial), and history (different sides in WWII, as you note). The same was true of the former Yugoslavia, which inevitably broke up. The government in Kiev would do well to let all provinces vote on secession, freely and without intimidation, and let those leave that do not want to be part of the legacy Ukraine. But, that is not what the U.S. wants and so it seems that Poroschenko will inevitably blindly lead Ukraine into ruin.

          • PeterS

            Yes, the way it should be. Originally, the East wanted to talk about Federation, but unelected government in Kiev immediately began an effort to suppress the Russian language east. Stopped only when the Russians dragged to the border.

            Anyway, the actual situation is essentially opaque. Many people pulling the strings. The U.S. certainly NeoCon, gas producers, military. In the EU, the circles that want new markets, destroying competition, cheap labor. In Poland and the Baltics again politicians who wagered more U.S. card as the EU card. Ukraine, again oligarchs type Akhmetov, Kolomojskij, Russia, Putin again with its Eurasian community, nationalist circles, but also U.S. Fifth Column. China wants to run its Silk Road – access to Eurasian markets …

            For all, the capital must fight for its return and thus new markets and cheap resources. Conceptual power, that arrangement liberal, conservative, fascist, these are just aids in conflict.

            By the way, when Khrushchev connecting Crimea to Russia, only purpose was to dilute the population fascist with new Russian population. Officially, it was about to be built over Crimea canal and it structurally belonged under the administration of the Kiev and Crimean part of Moscow. That the report be easier, joined Crimea to Ukraine and the whole construction of the canal passed under Kiev. 🙂

          • Joe Dirt

            The problem is that without Easter Ukraine, Western part has no future. Bunch of unproductive lazy neo nazi living of hard working Eastern Ukraine economy

          • zarn

            his point was they did not do false flag attacks. they just invaded. chechnya and afghanistan were instigated by the US actually. Hungary and Czechoslovakia were just invaded.
            So it’s a technicality but it’s still different. US does false flag attacks then blames some country and invades under the guise of bringing democracy and making the world safer.

          • QV3

            The utterly, utterly evil America along with that other terrorist isles called Britain were caught red-handed aiding, abetting, arming, Uighurs to rain hell in Xinjiang.

            Re Chechnya. The entire muslim world kept stony silence when Russia bombed Grozny to rubble. Saudi Arabia invited Mr. Putin and rolled out the red carpet.
            When cocaine damaged George Bush Jr visited Saudi Arabia, he was metamophically given slaps across both cheeks.
            There’s a lesson there.

          • Harry

            Both US elite and Russia under Putin’s cleptofascist ex-KGB elites are hateful, but common people are great in both places

          • Muhammad Abbass

            The USSR was inflicted on Russia by Wall Street. A historically inconvenient truth for you. Russia is not the USSR and instead is a reaction to that corrupted regime and the worse one which followed and which ensured the looting of as much of the former USSR wealth as possible through the Jewish oligarchs embedded mostly now in Washington, Tel Aviv and London. Your attempts to categorise me or my responses by any form of bigotry are rejected as self evidently just desperation on your part. We’re talking about Israel and Zionist machinations of course Jews will be mentioned. Jewish oligarchs are in power in Kiev now as always and once again Israel is up to its neck in yet another externally generated killing spree. Genocide is israel’s speciality and oppression of civilian populations, as witness their global efforts in helping militarise Western police forces.

          • QV3

            With Hungary and Czechoslovakia it was during Soviet times. If the Soviets are to be put on the rack, then we must consider the 135 countries that the Evil, utterly, utterly Evil America invaded, murdered, plundered and occupied since 1945.

            So don’t come with your bullshit that Russia or the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan.

            . Russia DID NOT
            INVADE AFGHANISTAN. For the first time in that country’s history, a
            progressive government was giving its citizens rights, especially women. Look up Afghanistan and Iran before filthy, evil America interfered. Look how the women/girls dress. The education they had. The number of girls in medical school. BUT it didn’t sit well with ameriKKK garbage. Insatiably Greedy they had an interest in a pipeline there, so they trained Osama bin Laden, best buddy and business partner of the Bush family , created Al-Qaeda (there’s a video of Killary Clinton ‘s admission) to start shit with that government to overthrow it. The Afghan govt asked the USSR to help with these terrorists. AmeriKKKan funded and armed the terrorists. Jimmy Carter supplied the mujahideen with stinger missiles. Amd the CIA recorded the slow torture of Russians captured by their darling filth mujahideen. So, it was JUSTICE when the muslims in Saudi Arabia rewarded AmeriKKKan with a 9 11. Splendid. It should have been 300,000 dead Amerikkkans. Every single muslim jihadist are the bastard spawn of the filthy, utterly evil US worldwide.
            So, save your bullshit and delude yourself. Today, America is the most hated, most loathed, most despised, most CURSED nation by both God and man.
            Your demise is already prophesied. Read Rev. 18. The bell tolls for thee.

          • Gort Sneeley

            I used to think Jimmy ‘Peanut Farmer’ Carter was a solid Christian. After reading of his diabolical actions, i expect he is roasting now in perpetual, agonizing flames beyond which words, or living mortals this side of Hellfire, can describe.

          • Gort Sneeley

            The USA — indeed, the whole world — is now controlled by and through the finances of the false Jews, the Synagogue of Satan. To really be educated, you need to actually read the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, the Synagogue of Satan by Andrew Carrington Hitchcock (available free online as a PDF), The Grand Chessboard; and many other works such as The Rothschilds. Before you (again!) attack me with ad hominem remarks, do yourself real justice and READ these books of fact not fiction. In the Rothschild book (Frederic Morton, 1961), the estimate of the Rothschild family’s wealth is 1/3 to 1/2 of the wealth of the entire world. If you understood this FACT, you would (if you are intelligent) agree that with such enormous, unimaginable wealth (and it is much greater today than in 1961) many wars and conflicts and false flags can be commenced, primarily for the purpose of consolidating the entire world to belong to your family.

          • Harry

            I am on your side, Sir, and I am a born Muscovite, Read my comments just up above

          • Gort Sneeley

            The USSR was started by false Jews. This is history. Marx was Jewish. Lenin was Jewish. Trotsky was Jewish. Most of the leadership that controlled the murders by starvation of the Russian peasant landowners was Jewish. These are historical facts and no amount of your posting on forums such as this will change the facts. By the way, when i say ‘Jewish’ i mean the person involved identified as a religious Jew; but such persons are evil and disgusting people, who have no religion, no morals, and certainly no righteousness and their god is Satan. So your comment about ‘the USSR’ should be taken in CONTEXT of how the USSR got its start — like Isra Hell — by murder, violence, more murder, and stealing land from others.

          • QV3

            The JESUITS rule America. If it were the Jews land concessions for peace would not have been put over Israel’s head like the Sword of Damocles by Carter, Clinton and Bush
            The JESUITS hate and loathe Israel, the God of Israel, and is the little horn that rules nations. All heads of state of western nations kneel and kiss the pope’s ring. The answer lies therein.

          • Muhammad Abbass

            Cute. chuckle. Sure they do.

          • Gort Sneeley

            The Jesuits do not control 90% of the news media, Hollywood, or Western finance. False Jews do. Your attempt at misdirection is not acceptable.

          • Gort Sneeley

            Stop saying ‘Jews did it.’ The real culprits are HIDING behind the false identity of ‘religious Jew’ and their lying stories about the Holohoax in order to devise even greater genocides and mass murders than they have already accomplished for their true lord and master, Satan the deceiver, who comes ONLY “….to steal, kill, and destroy.” By saying ‘Jew’ this and ‘Jew’ that, you are making things worse for those who know the truth! You are making yourself an EASY TARGET for the FALSE JEWS to destabilise your marriage, your relationships, your financial stability, your employment, and lastly but not least, your mind itself. Repent, and start understanding it is FALSE JEWS who are part of the Synagogue of Satan that is, ‘those who call themselves Jews (“righteous people”) but are NOT.” Jesus mentions these vermin in the Book of Revelation.

        • George Asimov

          You seem to live in a glass tower totally insulated from what is going on around you. There is not NORTH and SOUTH, only EAST and WEST. And West is the US with all its European vassal nations, which have no independent policy-making, but whose policies are dictated by the US. One very simple example is how the US drags all these lapdogs into her illegal criminal wars, i.e.. Iraq, Afghanistan, Serbia, Libya, Syria, etc. So the lies, half-truths, deceptions, killings, sabotage, etc. wholly represent the US and it is an American specialty, and it MO worldwide.

          • ADHamburg

            True, even for my taste the Europeans are kissing much too much American ass.

            But that doesnt mean, that my statement is not correct.
            Otherwise see my reply to Muhammad Abbass above.

            Stop being so biased and don’t let your hate against who- or whatever eat you up.

            Keep cool, man.

          • QV3

            Oh look at Germany. A US vassal. An OCCUPIED country. Snce end WWII. But watch out. the Germans are already coming back with vengeance. And they will strike at Sodom & Gomorrah USSA.

          • Harry

            This is absolutely true, I subscribe to this viewpoint. European nations should have at least some dignity and unravel that wicked EU which is the European Union of Socialist Republics and get back to their great national identities. The need the likes of Marine le Pen and Philippe de Villier of France.

          • Discourse

            Hahahahahahahah…too bad about those votes. And you worked so hard on those, what with a full 1/3 of those “guest” votes you manufactured, panty stain.

            YEAH, Brother. I won. I lead you exactly where I wanted you. Committing suicide! Adios, Jorge crack wipe! See you on your next puppet quest!

            BOOYAH! Hahaha…hahahah….hahahahahahahahaha

          • Harry

            Well, do not be so naive: Russia has raped little Georgia, ripped off Chechnya, not a stone was left from old Grozny, murdered millions of innocent civilians there and right now it is raping Ukraine, much as I hate West-Ukrainian Nazis. Again common people are friendly towards each other. I am a Moscow-born man and I married a beautifu Ukrainian woman born in Poltava. Common people have always been friendly towards each other, but the upper crust, oligarchs and other scum try to sow seeds of hatred between Russians and Ukrainians who are Slavic Orthodox brothers and sisters. Actually, it is the clepto-fascist ex-KGB oligarchic elite of Russia who is to blame and their proxy Yanukovych who ripped off the Ukrainian Treasury. I do not want to say that people who have come to powre now in Ukraine are a lot better; they are also from this criminal league, but those West-Ukrainian Nazis would never have the chance in Ukraine if not for the hideous policy of Putin and his ex-KGB clique there in Ukraine.

          • zarn

            um….the ukrainian nazis that are now in powere were directly funded by the US. get a grip. has nothing to do with Putin’s policy. has everything to do with the West’s policy.

          • Gort Sneeley

            Georgia was created by the United States as a way, with NATO’s help of course, to destabilise Russia. The best similar example on recent memory is the ‘war in Yugoslavia.’ Putin is not innocent by any means since all Russian leadership must by definition be fairly corrupt; but at least he is not a lying false Jew like yourself.

          • Gort Sneeley

            No, the US is not the king. Try The Committee of 300; the Council on Foreign Relations; The Trilateral Commission; the Carnegie Institution; The Rockefellers; The Rothschilds; The World Bank; The International Monetary Fund; The Federal Reserve; The Bank of England; The Queen/The Crown; The Vatican; The Bank for International Settlements; The World Council of Churches; and all the Masonic Lodges (these are not ALL of the organisations but most of them). Put them all together, select a very small group for the absolute topmost positions; and you have a feasible network of trained and utterly dedicated psycophants who will rule the world’s masses with an iron fist. Until, of course, God rubs them –and their leader, Lucifer — out in a glorious, breathtakingly awesome and firey defeat.

        • Harry

          You are absolutely right, man, Putin is but a hateful KGB colonel spy, let’s be honest about that. And Russia is under control of a cleptofascist ex-KGB junta. Not that they are much worse than the American elite worshoping the Owl in the Bohemeian Grove, but they are from the same League. Russian and American people are very friendly towards each other, I work in Moscow with many hard-working American young fellows and we trust each other. It’s politicians who do their dirty games, not common people.

      • TimWebb

        The Talmud, which controls the minds and actions of those who usurped the control of US affairs in 1913, specifically prescribes lying to the goyim. It is as natural to these satanists, as breathing is to the rest of us.
        Note that Nuland’s name is really Nudelman, and Kerry’s is Cohen.

        • Eileen Kuch

          Wow! You just nailed this one squarely on the head, Tim. Many kudos to you, buddy. Keep the truth coming.

        • QV3

          The Babylon Talmud is a heresy. Satan’s book.
          Why use the oral Talmud when the Torah is there. that’s what held the Jews, driven out by Rome in 135AD for almost 2 millenium. No race has achieved in keeping their language, religious book, and conducting their services in their ancient language as the Jews have.

    • Dee

      Someday????? OMG Millions of innocent souls have been murdered on lies..

      • James Trusty

        If America is allowed to continue playing god of our world and perpetuating her lies and foolishness, billions will perish in the storm that she brews….

    • Dale Simmons

      Well Said James..succinct and to the point.

    • Irene Caesar
    • daisygarden

      Gentlemen,please,sign the petition for INDEPENDENT INQUIRY OF MALAYSIAN PLANE CRASH in Ukraine. Thank you
      Spread ,pls

  • liberman

    1. If it lost the right engine, then it would turn to the right, or not at all.
    There’s no reason for a 180 degree turn, not even 45 degrees.
    There’s an autopilot on board and it wouldn’t let the aircraft yaw.
    2. Were it downed by a missile, then the fuel tanks would explode already
    up in the air – which they didn’t.
    Obama and Kerry to the Hague for murder of 293 innocent civilians. Period.

    • youricarma

      I am still not an 100% convinced it was a missile that hit flight MH17.

      Amsterdam Schiphol airport functions as a hub for Europe and the rest of the world. Many people have been on that airport just to transfer to an
      other flight, continuing their journey. The security of this airport,
      also the training of new personal, is handled by the Israelis/Mossad. Of
      course Mossad isn’t the only spy agency present in the Netherlands. You
      can name the whole alphabet soup with them. Did you know that the
      Neterlands is the country with the most phonetaps on their citizens?

      So now you can see that since Schiphol Airport is under complete zionst
      control makes it the ideal spot to shuffle some bomb on a certain plane.

      Underwear Bomber False Flag – Fellow Passenger Testifies http://www.thenewamerican.com/usnews/crime/item/7590-was-underwear-bomber-a-false-flag-a-fellow-passenger-testifies

      Escobar: ” … a murky security procedure at Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport – where security is operated by ICTS, an Israeli company based in The Netherlands and founded by former officers from the Israeli Shin Bet
      intel agency.”

      FROM: A chessboard drenched in blood, 23 July 2014, by Pepe Escobar http://www.atimes.com/atimes/Central_Asia/CEN-01-230714.html

      • Strodensky

        Yes, that was my point exactly from the beginning ! Mossad agents rigged the plane with explosives and detonated over the rebel held area in eastern Ukraine to secure the ” false-flag ” crash. Previous MH 370 cover up is also a Mossad involved event !

        • liberman

          Most likely the CIA.

          • Strodensky

            Amsterdam’s Schipholairairport’s security is covered by Israeli firms.

          • liberman

            Who in turn wouldn’t check on the Americans.

      • Ros Papas aka nofearorfavor

        Yes, it would seem that yours makes most sense, as the zio’s would not have wanted to leave anything to chance, but if we assume a bomb was on the plane and also assume it lost speed and suddenly it would seem, turned to the left, why did the pilot take this action, almost as if his right engine had been hit and he about turned to make an emergency landing in Kiev, as the closest airport? Why then too, was the Ukrainian fighter jet flying or trailing the plane so closely? If the plane had indeed been hit, chaos must have erupted on the plane and one can only imagine the fear and hysteria of passengers while the crew benumbed with shock themselves, were trying to bring about calm. Especially the mental agony experienced by the pilot and first officer, cannot even be contemplated. Dear God, whatever happened, it is sick beyond belief.

        • Skinny

          When the right engine was hit, it lost power and this caused the plane to naturally pull to the left.

          • liberman

            The Weaker engine is the direction to which the aircraft turns.

          • Skinny

            Normally yes but not always and often not in combat damage. It depends on the damage to the control surfaces on wings and tail. Such as wing aileron, which affects roll, the flaps and the vertical stabilizer with rudder (yaw) and elevator (pitch). This plane didn’t have a simple engine power down. It was much more than that. The pilots were struggling to keep control of a heavily damaged civilian aircraft in combat conditions.

          • liberman

            1. All aeronautic surfaces merely translate airspeed to drag and to lift. Airspeed results from engine power and/or
            from diving.
            2.The pilots died on the first split-second:
            Please read my two following answers below, about
            the bomb under the pilot’s seat, having created bent his panel’s material outwards.

        • TimWebb

          Those on the ground state that the passengers were exsanguinated and already in an advanced state of decomposition; thus it is likely that there was little if any panic amongst them, if and when the aircraft was struck.
          There is also prima facie evidence ( JimStoneFreelance.com ) that MH17 = MH370.

      • xdrfox

        This apears to be the right side of the cockpit
        Dose this look like a blast and shrapnel-like” holes to you, saw this on the first piece brought up from the ocean of flight 800 also. From outside in.

        • liberman

          The blast was Internal: the window frame is bent Outwards,
          some of the paint work and metal around punctures is bent Outwards. Some Punctures are Wider on the Outside: evidence the shrapnel came from within.

          The panel is of the Left hand side.

          • Eric Schultz

            I disagree with your conclusion that the blast was internal. If you examine the puncture marks in more detail, you can see that the cave inwards. This indicates a projectile came from the exterior.

            Here is a close up of the right side of that metal piece:

            In my opinion, the bent window frame most likely came from when the metal separated from the rest of the aircraft.

          • liberman

            Making a puncture by means of a shot/bullet/shrapnel creates a puncture which is wider on the Exit side. This is because the shock waves of the impact expand (wave-theory, entropy), on the way out, to create a conical caveat.
            A human hit with a 5.56mm bullet features a narrow entry hole and a bucket-like Exit hole.
            This is Unlike when pressing metal with a conical sting, where there’s no shock wave, but rather quasi-static pressure
            formed around the stings cone, which is wider
            at the outer side. Please also note, on the previous photo from xdrfox/yahoo, the upper metal band which is bent outwards, the color flakes are bent outwards
            and the metal rims are formed outwards.

    • seventhseal

      The fuel tanks *did* explode up in the air.

      • liberman

        Watch this Video of the fuel tanks exploding on the ground,
        NOT having left a previous smoke trail up in the air:

  • Predrag J. Maranovic

    The gov’t trolls will be coming here to try and muddy the debate, and claim this article has wrong info in it, but the efforts will be in vain because the truth always wins in the end. Good job 21WIRE!

    • Tim Richter

      If you refer to me, I’m gone already.

      • Predrag J. Maranovic

        You obviously didn’t both to read the article – it’s in there, and all over media. I smell an govt opinion-maker in here. Hmmm…

        • Tim Richter

          Mr. Maranovic,

          you are right, I only read the first third of the article.

          Still cannot see what in my comments smells of an “opinion-maker”, I do not even have an opinion on what caused that tragedy! The information policy on all sides stinks.

          Probably on an internet forum it’s always all about opinion-making, but if you’d like to start a proper conversation: I’m based in Potsdam, Germany, you’ll have no difficulty to find my personal email address.


          • Predrag J. Maranovic

            Why are trolling? It’s plain as day that the NATO mafia has been busted, again. You cannot refute any information in this article, so you are just creating strawman arguments.

            The truth will win out – this is an awesome report.

            The truth always pisses off criminals in power…

    • Muhammad Abbass

      The truth comes out, but to win it needs to do so in time to avert whatever the lies are seeking to bring about.

  • Diadia Fedia

    Thank you for the
    report, which is excellent. One could add several other quite compelling pieces
    of information to this report to make it even stronger. No doubt, these
    additional data will find their way to you eventually. To add to the
    credibility of the report, I would suggest:

    the piece – I understand that you were in a rush to get it out – and thank you
    for this – but it would be good to do a bit of editing.

    2. Please do add references when
    possible: I know that the report is based on quite solid evidence, since I have
    encountered the data/reports derived from solid sources – but please do add notes/sites
    to each of the sources you indicate.

    Thanks again for exposing the web of lies!

    • Skinny

      This is an excellent article, which required lots of hard work. Rather than slighting this article, you should tell the US to proofread their propaganda and add at least one reference. The US lies need lots of editing.

      The references and notes you seek were provided by the Russian government presentation of fact, which was barred and ignored in the US, UK and Ukraine. So much for a free press.

      • Diadia Fedia

        Skinny: It appears that you do not get it. I am most sympathetic to this entire report. All I am suggesting — being an educator at one of the finest American colleges — is that the argument is made more clear; this involves proofreading and references — nothing more or less than what I ask from my undergraduate students. Now, when I share this site’s info with others who are perhaps less sympathetic to the situation, it is of great use to provide a report that is as professional as possible, so as to bring to it more credibility. Thus, I cannot figure out what your probable may be. Kindly, settle down and attack the true idiots out there, not me.

        • Diadia Fedia

          PS – I await an apology for the unprovoked attack from you and the other seven clowns who tossed in their support for your unwarranted rant in my direction. If this is how you all treat your friends, you are all suspect in my books, hence worthless.

  • fieldmcconnell

    Abel Danger agrees with 21st Century Wire as per yesterday’s brief summary: http://www.abeldanger.net/2014/07/cloud-centric-c2-crime-scene.html

    • JS353535

      Abel Danger is a religious fucking idiotbag.


  • conscience

    i don’t think it’s white phosphorus
    looks more like flares from military aircrafts to defend themselves against missiles

    • Diadia Fedia

      view the video footage — widely available on youtube — of numerous such bombings. I think, and hope if you are objective, that you will come to a different conclusion.

  • youricarma

    Good points. And there are some other factors to take into account too.

    For instance are we talking about the Su-25 (ceiling = 7,000 meter 22,966
    feet) or was it a Su-25T (ceiling = 10,000 m 32,808 feet)?

    But like said we should look at the absolute ceiling, also known as coffin corner http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coffin_corner_%28aviation%29

    But then is also depends on other factors like how much load the SU-25 carried?

    If we have to assume that the SU-25 carried air-to-air missiles and/or
    other weaponry that will significantly, negatively influence it’s
    absolute ceiling.

    For example: (A, Su-25K; B, Su-25UTG) http://www.militaryphotos.net/forums/showthread.php?138750-Su-25SM

    Service ceiling: clean: A, B 7,000 m (22,960 ft), with max weapons: A 5,000 m (16,400 ft)

    Other problem is that even if an aeroplane technicaly has a much higher
    absolute ceiling/coffin corner it doesn’t mean it is able to reach that
    height with it’s given engine power.

    “While these aircraft’s absolute ceiling is much higher than standard operational purposes, it is impossible to reach (because of the vertical speed asymptotically
    approaching zero) without afterburners or other devices temporarily
    increasing thrust.” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ceiling_%28aeronautics%29

    Assumimg it was a Su-25T (which we don’t even know yet) the plane would be
    operating at it’s maximum possibilties unloaded and most likely
    impossible if the Su-25T was loaded with rockets at MH17’s cruising
    altitude at 33,000 feet. The plane simply wasn’t designed for this kind
    of action.

    “The ceiling of an unladen Su-25 (so not Su-25T) is about 23,000 feet. With full combat load, an Su-25 can only make it to 16,000 feet. This low combat ceiling was actually a problem in the Soviet-Afghanistan war; the hot air and the tall mountains made it less useful than it could have been. At altitude, the maximum speed of the unladen Su-25 is Mach 0.82; probably considerably lower with combat loads.” http://scottlocklin.wordpress.com/2014/07/21/can-the-su-25-intercept-and-shoot-down-a-777/

    Loads of info about SU-25 and it’s weapon systems including info about SAM’s here: http://cdn.akamai.steamstatic.com/steam/apps/245580/manuals/Su-25%20Flight%20Manual%20EN.pdf

    • Predrag J. Maranovic

      Su-25?? You obviously did not read the article, as it mentions 4 other fighter models that are capable of the altitude.

      Why are people not reading the whole article?

    • Skinny

      The SU-25 planes went through a retrofit upgrade, which
      increased their capabilities, including the maximum speed and altitude.

      It’s a moot issue as the US and Ukraine having nothing to support their claims that they didn’t do it, or their laying blame on Russia, the separatists, a rouge defector, or anybody else they can conjure up.

  • delekavir

    well, this would probably be removed fast. I worked for 10 years in Rafael, an Israeli defense company, and I have ‘some’ knowledge of surface-to-air missiles. The trajectory offered here, after the plane was supposedly hit, is absolutely ridiculous. I don’t think you will need my expertise to know that the trajectory offered by the Americans is about infinitely more plausible. It’s really counter-productive for your narrative to present the two drawings side-by-side and let people who might have some understanding of how missiles work judge for themselves.

    • Diadia Fedia

      So, what is your “expertise” to offer other than nothing? If so clever, do kindly offer your insights…

    • Spychiatrist

      Everyone on the Internet is and “expert” in something….usually just Bull$hitting.

      Including you.

  • Eric Schultz

    Lots of inaccurate information in the article. I understand there has been a lot of information and its hard to keep up. Here’s a map showing the flight coverage the previous 48 hours over eastern Ukraine:


    MH17 is not special in its route. Diverging from a air lane is common, and it happens every day. Most likely they were avoiding turbulence. The decrease in altitude is relatively minor. I don’t see how a a decrease of 2,000 feet is significant.

    You’re confusing BUK tracking range and SA-11 missile range. The tracking range is a lot farther.

    The spanish radar operator didn’t even live in Ukraine at the time. He doesn’t even speak Ukrainian or Russian. When RT interviewed him, they had to translate from spanish. Multiple news outlets have discredited him. In fact, he states that two planes followed him. Russian radar proves this isn’t t he case. Im not sure how this is called “real proof”

    An SU-25 can not fly at the same altitude as the aircraft. Its designed as a low level support aircraft and does not contain a pressurized cockpit. Its max service altitude is 22,000 feet.

    Evidence of militants possessing a BUK is not anecdotal, and the video is not from Krasnoarmeysk. The video has been geolocated outside of Luhanks. Here’s a great video geolocating the BUK evidence in militia territory:

    • Predrag J. Maranovic

      Eric, what information is inaccurate in this article? Your abstract doesnt help. Don’t be a troll, be specific – there are a lot of US govt trolls working on shaping opinion of MH17 because the plan went south, please no trolling, be specific.

  • Ahmed

    Why Russia upset!!!! People knows the true… So dont worry Mr. Putin….

    • Diadia Fedia


  • mydickissmall

    Hail Putin!!!

  • farang

    “We hope that political leaders and media organizations in the US and Europe will take the time to consider all available information, rather than simply repeat and spin what is bouncing around the media echo chamber.” You hope for what does not exist: political “leaders in the US.”

    They are leaders alright: of a criminal gang. They “sell” protection.” They protect the criminal Front-Running of Wall Street. They “muscle” their way into “rival territory”/foreign lands. They illegally, unconstitutionally spy domestically on the innocent. They collude, as “regulators” witht the very criminal gangs they are supposed to be “regulating.”

    And with all due respect: expect nothing but more of the same until they are PHYSICALLY REMOVED. They are Parasites, they will keep their suckers buried deep in our viens until exised from America.

  • Diadia Fedia

    Thus far, after reading the rather numerous comments below, I have spotted not one that has anything to add the discussion in any serious way. Overall, it has been chatter re idiotic issues that are meaningless. I suggest that fools piss off from this site — and I am sure you will not — and people with something to say that is of use to the current discussion join in. As for fools — just keep in mind that you will all be exposed, if not here then at some other time. This you can take this to the bank with my 2 cents that you are worth.

    • farang

      Thank you for your commentary straight from Genocide HQs: Tel Aviv.

      Of course, as usual from those thinking they are “so much smarter than the rest” you offer ZERO specific criticism.

      Buzz off b!tch.

    • JS353535

      Shut your f’king piehole, blizzatch.

      • Diadia Fedia

        Very clever. I presume that you are a 4th grader? Your vocabulary and “insight” testifies to this very, very well.

  • TedCr

    FlightAware have definitely changed the flight paths for 12/07, 13/07, 14/07, 15/07 & 16/07 – screenshots using snipping tool.
    If this site is interested I can upload.

    • Yes, Ted – please post those here.

  • OsNetDaily

    There was NO smoke trail on the way down to the ground, thus NO interception occurred. The photos of the remains seem to comprise of “small” and smoothly-painted pieces, namely which dispersed over a wide territory prior to anything burning.All possible parties deny they intercepted it: Russia, Ukraine and the rebels, too.Surely the Russians knew the jet was on its timely path, thus wouldn’t intercept it. The rotting cadavers and the glitzy passports seem like they were inserted in to the crash site just after the fire subsided, augmenting the shrilling impact of the event on the western audiences, in order to boost the bombastic witch hunt against Putin & Russia. DETAILS HERE: http://osnetdaily.com/2014/07/shocker-cia-planted-bomb-on-flight-mh-17-no-interception-occurred-over-ukraine/

    • JS353535

      Bodies fell through roofs of homes on the ground, so you’re a f’king idiot troll with zero facts. Unplug your computer and strangle yourself with the power cord.

    • xdrfox

      if the missile hit the nose, the cabin blew off/.up and the wind tore the plane apart to the wing section.. why the sudden deceleration …. This apears to be the right side of the cockpit ,,, no words from pilots..
      Dose this look like a blast and shrapnel-like” holes to you, saw this on the first piece brought up from the ocean of flight 800 also. From outside in.

  • xyz


    • JS353535

      You’re a fucking moron. Educate YOUR SELF and learn to fucking spell, assbag.

  • The Awakening

    I have briefly scanned through this. Without me understanding all the complexities of the evidence, as this is not my area of expertise, I commend you for compiling and writing this article.

  • Barking Shark

    “Boeing Uninterruptible Autopilot (BUAP)
    systems have been standard since the late 1990′s, apparently designed
    to take control of a commercial aircraft away from the pilot or flight
    crew, chiefly in the event of a terrorist incident.”

    I have no clue what that system is but if there is something like that how come it wasnt used during 9/11 with world trade center? and apperently US is one of the countries having acces to that system.

    • WW-3 voorspeld in Januari

      They used this strategy also on 9/11 (false flag) remote controlled plane.

      Watch this: BEST 9/11 DOCUMENTARY EVER!(FULL MOVIE): http://youtu.be/QU961SGps8g

      • xdrfox

        something I found VERY interesting in the article… all Boeing jets (except Germany’s Lufthansa fleet) are equipped with a remote override that can be accessed by authorities in certain foreign countries, one being the United States. Although not publicly acknowledged until recently, Boeing Uninterruptible Autopilot (BUAP) systems have been standard since the late 1990′s, apparently designed to take control of a commercial aircraft away from the pilot or flight crew, chiefly in the event of a terrorist incident.

        What type of plane hit the world trade center?

        Flight -Time -Plane Type -Plane Registration Number -Crash Site
        American 11 -8:46:40AM -Boeing 767-223ER -N334AA -World Trade Center
        United 175 -9:02:59AM -Boeing 767-222ER -N612UA -World Trade Center
        American 77 -9:37:44AM -Boeing 757-223 -N644AA -Pentagon


    • NHamigo


  • AL

    impressive. thank you.

  • White America

    The most in depth analysis I have yet seen. Very objective.
    And meanwhile it’s been several days since the West has had the flight recorders.
    Why are they not being immediately forthcoming and transparent with them, and share them with the public?
    Simple. The Ukrainian government shot it down with Western supervision and they don’t know what to do.

  • chilller

    To be sure…if Kiev had evidence on radar or otherwise…they’d be blasting it world wide. The ONLY other conclusion is hiding condemning evidence.

    • Alyssa McMorrow

      Look into Ihor Kolomoisky. Evidence is damning.

  • ADHamburg

    I stopped reading your article at the point where you claim, that MH-17 was trailed “at the same altitude” i.e. 10 km by a SU-25.

    This claim alone has catapulted your article into the huge league of speculative articles, that we have had much too much of, already!

    A SU-25 military aircraft is a so-called air-to-ground fighter and has, in whichever variant, a maximum operating altitude of 5 km with full ordnance and stores and can reach an altitude without any ordnance and stores of 7 km.
    However, the B772 of Malaysia Airlines flew at an altitude of 10 km.
    This is an unsurmountable atitude-difference for a Su-25 aircraft.

    As long, as something like this is reported wrong, this means either very bad research on the part of the author, or it is a misleading information placed ON PURPOSE.
    I do not know, which is true, but both would make the remainder of the article worthless as well, as you base the whole article on what government-agencies or politicians of any side have claimed but none of them ever proved and if one thing is reported wrong due to bad research or on purpose, then other parts of the article may also be wrong.

    In view of the fact, that the MH-17 drama shows, that this is an endless raging (des-)”information”-war on all sides and fronts, it is the best, to believe NOBODY – at least almost.

    I say “almost” because, if you or your readers are interested in FACTUAL information, both about MH-17 or any other incidents or accidents, that have to do with civil aviation, then please go to “The Aviation Herald AVH”.
    That site limits itself to the reporting of FACTS ONLY and leaves out all speculation.

    Kind regards,


    • EnemyoftheState

      This seems to require a technical response. That the planes were named wrongly in the list shows a somewhat haphazard editorial eye….. the story makes sense but not with inconsistencies such as the above. If the military planes were not SU-25s however, that would be interesting….

  • jamesalbright

    Jesus revealed to me and sent me out to tell His people that the USA is Babylon the great and this article supports that the Darwinian Atheists in the Democratic Party and their corrupt black civil rights racist in the White House, which is equivalent on many issues to being the same as a member of the Nation of Islam, are causing the USA to fulfill Rev 18:24, which foretold that Babylon the great would become responsible for all who are slain on the earth.
    Rev 18:24 “And in her was found the blood of prophets and of saints and of all who have been slain on the earth.”

    • JS353535



      • jamesalbright

        Extermination is the only cure for socially engineered Darwinian Atheist Communist social misfits like you.

  • ann onymouse

    Where’s the connection to the other Malaysian flight MH370?? I didn’t see one.

    • Predrag J. Maranovic

      Try wearing your reading glasses then.

      • ann onymouse

        Wow thanks, your comment was super helpful. NOT.

    • denk

      in both case, ask urself cui bono ?

  • Jwj Gattin

    As seen on this picture of a wreckpiece
    de rocket would have hit the plane at the LEFT.
    At the picture SA-11
    Surface to air misile (google-maps style picture here above) the plain
    was hit at the RIGHT……………………

    • The Arioch

      if it was SA11 or ny other SAM, which is doubtful per se.

  • Jwj Gattin
  • xdrfox

    something I found VERY interesting in the article… all Boeing jets (except Germany’s Lufthansa fleet) are equipped with a remote override that can be accessed by authorities in certain foreign countries, one being the United States. Although not publicly acknowledged until recently, Boeing Uninterruptible Autopilot (BUAP) systems have been standard since the late 1990′s, apparently designed to take control of a commercial aircraft away from the pilot or flight crew, chiefly in the event of a terrorist incident.

    What type of plane hit the world trade center?

    Flight -Time -Plane Type -Plane Registration Number -Crash Site
    American 11 -8:46:40AM -Boeing 767-223ER -N334AA -World Trade Center
    United 175 -9:02:59AM -Boeing 767-222ER -N612UA -World Trade Center
    American 77 -9:37:44AM -Boeing 757-223 -N644AA -Pentagon


  • Jon

    There’s an error about the instant trajectory the plane got if the right engine was hit. the plane would have instantly turned right.

    According to the colonel, at 16:19:45 (local time, and 5:19pm Moscow time), a Ukrainian jet fighter targeted the Boeing with an air-to-air missile R-60. The missile damaged the right engine of the Boeing. The Boeing was hit, but still managed to stay in the air. However, in doing so, the Boeing turned 180 degrees to the left.

  • TedCr

    FlightAware screenshots

    • Ted wins the MVP award for this round. Thank you sir.

  • xdrfox

    If the missile hit the nose, the cabin blew off/.up and the wind tore the plane apart to the wing section.. why the sudden deceleration …. This apears to be the right side of the cockpit ,,, no words from pilots..
    Dose this look like a blast and shrapnel-like” holes to you, saw this on the first piece brought up from the ocean of flight 800 also. From outside in.

  • whatwaysup

    Boeing 777 MH17 on 17 / 7 / 14 @ 17:21.

    Just like GHOUTA gas attack false flag. Media MO the same.

  • It is all explained precisely by Bill Clinton in this video

  • The Arioch

    > battle reports from Igor Strelkov’s blog

    That is lie. Igor Girkin (pseudonim Strelkov) does not have ANY blog or social media. The link in the article leads to some unknown group, that publishes compilations they make from different sources, and then use Strelkov “brand” to gain publicity and trust. Nothing more. Please, stop propagate those unknown compilers by your article. They do not have any traceable relation to Igor Girkin himself.

  • The Arioch

    Regarding the screenshot with a hard U-turn and the idea of MH17 crashing into Russia – this all is based on a single and very problematic data point of FlightRadar24.

    If to remove that anomal data point and use other data from FR24 – or to use data from Russian Ministry of Defense, they agree to one another – then the plain was shot to fall down quickly, there was no attempt to aim the crash at the Ukraine/Russia borderline.

    The analysis of that record is at http://my-local.livejournal.com/2820.html and later at http://my-local.livejournal.com/3675.html

  • FToben

    It’s always easy to spot the>> insider job<>Now, remember article 21 of the International Military Tribunal’s Charter . According to the first sentence, “The Tribunal shall not require proof of facts of common knowledge but shall take judicial notice thereof”. According to the second sentence, “It shall also take judicial notice of official governmental
    documents and reports of the United Nations, including the acts and documents
    of the committees set up in the various allied countries for the investigations
    of war crimes, and of records and findings of military or other Tribunals of
    any of the United Nations”.
    Among such “official governmental documents and reports”, there was for example,document PS [Paris-Storey]-3311 according to which in Treblinka Jews were systematically killed in… “steam chambers” . There was a well, a
    boiler, pipes, steam, etc.<<

    The current air disaster deflection follows the typical Holocaust pattern of disinformation where the story keeps on changing.

    Did you notice the Mali air disaster did not evoke any outcry? That's because it was an accident and not a false flag insider job.

    See Eric Hunt at: http://holocausthoaxmuseum.com/response-to-david-cole/

    • Alyssa McMorrow

      Look into Ihor Kolomoisky. He has all the motive in the world to do this.


    21st Century Wire your work is outstanding!! You deserve a Pullitzer Prize for this.

    Much of the evidence you have collected I collected as well.

    The biggest *hint” to me came from Russia-if you read between the lines.

    When I first read of the evidence they presented on July 22 ( or 23) I found it “odd” that they were SPECIFICALLY discussing the details of ARMAMENTS on an SU-25, given that the whole focus was on a Ground fired BUK.

    Then I figured it out .They cant “officially” report what they know so they “hinted” at it to the public and ESPECIALLY to Washington.

    Id already collected all of Carlos tweets ( Been following his tweets since MAY) AND I had 2 other eye witness accounts from E. Ukraine near crash site and THESE people didnt know about Carlos tweets from KIEV-especially a CHILD.

    Both insisted there was 2 FIGHTER JETS tailing the plane.

    Here check these out:

    Eyewitness States Two Planes Following MH17, One Of the Craft Shot Down Boeing

    Video: Father of Eyewitness Tells of the Crash of Boeing MH17 Over Ukraine

    Transcript of the Video

    Narrator: Who shot it down? Today it was shot down, on [July] 17th.

    Narrator: Continuing. The village of Grabovo. How was it? What did you son tell you?

    Father of Eyewitness: Well, they were sitting there, on a hill. And, from behind the clouds … two airplanes were flying … one of the came out from behind the clouds.

    Narrator: Military planes emerged?

    Father of Eyewitness: Well, he does not understand. Then, with one shot, they shot down the second.
    And that’s it.
    The second plane, he says – with one shot. There was one shot and that’s it.

    Narrator: And the one that was shot down was the civilian one? …

    Father of Eyewitness: And two … one fell down, he says, and the second too … I did not bring my phone here, so I can’t call him.(AND TWO. THE SECOND TOO)

    [in the background] Ah, he saw a jet fighter … Of course …

    Narrator: The village of Grabovo, in the Shakhtersk district. One the approaches to Grabovo, it fell. Keep looking for remains. Everything is burning. Aluminum has melted. All the casing.

    and another eye witness account. This now makes THREE
    ( 2 on the ground and Carlos the Air Traffic Controller whom tweeted there were 2 planes tailing)

    Transcript of the Eyewitness Phone CallI

    have a single sheet of paper that fell from the plane, with fresh blood – you can see it.
    Baggage also fell, further, in the area of the Petropavlovka settlement – there are fragments there.
    There is a group in VKontakte that already posted photos with pieces from the Boeing. Also, beyond Rassypnoye, near Terrikon, there are corpses. There were people there, and they saw it all.

    I saw, personally, that there were 3 explosions.
    The first, the second and the third.
    So, after the first explosions I went up on the roof and saw that a plane was falling – it was already almost at the ground.
    There was an explosion, a black cloud, and two parachutists were descending – one was descending on his parachute on the wing.
    The second was flying down very fast – like a stone. And that is what I saw.

    However, at that very same moment, a jet fighter was departing in the direction of Debaltsevo.
    It was over Rassypnoye and was flying toward Debaltsevo. How I understood it.
    (A FIGHTER JET WAS DEPARTING. THE OTHER FIGHTER (cause their were 2 Fighters) HAD
    EXPLODED along with the “OTHER Plane)

    ***SEE …Corroborates some more.
    So does this transcipt from a BBC VIDEO that was “conveniently” removed from its website.

    MORE eye-witnesses saying the same thing:

    The Catastrophe of #MH17: BBC in the Search of the “#BUK” – The Video Report Censored by BBC


    …the World outside of UKRAINE had no idea about this “Strangely timed” Announcement just 20 minutes BEFORE
    the crash had occurred. But a Ukranian Tweeted this:


    Valentina Lisitsa ‏@ValLisitsa Jul 17@homo_viator
    Ukrainian Defense declares “separatists now have weapons capable of downing high-flying planes”

    17:49 “plane down”.

    and to counter the Kiev version:

    Gleb Bazov ‏@gbazov Jul 17
    #ALL: BIG HOLE IN UKR NARRATIVE #MH17 flying at 10,000 metres.
    Militia can only shoot to 3,000 metres.
    Must be a Ukrainian jet, no other way

    and finally here is the Biggest CLUE of all that this was PRE-PLANNED and PRE-MEDITATED. Those outside of Russia missed this, ( but the Evil Powers that be sure didnt)

    July 17, 2014 was the anniversary date for the July 17, 1918 assassination of Tsar Nicholas II and his entire family by the Bolsheviks.
    I don’t subscribe to numerology but this date IS very significant to Russians and is a subliminal warning to Putin.

    No wonder they were already to blame Russia right out of the gate. Its how these “Global Leaders play the game.Choosing the DATE of an event they know is deeply important to that country…and “sending a Message.

    So Russia will sit back & watch the world implode over this one….

    • Alyssa McMorrow

      Look into Ihor Kolomoisky. I’d bet money that he’s the one responsible.

  • Dan Sheppard

    Excellent read, thanks for the detailed information on this topic.

    Knowing all information is being withheld from the International community of the precise details of the MH17 attack (Ukrainian ATC, Su-25 involvement, Malaysian Air Lines Black Box data, Air India Recordings, US satellite imagery on the day), it has already place massive doubt on the story that took place. The lack of response from all countries involved is just openly inviting theories world wide of a coverup and false-flag conspiracy in motion.

  • Alyssa McMorrow

    Ihor Kolomoisky, he’s your guy.

    Is it a coincidence that multi-billionaire Jewish-Ukrainian oligarch Ihor Kolomoisky was just appointed Governor of Dnipropetrovsk Oblast in March? And that Dnipropetrovsk air traffic controllers were the ones who gave the order to divert? And that he is the main shareholder for Dniproavia, an airline headquartered at Dnipropetrovsk International Airport? And that Dniproavia has full control over Dnipropetrovsk International Airport? And that he spent $10 million to create a militia battalion in Dnipropetrovsk who are alleged to be responsible for the Odessa Massacre? And that he is literally putting bounties on separatists heads? And that Hunter Biden (Joe Biden’s son) and Devon Archer (a college roommate of John Kerry’s stepson) just joined the board of directors of Ukrainian gas firm Burisma Holdings Ltd, owned by Ihor Kolomoisky? And that a 10-day NATO exercise (US Navy included), was going on in the Black Sea, which just happened to involve “commercial traffic monitoring” and conclude on July 17th? And that Kolomoisky has dual citizenship in Israel? And that Israel started their ground offensive on July 17th? And that the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal just found the State of Israel and Amos Yaron guilty of war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide?

    That is just too many coincidences for me.

  • mysilencedoesnogood

    more telling is all the fake pictures of wreckage that obviously never fell from 33000 feet which leaves one to believe that the plane was never even in the sky ..

  • Dennis Swanson

    If there’s any justice in this realm the dirty snot cockers in Washington will be hung publicly and left to rot.

  • xdrfox

    According to a CBS News report, data downloaded from a black box retrieved from the wreckage of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 is consistent with a missile attack.

    More here –> http://bit.ly/1l5dEKw

  • Alyssa McMorrow

    Are upgraded Canadian CF-18 Hornets capable of taking down a Boeing 777?

    What were they doing “flying NATO ‘air policing’ missions near Russian airspace,” and carrying out “localised and low-power jamming” that made planes vanish from ATC radar screens?? And why did they conclude their “training” and relocate to Lithuania on July 18th?? It was called “Operation Reassurance”…do you feel reassured now? What the hell is going on here? Things are getting weirder by the day! The US and Russia know exactly who did this, and somebody needs to start talking.










  • Dimi

    A very well balanced article, for which I can only salute the writer.

    It is clear by now that this human disaster known as MH17 is a complete PR disaster for the pentagon and ditto organisations.

    This one (lie) will backfire far into history. Doubters of 911, doubters of “Iraq has WMD’s”, Bin Laden did it (from a cave with a satellite phone), Assad used chemical weapons on his own people the day the UN arrived to look into… the use of chemical weapons, Bay of Pigs… The list goes on and on.

    At a time the US needs some clarification to do, they pull this one off. I’m European and live in Asia. From what I hear around me: the US now has lost all of it’s credibility. I was not for sale but those who were, the CNN people, have lost all believe into the US propaganda.

    The biggest mistake is taking Putin for a Saddam. The pentagon, the PR agent division, can get away with the Iraqi lies, but not with Putin. If there is one nation specialized in espionage and contra espionage it must be Russia. They have obviously their own high tech to prove their point. And if they are innocent, which most people in their own proper mind believe, they will prove it. They already did but the MSN is not listening. Not part of the agenda.

    This obvious lie will backfire into the past. People will start asking questions like “what really happened on 911? ” and many more. Once credibility is lost, so is every word you have ever said or written. Everyone of us knows personal stories about other people and their claimed past events. Credibility…

    And then there is, of course, the BRICS coincidence…

  • Insiduous

    The USA Corporate New World Order has now been exposed for what it is, A Terrorist State. All the talk of Exceptionalism just evaporates & they are now just broke & dangerous psychopaths. After starting wars in 125 countries & overthrowing 50 legitimate governments it has no allies or friends only paid accomplices. How long will they stick around when the money dries up? Every time Obama speaks he gets a little smaller as his lies become more desperate. It is sad to watch all our hopes destroyed & realise that these psychopathic killers rule the world with fear, death & bribery.

  • abinico

    This is all bull crap. Give a SAM to a bunch of redneck dingo wackos drunk on vodka and you can be sure nothing good will happen.

  • Ben Jacobs

    I feel so much dumber for having read that load of crap. So much stuff listed as fact without attributing any sources or means of acquiring that information. For some people these tragedies are the newest forms of horror porn!

  • Mirna R. Smith

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    to can’t hold out until payday loans costa mesa eventually your following pay day advance comes? ar you now clogged with Associate in Nursing sudden vehicle fix? For any shocking emergency you’re searching, every day loan can assist you notice the money you will have quickly! sometimes, the overall apply generally takes exclusively ten minutes or perhaps a smaller amount.

  • Tony Rees

    Well., this does make me feel ashamed of being a Brit, I was proud to be English. If this turns out to be true and I hope it does, the western powers should feel ashamed and be taken to task as. But the court who could do it is also in the country of one of them so no fairness there. Only the determination to create a war with Russia, the west has wanted since I was a kid. I would guess it is all about making money and nothing about what is right or wrong. I doubt very much if the truth will ever come out, unless Russian can show the world, the west as we call ourselves are not to be trusted in any of this as everything will be pointed at Russia to blame them and it would seem they have nothing to do with any of it. I for one hope very much Russia can prove with out any doubts it was Ukraine that did the dirty deed and that would then bring in the rest of Nato, the EU and the US government.

  • Godblessourchildren

    Well done and thorough. I stand by my asserion that the craft was downed by an air to air. Most likely, Washington is scrambling for a way out as is the EU. They will try to broker a deal with Russia. They will ultimately blame someone in the Ukrainian government acting as a rogue, maybe the nazi party, maybe drunken soldiers. No matter the outcome, the world now sees the duplicity of the west. Ultimately, with nothing to offer, the west will lose the Ukraine.

  • Billy Ashton


    May I suggest you read the transcripts form the FIUGGI CONFERENCE held in Italy on the 4th – 6th of October 1957.

    If you have trouble getting hold of a copy you can contact the dubious registered charity Bilderberg Association
    Failing that you could request a copy from H.M. Treasury.

  • Billy Ashton


    Read FIUGGI CONFERENCE held in Italy date 4th-6th October 1957.

    Bilderberg Group meeting.

    Transcripts supplied by the dubious registered charity Bilderberg Association.

    My thanks to Mr. Kenneth Clarke for lying to me and calling me a conspiracy theorists. My thanks to H.M. Treasury for finally admitting that they hold Bilderberg transcripts.

    The truth is out there as proven by the excellent article.

    You all have a voice and now is the time to use it.

  • olivia

    Ive been trying to share this on FB but it keeps getting deleted or taken down, wont let me send to people or put it on my wall!!

  • Rogoraeck

    Cui Bono???????????/
    The same psycho-shit that originated WWI & WWII. Want another War.
    But during the last two Ward those psycho-shit were safe well behind the line. But today with nuke-cruise missiles they are a target as well. I just hope that if the SHTF Vladimir will not be as stupid as Hitler, which was bombing East-London working class suburb, but never,never the square mile known as the City of London & West End!
    So Vladimir, program you nuke cruise missiles at #1 City of London. #2 All Rottenchild estates living quarters in Europe. #3 Wall St. #4 All Rottenfella estates & living quarters. Then I’m sure that you can find more of the lesser psycho-shit to target as well.

  • Valya

    I’m a Ukrainian living in Ukraine. Trust me, it looks so much clearer from the inside. Trust me, you don’t want to believe Russia. This whole article is a combination of all that Russia could come up with after the tragedy. Now it’s translated for you in English. I know most of you don’t believe your own American goverment. But please don’t take Russia’s side – they will kill all of you tomorrow for their imperialistic adeas and money if they can. Please don’t believe their propaganda in this article.

  • Malash

    Americans did not land on the moon and Russia won the 2014 World Cup.

  • winston1984

    “Operation Northwoods” – From the horse mouth, ovvero..,
    oggi come ieri, e l’altro ancora, la bocca della verità dei “liberatori”:

    §4: Potrebbe essere avviata una campagna terroristica di matrice comunista cubana nella zona di Miami, in altre città della Florida o addirittura a Washington…
    §5: Potrebbe essere simulata ostilità di matrice cubana e castrista nei confronti di una vicina nazione caraibica…
    §6: L’uso di caccia di produzione sovietica pilotati da aviatori americani potrebbe fornire ulteriori provocazionI…
    §8: È possibile provocare un incidente che dimostri in modo convincente che un aereo cubano abbia attaccato e abbattuto un velivolo charter civile in volo dagli Stati Uniti verso Giamaica, il Guatemala, Panama o il Venezuela…

    >> http://tiny.cc/w8srjx

  • Ken Teo

    Loyal americans should critically think now,united & take back your country from this tyranny criminal government,obama & his gang should be kick out of office & answer to his crime!

  • Wieweet

    This is the URL of the Dutch National Police, asking for anyone’s help: http://www.politie.nl/onderwerpen/flight-mh17.html#upload——————
    – The Dutch National Police is investigating the crash of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17. We would like to receive pictures and video material that could be associated with the crash of the plane of Malaysia Airlines MH17. This link provides access to a page where material may be uploaded.
    – Поліція Нідерландів веде розслідування щодо краху літака авіакомпанії Malaysia Airlines MH17. Ми будемо раді отримати фото та відео матеріали, які можуть бути пов’язані з крахом літака авіакомпанії Malaysia Airlines MH17. через це посиллання ви можете завантажити ваші зображеняя.
    – Полиция Нидерландов ведёт расследование по крушению самолёта авиакомпани Malaysia Airlines MH17. Мы будем рады получить фото и видео материалы, которые могут быть связаны с крушением самолета авиакомпани Malaysia Airlines MH17. через эту ссылку вы можете загрузить ваши изображения.

  • dandfx

    Thank you for this in depth article. I have shared it and the information with many. Please keep updating and revising your findings (and adding more references) to ensure it can’t be brushed off like many before. The truth is out, it’s time to fight back.

  • Irene Caesar

    More evidence in my essay “Malaysia Airlines MH17: Zio-Nazi CIA MI6 Mossad MIVD Terrorist Act in Ukraine: http://irenecaesar.wordpress.com/2014/07/25/malaysia-airlines-mh17-zio-nazi-cia-mi6-mossad-mivd-terrorist-act-in-ukraine/

  • gives gascon

    hubba bubba

  • realsayer

    Fortunately, there is enough independent information in the net to convince open-minded people that this is another one of US false flag operations. After the CIA had taken over the Ukrainian SUB I had been waiting for it all along. What suprises me is how willingly western governments are following the US. Tuning up sanctions on the basis of unproven allegations they are prepared to really harm their own economies. Either they really are that stupid or they are being blackmailed. I wonder what the NSA has got on them?

  • Panda Monium

    This propaganda piece stinks of propaganda. You’re not looking for the truth, you’re trying to make a case that serves your agenda. This is obvious. Go ahead, call me a CIA shill. Totally predictable. But I’ll tell you what, I never believed the story of Saddam’s WMD either. Why? Because BUSH and company SOUNDED LIKE THEY WERE LYING. Like you sound now. The internets are choked with Russian trolls spewing noise. If this is how the Russian decision makers have chosen to deal with the world, Russia is doomed. All this propaganda offensive has accomplished is to offend anyone with any common sense. RT has become a joke. So have you.

    • timmy tims

      Why don’t you please make your own case instead of regurgitating bs rhetoric such as “Russia is doomed…” or whatever. Considering the evidence that is available out there and plain logic I think this a very strong case. Moreover, here is a case made by a German expert that is somewhat similar.
      Shocking Analysis of the ‘Shooting Down’ of Malaysian MH17

    • Billy Carlin

      Oh Dear! If you go to the following INDEPENDENT site you will get all the evidence evidence you need that this plane – sorry MH17 was cancelled before it even took off – MH370 was shot down by the Ukrainian fighters. The PROOF of how this is MH370 and the photo PROOF of the cockpit being riddled with cannon shots. Scroll down the page to find these plus plenty other EVIDENCE on there about what the US, UK and Israeli TERRORIST regimes are up to:


      The internet is choked with Russian trolls is it then? Just how can they find any room with all of the US, UK and Israeli government trolls whoring themselves against the decent people of this world.

  • Markus Jabel

  • Nigel Williams

    MH17 20140801
    Refer video apparently showing hit on MH17.

    This video shows missile impact at 00:03 seconds. Sound arrives at 00:20 seconds = 17 seconds. Average speed of sound (allowing for adiabatic lapse rate) is about 328 metres per second. This gives the missile hit you see on the aircraft in the video at a distance of 5576 metres or 18,300 feet. Allowing for slope distance that was probably at an altitude of around 5000 metres or 15,000 feet.

    There’s something very odd there, as MH17 was cruising at 33,000 feet at its cruise speed of around 910 km/h before it started to rapidly descend.

    It took 1 minute 35 seconds from start of descent to disappear from radar, while this video runs for 1:19.

    So we are seeing here a hit on the aircraft when it was about half way down at around 15,000 feet. It must have been hit earlier (perhaps enough to decompress the cabin) to bring it down this far where the attacking aircraft finished it off with this second air-to-air missile that obviously hit the right
    wing. Perhaps this was the moment about 30 seconds into its descent when the aircraft suddenly turned left travelling at about 363 km/h (from its original cruise speed of about 910 km/h)

    And likewise something (the first hit?) must have attracted the camera operator’s attention, as the camera was on the scene BEFORE the (second) missile hit.

    Clearly not a hit from a Buk, as I imagine that would have shredded the aircraft, and sent it straight down in bits.

    See also

    This has air traffic control radar video showing a non-civilian plane in the vicinity of MH17 at the time of its demise.

  • Nigel Williams

    Others have pointed out elsewhere that the sky in the video I refer to below is blue compared with the cloudy day MH17 went down. So the video shows a hit at 15,000 feet, but not necessarily on MH17.

  • pbecke

    I found the quote in the Guardian, ‘“I heard that MH17 was diverting from some showers as there were thunderclouds”, hilarious. It sounds to me a p*ss-take of the first water. Delicious irony: a SHOWER! Storm CLOUDS! Not an extensive, monolithic, heavy shower, but, ‘some showers’. You know… just before the sun comes out. And not a storm but ‘thunderclouds’. Oh, Mercy me.. ..!

    Sometimes with the Guardian and the BBC, you have to read between the lines. There’s more than one way to swing a cat.

  • Vonnie Hughes

    None of this crap helps my in-laws who have no water or power.

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  • Kyeld

    Russian propaganda meats gullible conspiracy theorist.

    It’s easy to see that the rebels shot down MH17 thinking it was a Ukrainian transport plane. Their twitter account even admitted to it before the news spread internationally, then it was quickly deleted.

    • oskamikey

      Piss off shill

  • FreeOregon

    What if the pilot of the fighter jet that shot down MU17 was an American mercenary on the Academi payroll?

    • Andreas Gärtner

      Nevertheless you could blame Russia. He was using a russian aircraft!! Btw where is this guy? They hopefully check their pilots somehow…

  • Nelson Nigel

    Ladies and gentlemen, sometimes life is not all about right or wrong. Sometimes life is life. Certain people must make hard decisions.

  • the missile will started from ukrainian territory?

  • daisygarden

    Oil, Blood, Confusion and Fear: Fuelling the Public’s “Appetite for War”

  • daisygarden

    Revelations of German Pilot: Shocking Analysis of the “Shooting Down” of Malaysian MH17.

  • daisygarden

    CIA Analysts Won’t Support White House Claims of Russian Culpability

  • daisygarden

    Gentlemen,please,sign the petition for INDEPENDENT INQUIRY OF MALAYSIAN PLANE CRASH in Ukraine. Thank you
    Spread ,pls

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  • daisygarden

    Warning to the World: Washington and its NATO and EU Vassals are Insane


  • douglasawillinger

    All of these nation’s governments have been led by the Vatican- yet that entity continually gets a free pass from most people.

  • Norton Kelly

    I think as always they will get away with it guys, too much apathy in the west for us to stop them, and those to blame have too much money to get at

  • Wieweet

    Yesterday Dutch minister Timmermans told in a Dutch tv program, that one Australian passenger wore an oxygen mask, URL http://www.news.com.au/travel/travel-updates/malaysia-airlines-mh17-passenger-had-oxygen-mask-on-dutch-foreign-minister/story-fnizu68q-1227085259511

  • daisygarden

    Leading German Journalist Admits CIA ‘Bribed’ Him and Other Leaders of the Western ‘Press’

  • LodeHere

    Could it not have been that the BUK units with their radars only gave additional data to the fighter jet pilot as to precise position, speed, and direction of the passenger jet? And that first an air to air missile was fired, and that when -after it destroyed one of the engines and the pilots of the passenger craft were still able to control their plane somewhat with the use of the still functioning engine- the fighter jet fired a round of bullets from its 30 mm cannon at the cockpit?

    Makes more sense than the BUK rocket hypothesis. Especially in view of the big hole in the left side of the cockpit, and as there have been no BUK rests -rocket nor its shrapnel- found on the crash site. Nor the latter in the bodies of the pilots or passengers as far as is known.

  • griffinalabama

    This is conclusive proof that Kiev did it……they are the ones who released the faked audio tapes 30 minutes after the plane went down. High Quality studio DAW WAV file analysis of the audio files that Kiev submitted for MH-17. Make sure to turn on CC captions for English translation. Video fully exposes that the files are fake and were spliced together using basic studio DAW software in a rather unprofessional manner. WAV files overlap and digital splicing is obvious throughout multiple points of the conversations including obvious cuts, cutoff of voices and overlapping soundbites. It is 100% conclusive…..Kiev faked the audio they submitted that pointed the finger towards the rebels. Now the next logical question is why did they submit fake ‘evidence’ and where did they get it? If they had time to make it in a studio as this video suggests then it is obvious they knew that MH-17 was going to be shot down. Please keep in mind that they released this audio 25 minutes after the plane crashed. This audio is proven to have been prepared in advance of the event. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T34AB6CImTE

  • Roosak

    One of the greatest Russian propaganda pieces you will ever find. Excuse me while I print it out and wipe my ass with it.

  • Roosak

    Such a classic Russian propaganda piece, truly breathtaking…now please excuse me while I print it out and wipe my ass with it.

  • Shamael

    I am happy to read about this once more and it just confirms what I thought about it. Unfortunately, instead of finding objective comments, I find the usual Bible donkeys that find an explanation to all in the fairy tale written in the baby, cabbage, and stork system and they will never be able to read anyway.

  • Kate Rosser

    What was Ukraine’s motive for the criminal shootdown of the MH17? This site offers one logical theory that goes beyond the false flag hypothesis. It was part of Kiev’s war strategy:: MH17 Remembered: A Theory on the Motive for the Crime.


  • Gort Sneeley

    It would be equally good if 21stcentruywire.com ALSO told the complete truth about this event, instead of bleating the false narrative farting out of the mouths of those Zionist and Mossad shills in the US State Department. Nobody was blown out of the sky by any ‘missile’ on July 17, 2014 and for you to REPEAT this LIE incriminates you and makes your story TOTALLY suspect.

  • keller josef

    In Twitter however @FLGovCand_gig it looks different: MH17 is to be seen in line with #silkair #TAM470 #MH370 #MH17 #QZ8501 #westjet5622 #Germanwingscrash Capt H L Giger cannot believe such USA engagement.

  • Perun Vlatko

    Most crucial fact that in Donetsk prior war was base for Ukrainian Army Anti Air rocket regiment armed with Buk missiles is never mentioned anywhere in any report. Like they never existed. Their commanders and solders was ordered to leave Barracks A-1402 (в/ч № А-1402. ) in Donetsk and take all working weapons and technique including Buk rocket launchers to battle positions around Donetsk 2 weeks prior downing MH-17. And they were in positions within range to take down MH-17.


  • Jonas

    This is amazing. I wonder, how much does it cost to make such article? Most of these “facts” were admitted to be false even by Russia itself. How dumb you have to be to read and believe shit like this?