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BEHIND THE LINES: Stunning Images of ‘BLM War Zone’ Exposes Federal Fiasco at Bundy Ranch

1-Patrick-henningsen-BW1Patrick Henningsen
21st Century Wire

New images of cattle rancher Cliven Bundy’s tense standoff with the Federal Bureau of Land Management (BLM) on Saturday afternoon  reveal how the armed agency’s military operation configured to forcefully engage Bundy cowboys and their supporters who sought to liberate federally confiscated cattle over the weekend.

These exclusive images were taken by an independent photojournalist, positioned right above the action on the Southbound side of Interstate 15 near Bunkerville, Nevada.

Despite the BLM being instructed by Clark County Sheriff to leave the Bundy Ranch and Gold Butte area earlier that morning, the agency still insisted had a legal right to be there and that it would not let go of hundreds of cows it had already taken away from the Bundy Family. Critics are asking if that ‘legal right’ also includes stationing a federal military force in Bunkerville.

Prior to this standoff, the special agent in charge of BLM’s ground operations, Daniel P. Love, had issued a warning that any one who crosses the federal line in order to free the seized cattle – will be arrested.

Agent Love went on boasting his agency’s advantage over Bundy supporters when saying, “I’ve seen your numbers right now, you’d better hope that 10,000 show up.”

It turns out that protesters needed far less numbers to overcome Love’s federal detachment. In the end, a Bundy’s contingent of 150 cowboys on horseback and a few hundred of peaceful supporters – backed by approximately 100 volunteer militia, all together, proceed to march past the BLM’s line of demarcation to the entrance of the government’s makeshift cattle holding area and compound, prompting armed federal tactical teams to stand down, and fall back.

The following is the first collection in a three part series, showing what can only be described as the federal government’s ‘paramilitary’ build-up to Saturday’s climax under U.S. Interstate 15…


21WIREa-Bundy-Fed-Standoff-April-12-2014-Copyright-GMN (2)
ARMED RANGERS: Back line of armed agents arrive on the scene.

SWAT TEAMS: Local police TAC teams commandeered by the federal government.

CONVOYS GATHERS: Alphabet soup agencies gather to mount their military operation.

TARGETING MEDIA: Watching us, watching them – BLM Sniper points rifle at GMN photographer.

LAYERS OF FIRE: ‘Paintball’ (pepperball), CS Gas in the front, and bullets from the rear.

EYE IN THE SKY: Ariel surveillance overhead as Cowboys move towards federal line.

AGENT IN CHARGE: Dan Love pulls out before Cowboys move to reclaim their herd.

LOVE LOST: Special Agent Love realizing that BLM have painted themselves into a corner.

PULLING BACK: Federal soldiers begin to pull back.

21WIREw-Bundy-Fed-Standoff-April-12-2014-Copyright-GMN 21WIREx-Bundy-Fed-Standoff-April-12-2014-Copyright-GMN
PACKING UP SHOP: Federal soldiers pack-up after giving the right of way to Bundy Cowboys and their supporters.

LIBERATION: Cowboys and supporters prepare to open the cattle gates.

COWS COMING HOME: First cattle released heading back to the Bundy Ranch.

MOTHERS AND BABIES: Cattle families coming home after release from BLM’s federal penitentiary.

AN AMERICAN MOMENT: Bundy Cowboys flying old glory, driving their herd back to pasture.

21WIRE can also reveal a secret recording made prior the final standoff on Saturday afternoon, between BLM Special Agent Dan Love and a GMN radio host Peter Santilli, where Agent Love can be heard saying, “Constitutions are not decided in the dirt.”

Agent Love adds, “I guarantee you the constitution is on my side – not your side… (…) You (the people) can fight your argument from jail.”

Listen to their full conversation here:

SEE PART 2: BEHIND THE LINES – BLM Agents Prepare to Shoot Americans?
SEE PART 3: BEHIND THE LINES – More Photos, Video of Bundy Ranch Standoff

READ MORE ON THE BUNDY STORY AT: 21st Century Wire Bundy Ranch Files



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  • Zaphod Smith

    Mr Love needs to reread the Constitution.. My guess is he hasn’t read it yet period.

    • Olen Thomas Giles

      my guess is he only knows of the word…probably thinks america is a democracy too…what a dumbass

      • Zaphod Smith

        I’d be willing to bet that about 80% of Americans think the U.S. is a Democracy, and not a Republic. They, of course, would be wrong. I would also be willing to bet that, that goes up to almost 100% in Congress.

        • Olen Thomas Giles

          one word…liberalism 🙁

          • James Cato Jr

            please liberal/conservative they are the same. both oppressive, forcing their views upon others. the truth is in the middle.

          • Olen Thomas Giles

            i dont agree…libertarianism is now true conservatism…but what is traditionally considered ”conservatism” is just liberals masquerading as conservatives

          • James Cato Jr

            ok, thanks for correcting me. as you can see some of us are trying to learn. 😉

          • Spychiatrist

            Wrong! Libertarianism is not always conservative. I know many Libertarians that advocate for open borders and NO borders at all. I’d call them liberal globalists personally.

            I’d say often Libertarians are very liberal in their ideas.

          • offinya

            I think you are confusing Republicans with Conservatives

          • James Cato Jr

            no Sir.
            my point is, if one goes to far to the left or right, they end up 180 degrees across from freedom. which is oppression. sadly some don’t even see it.

          • onebigelf

            You’re on the wrong scale. It isn’t “conservatives” on the right and “liberals” on the left. It’s Anarchists on the right and Totalitarianists on the left. Supporters of a Constitutional Republic are the moderates, smack dab in the middle. Just enough government to protect the rights of the individual. No more.

          • steven2067

            and this changes my point how?

          • Egadsno

            I used to say I was rooted in the right but lean left, because of my classical liberal views as a paleoconservative (old right) that believes in limited govt (civil rights & fiscal conservatism), non intervention, ect. Over the years though I see this is an inaccurate distortion of politics. I advise you to think of it not just left right on an X axis but add a Y axis for up and down. Namely between totalitarianism and liberty.

            The only thing that ever truly separated the left and the right is the basis of our democratic republic, States vs federal rights.

          • justavenger


          • Ian Da Ous

            There’s nothing wrong with liberalism, our founding fathers were liberals. The problem is with progressive democrats that want to use force to spread their ideas. Same problem with conservatives that want to use force to spread their ideas.

          • Olen Thomas Giles

            actually if you knew anything about politics you would realize they were more in line with libertarianism as for modern politics…but at the time…they were non affiliated because the only political party in america at the time was very pro british crown

          • Marlene Schultz Parlak

            You have no clue of the differences. Please do not go to the polls.

        • Evan B. Case Jr.

          It is a Democratic Republic. Don’t just say half the story.

          • Freespirit

            NO it is a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC….are you American?

            If so where did your go to school???

            EXAMPLES of DEMOCRATIC REPUBLICS are .Korea and the Congo and many other FAILED or FAILING republics.

            Democracy, bluntly-speaking, is RULE by the MOB and is why Democracies are not only a farce but FAIL

          • Evan B. Case Jr.

            No democracy is, a form of government in which people choose leaders by voting. Where did you go to school? Did they teach you to just make up definitions? Also they should have taught you that just because Korea and the Congo are called democracies and republics they are the farthest thing from it. So where did “YOUR” go to school….

          • Ian Da Ous

            you’re both wrong… and right.

          • Ian Da Ous

            the fact that ‘we vote’ for our leaders that create the laws, makes it a constitutional democratic republic 😛

          • Mebake

            it is a constitutional republic, because we are (supposedly) voting for representatives who in turn are to enforce and uphold the stipulations (constitution) for the federal gov as laid out by us, the people…we do not vote for leaders (rulers), or at least that how it was suppose to work

          • Psychonaut23

            True Democracy only works with an informed and intelligent voting populace. Cognitive dissonance opium gets us where we are. To be fair…I do think a true Democracy would have all kinds of smarty pants who hated each other and might get more creative than the Unibomber.

          • Freespirit

            Democracy is a farce for fools

          • Zaphod Smith

            I suggest you find the word Democratic in any of the founding documents, used to describe the US. You might check the pledge of allegiance too, it says.. “and to the Republic for which it stands..” Not. Democratic Republic for which it stands.

          • Evan B. Case Jr.

            Democracy, a system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives.

            Republic, a state in which supreme power is held by the people and their elected representatives, and which has an elected or nominated president rather than a monarch.

            Democratic Republic, a form of government embodying democratic principles and where a monarch is not the head of state.
            Okay so, the united states IS a democratic republic because, we elect representatives to vote for us democratically. The word democratic does not have to appear in order for it to be democratic, and usually if the country has the name, “democratic”, or “republic”, its usually quite the opposite, for example the democratic republic of the Congo.
            The citizens elects officials, republic. Those officials vote on issues regarding government, democratic. Therefore our country is both democratic and a republic.

          • Zaphod Smith

            Our political voting system is Democratic. Our country is a Republic. In a Democracy the 51% have the say over the 49%. In a Republic the law (Constitution) protects the individual person from the mob rule of Democracy. I suggest you read the Federalist Papers.

          • Evan B. Case Jr.

            I suggest you read Article I-V of the constitution and research the definition of the words you so flagrantly throw around. Nothing in my searches has come up stating a democracy requires the 51% over the 49%. Please validate your information by citing your source.

            Here’s my source’s,

          • Zaphod Smith
          • Evan B. Case Jr.

            I will begin my rebuttal by pointing out that none of your sources are considered ‘credible’. My sources are both respected and credible, also you stated that I should read article IV – IV? I should also state that it is properly stated, ‘Links (are) a great idea’, not is a great idea.
            So please, post some credible sources stating your point.

          • Zaphod Smith

            Your “sources” are only dictionaries. You asked for sources not definitions.. And I would hardly call the Federalist Papers not credible.. But that’s okay you believe what you want.. Sorry my grammar isn’t up to your standards guess that makes us even.

          • Evan B. Case Jr.

            I also like, how on most of the websites you listed, half of the page was trying to tell you something, while the other half was trying to sell you something. That just screams credibility.

          • Zaphod Smith

            Glad you liked it. Using that “logic” (if you can call it that) I guess this page we are posting now isn’t credible..

          • Zaphod Smith

            Based on that “logic” (if you can call it that) this page screams credibility as well.

          • Evan B. Case Jr.

            Well for one things there is one ad on this page, half of your page was ad-space. Hmm…I wonder why the mayo clinic, Scientific America, and just about every other reputable source reframes from doing that. Probably because it makes you look like you have mixed motivations and that’s not exactly what you want when obtaining reliable information. I also have to ask, do you think this page is credible? Because it is not, none of my college professors would even consider taking this as evidence. It may be true but it is not credible. Oh and you stated I merely posted definitions. While I did state definitions, I would say that was relevant since you were stating America is not a Democracy. We should probably start by stating the definition of Democracy, which America falls in.
            Democracy is not a term that must remain by itself, America is a Constitutional Democratic Republic, say what you want but you will be wrong.

          • Zaphod Smith

            Rotf.. I could agree with you.. But then we would both be wrong. No point in that.. Bye now.

          • nikondvr

            I forget if it was Jefferson, Madison, or which founding father it was, but after coming out from signing the US Constitution a lady asked him what type of government they had given us. His answer, a democratic republic, if you can keep it.

          • Zaphod Smith

            It was Benjamin Franklin, when asked “Well, Doctor, what have we got—a Republic or a Monarchy?” his reply was “A Republic, if you can keep it.” Not what you guessed at.. But thanks for playing anyway.

          • Coonhound

            Jefferson Davis

          • Sam Spade

            Actually, it is a Constitutional Republic as are each of the states.

          • Evan B. Case Jr.

            And you are right, it is both a Constitutional and Democratic Republic. Because our officials are elected democratically though constitutional regulations.

          • CommonwealthPatriot

            Not all of them are states 🙂

          • Marlene Schultz Parlak

            Founded as a Republic, adding any word doesn’t make it so. Yes we have what they call democratic elections but the country is only a Republic.

      • paulreverewannabe

        olen thomas giles you are mistaken i’m afraid. america is a democracy. democracy is socialism. go read the book democracy is socialism. it’s older than you are. and yes humans defined democracy as socialism over 100 years ago. unfortunately you have just been a victim of the governments war on vocabulary manipulation. this is a war which has attempted to redefine words that already had valid definitions and to redefine them with false definitions in order to manipulate and destroy your ability to accurately comprehend. the war on words also helps the u.s. government commit illegal acts with a “legal” appearance in a court of law where words with meaning are compromised to benefit the oppressor.

        • Not Crazy

          Your’e crazy.

    • Wolve Rine

      Agent Love needs to have an additional asshole added
      to his forehead.

      • James Cato Jr

        sounds like he already has one.

      • Joshua Graham

        Well I have yet to see a picture of him without a hat 😀

    • Dan Love is just another govt tool. When the revolution finally does turn violent, he will run away with his tail between his legs.

      • Don Little

        My guess is that if the SHTF, Dan Love and many others like him will be on the side of the American Patriots. Right now, they’re stuck doing a job they’d rather not have to do.

        • nikondvr

          I’d have to disagree with that in light of his comment that the constitution was on his side and not the Bundy’s and their supporters.

    • Joane Pappas White

      MR. LOVE? You mean Daniel Love. The Butcher of Blanding? The freaking psycho-cop that was turned loose on the innocent citizens of southeastern Utah in 2009 by the BLM to play army? That Daniel Love? He should be in federal prison and instead the Obama lackies directing the BLM promoted him so he could play again with the Bundy family. The difference between Blanding, where his actions led to the death/suicide of three people, and the Bundy Ranch was an incredibly professional, well-trained and disciplined militia that made Love look like the psychotic bully he is.

      • bernieunelectableloser

        I hope your loved ones die of cancer

  • Jason Matzke

    Do those guys have 3 percenter patches? Seriously?

  • earnest.roberts

    do not be deceived by this “trickery” of the feds.. if they are backing down it is in their own best interest.. they have another approach planned..

    • iodine333

      I don’t think they have another approach. We’re in uncharted territory. The media is in people’s hands. People are winning.

      • Springfeild M25

        This was also so in the Opening of the War for Independence. The Printing Press.

      • AL

        You must always maintain the initiative to think you are wining is weakness.

      • Ironwoman05

        They’re in a spot. A group of armed federal agents all but surrendered to a group of citizens. Yet if the feds had (or do) fire on the citizens, there will be a wider reaction.
        It’s really pretty simple. The protesters weren’t Timothy McVeigh, as much as the governments wants people to see it that way. They went in with their hands up, truly proving they were dedicated enough to risk their own lives rather than firing first.

        My prediction is that someone will take the fall. It likely won’t be Reid, but probably his crony Kronze at the BLM (hey crony and Kronze are almost the same 😉 )

        That leaves the government to say “Bundy is a crook but our BLM director handled this poorly. So sorry. We will now do XYZ and everyone move along and take your medicine.”

        • Springfeild M25

          Im not sure Ried can get out of this one. Your Right on the Feds not Firing and having been put in a bad situation they exercised restraint. Both sides did. I disagree on Bundy being a Crook. I think he and every other Rancher has been legislated out of a Job and he is taking a stand. I dont think any real laws have been made. The BLM is not a Legislative body. I would challenge the lawfulness of any regulation they have made. If they can make laws then the System is seriously Broken and some House and Senate Cleaning needs to happen. A few Recall Elections and some Impeachments. It needs to happen and happen often.

          • Ironwoman05

            I meant that the media and government are presenting Bundy as a crook (as in owes a million $$ and won’t move his cattle) not that I was making that judgment.

        • IcySpots

          If I got this right Kornze only took office a day or so before al this happened, it was obviously planned longer in advance. Kornze has worked his way up so he won’t take the fall for this, in my opinion he’s too valuable and too new to the job.

          • Ironwoman05

            He was running the show there for over a year, and even before that working or consulting for BLM on operations and of course the “solar project”. That’s how he ended up at BLM: transitioned from Reid to “consulting” on the solar project to working directly for BLM.


            A Nevada local faults him, but perhaps not necessarily the same way as I would. This reporter doesn’t explain whether he thinks the confiscation would have been a good idea on other terms, but does see the way it was done aggravated people. He also implies that many didn’t think Kornze should pullout. As far as I can see, the other option was to fly in more armament. I wonder how many US Park Police you can get on short notice. From what I heard of the attendees, the local and state police really didn’t want to get involved.


    • James Cato Jr
  • Momster55

    I hate that our tax money goes to support these people who clearly do not stand for our country and constitution! And it seems interesting to me that the government can get fighting mad about defending a “turtle” or whatever it is, yet not defend our military, Benghazi, or our borders. And what is this really about anyway? I doubt a turtle and I really doubt the other rumors I have heard. I am suspecting it has to do with the meat shortage our government is trying to force on us for their devious sinister purposes. I hear they got rid of all the other cattle ranchers in that area and have forced out so many cattle ranchers over the years by making it unprofitable. They are really taking a strong hand on our food supply.

    • RoRoMa

      There are so many possibilities, aren’t there. It’s a shame we can’t trust our government (ANY of them).

    • Thomas Rice

      Your not alone, Mr Bundy is in this mess partly because he refuses to pay them to screw him over!
      LOTS of us are sick of this crap.
      I say starve the bass turds

    • James Cato Jr
    • montee

      The day that Americans put their jobs, futures, and lives behind them to REALLY stand up for our freedom, is the day we will win this. But all talk aside, who among all of us here are willing to stop paying taxes? Everyone of us knows that without a doubt, that WILL stop them from doing any of this! Do you think that Mr. Love and his comrades will put their lives on the line for -0- dollars!? Absolutely NOT!~yet, here we sit!

      • Coonhound

        Income tax accounts for 1/3 of US Federal tax revenues.
        https://youtu.be/QbNpl9Bqdys [w/ graduated chart]

      • Coonhound

        Income tax accounts for 50% of US Federal tax revenues, corporations 10%. . [for 2013] a bit unbalanced eh? And they still want to locate outside the US.

  • Robert

    i seen the 3% patch too but wasnt sure… wow

  • iodine333

    We should pass a law that all law enforcement agents and officers have at least an associates of the Law Degree emphasis in constitution.

    • Zaphod Smith

      I would agree but, Obama was a Constitutional lawyer. He knows it inside and out, And all he did with that knowledge, was use it to subvert it.

    • John Doe the Troll

      You sound like a liberal wanting to pass laws for trivial shi*

    • James Cato Jr

      no education on the true history of our country should be paramount in every school. it has gotten laxed over the years. so Mr Love problem thinks
      he is right.

      P.S. Mr love marbury vs madison you might learn the truth

  • PapaBear1130

    What ever happened to Civil Rights and the notion that civilians have the right to peacefully assemble, bear arms, speak freely, that they are innocent until proven guilty? What if this was happening in a black neighborhood and the protestors were black? Do you think the President and all the race-baiters would be screaming at the top of their lungs about it? It’s a crime against the American people. The military of the United States was not formed to battle our own people. We swore an oath to defend against foreign and domestic tyranny. Corruption has created this situation. The justice system has been compromised. Everyone needs to share these photos with everyone of your friends in Facebook. They need to know the truth. There may not be a tomorrow if we don’t speak up today. We are angry and it effects our morale.

    • aznavyvet

      As far as i say there was no US military there, don’t confuse the battle fatigues they were, the US Cops are trying to me more militarized then they need to be they think they are but are not even close.

      • Ironwoman05

        How long has the BLM been armed like this? Either that’s a drastic change or these guys weren’t BLM.

        • Sam Spade

          They are BLM and Park Rangers.

          • Ironwoman05

            Okay, but I’m just saying I’ve seen rangers, BLM, forest service etc for years (OK decades, cuz I’m that old 😉 ) and I’ve rarely even seen a sidearm.

            Some of these guys look as if their main duty is law enforcement or even quasi-military activity. Are we sure they are with the respective agencies?

            It reminds me too much of the new arrogant DHS workers, but I have to be fair and say I don’t know these guys. I’m just wondering what agency they actually work for.

          • Ironwoman05

            explained in a Reuters story: they had US Park Police. That department is based in DC, New York, San Fran. Different mentality than a park ranger, IMO>

          • Remmy700P

            Las Vegas Metro PD and their SWAT unit were also co-opted for this action.

          • roanymacaroni

            There were some paid mercenaries there, AKA paid hit men. Unfortunately for them, there were too many witnesses for them to get done that which they were hired to do.
            Check out the arm patches those guys with the big guns had on and the balaclava and sun glasses so we could get no ID’s on them.
            Had not all eyes been turned on them, I would bet $100 that the Bundy’s would be at the bottom of that makeshift grave where the gov’t fools tried to cover up what they did.

            My ‘puter doens’t have high enough res on it to decipher what those patches are.

          • Joshua Graham

            They’re mock “III%” patches.

  • Mike Canuck

    All the guys in the tan colored bureau uniforms, their shirts are brand new out of the bag (fold and crease marks on the sleeve). i guess they prefer to bust out brand new shirts for these types of occasions!

    • Gary Leigeber

      Maybe they aren’t federal agents but hired mercenaries . Dressed for the part ?

      • jazznut50

        Most likely!

      • Springfeild M25

        The way they walk and carry that body Armor and guns that’s exactly what they are.

      • James Cato Jr


      • Spychiatrist

        Many of those guys are former military and XE, Blackwater, types, etc..

        They command six-figure salaries to oppress the population.

        • Lou Hodges

          that one guy with the beard is a muslim convert, one of those white guys who prays on the rug with his jihadi friends, they probably went over to the Chicago mosque

      • Lou Hodges

        Those are contractors

    • James Cato Jr
    • Spychiatrist

      PR opportunity. They need to look good when the killing starts.

  • Joel Penick

    Yeah, seeing these ass hats wearing “III%’er” patches is absolutely mind blowing.

    • Chad

      Disgusting abuse of the patch.. They must not know what it stands for along with The Constitution or the Oath they supposedly took. They should be wearing a swastika patch.

    • Ron Harris

      That not a III% patch That is Special Task Force III. That is the unit they are going to use on us. Beware, They are using the image in mock of the III%

      • G21



      Them leo are going to go home and beat there wives over this,probably commit suicide too

  • JordyFreedman

    When I read all this stuff about federal agents needing to reread the constituton I literally laugh. You people realize the constitutuion is what made the Bundy raid possible, not a means for defending against it, right? People will never be free as long as they rely on a piece of paper for their freedom.

    • Zaphod Smith

      “And follow” is implied after the reading part.. The ignoring of the Constitution is what made the Bundy raid possible.


      which part of common law were the blm following?

    • nikondvr

      The Constitution did not cause this, a lack of following and abiding by it did!

  • Jason Vega

    nothing like good false flag distraction news, but with HD pictures of BIG GUNS and frowny pouty citizens, to make me forget all about the dark occultists who have suppressed the cancer cure for the last 50 years.

    where is the cowboy with the red ball cap tilted at the douche bag 45 degree angle playing air guitar while pulling the hiyo0-silver-awayyyyy?

    what next for the theatre of the absurd? jUICE in spaaaaaace!!!

    • jazznut50

      Wienie! You wouldn’t know a false flag if it hit you in the face!

    • Kelly Bass

      Really false flag, you need more moon juice or purple drank..

    • Tomcat58@gmail.com

      Jason ! Another Kool Aid drink puss sack kissing Obama’s ass.

  • Bore Venal Charlatan

    Bundy Ranch Standoff needs to be a battle streamer.

  • Anonymous

    These militant bone heads are so ready to kill innocent people and families they don’t even see right or wrong anymore. If this is the kind of people we have in power then the good need to stand up and protect our liberty, protect our Constitution and protect our families. If we don’t stand up for ourselves they will take everything, i can promise you that.

    • Springfeild M25

      There soul is dead. they have been killing for so long they don’t care anymore about human life.

      • DeWalt

        Alot of these guys have never killed anyone. Most have rarely drawn a weapon on someone. If this turned hot, half would have been puking behind a truck. That is reality.

      • Ironwoman05

        They didn’t actually shoot; don’t forget that. Some of these guys might change sides if things ever get ugly.

        It’s the politicians and bureaucrats that sent them, that are more certain enemies of the people.

    • James Cato Jr

      “they will take everything” they think they have through executive order.

  • Greg

    just watch out….there’s going to be another wave after they “feel” it’s safe and most of the people have either left or have come down a bit. Just be careful and don’t ease up and let BLM come in like gangbusters.

    • James Cato Jr

      “there’s going to be another wave” all the more reason We The People MUST take our country back. all this is only the tip of the iceberg. this stuff has been going one for the last 50 years, and has really ramped up in the last 10 years

  • Diane Pope

    Afer listening to Dan Love and Pete Santilli, I’m wondering who ordered BLM to stand down. Obviously Dan Love wasn’t going to.

    • Predrag J. Maranovic

      Probably Harry Reid, he was panicking, now he’s hoping to mop up his mess before people find out too much about his business deals in NV. Dirty Harry.

      • Diane Pope

        Since I can’t be there, I have spent the time sending out all the information I can find and that included the deal Harry and his son have been working on with the Chinese. In doing that, I’ve discovered very negative side effects for the solar energy plants. They are blinding pilots and killing thousands of birds. Both of which can be disastrous. I think we need to keep this story on the front pages of the Internet and tell everyone we can what happened Saturday and why. We need to all read the Constitution again and know the limited powers of the Federal government. Then we need to work at putting this government back in its limited place…which is the District of Columbia and the ten mile radius.


      Great question.The only way that dude is going to back down is to deploy phase 2. Seen many of these types of folks, to much bravado not enough intelligence. That’s the type to have easily be a double agent for Zetas cartel.That guy has a lot of buried bodies in his back yard. Would be cool if cia got a hold of him and interrogated him 🙂

    • James Cato Jr
  • Rogoraeck

    Are those helmeted green fatigue wearer from Brokeback Mountain???
    Or just simply the American Gaystapo??

  • Spychiatrist

    Look at all the mercenaries in federal, tax-payer paid for uniforms and on the tax-payer dole.

    If this isn’t a police state, then it’s damned close to one? How about it you Soros loving Bolsheviks…..what sayest thou? I’m guessing that you left-hacks are in support of these militarized goons sporting automatic weapons and harassing American citizens. Any lefties want to chime in?

  • Spychiatrist

    They’re wearing 3%er patches because that’s what the government is trying to brainwash them into thinking. Keep in mind that the government has to make their mercenaries believe that what they’re doing is a righteous cause; therefore, they inculcate their fragile minds with patriotism and righteous cause propagenda constantly. Add the ADL, $PLC, Hatriot, crap into the mix and we’re all the enemies of the $tate.

    They learn this crap at FLETC…Federal Law Enforcement Training Center.

    • James Cato Jr

      Sir. you are informed 😉

    • AL

      Holy shit bro, they are wearing III percent badges! WTF?

      • Sam Spade

        Those are Special Task Force 3 patches, not 3%.

  • Gary Fox

    You all really need to check out Roy Potter’s post about it being a set up with the BLM Troops Sacrificed…. it explains the disconnect between what Sheriff Gillespie said and what was said by Agent Love.

    It also may explain why they chose troops with 3% patches.

    • Guest

      If I want a video to play, I’ll click “Play”. I really don’t appreciate having a video start auto-playing (audio and all) in an attempt to force itself on me (in reference to the video that auto-plays at the top right-hand side of this article).

  • dagwat

    This administration surrenders only to our enemies, not to us. THIS ISN’T OVER! I am watching April 19 very closely: the anniversary of WACO and the OKC Bombing. The BLM backing down is a rouse to clear out supporters so they do their massacre April 19 with less opposition in the way. This is only the BEGINNING!

  • Matthew Coulthard

  • PJ2ndAmendment

    Where did they find these American military men who would fire on other Americans, Russia?


      Putin has more clout than obama in the United States.

  • Colleen

    If I were the mom of any of those idiots even at their age I’d turn them over my knee and beat the hell out of them for being assholes.

    • James Johnson

      they were breed in a closed environment. you will find there histories most likely grafted.

  • Nick

    What an arrogant little prick.

  • Predrag J. Maranovic

    THese are the best pics Ive seen from this scene yet, nice job.

  • righteous

    Looks just like palestine + cattle.

  • Brad dawson

    I keep scratching my head wondering what part of your integrity,your sense of pride and honor do you lose,when you decide to work for big business, and fire on working honest Americans. How does one reach that point in ones life,when freedom,liberty,justice and basic rights as Americans,take a back seat to greed and a desire to please your corporate owners. I still want to know why harry reid isnt dangling from a rope yet?

  • arch

    I just cannot believe those LEOs and fed swat teams were actually prepared to use those weapons on their own fellow citizens! That is reason alone to leagally strip them of their right to own or possess any and all firearms for life. What congressman will draw that bill up? Each and every one of them is on our tax dollar payroll and this is what return we get for having our paychecks docked by the fed tax law. Despicable human beings all there in those pictures prepared to kill free, peaceful, and innocent fellow citizens who only were exercising their rights of liberty as written in our Constitution! It is now up to every American citizen to vote for representation that addresses this issue of our federal government and the danger it presents being so big and corrupt as to threaten human liberty.

  • Carroll Price

    Why in hell are these brave people (ranchers) flying the American flag? Since 1862, when the federal government invaded the states, the American flag has represented absolutely nothing other than repression and submission to authority.

    • DNavyBrat

      I can’t believe you would even question that! Old Glory! IS The Flag, THE Standard” of The Declaration of Independence, The Constistitution of the Republic of the United States and The Bill of Rights!! That’s why they were carrying the Battle Standard!


    Washington had foreign allies during the revolutionary war, I think it wise to start looking for some,it shouldn’t be to hard to find foreign aid considering this government’s disastrous reputation on foreign relations.

  • If I want a video to play, I’ll click “Play”! I really don’t appreciate having a video start auto-playing (audio and all) in an attempt to force itself on me (in reference to the video that auto-plays at the top right-hand side of this article).

    • Remmy700P

      Quit bitching and get the Adblock plugin. You must be smarter than the technology you are using.

    • First of all, it wasnt an ad… it was for the article. Second of all, i dont believe in robbing creators of ad revenue. I am aware i can ad block sites on a case by case basis, but i had never been to this website before.

  • Victor Yarter

    Interesting to hear it, he says it right out — S.A.C. Daniel Love and his agents are “above the law” because he is wearing a Federal Badge, and that makes anything they do “ok.” Guess he missed the whole “protect and serve the public trust” part of his oath….. Protecting the Welfare of Americans comes ahead of serving papers and seizing cattle, sadly they’re more interested in the “agenda” than the public good. And don’t tell me the seizure of a few hundred cattle warranted the expenditures they made…. This was a show, put on as bait, to draw out those who would openly protest their actions…. While the official media were all told to “Stay Away From This Story” or they’d lose their White House access, sadly for them the “unofficial media” chose to put them in the spotlight.

    • Likeyoudontknow

      Momma Love must be so proud of little Danny boy.

  • Roy Harden

    The top picture isn’t backline rangers or agents, they’re regular Metropolitan Police Officers there with the Sheriff.

  • mp

    I heard him say this land is owned by the people and managed by the government, which is what Federal land is. The federal government owns nothing. The US people own this land. Our mothers, fathers, sisters & brothers have died for this land. So you are correct, the land is owned by the people and managed by the government. Seems that the people have spoken so the government needs to stand down.

  • Billy Trindle

    It isn’t about a turtle, it’s about how corrupt we allow our politicians to be before we have to do this again. Please watch this and decide for yourselves if it’s true. And remember this isn’t over yet.


    American Patriots need better weapons if we have to face the tyrants . . .

  • docwatson

    Be present, be polite, argue logically and loudly, and be prepared for the fight. IF they want one, then give them one but don’t start one.

  • TheSlot1942

    Let us not get too discouraged over this douche-knuckle Love. If you all recall, in 1776, the majority of the population were either fence sitters or active supporters of the crown. Today, it is no different. There are far more cowards and moochers of liberty than true patriots. The key here is that ALL our patriots are willing to dig their heels in and fight, the cretin statists only hide and wait to see which way the wind blows before making themselves heard from. Keep that in mind.

  • Richard Smith

    IF THE LAND IS OWNED BY THE FEDS, AND THE UNITED STATE OWNS AND RUNS THE FEDS, AND WE THE PEOPLE OWN THE UNITED STATE. THEN HOW ARE THE PEOPLE BEING SHOT AND KILLED OR ARRESTED FOR TRESPASSING, IF ITS OUR LANDS ? Just like the I.R.S. we own them but they have signs on our building that says privet property leave or be arrested for trespassing. Listen up people we all have been duped in trusting this parasite government. they are setting us up for the fall they have a partners in crime called the Chinese!!!!! they our giving away America to them because they control them, they are good little slaves that will do what they say. They have no God in there lives LETS STAND AND FIGHT!! WHY WE CAN, THE GIANT HAS AWOKEN BE WARNED OBAMA!!!! WE DO NOT CARE ANY MORE OF THE NSA WATCHING US, IF YOU SEE US DOING AMERICAN THING LIKE STANDING UP FOR FREEDOM, THEN YOU KNOW WE MEAN BUSINESS! Badfinger out! God bless

    • Tommy Maq

      Because the government agents in charge of deciding how ‘the people’ will use that land have jurisdiction.

  • Andrew

    When did the constitution entail protecting turtles and land against the people?

  • Andrew

    WHO pays the Federal Government, WHO is the boss here??

  • BillRind

    who the hell are these people to attack citizens like they are doing, who pays these Americans doing this evil. We need to find out the names and addresses of theses agents and post them on line as government trained terrorists and for their families to see what type of fathers they have.

    • Tommy Maq

      You can always count on light to make the roaches scatter.

      Indeed, you could almost use that process as a test: if they run away from exposure, they must be guilty: the innocent don’t have anything to hide.



  • propel7

    Shoot some Americans protecting their property? Get shot, morons. You will lose a WAR with the American People regardless how many bullets you try to purchase with our tax dollars to get out of our hands. Your Globalist Banker Masonic Illuminati satanist masters will try to use their weapons on the People. Will be the beginning of their end. And yours, little Globalist Banker concubines. You traitors will be tried and hung fro treason against the American People. It begins with the obvious, a 17 trillion dollar CONTRIVED debt to destroy America, and install your Luciferian masters. God does not bleed.

  • AL

    What is strange is this guy on the phone believes he is in the right. I mean the guy is like hair Krishna he believes he is in the right. Oathkeepers has banked on thes LEOs coming to their senses. But clearly that will not happen as much as Oathkeepers thinks?

    Also these BLM guys are coming off as psychos.

  • Glitch Girl

    I outed Daniel P. Love as a former Green Beret and/or for-hire merc one day before you released these stills Bushman courageously shot while being scoped by Fed agents. I outed him using video shot of him in Afghanistan.

    My post garnered maybe hundreds of comments on infowars and many many re-postings. Your audio enabled me on Saturday to place the voice you recorded with the face of Love at the cattle gate as he tried to get the Bundy boys to come in (and be arrested).

    Once you released your stills, I was then able to comment with absolution that Daniel P. Love is in fact the Green Beret in the video I had posted one day earlier, proving on Saturday that the op was being managed by a merc soldier. The goat beard was evidence enough of this, but my video of him in the ‘stan proved it to be true.

    Your forethought to audio record your negotiation with Dan Love was tactically genius. My hope is that Pete Santilli feels that following this angle – that the US gov is using for-hire mercs to conduct what is in every pragmatic analysis to be a US military operation against US citizens exercising Constitutionally guaranteed rights on US soil. This cannot be legal and here is why: It is trumped legally by the Constitution. Period.

    This is that footage I posted to Infowars threads. Love first appears at 3:42.

  • dabub

    I am so pissed it is not going to end well! The minute they do the Bundy family, I will pop!

    I want heads! I want everyone involved tried for treason and hung! We need to set an example for all other government agents! Commit treason and die!

  • Mr_Ed987

    at the end of the the feds are fighting to get a paycheck. the ranchers are fighting for their lives.
    one side is far more committed than the other

  • daniel lee morgan

    Just by looking at the photos,. the Feds were at a severe and untenable position! They didn’t have the high ground ! They looked to be hunkerd down In the shade of a bridge! The feds, acting , as if they were militarily in charge! Ha,they were just lucky they weren’t picked off like sitting ducks ! If somebody can take photos like that ! The Militia hopefully used this to their advantage,and be aware of this next time?

  • montee

    Now we have the word of a lawyer who has worked for the feds, saying that Bundy is right!
    I wonder how these guys would feel if they were told, “We also have done facial recognition on every BLM & alphabet organization…..we know where you live!

  • Eddy Gilliam

    Photo 5. Blue truck…. 2 snipers. Not 1 were looking at camera.

  • Predrag J. Maranovic

    Federal and Central gov’t thuggery MUST stop now. They dress, act and move like a f**ing army on domestic lands. It has to stop.

  • Jim Cornwall

    Egotistical hard assess like Agent Love have no place in law enforcement.

  • Tommy Maq

    Ruby Ridge proved that you can’t take it lightly when a federal agent points his scope at you. Such *assault* (which is what the cops charge people with for pointing weapons) deserves accountability.

    Where are the Oath Keepers in this bunch?

  • Tommy Maq

    This all reminds me a bit too much of “The Ungoverned” by Vernor Vinge.

    What, you never read it? Well why wait?


  • barbalicous

    The Feds were there because the Nevada sheriff does not understand he has the power to send them back to Washington. The Federal Government is limited in where it can exercise it’s power and authority. Fact of the matter is the Constitution spells this out very plainly. Ignorance of the law does not give one the right to violate the law and the sheriff and BLM both violated the law. Those lands belong to the people of Nevada not the Federal Government. The federal government does not have authority in Nevada, the executive officer in that county in that state is the sheriff. Nevada needs to vote him out of office because it is obvious he does not understand his position. The people of this country need to go to the courts and seek damages on this sheriff and the federal government, they spent all that taxpayer money unnecessarily but also unlawfully violating the people of Nevada’s constitutional rights. Harry Reid’s involvement in this mess needs to be investigated as well, because if he was in cahoots with China to the determent of the people that is treason. We also need to know how much he was going to get to line his own pocket with on the deal with china to build a solar farm in Nevada. With the jobs being what they are in this country why would we want China to build a solar farm when we the America people should be building that ourselves? Cause China will bring in their own workers, they will own it and it won’t belong to the people of this nation. But excuse me I forgot, that is right they shipped all our jobs overseas and because of the treasonous politicians our country has had to suffer through since 1963, american owns nothing now. The bankers robbed us with a pen in 1913, stole our gold in 1933 when the country was bankrupted by the bankers and now they want to sell our land right out from under us. Don’t you get it America, they want to establish a dictatorship right here in America and do away with the constitution. How long will you allow the bought and paid for media to set the narrative? See my question is how long will we turn a blind eye and be placated by being told it is political corruption by a few over zealous men when in reality it has been treason all along?

  • Lou Hodges

    We need to put names on these faces, names addresses, background, ID

  • Republic Of America

    OWNED by the Public , MANAGED by the Gov, OWNED by the Public , FIRE THE FN MANAGER!!!

  • Bodhisattvya

    Why does the BLM even have this size of Police Force? Think about every Federal Agency having their own Police Force with AR-15’s. Why? We need to streamline the bloated bureaucracy of Federal Law Enforcement.

  • Herman Christian


  • scs2000

    This whole operation stinks to me, the leaked audio tapes, the back-down by the feds, the almost perfectly staged photos, this looks like the sheep are being led to the slaughter, I could be wrong but I think the people are being dragged into a major govt run psy-op–

  • JT from San Jose

    Unbelievable. Brian Terry had to fire a bean bag round at armed drug smugglers, who returned fire and killed him with a rifle that was allowed to “walk” across the border by this government. Now the Border Patrol is told they rock-throwers can attack them with impunity, without any fear of retaliation—but fully militarized government agencies are mobilized to attack free-born American citizens.

  • sharon buehner

    They just want to sell this land to Japan for them to grow on and ship it home…

  • tr99tr

    As a woman who’s been beaten in the streets of Tehran by regime goons to show me and my friend who holds the real power in my new fundamentally transformed country of birth, I am utterly dumbfounded to see these images and these shock troops here in this USA attacking and pointing guns and trained attack dogs against the American people! It’s beyond belief or comprehension. What has happened in this country? How is this even possible? Who the $$ck are reid&sons, or obama or holder, that they carry such power?

    • Zaphod Smith

      We are in some serious trouble.. And the press has been hijacked just like the government has.. These are very dark times for the US indeed, and will get very much darker here in the near future, even if the people wake up. We are already past the point of an easy fix..

  • Freespirit

    The MERE PRESENCE of the FEDS with the intent to use force IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL, without even considering NATURAL RIGHTS. If they had come, UNARMED, to DELIVER a summons to argue the issue in a court, that would have been acceptable.

    The PEOPLE had EVERY RIGHT to CARRY and EVEN POINT their weapons at the FEDS who were, by their very ARMED PRESENCE, AGGRESSING the people on Bundy property and that is not only against the CONSTITUTION but against Natural Rights. I wont even go into the FACT that the FEDS have NO RIGHT to own land on STATES territory. ONlY the States can , UNLESS they have sold it to the Federal Government, which in the case of that land, they would have no right to sell to the Federal Government

    With the constant reminder BY the FEDS that they had the LAW on their side, what they ignored is that ANY GOVERNMENT can create STATUTORY laws to do anything they want BUT by a CONSTITUTION they cannot.

    • Zaphod Smith


  • IndianaMatthew

    The Feds should be Praying to God, that they got out of there with their lives…There could have been 200 dead Feds…

  • Sam Spade

    This shows that Glenn Beck is a Jackass.

  • Sam Spade

    Dan Love needs his punk ass handed to him in his Bolshevik hat. His next assignment should be pounding rock in Ft. Leavenworth.

  • Kozak

    LOL. Mr Love might as well have taken up a defensive position at the bottom of an elevator shaft. Not exactly Napoleon….

  • Bob Honiker

    Our Constitution does not belong to government, why should government define it?

  • Mister Jimmy

    They’ll be baaaaaaaaack! The Chinese want that land and they’ll get it.

  • Jack Bolly

    What folks need to realize, if they haven’t already, is that Mr Love and the BLM workers are nothing more than minions of powerful people who prefer to stay in the shadows. Harry Reid also is a minion of theirs. The stink here around Bunkerville is very bad.

  • Diane Ryan

    Every fed or fed mercenary in the pictures should be tried for treason. Dan Love is a pathetic punk. His poor Mother…

    • BS.

      He’s an agent of lucifer

      • BS.

        eternity in hell for riches on earth just don’t seem like a fair trade.

  • disqus_GuDfjabWxn

    Where are the photos of the BLM snipers?

  • disqus_GuDfjabWxn

    Did the “First cattle released heading back to the Bundy Ranch” make it back to Bundy property? Or are Bundy’s cattle still trespassing on public land eating public grass not paid for by that freeloading leeching sponging public land-sucking deadbeat welfare rancher Cliven Bundy who does not open his bills and has overstayed his welcome and not paid anybody for grazing fees because he thinks the taxpayer should feed his cattle for free? Did Cliven pay his credit card bill this month? Or did he not open it? Uh-oh. Those pesky jack-booted JP Morgan Chase letters are gonna start stacking up. Nevadans don’t have to pay money to people in NEW YORK CITY do they?

    • bghter

      New York City? Get a rope

    • John Tylo

      You should be rushed to a mental facility, cuz boy, do you hate yourself…

  • bghter

    Daniel P Love go to hell. Constitutions are not decided in the dirt? Ever heard of the Civil War?

  • cougar 64

    ex-green beret or not, he has decided to sell out his country for a paycheck. just another traitor to add to the list of public hangings.

  • John Tylo

    Liberals are all for welfare & they mad as hell spewing out the mouth, eating public grass not paid for by that freeloading leeching sponging public land-sucking deadbeat welfare rancher Cliven Bundy, he thinks the taxpayer should feed his cattle for free… These guys are really mentally deprived…

  • Dahvi

    Crazy people here. You do know that these are federal lands and they have been trying to get this guy to pay or stop using for more than 2 decades. That means Republican and Democratic run Governments have been trying to get this guy to stop. He doesn’t own the land and to use he must pay. All law abiding ranchers are paying and that is cutting into their profits. But he can break the law and serve no punishment while getting more for free from the government. That is the antithesis of welfare. If you don’t like the law, elect officials who will change it, but so far neither a D or R has. But until then, you can’t make the laws yourself and you cannot point guns at law enforcement officials not matter if you like the law or not.

    • Bob Dole

      Government stole it, he stole it, it’s all stolen you fucking retard.
      Jesus… Some people’s kids man.

  • Dick Dagger

    So I’m confused. Where are the photos of BLM Snipers?

  • Dick Dagger

    The only snipers I saw were the inbred pukes on the bridge.

  • YeahBut

    BLM law enforcement ran by Sal (a-hol) c. Dinner
    Laura and faggot,boyfriend Dan. Fowler

  • nvrbl

    Doesn’t law enforcement know they are supposed to come unarmed and just let the Bundy gang shoot them? Because, freedom.

  • Lynn Kopa Balogh

    Mr love, they are following constitutional due process and bundy after losing in court is desperately cause armed conflict to win, like a spoiled child. The courts will reaffirm 200 years of government ownership both constitutionally owned and managed. Imprison them. For life. Mr love was very professional santilli is a idiot like the rest.

  • Howard Kahn

    The criminals are in prison. Spin it however you like.

  • jgreencyclist

    Bundy is such a loser. If he had only continued paying his fees in 1993 he would have received a sweet million dollar payout from the state of Nevada as they purchased and retired his grazing rights to protect the desert tortoise. The neighboring ranches received the payout, but stupid ole Cliven had a snit-fit, stopped paying, and totally forfeited his grazing rights. That’s when things started to go wrong, and it just went downhill from there. He then fest compelled to break the law because he had broken the law. He could be sitting pretty, but instead of being $1,000,000 richer, now he is in prison and he owes the $1,000,000. Fool is getting exactly what he deserves.

  • Kevnbrute

    Oregon patriot groups are logging in new members every day since Lavoy Finicum was assassinated! We will never forget! Give the Oregon people back their land BLM, or face retribution!

  • bari2

    It is disgusting to think that the men working for the BLM in those pictures are Americans!