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‘Hispanic Bush’ Nervous, Dodges Hard Question on Bush Family Nazi Money Connection

21st Century Wire says…

The Bash Family history includes plenty of evidence that Prescott Bush was involved in Nazi financing out of New York’s Union Bank during WWII. The fact that this ‘next president’ is avoiding the obvious should tell you how well-groomed he is for dirty dynastic politics in America…

This report via Aaron Dykes and Truthstream Media:

Hector Cubillos (citizen journalist) who just confronted George P. (Prescott) Bush (aka Hispanic Bush) on his family ties to Nazi banker and his namesake, Sen. Prescott Bush (his great grandfather). The younger is now campaigning for Land Commissioner in Texas… 4th Gen Political Dynasty, y’all with Presidential ambitions, to boot, to be the 3rd George Bush president. That’s the We Are Change spirit…


And here’s our video from the day before for those who didn’t see it:

Get this info out or get ready for a 3rd Bush President (someday, anyway) Have you met George P. Bush? Here’s a quick primer… 

Meet George P. Bush, Our Next Ruler from the Bush Dynasty

The Daily Sheeple

If you thought the Bush family was essentially done attempting to run the country, you are wrong.

The fourth generation of the powerful Bush political dynasty that has already seen two presidents named “George Bush,” not to mention a senator and a governor, is about to make his entrance stage left through a low profile but still powerful Texas office.

Meet George P. Bush, son of former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, nephew of former President George W. Bush, grandson of former President George H. W. Bush, and great grandson of former Senator Prescott Bush for whom his middle initial stands.

George P. Bush is currently running for Texas Land Commissioner on a Republican ticket, a little known but powerful position in the Texas government that oversees vast tracts of both state and federal land, in a race that might as well be unopposed. At the time Bush entered the race, there was no Democratic opponent, but even now it’s only the illusion of opposition. Bush has millions at his disposal, while his only opponent in the GOP primary is fighting for the spot with less than $4,000 to his name (a name with much less recognition). This is a common tactic, to run for a little known position as a political “in” that will allow someone to quickly move up the chain of authority.

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  • Tim

    Agree about this Bush heir and their family’s Nazi connections, but just because Rand took a photo with someone doesn’t mean he’s “controlled opposition”. That’s over-the-top nonsense, thanks to his and his father’s efforts he’s in a position to effectively challenge the Bushies’ control of the party in 2016.

    • Melissa Melton

      He’s not challenging them. He’s aligning with them.

      • Charlie Primero

        Are you the “real” Melissa Melton from TruthSteam?? 🙂

  • ferebetv

    Bushs are a criminal cartel, as are the Clintons and Obama. Bush 1 & 2, along with neo-con and progressive Zionists and Mossad murdered over 3,000 on 9-11 and million in Iraq. Charge and arrest for murder, treason and crimes against humanity and if convicted, turn the entire cesspool over to the murdered Iraqi family members. Did Bush 1 meet the eligibility requirement for POUSA- same problem as Obama? CIA is a nazi cesspool because P Bush, the Rockefellers and the Rothschild brought over 50,000 nazis to USA (operation Paperclip) after WW 2.

    • Queen Mennon

      exactly and they brought all their very nasty ways to america.

    • warisaracketbysmedleybutler

      Well said ferebetv! My research has led me to the same conclusions and beliefs.

      • Over the line

        Your “research” is watching silly little conspiracy videos on youtube. Guess what, my research says the exact opposite of your “research”.

    • Over the line

      They’ve been trying to call 911 an “inside job” for almost 14 years now. If you have some new evidence that hasn’t been thoroughly debunked, please share.

  • Defiant

    Yeah yeah yeah…the Bush family is a criminal cartel who work for the Sith. We get it. Since they’re not running the country can we PLEASE lay this to rest? Why not spend some time trying to figure out why Obama can’t be believed when he says rain is wet?

    • Charlie Primero

      Do you really believe there is some actual difference between whichever sock puppet actor is President of the United States?

    • hp b

      Yeah, as soon as ‘we’ forgive the Germans. (winkwink)

      • what have the Germans done to be forgiven for?

        • xyz


          • Your post makes no sense
            all caps do make your needs show clearly.


  • hp b

    Poppy Bush has the Sinaloa cartel franchise.
    The Carny Prince Bill Clinton is his apprentice.
    (journeyman by now)

    • Queen Mennon

      ruthless and very street, all

  • xyz


  • xyz


  • xyz

    Bush just worked for Fritz Thyssen. Fritz Thyssen was nothing more than a traitor and a jewish spy.

  • xyz

    There is an ongoing disinformation campaign pouring out of the UK that
    “Bush=Nazi” and “Hitler was an agent of the Bush family/ a puppet of
    Prescott Bush” to bring about WW2, a war in which the USA would in any
    case prevail while entering it last.

    It is reflected in America by Jim Marrs (“Rise of the Fourth Reich”),
    Alex Jones and Eric Jon Phelps. (“The Jesuits/black pope are behind all
    this, Israel is a puppet of the Vatican”). It is classic disinformation to divert from the real string pullers in politics and international finance.

  • Helpfulhippy

    After the seizures in late 1942 of five U.S. enterprises he managed on behalf of Nazi industrialist Fritz Thyssen, Prescott Bush, the grandfather of President George W. Bush, failed to divest himself of more than a dozen enemy national relationships that continued until as late as 1951, newly-discovered U.S. government documents reveal.
    Furthermore, the records show that Bush and his colleagues routinely attempted to conceal their activities from government investigators.
    Bush’s partners in the secret web of Thyssen-controlled ventures included former New York Governor W. Averell Harriman and his younger brother, E. Roland Harriman. Their quarter-century of Nazi financial transactions, from 1924-1951, were conducted by the New York private banking firm, Brown Brothers Harriman.
    Although the additional seizures under the Trading with the Enemy Act did not take place until after the war, documents from The National Archives and Library of Congress confirm that Bush and his partners continued their Nazi dealings unabated. These activities included a financial relationship with the German city of Hanover and several industrial concerns. They went undetected by investigators until after World War Two.
    At the same time Bush and the Harrimans were profiting from their Nazi partnerships, W. Averell Harriman was serving as President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s personal emissary to the United Kingdom during the toughest years of the war. On October 28, 1942, the same day two key Bush-Harriman-run businesses were being seized by the U.S. government, Harriman was meeting in London with Field Marshall Smuts to discuss the war effort.

  • Hp B

    He has snake eyes.