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Not Just a Pipe Dream: Texas gets ready to leave the U.S.

21st Century Wire says…

Talk of Texas reclaiming its independence as a republic again is normally brushed off as nonsense, and those who speak of it are often ridiculed. Times are changing though…

Consider the current trajectory of the Washington DC – ever downwards, and taking on new debt every month – debt that could never be paid back in a 1000 years… a number of states could soon benefit from cutting themselves loose from a toxic US economy and its directionless and highly draconian Federal Reserve banking system.

In the future, if any state had to bolt, Texas would be first. They might choose to opt for independence strictly out of social and economic survival.

Think about that for a minute, then watch this video below…

There’s no such things as a permanent empire

Brasscheck TV

Who predicted the breakup of the Soviet Union?

Answer: No one.

Yet, it happened.

Several states in the US have small but passionate independence movements. Are these people nuts? Maybe not.

Maybe they’re just ahead of the curve…

Texas has an unusual history. It was an independent republic before it was absorbed by the US. No other state has this history. Because of its unique background, Texas possesses a number of legal loopholes that makes it easier for it it to step away from the United States and go it alone.

Is this likely to happen? Most people would say no. Then again in the 1980s most people, including people whose entire career was studying the Soviet Union, would never predicted its breakup into numerous independent states…

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  • DeksamTorrac

    I see they have included a pathway for the keystone pipeline in their proposed republic.

    • Stevan R. Grimes

      This map shows the Original territory Texas occupied in it’s infancy! Check historical maps and you will understand. Nothing to do with the pipeline.

      • DeksamTorrac

        it does look like an old map for sure

    • oatwillie

      The present lines of state territory are the result of the Texas Republic’s
      selling the other land for 6,000,000 $ as a condition of annexation to pay off the Republic’s debts.

  • Lex loathar

    but…but, who will pay for the drones of DC and the layabout corporate and individual welfare scum?

  • Diana

    It couldn’t happen fast enough for me.

  • G Willis

    My question is… What to do with the growing community of Islamists who have come into Texas whether illegally or legally…do we know where their allegiance lies?? I mean, let’s get really honest about this people!!! There would be revolt from within what with the liberal factions in Austin, the welfare factions in Houston, and the Islamic community. How successful could this really be?? I’m all for it personally but think that the chances of seeing it come to fruition are really slim if not non-existent.

    • Just Sayin……

      do we know where their allegiance lies??

      Isn’t it obvious, Satan is the father of all lies, especially the Muslim and Islamic doctrine’s of evil.

      • william mony

        So true, as they continue to murder innocents that won’t convert to Islam. Most of all, the father of lies hates Christians as he knows the time is short as Jesus the true and only king is coming soon to set things right. Woe woe to our government leaders who as the bible says “much was given, so much was expected”, they better now pray for mercy.

    • Chris Tatman

      It is obvious where their allegiance lies. They face the only place on earth they are loyal to, every time they pray.

    • Eileen Kuch

      And, what about all those illegal Mexicans who have been crossing the Rio Grande for years, and who want Texas incorporated into their so-called “Nation of Atzlan”?

    • DianneP

      I always here Austn is the nicest city; now I know why….

  • allah_speaking

    It could happen easily, but they first will have to clean out the liberal enclaves in Austin, San Antonio, and Houston…

    • Gary Mccallum


    • Elmo Fudginputz

      Like revoking the applications of the 14th and 15th amendments of the US Constitution. Take the vote away from blacks and women would be a necessity, like it or not. And, homosexuality becomes a capital offense.

      • Jeff Dearman

        Thats Texas for you..The most SICK TWISTED DISGUSTING STATE IN THE UNION

        • Clique777

          Yeah, the one state that is financially solvent. You don’t like Texas, don’t come visit us. We won’t miss screwballs who are insane from states who are bankrupt and run by queers.

        • Bailey Nix

          Really? do you live here? If we’re so disgusting kick us out..I doubt many here would really mind.
          And we’d welcome other conservatives, getting them out of your hair.. It would be a win-win..


      Not a problem. As soon as Texas becomes independent they’ll run like rats and if they don’t, we’ll make them.

    • LocalHero

      Knew there’d be at least one that still hasn’t figured out that the problem is NOT lib vs. conservative or Republi-con vs. Demo-rat. Been in a coma for the last 100 years?

    • shazbot2u

      i live in san antonio but Texas is a red state,,the liberals have no chance in hell to over rule the conservatives

  • Johannan Baptiste

    I don’t think that The Republic Of Texas would want California back, unless the population were purged or moved to New York or Maryland. I hear that parts of Michigan might be available too.

    • Chris Sea-la

      Califnornia was never pack of the Republic of Texas. Anyone can make “claims: but in actuality Parts of New Mexico, Colorado, Oklahoma, Kansas, and up just a little bit into Wyoming were originally party of Texas. Check 1836 Map of Texas.

    • Eileen Kuch

      The population could be moved to Mexico; most Californians are originally Mexicans, anyway. Maryland’s not big enough to accommodate them; neither is New York.

  • Syrin

    I wish TN would split away.

  • Gary Mccallum

    Finally they are making some sense , we need to take back our independence and let the idiots in Washington sink themselves… Texas is one of the greatest states to live in we are self sufficient we have better weather than most of the other states during the winter months and we have politicians that are grounded and for the most part they have common sense…

  • glendaleburbank

    If Texas splits away…I’m moving there. At least in the Lone star state…I’ve got a chance at survival. Bringing my conservative values along with everything else. Can’t wait.

    • gary luchak

      Come on down

    • Brenda Stephenson


    • Dan

      No you will immigrate there unless you were born there.. You will need a visa and pass port …

      • oesgwynedd

        AND I AM A 6TH GENERATION TEXAN!! woo ooo hoooo ooo!! I will be coming home baby.

      • wesleyangun

        I was born there, but if the GOP remains in charge, I would see problems ahead due to their collective idiocy.Nation-building is a lot different than nation-busting.

      • hp b

        I have three children who were born in Texas. Citizens. Family.
        They still live there.
        What about their dear old daddy who was born in Pennsylvania?
        I saw a dozen or so Pennsylvania flags at the Alamo!
        Please don’t tell me I have to swim over from Mexico..

        • Bailey Nix

          Nah we’d welcome anyone that would support us..we’d do a prisoner exchange, as conservatives actually already are political prisoners of the US system of tax and spend into oblivion.

    • Shane Williams

      Not without papers you wont…I hope we have a shoot on site rule…try to sneak in our nation, and you die.

      • LocalHero

        Textbook psychopath.

      • Bill Sheehan

        lol @ your comment. Since Texas was STOLEN from Mexico, perhaps the Mexicans should take it back and offer you the same treatment?

        • david

          It’s amazing about how people of mexico feel about taking Texas back…the mexicans are not Aztec, they are Spaniards that stole it from the Aztec…I think the Aztec should take mexico back first…all countries around the world have been taken over by the strongest…it’s a way of life…

          • Bailey Nix

            My wife is Aztec. . There’d be 500 of her family willing to help fight the oppression. .Good people, hard working , don’t want handouts, and hate the cartels, and the Crooks in Mexican government. If needed they’d join the cause..Its not about race, it’s about Liberty and Freedom. . Not having a govt robbing you blind, not having a government micromanaging you life.Not having people tell you what you can or cannot say or do.

        • oatwillie

          …and they stole it from it from Spain, who stole it from the Triple Alliance – the Aztecs. We could take this back to the Clovis Horizon, if you wish.

        • Willie

          Texas won it’s independence from Mexico at the battle of San Jacinto! Mexico’s president Santa Anna’s life was spared by Sam Houston in exchange for Mexico handing over Texas to it’s new provisional government. You need to do some serious studying of Texas history before making an erroneous statement like you did. There were 7 Tejanos who died with the Anglo/Saxon defenders at the Alamo. General Juan Seguin was with Sam Houston when they defeated the Mexican army at San Jacinto.

        • 1nativetex

          anise porker is calling get shela jackson lees limo back and yah’ll can leave together. ..

    • Andy McWilliams

      Me too!

  • UtahRed

    yeah but Washington wouldn’t let Texas split off until they paid their share of the federal debt. In other words, no one is going anywhere. And Texas probably can’t support all the medicaid, medicare, social security, disabled, welfare recipients on it’s own. Riots would break out – etc, etc.

    • Zaphod Smith

      “Riots would break out – etc, etc” So in other words, things that are going to happen nation wide here before long anyway.

    • Marvintyson

      Utah Red, Texas has an economy equal to that of Australia and New Zealand combined, we would be able to take care of all the programs of today and probably cut taxes as well. Those are the facts. I have researched these things for years and written extensively on the subject.


      As far as we’re concerned, Washington doesn’t have a say as to what Texas does. Also, Texas contributes to the Federal debt higher than any other state, so by default, the Feds can kiss our a$$. Medicaid, medicare, social security, welfare, etc…. all federal programs. We’ll cut them and do it right. We’ll take care of our elderly, have low cost health insurance, allow the people to invest their social security, take care of the disabled and make the welfare recipients get their butts to work.

      • Johnpd

        Used to be families would take care of each other.
        The Feds, of course, want to destroy families, so they can control & use children, as they control & use so much else.

        Let’s get back to families.

    • onceproudamerican

      I’m sure Texans would be happy to pay for 100% of the constitutional items contained in the federal debt… Might add up to a million dollars or so since little the federal government does is constitutional.

  • sorleyboy

    This is happening all across the South. Check this out: http://www.dixienet.org

  • Stoccado

    I didn’t hear water mentioned in the natural resources of Texas. How about annexing Arkansas to fix that?

    • Kris Griffeth

      We have over 300 miles of coastline. Just build desalination plants. I mean, it works just fine for Kuwait, which is in an actual desert…..

      • Stoccado

        Desalinization is cost prohibitive and inefficient. The process consumes an exorbitant amount of energy. The dross goes back into the ocean making it inhospitable for sea life. The Kuwaitis have no choice. Texans do.

  • Diana

    Where would one go to purchase some of the currency?

  • Diana

    We need to get rid of the Islamic schools. They are incompatible with Christianity, and not let the so-called imams train in Texas territory!

    • Jeff Dearman

      Seems like all the BIGOTS landed in texas

      • Diana

        Bigotry is a matter of perception.

  • Amy

    I live in Texas and I simply cannot wait until this happens! If it does we are throwing a party!

    • glendaleburbank

      I’ll be there to buy some beer and ammo (to shoot off our guns for victory of course) for the party !!

      • Chris Sea-la

        Save the bullets. You will need them for the liberals and the government coming in to make sure we dont fall out of line. Unfortunately the DHS has 1.2 billion bullets just for this kind of situation.

        • ROT_SOLDIER

          Fortunately the DHS does not have over 10 million men and women to shoot them. Texas does.

        • JAFO

          Sir, you’re mentally challenged. How dare you insult your fellow Americans. I’m a Democrat and I fought in the Vietnam war because I was drafted. I didn’t doge like most people did. The Army was no cake walk, but I fought for America and slobs like yourself. You should be ashamed, sir.
          That’s right, attack fellow Americans when the real enemy is Russia and China. Sir, you should be kicked out of the USA.
          I’ve been a LA County Police Officer now for 30 years, and I hit 68 next month. I plan to retire at 70. I think Republicans are the real problems in this country. Your right to bare arms against an enemy that no longer exists. Sir, you have a right to bare Muskets. Never forget that!! Armchair buffon.

          • Chris Sea-la

            Yawn, go back to your troll cave on troll island.

        • JAFO

          You’re not a true American. You’re a nut that thinks the Gov is out to get him. It’s obvious you’re into something illegal and you do illegal things on your computer. Otherwise, you wouldn’t look like a paranoid nutbag. People like you scare the crap out of me. You’re the real people that need to be locked up forever.

    • oesgwynedd


  • glendaleburbank

    Did any of you Texans see that story about the gun owner there in (was it Austin?) that moved his business from a mall to a private separate building and the cops arrested the guy out front promoting the business in the banana suit? WTH is wrong with those cops???

    • Mary Brown

      They are getting federal funding and training, and historically cops do not like gun owners

  • libsarescum

    Do it!!!

  • Joe Roy

    I may be moving to TX…

  • David McElroy

    A lot of Hawaiians are also unhappy with Uncle Sam, and Hawaii was a peaceful monarchy before the USA invaded and imposed its government there.

    • DianneP

      and gave them cockroaches

  • Ideas Time

    I want in. Texas would be the hottest place to live in North America. Yahoo!

    • oatwillie

      I have recently learned that Texas is on the same latitude as that of Cairo,
      Egypt. This explains much…

  • Ideas Time

    If you want your dog to stay healthy you get rid of the parasites that suck the life out of them. You can ignore them. They don’t go away by them selves.

  • Wes Woodfin

    If Texas would leave I am almost positive Oklahoma would soon follow. Honestly couldn’t say I would blame them if they did.

    • Marvintyson

      You do know that Oklahoma was once part of Texas!

      • Willie

        Hey friend, only the panhandle of Oklahoma was part of the Republic of Texas! I wished Sam Houston had some insight into the future and would not have pressed for the Republic of Texas joining the republic of the united States. Texas was never lawfully admitted or annexed to the United States, it’s been a big fraud.

      • philstrawman

        The northeast corner of Oklahoma including Tulsa is kind of ‘culturally’ different from the rest, the people there keep talking about leaving Oklahoma and joining Kansas.

  • Marvintyson

    Texas has every legal and moral right to reclaim our status as a Free and Independent Republic. The Independence movement in Texas is no longer a fringe movement but a large and politically active force to be reckoned with. We will soon join the 148 other nations that have become Independent since WWII, and it should be seen in the same light as those former Soviet Republics seeking self-determination!

    • Eileen Kuch

      Every one of the 50 states has that same right, under the 10th Amendment to the US Constitution. Never mind Abraham Lincoln; he couldn’t destroy that Amendment, even though he won the War Between the States. The Amendment still exists; all the states who want to secede need do is do it.

      • onceproudamerican

        Exactly! Lincoln was a lawyer and knew it was legal which is why he didn’t go to the Supreme Court, the court of original jurisdiction, to legitimize his attack on the States who wanted to leave. The US has risked the lives of many Americans in support of nations around the world who sought to secede from their current country.

    • oatwillie

      We tried that in 1861. Ole’ massa Lincoln wasn’t happy about it…

      • Marvintyson

        oatwillie, this is not the 1860s. 148 nations have declared Independence from other nations since WWII and both the U.S. and UN have recognized every one. The U.S. has also promised quick recognition to both Scotland and Catalonia when they vote on Independence later this year. Another interesting fact is, Spain’s Constitution expressly forbids separation for Catalonia, But the U.S. and UN both impressed upon Spain that the moral right of a people to self-determination superseded the Constitutional prohibition, so Spain relented and allowed the vote. It would go over like a lead balloon to the rest of the world for the U.S. to deny Texas that right given these facts.

        • oatwillie

          …ole’ massa Lincoln wasn’t happy about it because, as he stated to those who urged him to “Let the erring sisters depart in peace”, replied,” Let the south go? Let the South go? How then should we obtain revenue”? ( from a history by written by Confederate Admiral Raphael Semmes, last captain of CSS Alabama)
          The same reason resounds today. Do you really think our Community Organizer would allow a cash cow like Texas to peacefully “depart in peace”?

  • Willie

    I am third generation Texian (Americans call us Texans), and share the freedom and independence spirit that most people of Texas have. Texas is fed up with the United States’ endless taxes and wars. The United States needs Texas, but Texas does not need the United States.

  • gabydewilde

    They should join the EU

    • oesgwynedd

      GOOD GOD NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anni Mock

    What about all of the illegals that live there? My husband went for a job and when we talked about moving here I was looking at houses and some of the nearby small towns statistics that I looked at had 60-70% Hispanic populations. Besides, if Barry Sasatan can send drones to other countries, then ? ? ? –

  • Roddy Pfeiffer

    I thought Texas was part of Mexico. In 2013 the percentage of schoolchildren who are Mexican or black surpassed the number of white children in Texas. in about 12 years they will all be able to vote. They can take over every town and city legally in an election. No need to secede.

  • kernel85

    Don’t let the door hit you on the ass on the way out.

  • Predrag J. Maranovic

    California would happily join the EU – without a doubt!

    • Phoenixangelfire

      A second Norwegian socialist welfare and immigrant state..

  • Tammy Eccleston Petitt

    Does anyone know WHEN this was that Ed Brannum delivered the act pass by congress to reclaim all the land of Texas ?

  • T.j. Thomas

    Dear Texas: Here is “Your Secession Checklist”. Make sure you don’t miss anything. http://madwriter.livejournal.com/887941.html

    • Phoenixangelfire

      Slither back beneath your rock libtard

  • Anthony Aldea

    GlaD I Was Born There I Can Not Wait. EvenCloses Bases, Texas Will Have One Large Military Within Second.

  • wallery

    No more talk! Let’s do it!

  • Diana Petersen

    My hubby constantly tells me he wants to go home. I can’t blame him and only wish I could give him that wish. We are stuck on SS disability and that just doesn’t leave the money to save for such a move. We are month to month survivors at this point. I fear, and I mean I really fear, being stuck here the rest of our lives.

  • oatwillie

    Didn’t we try this in 1861? Didn’t work then…

    • Wiliam Prince

      it did work, ever hear of the Confederate states of America? Only the war criminal lincoln invaded and murdered Confederate citizens and we are still an occupied nation today.

  • Joseph Smith

    i’ll be moving there this year when the kids get out of school. getting out of the gate to hell. AZ.

  • Wulfrano Ruiz Sainz

    Should Texas do that, it will get the same treatment as Jefferson’s moronic Southern States.

    • Phoenixangelfire

      Speaking of Morons, looked in a mirror lately professor dickhead?

      • Wulfrano Ruiz Sainz

        @ Phoenixrattlesnake. The stupid Southerners had no artillery, no army, no professional soldiers, and yet these morons like you decided to oppose the Union which had everything. Same goes for today’s nuthead Texans like you.

        • Phoenix

          Phoenixrattlesnake ..geez thanks I like that, thanks professor Knucklehead! ! FYI, 1. I am not from Texas, rather I escaped from one f your infest Northern slums 2. Looking at your comments we have far more in common than in opposition. nonetheless no more time to waste adios

          • Wulfrano Ruiz Sainz

            Good riddance!

        • Willie

          You need to do some serious studying of American and Texas history. It’s apparent to me that you attended public school and believe all the half truths that are printed in the Americans’ history books. You probably view the Germans and Japanese as being evil, as well as Iran, and Syria.
          The South had well over 700 blacks who voluntarily fought for the South. There were Cubans and Tejanos who fought for the South, and last but not least, the South had the only native American cavalry commander of a contingent of native Americans who fought for the South. The South also had the world’s 1st military successful submarine. The Germans and English studied Stonewall Jackson’s military strategies in the early 20th century.

          • Wulfrano Ruiz Sainz

            @ Willie. The Union had a professional army. The Union had artillery. The Union had cannon, firearm and rounds factories. The Union had millions of youths to recruit from. The stupid South had to buy their cannons -if any- from England. The South army was made up of a few stupid white peasants and farmers whose battle plans were throwing themselves as cannon fodder. How stupid can you get!? The southern jerks didn’t even have uniforms!

          • Willie

            The South could have won war between the states in the first few months of the war. The Yankees were running from the Southerners at Bull Run, and the South was so jubilant at their victory rather than continuing to chase them. Incidentally the Americans’ history books and the North always want to call it the civil war, it was the war between the states. A civil war is where 1 or more factions try to take over a government of a nation. The South wasn’t stupid, they were unprepared before secession and didn’t realize that Lincoln and the northern army would be so stubborn in wanting to force them back into the union. The reason why they say it was a war of brother against brother is because there were northerners who fought for the south and southerners who fought for the north. The South had some brilliant army leaders, they were just out-numbered and outgunned, Stonewall Jackson was the best general of the entire war.

          • Wulfrano Ruiz Sainz

            The point is that if Texas tries to pull off the same stunt as the Confederacy it will get what the South got in the Civil War.

  • Santa Cruz

    All debts will soon be forgiven there will be no need for this!!!!!

  • Dean Edward

    Anyone that thinks Texas will be allowed to endanger national security without a brutal all out war is living a fantasy. This could have been done 100 years ago. It cannot be done now.

    • onceproudamerican

      So you are saying that the federal government is lawless, and would be willing to kill folks who peacefully want to assert their self-determination? They would have to leave the UN first as self-determination is a recognized human right in the UN Charter.

      • Dean Edward

        Yes. The Homeland Security Act makes it law. In such a case, the President has legal authority to declare a national crisis and then divide the country into 10 security zones … with pre-appointed governors that operate under the emergency measures protocol. That then becomes the rule of law, replacing constitutional law. Martial Law follows, and all opposing factions are regarded as enemies of the Unites States of America.

      • David J Gill

        Yes. Look up the “Whiskey Rebellion.” In 1794 PRESIDENT WASHINGTON raised a federalized militia and personally led this army toward the rebel territory in Western Pennsylvania. The instigators of the rebellion were sentenced to death.

  • Tammy Eccleston Petitt

    Where is the meetings held at ? It says it is the 2nd Saturday of the month and anyone who is interested can attend. But does not say where it’s at. I also tried to search for more information on Willa Holley (vice president of the Republic), Bob Wilson and Ed Brannum. Cant find anything on them.

    • Billy Highsmith

      you need to join The Texas Nationalist Movement who purpose is to elect like minded Texas Politicians that support re-establishing Texas Independents.

  • Andy McWilliams

    GTT = Gone To Texas.

  • isnamthere

    Don’t let the door hit you in the ass, rednecks!

  • Elmo Fudginputz

    Texas reserved the right on its entry into the Union to split into 5 states. That would be a far better way to accomplish much rather than secession, which would certainly end up in a shooting war. With 5 states Texas would increase its number of US Senators to 10 from 2. 8 of those would likely be conservatives. Plus, in our modern culture it would be easy enough to let Austin remain as the capitol of the 5 states. The 5 states could then share the legislature and current government agencies to serve all of them. The inconvenience and costs would be minimal, but conservative could significantly increase their leverage in the US Senate and Federal government by doing this.

    • David J Gill

      1. Texas has no rights above those of any other state. But it is typical of both Texans and Republicans to believe they are superior to all other Americans.
      2. Why do think the other 50 states would allow this 5 state breakups scenario and your super-Republican plan to dominate the nation?

  • LocalHero

    I thought this was a great idea until I read the comments below. Hard to find a bigger bunch of knuckle-dragging malcontents and just-plain-miserable people. Besides, what difference would it really make? They’ll still be ruled by the same Fascist Corporatocracy that rules the US.

  • David Abernathy

    I guess Texas might have a chance at this, even though currently they get more Federal Dollars than they collect from their citizens. But I guess their military costs will significantly drop when the US pulls all of it’s troops and equipment out of the state, oops I mean “new republic.” Good luck holding that Mexican border on your own, Texas, I hear the drug lords need more growing room.

    • Phoenixangelfire

      Good luck supporting all your welfare rats…oh sorry, didn’t mean to insult you

    • hp b

      Nothing a few neo-Texas Rangers can’t cure with a little help.

  • Guy McPherson

    Lets just help them out a bit and kick them out of the union…of course they can’t keep any real estate, so all America hating Texans (aka Republicans) will have to seek immigration to a country that will accept them, if not we can put them all on a rickety boat and set it off to parts unknown in the Bermuda Triangle.

    • Phoenixangelfire

      spoken like a true mindless libtard…keep sucking down the Kool aid bozo.

  • marvin nubwaxer

    woe is the life of white right wing extremists, fundamentalist crusaders, and the rest of the ignorant bigot riff raff of texas who are daily persecuted by some vague something. has obama’s private black army of muslims come to confiscate your guns and bibles? has teaching science in public schools threatened the collapse of your religious faith and institutions? is someone somewhere somehow getting something that you’re not?
    actually california has more reason to return to its former republic status.

    • Phoenixangelfire

      he is the might liberal shit infested troglodyte crawling into the sunlight to contaminate civilization.

    • Nick

      Your “progressive” regime has single handedly dismantled the rule of law in the United States of America. Since your “progressive” elite can’t be bothered with following the law of the land namely the US Constitution we do not have law anymore we just have force. You liberals think that just because you command battalions of black clad storm troopers eager to kick in doors and kill anyone they get the green light to kill that we must do what you say. However everyone that has tried to rule from force has eventually failed and so too will you.

      Maybe if you kept the contract and Governed through the law of the land you wouldn’t be facing this problem of states like Texas slowly but surely distancing themselves from your liberal elites power base in DC. However that isn’t possible for you since “Progressivism” is in fact a break away culture determined to replace the United States of America rather than present ideas toward improving this nation. So naturally because “progressives” are contemptuous toward the US and the constitution they seek to replace you chose to rule through force and just make up the rules as you go along. After all you have a grand new “progressive” empire to build and can’t be bothered with silly little things like the antiquated laws of this nation. Do you think we don’t see this? That we are too bumpkin and stupid since we lack an ivy league degree from a “progressive” university to realize that you intend to destroy us, our nation, our heritage and our way of life?

      These states that are distancing themselves from your DC power base are the backbones of American agriculture and Industry. You will find that your bastions of liberalized society will become cold, hungry and desperate places without them and those hicks and bumpkins you despise so much will prosper selling their goods to the highest bidder on the world market with as much thought paid toward you and your family as you paid toward them as you tried to crush and enslave them. When your starving masses begin to riot in your decaying cities they will continue to prosper and simply acknowledge that the terrible conditions in your once mighty bastions of liberalism is nothing more than the inevitable outcome of liberalism.

    • meme

      even Israel would not want a reject like you

  • Johnpd

    Great fun discussion , thanks.
    Steam on Texas, the beginning of the end for the mad American Central Banksters Empire?
    One lives in hope. 🙂

  • Michael yarberry

    Only problem is Texas can’t leave the US. The Texas constitution has a clause in it stating Texas cannot secede again. The ONLY thing Texas can do is split into 5 smaller states. Do your research people. It’s right in the Texas constitution

  • Phoenixangelfire

    All for it. Considering moving there myself. Fence sitting for the moment

  • Phoenixangelfire

    Ironic that the very last image shows the Flag of Texas flying below that of the Federal flag

  • Louis Arnold

    Looks like I fall on the front line of the New Texas Nation, and you will require guys like me to repel the LIBtard Sodomites of Denver.

  • Eric Quintero

    If Texas succeeds, can my Marine Corps enlistment serve as my passport? After all, half of the Marine Corps is from Texas. I may not be from there originally , but after having served with so many of y’all I’ve come to respect the “Greatest Nation in the United States.”

    You guys have cattle, oil, technology, guns, your own power grid and most importantly God!

    God Bless the Lone Star state.

    -Sgt Quintero (Currently living in the socialist regime of Illinois :[ ).

  • Seanoamericano

    This would be awesome because more states would follow. Hopefully they will be smart enough not to fall into the same pits that America did to get us here. No central banks and absolutely no dual citizens would be a good start.

  • Mark Hampton

    We welcome all like minded conservative, gun totin, God fearing people to come and join us. The rest of ya can bow to D.C.

  • Freespirit

    Will ANY Libertarian, including a Canadian Libertarian be welcome in the Republic of TEXAS

    • Nick

      I am sure anyone yearning for freedom from tyranny would be welcome in Texas. Those who yearn for a “progressive” communist police state, not so much.

  • Wes Brown

    Be prepared for a war with the US government. Think that won’t happen?

    • Nick

      Don’t really care. At the rate the US Government is going it will be too broke to refuel a tank much less an armored battalion.

      • Wes Brown

        no. War is just not an option.

  • TimWebb

    “….. a toxic US economy and its directionless and highly draconian Federal Reserve banking system….”

    I beg to differ.

    The FR is not directionless; although it is draconian. It was established in 1913 with one objective, which it has pursued relentlessly ever since; namely the economic destruction of the US. Exactly the same policy was in place in Germany during the post WW1 Weimar Republic; Adolf Hitler and specifically, Gottfried Feder, his principal economic adviser, recognised this fact and took the necessary measures to rectify the situation; within less than 10 years Germany had become the economic powerhouse of Europe, and so had to be destroyed.
    To that end, Winston Churchill was bribed in 1936 with the sum of £40,000 by the jewish chairman of Shell Oil; he immediately modified his political sensibilities and began to call for the holocaust of Germany, which, with US help of course, he subsequently achieved.
    Let me point out to all those who swallow the ludicrous idea that Texan secession will solve its problems, that your, and everybody’s, real enemy defeated the mighty nation of Germany, and will find absolutely no problem in defeating you too.
    The first lesson in politics is “Know thine enemy”, which none of those posting here appear to do.

  • meme

    I’ll fight for texas

  • John Whaley

    Join with us as we proceed to a New Republic of Texas. http://www.TexasNationalist.com

  • yod1948

    C’mon y’all….this report is from the Russian Times.

    It would be nice to go skiing in Aspen, TX though. Somehow I don’t think western Colorado is going to like “unlegalization”.

    And why, oh why, do we want that part of Oklahoma and Kansas? If you look at a map of our energy grid, that would be more realistic than this one from 1845

  • Roger Jordan


  • Aliel The Heretic

    Imperial Texas is a misleading term, because in order to have an Empire, you need an Emperor.

    Republic of Texas is the correct term.

  • JAFO

    The South tried to leave the USA and many people died. Texas can’t leave the US.Gov and it never will. I think all of you are mentally insane and demented. They have pills for that, you know. And Alex Jones isn’t helping you nor is Rush Limbaugh. All of you claim to be adhearents of Jesus Christ. Yet, would Jesus Christ harm anyone? He would turn the other cheek and he expects his people to do the same thing. Leave it to the Republicans to create their own distorted Realigion and belief system.

    • David J Gill

      No kidding. This fantasy really brings out the bigots, the haters, the conspiracy believers and run of the mill Republican nut bags.

  • Jeff Dearman


  • Jeff Dearman

    GOOD BYE TEXAS nice knowing you BIGOTS.

  • Jeff Dearman

    Texas a state full of racists, women haters, and bigots.

  • Rob

    Constitutional Laws have been broken By the DC Government, and that alone gives other states reason to leave. All they have to do is revoke the new law’s opposed on them and then leave. It’s the Constitution that they were all joined to. But but this pig running things now, that is now history, and DC can go broke swimming in fake money.

  • David J Gill

    Texas leaving the US? It hasn’t happened, it won’t happen and it’s less than a pipe dream – it’s hardly even a fantasy. The whole idea is a delusion of traitors, racists and paranoid right-wing ultra-extremists.