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What really happened to Israeli PM Ariel Sharon?

21st Century Wire says…

What really happened to Ariel Sharon?

Yesterday Israeli medical officials announced that 85 year old Sharon’s condition has deteriorated. According to the BBC, Professor Zeev Rotstein, of the Sheba Medical Centre near Tel Aviv, said on Friday: “Tests show a slow, gradual deterioration in the functioning of his vital organs… His state has not changed. He’s still in critical condition, and his life is in danger.”

Few are aware, however, that in the twilight of his public life, the former Israeli PM gave a speech which potentially could have changed the course of Israeli-Palestinian relations, but instead faded into the background of the political stalemate static indicative of negotiations which have achieved nothing since they began in earnest over 20 years ago.

In a Zionist context, to have Ariel Sharon – an aggressive operator and war hero, known to Arabs simply as “The Butcher”, say what he said – was almost unthinkable at the time:

“That we cannot continue holding under occupation… and it is occupation, you might not like this word, but it’s really an occupation – to hold 3.5 million Palestinians under occupation, is, in my opinion, a very bad thing. It cannot continue for ever. Do you want to remain, for ever, in Jenin, in Nablus, in Ramallah, in Bethlehem, for ever?”

Did Ariel Sharon have a political, or spiritual epiphany in his final consciousness days? His comments must have rocked the Zionist establishment at the time.

Aside from many delegates getting up and walking out of the press conference in open disgust, pay close attention to the angry expressions from Benjamin Netanyahu as Sharon effectively reverses 40 years of Israeli expansionist and ethnic cleansing policy in one swoop…

Note how hard-line Netanyahu assumed power over Israel policy soon after Sharon’s sudden, and massive stroke.

Certainly, it was no shock to anyone familiar with Sharon’s love of rich cuisine and fine Russian vodka – that his lifestyle posed some severe health risks. At 5’7″ and 250 lbs he certainly wasn’t the picture of health, and on January 13, 2006 he finally slipped into a coma following a severe brain hemorrhaging incident. 

PHOTO: Life sized art installation of Ariel Sharon.

It’s reported that he’s been on life-support ever since, although media coverage and images of the former Likud-Kadima Israeli PM has been nonexistent.

One of the only available depiction it seems of Sharon in a coma has been provided by Israeli artist Noam Braslavsky, whose art installation depicts Sharon in a blue shirt, propped up in a hospital bed with an IV drip attached to his arm. See the BBC Arabic coverage of Braslavshy’s creepy installation here:

Still, no sign of Sharon himself. It brings up a few fair questions as to why this Madame Tussauds-style wax figure is really being filmed here. To fill the curious media gap surrounding Sharon?

Dummy or no dummy, the other question is why would he be kept on life-support for so long?

A strange series of events for sure.

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  • Apachecav

    Hi speech was the effect of a yet undiagnosed brain hemorrhage leading to his stroke. It is the only logical conclusion, brain damage always precedes liberal ideology…

    • GEvans2

      I do believe that Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri had a little chat with him and set him straight. I also believe that the “stroke” was no stroke at all. I also think Sharon is gone and has been gone for some time. I also think they have been pretending he is still alive. Both the esteemed Rabbi and Sharon passed in January 2006. The prophecy is that the Messiah, Yeshua will come shortly after the passing of Sharon. It will be 8 years this January, and the Temple has STILL not been built, the plans for Armageddon have fallen through. Syria still stands and Iran is in negotiation with the USA. There was no brain damage here, just a man who repented and found the truth. Including the fact that there never was a first Temple, only a second Babylonian temple for blood sacrifice which had nothing to do with Joshua/Yeshua.

      • OzzieThinker

        Sharon certainly had had an epiphany prior to his final couple of weeks. So much so the Islamo-NAZI’s (poor cousins of the Zio-NAZI’s) did not know how to play him. The rules of plutocracy are pretty simple, but they were clueless.
        Exceptional comment, GEvans2, and it fits in with Obama pegged as this ‘newly found’ Messiah. Bizarre rumours about his relation to Akhenaten may be truer than untrue. I think the US succession to UN federalism is going to fail dismally too. How are those FEMA guys gonna make a buck? Boo-hoo!!!!

        • GEvans2

          Obamy is a joke. He is no Messiah, lol lol lol. He is mind controlled puppet , a trained actor mouthing the script of his puppet masters. He is no man, he is so far from a real man it is a total joke on the USA. He is a drug addict, a drop out, a bum wacker and a comedian, slightly more deceptive than Bush. Nobody has any respect for him, or for any American President since JFK. None of them are men. They were and still are controlled puppets. Laughable. As for the Akhenaten stories, put it in the same file as Y2k, Project Bluebeam and Sandy Hook. Oh… and also the latest fake “evidence”coming out of Mexico of previous “alien”species on earth. When the crimes become so big and so mind boggilingly insane and criminal, one needs a scape goat to point fingers at. Little grey men without clothes and Reptiles from space are the preferred agenda.

          • OzzieThinker

            Agreed, accept there are some things you don’t understand. Your scepticism will only limit you. More fool you as our DNA is changing and if you live long enough, some of these hidden beings will materialise.
            Obama was created as an emissary who would satisfy tradition, but, beyond that, would assume the role as “useful idiot”. Remorseless, yes. Imbecilic, no. He has shown definite signs of boycotting the plan and that is why he constantly threatened with a ‘military coup’.
            You are proud thinker GEvans2. Don’t limit your intelligence by believing the nonsense science-propaganda. Nothing ever was “as it seems”, yet everything makes sense to the enlightened.

          • Rogoraeck

            Obama= Schwarza mamzer, son of a whore= Satan Messiah

  • GEvans2

    The answer to your question: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ATuecTsn3fg

  • grunt11b

    he is alive only because netanyahu feeds from his colostomy bag with a straw.

  • hp b

    Though I’ve not closely followed Sharon’s moribund condition these last years, I did send a note saying I approved of it.

  • twinkiedooter

    He died a long time ago. Just the fact of his speech before he supposedly went into a coma “helped” the fact that he HAD to be eliminated from the scene. The fact his 24 hour “care” is costing the state too much is another reason they have to let him finally “die off”. It’s just another Israeli ploy at work. Wait until he officially dies then see the real show of tears, eulogies, etc and a huge state funeral on top of all that. Israel has to get back into the limelight of world politics and fast with some “good” news….i.e. Sharon’s official death.

  • elderlyfox

    Rich cuisine caused the stroke? If it were calcification, it was NOT the rich cuisine. Only the self-appointed, big-food-funded, corrupt dieticians are allowed to say so, that to promote the useless and toxic statins and protect the low-cal Industries, stomach stapling quackos etc.

    The well documented causes of arterial calcification are:

    1. High blood homocysteine, that lowered with vitamins B6, B12, and folates. Vit. B6 is synthesised in the gut by the friendly bacteria, in the presence of cream, butter, & full fat milk products. Malhotra S L. Dr. et al. 1974-present. Lancet. Idiotic ‘healthy eating’ advice is to avoid cream, butter etc. Supplementing is also advised against!

    2. Lipo-protein alpha, LDL, is lowered with anti-oxidants, such as vitamins, selenium and l-cysteine, l-tryptophan and l-tyrosine amino acids. 2 egg yolks daily contain sufficient of these to normalise the LDL marker, the indicator of arterial inflammation. This inflammation is what leads to calcificatiion. Statins lacking anti-oxidants cannot slow calcification, but they merely alter the LDL marker by interfering with liver or gut function. Idiotic ‘healthy eating’ advice is to consume only 2 yolks a week.

    (Grass fed animal fats are high in protectve: omega3, conjugated linoleic acid, long chain fatty acids etc).

    3. High triglycerides, are blood fats elevated by too many carbs., especially sugars, and, alcohol. Idiotic ‘healthy eating’ advice is to stuff yourself with carbs all day, ie grains 6X daily, unlimited fruit, and no restrictions on sugar, HFCS etc.

  • highpriestess

    If Sharon was dead Jesus would be here, he will not appear until after the death of ariel Sharon….and that was a promise…the powers that be are trying to keep him alive as long as possible….the day of the lord is at hand!

    • ck

      ummm has jesus appeared now that Sharon is officially dead?


    Patrick: Barry Chamish sent out the following email update to his subscribers regarding the ongoing murder of Ariel Sharon. He points the finger at Shimon Peres. Mr. Chamish has been writing for years about the corruption in the Israeli government. Copied below in its entirety:

    Jan. 05, 2013
    by Barry Chamish

    As Ariel Sharon loses his battle for a brain transplant, writers of my acquaintance like Rachel Neuwirth, Susan Rosenbluth, Prof. Paul Eidelberg et al, are distributing a research piece more than hinting that Sharon was executed by fellow gangster, Pres. Shimon Peres.

    Here is Neuwirth’s assessment:

    “The apparent reality is that Israel’s government is a cesspool of corruption and treason. Its prime minister appears willing to place his people in mortal peril by destroying their national security, unity, and morale, for no better purpose than to confer financial benefits on his financial backers and political hangers-on,” said Ms. Neuwirth.

    I should be insulted for being ignored by this crowd. But they are clearly too high class to be associated with any “conspiracy writer.” Well, here’s what I wrote years before they issued their copycat murder plot…without any acknowledgement to me. Ingrates!

    Just months after hoodlum Sharon threw thousands of Jews out of their homes in Gaza and Northern Samaria for bribes to build a casino, he was murdered, and I covered it.


    So we will not be caught off guard as was the case in Yitzhak Rabin’s murder, here is the background to Ariel Sharon’s second stroke. Be prepared to think this time around:

    The First Stroke

    Dec. 19 Prime Minister Sharon shares drinks with Shimon Peres in the Knesset. Within half an hour, Sharon is driven to hospital unconscious. It took him a day before he could even spell his own name.

    He was brought into the hospital by his bodyguard, Yoram Rubin. As a good chunk of Israel knows today, it was the Peres-Rubin team that murdered Yitzhak Rabin. When Rubin was shown on television news accompanying Sharon’s stretcher, suspicions spread throughout the country.

    For two days, Sharon remained in hospital where he underwent intensive tests. We may ask, how did they miss the blood clot that struck Sharon barely two weeks later?

    The timing of Sharon’s latest stroke is uncanny. It occurred one day after he was implicated in an enormous scandal. For those unaware of the background to the scandal, peruse the following:

    Recently, police have revealed the possibility that Kern served as a front man for Martin Schlaff, a known friend of Sharon’s and an Austrian-Jewish businessman heavily invested in Israel, and that he was the man who stood behind the ‘loan’ in order to receive favors from the prime minister in the form of reopening the casino he owns in Jericho.

    POLICE : EVIDENCE Police Say There’s Evidence Linking Sharon to $3 Million Bribe

    CHANNEL TEN REPORTING The police say they know of evidence linking PM Ariel Sharon to the receipt of a $3 million bribe. So reported Channel Ten tonight, causing a storm of reaction and calls for Sharon to resign.

    CYRIL KERN & MARTIN SLEEP The investigation of the money trail to Sharon has been underway for over three years, and in fact was first publicized before the last national election, in 2003. The case is known as the Cyril Kern affair, named for the South African friend of Sharon who served as a conduit for the money. The source of the cash, however, has long been suspected to be Austrian millionaire and Jericho casino owner Martin Schlaf. The police say the money was used partially to help Sharon pay back campaign contributions that he had received illegally in 1999, and partly for the Sharon family’s private use.

    SCHLAF’S PARENTS LIVING IN ISRAEL Because of the suspicions hanging over him, Schlaf has refrained from visiting Israel of late. His brother James, however, came for a visit two weeks ago – and the police jumped at the opportunity. They raided his parents’ home in Israel, and confiscated documents and two laptop computers. However, the police were not permitted to extricate the information on the computers without James’ permission – which he refused to give.

    SCHLAF’S BROTHER JAMES : SUSPICIOUS BEHAVIOUR Schlaf’s behavior aroused the suspicion of the police, which turned urgently to the courts and said that the computer files will show that the $3 million was in fact passed as a bribe to Ariel Sharon or his sons. The police therefore say that it is imperative for them to be allowed to enter the computers in order to extricate vital evidence in the Kern-Sharon affair.

    END OF SHARON’S POLITICAL CAREER MK Roman Bronfman (Meretz): “If the police have evidence of Sharon’s corruption, he must end his political career.”


    Dec. 21 – James Schlaff flies to Israel. He is immediately investigated by the police.

    Jan. 3 – The police investigation is leaked to Channel 10 television reporter Baruch Kra.

    Jan. 4 – Sharon is in the midst of a career-ending scandal until the late evening when he is struck down by a life-threatening blood clot in his brain. cache:BwxcHW5FpqsJ:maarivintl. com/index.cfm%3Ffuseaction% 3Darticle%26articleID%3D8468+ israelis+attend+schlaff+bat+ mitzvah&hl=en&lr=&strip=1

    Tonight, in Vienna, some of the heroes of this affair, and of the next one, will meet at the huge bat-mitzvah celebration of Martin Schlaff’s granddaughter. Dov Weisglass, Schlaff,s old friend and lawyer will be there. Haim Ramon, another close friend, will also attend. There will be many others. Some of them from amongst the political, social, and economic elite of Israel. Avigdor Lieberman, for example. No one is embarrassed by it. Some are even proud of it. In another time, another place, one could consider it collusion, coordinating testimonies. After all, Schlaff’s name has recently been tied in to that other affair: ‘the Cyril Kern affair’. Schlaff, in case you’ve forgotten, is one of the owners of the casino in Jericho.

    A live Sharon will have to face prosecution for the Kern-Schlaff bribes, even in Israel’s thoroughly corrupt legal system. A dead Sharon will not have to face prosecution. And that would be just fine for the creme de la creme of the country’s political leadership.

    The first impression is that Sharon survived the first attempt on his life. In reaction, James Schlaff immediately flew to Israel with evidence to bring the prime minister down in scandal. Somehow, the police were tipped off and immediately confiscated the evidence. Once the investigation was done, the results were leaked to the media. On the day of the second stroke, the scandal spread fast, threatening to engulf many of the country’s political elite in deep corruption. By 11 PM, Sharon was bleeding heavily from the throat and his prognosis was a living or real death.

    As it was the truth in ’06, it’s just as true today. The crook Ariel Sharon was assassinated by a gang run by today’s Israeli President, Shimon Peres.



  • observer

    . . . SOME similarities with the Mandela scenario . . . ?

  • liberman

    Bibi is saying exactly the same all the years and was the right-hand of PM Shamir at Madrid late 1991 (Which is the original ‘Oslo’ convention). Sharon denied Gaza from BP by means of pulling out entirely in summer 2005, after the IDF had spent 12 years partaking in the British-run PRS (Problem => Response => Solution) scheme: when British-motivated Arab terrorists were chased (‘Problem’) by the IDF, the Arabs sought protection by means of appealing to the UN (‘Response’),
    the Brits then condemned the IDF (‘Solution’),
    thus winning Arab approval for their BP exploitations.

  • Paul Baggio

    Glad he died miserably…slowly indeed….The Butcher of Sabra & Shatilla finally meet the maker…what a miserable death to this butcher