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The Reality Behind the US Foreign Policy and its Military Might

21st Century Wire says…

As the new year approaches and 2014 is ushered in, more and more people in America are seeing beyond the age old rhetoric of military intervention and coming to fully realize what is the actual driving force behind Washington and NATO’s wars.

Ever since the dawn of modern warfare, a handful of investment banks and corporations have been behind near every military intervention. It’s not just us saying this, but high-profile insiders are now articulating this too.

The context is eloquently explained in this interview with former White House adviser Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson, as well as Smedley Butler’s iconic speech, “War is  a Racket”

‘It’s all about the money’

Brasscheck TV

Vietnam vet Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson was former Chief of Staff to Colin Powell during the blatantly fraudulent run-up to the Iraq War. He has now chosen to speak out.

He had the opportunity to see Dick Cheney, George Bush Jr,, Donald Rumsfeld and other assorted war criminals up close and personal. Watch Part 1 of this interview:

Part 2 of Wilkerson’s interview:

“This is crazy. This was what we do today. We do war. The old Federal Republic is dying.” 

US General Smedley Butler’s historic “War is a Racket” speech

If you know your history, you know that in 1934 there was an attempted coup in the United States that was thwarted largely due to the efforts of U.S. Marine Corps Major General Smedley Butler. Look it up. Among other things, Butler was only one of 19 people ever awarded the Medal of Honor twice and the only person to be awarded a Marine Corps Brevet Medal and a Medal of Honor for two different actions. After it dawned on him how his heroism and the heroism of the troops under his command had been misused, he wrote a book called “War is a Racket” which I can virtually guarantee you never heard about in school. Butler concluded there are only two reasons to ever take up arms:

1. To defend the country against real – not manufactured – attacks
2. To defend the Bill of Rights

Sounds good to me. Watch this actor’s recreation of Butler’s amazing speech:

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  • abinico

    Yet more proof the general American public is stupid.

  • ddearborn

    It is NOT all about the money. The money and the power that followed was certainly the carrot dangled to get many “Americans” to commit treason. And bear in mind that both directly and indirectly many of the key players who have been the recipients of all this military largess are in fact dual citizen Israelis. But the underlying purpose was in fact securing the entire Middle East for Israel. And that is precisely what has happened. Now that the “mission” is essentially complete the push for disengagement has begun. In the long run Israel has no interest in having US troops in the region. Certainly maintaining significant military presence close by in say North and Central Africa is ideal. The “media” will increase the rhetoric questioning why we are in the Middle East. And the American people will be lead to believe that it is their demands which is driving force reduction in the Middle East. In general I have to agree with abinico; the general public are incredibly ignorant, poorly informed and easily manipulated. But even the must intelligent of people can be misled into erroneous conclusions if spoon fed bogus information and subjected to round the clock propaganda.
    I am sure that many will disagree. Consider however what countries in the world today have benefited in the war on terror in general and 9-11 in particular? One country in the world stands out head and shoulders above all others—Israel.

    • Hannon

      Now they are replacing the carrot with a whip

    • War Is A Racket

      Al Qaeda and ISIS never attack Israel. The most recent 9/11 related comical propaganda is the release of Osama bin Laden’s alleged book reading list. In it there are what the media labels “9/11 conspiracy theory” books along with books about factually documented events like MKUltra and also New York Times best sellers such as Confessions of An Economic Hitman (a great book). Odd that OBL would be reading conspiracy theory, false flag terrorism books about 9/11 if he allegedly admitted to doing it. The propaganda implies that anyone who reads these books or subscribes to any information in them is an Al Qaeda sympathizing terrorist that hates the US government.

      Of course what’s missing from the reading list that’s been released to the public? What people and country would you expect Islamic extremists to be reading the most about? Judaism, Zionism, and Israel. To those who know Israel and traitors embedded in the major institutions of American society did 9/11, it couldn’t be any more obvious.

      PS. America’s wars have always been business ventures for the Oligarchy that controls the American Empire. America only fights wars of profit and conquest for global domination of people, land, and resources. Empire has never been compatible with Democracy.

  • omegafile .

    America has lost all credibility being run by a bunch of crooked lying clowns who serve only the interests of the jesuits..and are getting sucked into their own demise.
    China is also getting sucked in by the Jesuits and will try to turn both sides against each other with media propaganda and lies and provocation.