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51 UN Countries Vote to Keep Israel’s Nuclear Arsenal Hidden from Public View

21st Century Wire says…

With all of the 24/7 righteous indignation about weapons of mass destruction in Syria and call for ‘compliance with international norms’, the mainstream media barely mentioned this week’s UN vote on whether or not Israel should enter the international community by allowing nuclear weapons inspectors to see what its been hiding for decades now — a full-blown nuclear weapons program.

Hiding a military nuclear arsenal is no small feat. What this latest US-led lobbying effort in the UN demonstrates clearly, is that the State of Israel, shielded by its chief backers the United States, Great Britain and France, maintains its own set of rules outside of international laws and norms.

One might ask the question: does Israel plan to use its nukes on any other countries? If not, why does it need to maintain them, and in secret?

Along with the US, Israel has already threatened to attack Iran on the basis that Iran might, one day, build a nuclear weapon. Both the US and Israel say this would be a “pre-emptive strike” — just in case Iran might attack Israel at some point in the future, even though Iran, unlike Israel, has no history of aggression against any of its regional neighbors. In fact, the State of Israel was founded upon unwarranted aggression, terrorist bombings and ethnic cleaning programs targeting native Palestinian Arabs who previously lived within its ever-expanding borders.

This is the definition of a triple standard.

Daily Sheeple reported:

“Of the 94 countries that voted on the resolution to force Israel to join the nuclear non-proliferation treaty, 51 voted against the proposal. Interestingly ALL the Middle Eastern States were in favor of Israel joining, with the United States, Britain and the European nations forming the majority that voted against it”…

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  • ddearborn


    When you get right down to it the old saw applies;

    Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely………

    Because god knows human nature has not changed one iota in the face of all this power that technology has wrought. Which means of course if they can they will
    unleash this unfolding technology on the masses.And once again the ruling elite force the world back into another dark age. I wonder in the evolution of the species how many times has this happened? 5 times , 10 perhaps? or is this a never ending pattern as man fails yet again to take that next crucial step in its evolutionary development?

  • Jane Doe

    Figures America and Britain were against forcing Israel to join the nuclear non proliferation treaty! A matter of fact they will force there goy sons and daughters to go die for Israel too! HOrrible

  • davol

    Hypocracy is just an elephant in the room. So where is all this poop on the floor from? Elephant? There’s no elephant in this room. It must be from something else.

    • Emmanuel Truthseeker

      Jew: ‘What, you think I put the poop there?’

      Gentile: ‘I saw you put it there.’

      Jew: ‘No you didn’t. I didn’t see you see me. Hence, you can’t prove you saw me. If I did not see you, how do I know you were there to see me poop on the floor? You can’t prove it. You’re just a nasty anti-Semite trying to pin blame on me for s..t.’

      Gentile: ‘But, I did see you do it.’

      Jew: ‘Talk to my uncle; he’s a lawyer. Maybe he can help you.’

      Gentile: ‘I don’t need a lawyer.’

      Jew: ‘Then go see my brother, Shlomo, he’s a psychiatrist. It’s obvious you need his services because you are delusional and think you see s..t, which you obviously didn’t.’

  • et Setera

    Israel is an artificial country, a foothold in the Middle East for the Rothschild Zionists. They have such a stranglehold on the countries which voted against Israel coming clean, but only on the governments – not the people. As Patrick Henningsen noted in an interview recently, we can make a difference when we feel strongly enough as has happened over our leaders’ proposed attack on Syria. However, he also warned that the window of opportunity would not stay open for long.

    • xyz


      • Fucк Israeli Jews

        Israel and its lap dogs in Congress are terrorist and risk sending the world into another dark age.

        Jewish Central bankers flex their muscle and blackmail rules the day.

        Israel has promised to nuke the whole world if Israel’s interests are challenged. Nuclear Inspections of Israel Now!!! Israel must join the non-proliferation treaty.

        Countries are being held at the Jews’ gun point and Jews are saying, ‘Give us all your wealth, and send your young men and women to fight our wars. Fair?

        Israel is an artificial country, it’s a foothold in the Middle East for banksters, weapons merchants, and sex slave traders.

        And those who claim to be “Christians,” the Bible says Israel is the home of Satan’s children. “You are of your father the devil, he was a liar and murderer from the beginning,…” (John 8:44.) Can Evangelicals read? Read the rest please.

        Most countries surveyed have a negative view of Israelis: “Israel’s List of Friends Keeps Getting Shorter.” Who buddies up to child killing apartheidists?

      • anthonysokolsky


    • ed

      No more artificial then palestine or iran.
      All my friends from iran classify themselves as persian, palestinians are from Jordan.

      • Muhammad Abbass

        Iran (which has one of the oldest jewish communities on earth) has been around for thousands of years. Palestine is the name of an area which has been known as Palestine for most of 5000 years. Once about 3000 years ago it was called Israel for about 70 years of Hebrew occupation and it reverted to it’s true name again ever since until part of it was temporarily stolen by descendants of Ashkenazi Jewish converts. Israel is an artificial country if ever there was one. Based on blatantly false history and a stolen heritage.

      • anthonysokolsky

        WELL SAID

    • Defiant

      Argument aside…I’m not sure what you’r trying to say. What is an “artificial” country? Like…there’s no matter there? Is Israel like a Star Trek holodeck? A fake environment? I just don’t get it.
      As for Syria…I got no reason to attack them either. Haven’t done anything to me. The victims of the gas were as terrible a group as the ones using the gas. I’d just as soon stay out of it. But not because Israel is right or wrong…or involved in any way whatever…

      • et Setera

        From ‘The Freedom Articles’, a quote which puts it much better than I can:”The creation of the Zionist state Israel was massively unjust from the start. Something conceived in iniquity breeds conflict down the road.” This website describes how the Rothschilds persuaded the British government to promise them Palestine in 1917, as payment for getting the US into World War 1.
        On the ‘Political Vel Craft’ site, there is an explanation of how in 1948 Harry S. Truman was given $2000000 in return for recognising Israel as a sovereign state. The Rothschilds are said to own 80% of Israel. Given that it’s imposition was achieved with the displacement and murder of the indigenous population, Israel is an ‘artificial’ country of the Middle East in the same way as a cuckoo takes over another bird’s nest and ousts the rightful occupants. It’s track record to date is one of greed, violence and control of others.

        As for Syria … please look again at the victims. There is now evidence emerging that those innocent children were killed by the ‘rebels’ and their bodies used as props to make it look as if the government of Syria had used chemical weapons against them. This implicates our leaders, who support the opposition to President Assad. If they had chosen to ‘stay out of it’, then the good citizens of Syria would not be going through the hell which has been unleashed on them. Our leaders must be brought to justice over what they have done to a peaceful Sovereign state, and also be made to pay reparations to Syria.

        • Emmanuel Truthseeker

          A post I read a few weeks ago indicated that the poison which was used to kill those unfortunate children in Syria is made from the same ingredients used to poison drinking water in many places around the world, ie: fluoride. Hence, the implication is, the poison that is being put into drinking water is a weapons grade toxin; a WMD, in other words.

          Therefore, everyone living in villages, towns, or cities where the drinking water is fluoridated now has grounds to charge their civic councils with attempted murder. It is a start. The evidence to support class action law suits against those traitors is overwhelming.

          In order for real change to occur, ALL politicians must be held accountable NOW for the many crimes they have committed or allowed to be committed against the flora and fauna of the planet; and the planet herself.

          • et Setera

            This is a very important point. Coincidentally, it arose at a ‘Stop The War’ meeting in Somerset yesterday evening. The people who live in countries ruled by a Rothschild Zionist Elite are being ‘soft-killed’ in so many ways – by fluoride, GM foods, vaccines, nanoparticles in food, etc. Elsewhere, as in the Middle EAst, the killing is much more overt with drone attacks, paid mercenaries who murder civilians, white phosphorus and depleted uranium. The ordinary people of the world count for nothing in the estimation of the ruling Elite, and our politicians are their agents of control. It is very hard to get a straight answer from those in government, because they have another agenda to enforce. They must, as you say, be held to account. BTW, one point that arose at the STW meeting was that it should be made a criminal offence to destroy lands, livelihoods and animals in furtherance of war. That would make our leaders’ favourite occupation unworkable

          • Emmanuel Truthseeker

            Good idea, et Setera but who will enforce it?
            Our so called ‘leaders’ are not leaders but sock puppets for international Zionism and they hold most of the guns, mace, shackles, tazers….. What have got?

          • et Setera

            Emmanuel. I honestly don’t know how it could be brought about. However, it feels like something that has been building for a while now has finally broken through, which is an awareness that mass consciousness can alter reality. Until fairly recently, it seemed that whatever our rulers decided was our reality – until they decided to attack Syria. A wave of revulsion swept the globe, and they have had to back track. In Britain, our MPs say that the amount of emails and letters from constituents was the deciding factor in a parliamentary vote against an attack. This shows that if a significant proportion of constituents pressure their representatives, they will be forced in turn to pressure those above them. In America, ordinary people forced a stunning victory over their leaders. You are quite right to say that our leaders are sock puppets of international Zionism, but important to note that a great many Zionists are not Jewish and vice versa. In fact, the Zionist movement was behind the persecution of Jewish people before and during WW2, with the aim of driving them to populate the Palestinian land appropriated for Israel. The Chairman of the ‘Stop The War Coalition,’ MP. Jeremy Corbyn, described Israel as a ‘military base’ in the Middle East. Whatever acts of war and aggression are carried out by its leaders, seem to be justified because of the war and aggression suffered by Jews during WW2. If we can deter our leaders from a war against Syria, then maybe next we can get them to stop upholding Israel’s barbarity and criminality. Many good people within Israel are already trying to do this, by the way.

          • Emmanuel Truthseeker

            Dear et Setara,

            Thank you for your hopeful words. Yes, it is true, people in high places have been known to listen to constituents; however it is the exception. After all, the politicians really are not in charge. They are merely for show. When you listen to the prophetic words of Meyer Amschel Bauer Rothschild, you will see my point. ‘Give me control over a people’s money, I care not their government, I will control those people.’ As you know, that family owns more than a third of the world.

            As for non Jewish Zionists; they will get their just reward also.

            The only Jewish people who likely are not Zionistas are the Sephardim; and they are but a tiny % of the total Jewish people; 99% who are Azkenazis; ie: Khazars.

      • LocalHero

        There is one reason and only one reason that the US is the least bit interested in Syria and that is because the US is a puppet-state for Isra-hell and fights its wars for them. They would never send their own soldiers to fight Syria or Iran. Therefor, they are “involved.”

        • Seasonof Reason


    • anthonysokolsky

      you are no doubt another boring lefty jew hater and you cannot accept the fact that jewish people refuse to be the victims anymore you support the middle east hatred of the west when you state that israel is artificial i suggest you get back to your cup of latte and make your usual anti israel bullshit the main topic at your dinner party speech and hopely choke at the same time

      • George Washington

        Jews are parasites and need to be destroyed

  • Qanni Katifa

    And of those 51 countries that voted against the resolution for Israel to join the nuclear non-proliferation treaty, how many were threaten and blackmailed by the Zionist, or maybe some were bribed? How else could such evil get support?

    • Emmanuel Truthseeker

      People are scared to death of .02% of the world’s population.
      Wake up people! There are infinitely more of us than them.

  • Joe JUssac, Jr.

    Solid PROOF once again beyond the least doubt! This is not a “Conspiracy Theory” that MOST of these WESTERN nations are the SLAVES of the Zionist Israel!!! Shame on those WESTERN nations!!! Never BARK again about democracy! With SIX Dolphin-Class submarines supplied by the Germany, Israel can even send the sub to Southeast Asia waters with its Nuke-tipped Tomahawks missiles (Thank u Singapore! another SLAVE of Israel!).

    tjoaginsing (Googleable)

    • Emmanuel Truthseeker

      The Holocaust has been a Holy Cost for the rest of the world. Now the entire world is being held at gun point and Jews are saying, ‘Give us all your gold, and your young men and women to fight our wars and provide us with thrilling entertainment as we watch them being blown apart.’

  • ThePurpleCrab

    Central banks flex their muscle and blackmail rules the day.

    • Emmanuel Truthseeker

      INDEED, ThePurpleCrab. Banksters are ruthless, greedy, sociopaths.

      The International Banksters; most of them Jews, control most of the world because nobody has really paid attention to the many prophets and teachers through the ages, who have warned us about the Jewish Menace; including Jesus Christ. 99% of Christians would not recognized Jesus if He was having lunch with them; preferring to blaspheme God by calling the Jews, The Chosenites and forgiving them for the murder of He Who Came To Set Us Free. Christians who believe God hung Jesus on that cross are all blasphemers and mind f….ed Paulinians.

  • Afshin Nejat

    There is a massive neon elephant in the room. Certain people are acting oblivious. There’s your problem right there.

    • Emmanuel Truthseeker

      Many of those who should not be oblivious actually believe that God hung Jesus on a cross so He could be moved enough to forgive His Children for their sins. If you believe that, you’ll believe anything. There is your problem. Since Jews control the MSM all over the planet, they can make enough people believe their bull s..t.

      • Afshin Nejat

        The people who LET them do this are the problem. They are called “Goyim” for a reason. The Joos simply exploit this, and are evil for it, but the problem in essence are the goyim, who make it all possible. But some goyim bodies are host to True Spirits of immortal and moral nature, and these always resist, and will be rewarded when this battle is over, freed from these hells. The rest are fodder. They will be expunged from existence, with their overlords.

  • wally58

    Itsahell, home of Satan’s children. “You are of your father the devil, he was a liar and murderer from the beginning,…” John 8:44

    • Emmanuel Truthseeker

      Those words have been in the Bible for a long time. Don’t Christians read?

  • Freespirit

    Those 51 countries are SELL-OUTS, either by Bribery or coercion, to the Zionist murderers.
    The day of ISRAEL’S destruction is coming. Unfortunately
    innocent,caring, loving people in Israel are going to pay a terrible
    price for the ZIONIST evil. Isn’t that the way it always is and will
    continue to be UNTIL we IMPRISON those at the top of the “PYRAMID” who
    give the orders, such as the British and Dutch Royal Families, the
    Rothschilds, the Warburgs, Soros,Gates,the Vatican and others. MOST
    people reading this know of whom I talk. They are COWARDS and BARBARIANS
    who hide behind the names of their Stooges and Minions who DO their

    • Emmanuel Truthseeker

      I grew up in the Netherlands. The royal family there is like family to the Dutch people; those who don’t know any better. The same goes for the UK. People love their royals.

      I remember Prince Bernard very well; he is the founding father of the Bilderbergers btw. The prince always wore sun glasses. I now wonder if that was because he could not hide his reptilian eye slits?

      The entire notion of a royal family, or royalty, period, I find revolting and totally contrary to the teachings of Jesus Christ who said we are not to call anyone Master.

      • Freespirit

        Agreed, although I believe the British Royal Family and the slavishness of the British people, are a little WORSE, if that is possible

        • Emmanuel Truthseeker

          How does one measure the slavish devotion levels of a people?

          It is absolutely true, huge numbers of Brits have a strange obsession with the royal family there; to wit the massive crowds who came out for Lizardbreath’s 60th; or the huge adulating crowds who came out to witness the latest royal wedding and now are all agog over the new royal baby.

          • Freespirit

            ..AND when one of their “own”, specifically ,”Diana” shows sing of being a Caring,loving, compassionate INTELLIGENT human being they eliminate ( her) what they perceive, as a THREAT….TRUE CHARACTERISTICS of PSYCHOPATHS.

          • Freespirit

            I miss-typed “sing” instead of”sign”

          • Emmanuel Truthseeker

            In David Icke’s brilliant book, The Biggest Secret, he explains what happened to Diana. It is a tale most horrible and not one the House of Windsor wants people to know. The horrific tale of Princess Diana’s murder would do Edgar Poe and Steven King proud. Then again; it is such a macabre tale, those two kings of horror might shy away.

            Ritual Satanic sacrifice against the 13th pillar of a tunnel in a place where the ancient Druids worshipped Hecate; the dark side of the huntress Goddess, Diana, sums up the tale in one sentence; May She Rest In Peace and May God Bless Her Soul For Eternity. I will spare you the details; they are very clearly described in David’s book.

          • Afshin Nejat

            The Goyim were designed to serve Yahweh, true fact. The JOOS just figured this out and were more willing to be nastier and more evil in the service of Yahweh, and were favored for that reason, temporarily anyway. But Yahweh is dead, long dead. His archons are falling like autumn leaves, and the nasty remnants will be last as the True Beings are released from this shithole pseudoexistence.

      • mothman777

        And yet the Bible New Testament, which also says; “Have I not said ye are gods?” says to Christian slaves always to obey their masters, which is ludicrous if they are born again as ‘gods’ within God.

        And even though Jesus says to “call no one Father except the Lord Thy God”, all the Protestant vicars and Roman Catholic priests ask everyone to call them Father, thereby usurping the position of God.

        There are quite a few ways that most Christians themselves often contradict the teachings in the Bible, such as wearing black to Church when the Bible says; “Always be dressed in white”, and even going to church buildings at all, which, according to the New Testament, are now entirely redundant, with Jesus according to belief being the living foundation stone of the true living temple of all the born-again Christian souls. The stone temples are stated in the Bible merely to be the now redundant analogous representations in base material substance of the outer temple and the inner holy of holies. So why do Christians still deny the spirit and pay homage to the dead stone material as holy still? Not really born again and still blind? I think so.

        Jesus, the ‘Prince of Peace’ who stated; “I have not come to bring peace, but to divide with sword and with fire”. I think George Orwell commented nicely on that state of affairs in ‘1984’. Divine love that burns everybody alive for all eternity in hell without any cessation if they are not Christians, but Buddhists, or Sikhs, Jains, Hindus or any other religion. And the genocidal and insane ‘saints’ in 150 AD wrote how all the saints and God Himself in Heaven delighted in the enjoyment of watching all the souls in hell burn in eternal flames, even stating that the pleasure of their God, Yahweh, and that of the saints, was not complete in heaven without being able to watch that eternal torment. That is the very definition of highly dangerous and totally insane criminality.

        Christianity is pure insanity. Forgive seventy times seven indeed. What shameless hypocrites Christians are. And they see no problem at all with joining armies to kill other Christians in all countries they invade on behalf of their Judaic masters, for that is who invented the fake Christian religion to Judaize the Gentiles to make them more fitting for slaves! And of course, the Freemasonic Queen Elizabeth is the head of the Protestant Church of England, and in 1781, British Freemason Lord General Cornwallis stated to fellow Freemason Washington, around the time of the fake ‘War of Independence’ in America, that every single religion in America would, over the course of the next two hundred years, be made to come to serve only the Judaic religion, by the arrangement of the Freemasonic British Royal Family.

        And what was stated then to be coming in the US, which has now of course happened, had already for many centuries already been the case in England. Christianity is a Jewish tool to destroy the minds and bodies of the Gentiles, and nothing more.

        All Gentiles should return to their own true and gentle pagan spiritual paths. All the Abrahamic religions, derived ultimately from the Judaic terrorist cult, are pure poison.

        The real God, not the man- invented Yahweh, is eternal, and has all eternity to give his expanded souls every facility to explore every dimension they wish, freely, and has no need at all to cut even a single soul off for all eternity.

        Every soul throughout the infinite cosmos can take all the time they need to travel to whatever dimension they want; that is the truth in the vedic religions, and the Sikh, Jain, Buddhist and Daoist and other pagan spiritual belief systems such as the witches and followers of the Norse and other pagan religions throughout Europe.

        How could a completely hostile criminal pseudo-spiritual religious cult, that states in the Talmud; “Even the best of Gentiles should all be killed” produce a Gentile messiah? People have to completely brainwash themselves to believe in that load of crap.

        Even the Torah of the Sephardim states that when the Messiah comes, all Gentiles on the whole Earth will be exterminated and their souls sent to hell under the Angel Duma. And what on Earth does; “suffer little children to come unto me” mean? Very sinister indeed if you ask me. They really will suffer. And you are supposed to read it and think that that is good. It is totally evil and demonic brainwashing by the Bible.

        And of course, all the silly instructions that their priests then deliberately tell them to do the opposite of, totally destroy the function of the mind in a form of brainwashing to produce a total imbecile who can always be counted on to do the total opposite of any commandment in the Bible as a Christian, and say, drop atomic bombs on other Christians, as they did in Nagasaki, in Japan, where a large congregation of Christians lived.

        • Emmanuel Truthseeker

          The word suffer had a different meaning in earlier times. Some of the language in Bibles is antiquated and meanings have changed.

          The most important things one should take out of the Bible are the following. It is interesting reading, and thought provoking, surely; but not all of it is true; and that is the truth. The Bible, which exists in over 30 different translations in English, alone, is so full of sophistry, disinformation, and outright lies, it amazes me that people still say it is the ‘Word of God.’ How ludicrous is that?

          God is Omnipotent, Omniscient, and Omnipresent; The Eternal Father, the First Source and Center etcetera; He does not make errors; He is Absolute. If the Bible is truly His Word; there would only be one version and it would not have any errors; no sophistry, no lies, no Jewish malfeasance, no chosen people, no crucifixion in order to forgive sins, and most certainly no divinely appointed kings.

          The gospel of Jesus is very simple and does not need copious amounts of books to interpret; just as God’s Law does not need a lawyer to interpret it. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is this: The Fatherhood of God, The Motherhood of Gaia, and the Universal Brother/Sisterhood of all of us who believe in Him. Jesus said, ‘Call No Man Master, Not Even The Messiah, and Call No Man Father, You Have But One Father Who Is In Heaven.’

          That is a totally simple gospel proclaiming that we are all part of a universal family with God as our Father and the planet we live on as our Mother and that we are all FREE. Nobody has jurisdiction over us but God, and belief in Him is a FREE WILL choice. How much more freedom do you want? People who believe in what I say, have the greatest freedom of all; such is the intent of the words Jesus Christ left for us to ponder.

          Always be careful you do not throw the baby out with the bath water.

          • mothman777

            The vedic scriptures state that there is only one Lord God, who also functions as the communal Higher Self of all beings, dwelling within the centre of the soul of every other soul in existence throughout infinity.

            The Lord God is a nameless God who, because of His unique qualities, is referred to by a description of those qualities that He alone possesses; one of these terms is Krishna, ‘the all-attractive’, as The Lord God is attractive to all souls throughout the entire cosmos.

            Krishna is more beautiful than any other soul also, and is the only light by which all other souls can have their self-cognizance, as He in fact is actually the greater part of their self-cognitive faculty, uniquely, His ‘light’ actually being His direct personal interaction with every soul that enables them all to know all their true eternal spiritual qualities. No other soul is large enough or possesses that quality to reveal the true nature of each soul to it.

            Just as with the sun in this dimension, all beings with eyes can only see together by the sunlight, and so it is in the spiritual dimension, by the grace of that one Supreme Soul, who inconceivably and simultaneously acts as the greater part of every soul in the cosmos, even whilst remaining a distinct individual from us as we all do in relation to Him and each other.

            No other soul has that quality, so any soul turning to any other soul except for the Lord God, because of the infinitesimally small size of other souls like us in comparison to the cosmic dimension of God, is bound to only receive a very tiny of diffuse, diffracted, multiply-reflected light that is not coming directly from the Source, and of course, the ‘light’ that is related to by any soul needs to be a one to one direct personal relationship with the Supreme Lord Himself to be meaningful, as otherwise the personal identity of it will be mistaken, and other souls will arrogantly declare that they themselves are that light, and that they themsleves are God, as a great many pseudo-gurus do already in the advaitist movements.

            Ancient vedic philiosophy also talks of one Lord God, with many lesser authorities, such as the elemental angels, whose bodies comprise the planets themselves, and even the Bible acknowledges so much, by stealing snippets from genuine older religions to lend itself the apparency of genuineness, and the substance of those elements that comprise all our gross and subtle physical bodies as well, are utimately nothing other than the soul of the Supreme Lord Himself, surrounding us all directly in hidden form, with the Lord manifesting here just as material substance, until we renew our eternal relationships with Him and reattain the pure vision of all material as spiritual after returning to the spiritual world.

            The vedic literature Sri Brahma samhita is many hundreds of millions of years old, and only one chapter, chapter 5, now survives; you can download it freely. Srimad Bhagavatam, another literary incarnation of the Lord God Krishna, states that dynasties of kings existed hundreds of millions of years ago on this Earth. You can see extremely sophisticated metalwork, including an intrically patterned vase, that has been dug out of solid rock hundreds of millions of years old, proving that very sophisticated human cultures existed on this Earth back then.

            The Bible is a complete lie, and the vedic scriptures taught genuine monotheism a long time before the Jews and the Christianity that their agents created to Judaize their slaves.

            The ‘Bible’ is merely a Kali Yuga imposter of a scripture slapped together very roughly from a choice of hundreds of different scriptures available at the time, and has been changed by over 20 different church counclls. It is a non-entity spiritually, and is a demonic scripture typical only of those confabulated by people with political and pseudo-spiritual agendas that are really rebelling and turning away from the real God.

            Ask any Christian about Krishna and they will mistakenly tell you that He is just the Devil, but the Devil, or Satan, is really just a mythical creature, a bogey man invented to force people to turn away from the real God, by labelling all previously known revelations and incarnations of God as being something completely evil and opposed to true spirituality, so that the Jews can mess with their minds when they no longer have any significant degree of conscious connection with the true God any longer after being ‘converted’ to Christianity.

            The Bible was put together to terrify the illiterate peasants of earier times. Tyndale had his throat crushed and his body burned at the stake purely for translating the Bible into English (and discovering something that he was never supposed to, that the fake ‘priests’ (Jewish agents) had been keeping people worshipping the Bible in Latin to play a very cruel trick on them all, as the original Bible in the Gospel of Mathew stated that Jesus did indeed only come to save the Jews, as a JEWISH Messiah only, and NEVER came to save any Gentiles, as the Jews regard the Gentiles as eternal demons, so how could he have come to save them? See Hugh Fogelman’s ‘MIssionaries- They Do Not Know What They Are Doing’.

            After the Bible was translated into English, it was hurriedly altered to state in the Gospel of Mathew that Jesus wanted the disclples to save the Gentiles as well; read the conflicting passages from the earlier version of Mathew still in there to see that something is very wrong with the ‘Gospel’ there.

            I would throw the Bible straight in the dustbin if I were you as all that stuff about all non-Christians being burned alive for all eternity, as some of the psychotic ‘saints; of 150AD and earlier are recorded as having said also, is pure demented hateful sadistic demonic insanity, that makes enemies of every other soul on this planet and all the others.

            Being ‘saved’ oneself and yet then going along with the intent to burn every other soul for all eternity in all the infinite galaxies and other universes because they are not Christians is totally and criminally insane.

            Christianity is not spiritual in the slightest, nor are any of the other sadistic and insane Abrahamic Kali Yuga ‘religions’, but the total opposite of spiritual to the infinite degree, just as their proposed mindless sadistic torture of all other souls for all eternity is non spiritual to the infinite degree.

            ALL souls come from God, and return to God whenever they come to their senses and decide once again to share the companionship of the true Lord God, and that is not reflected in any teaching of Christianity that limits the period of choosing to one single lifetime. And the quality of the true Lord God is not present or taught in the Bible, because the Bible has no knowledge or conception of who the Lord God really is.

            The genuine Lord God does not torture people who are not Christians in eternal flames for all eternity, therefore that person mentioned in the Bible who intends to do that is definitely someone other than the Lord God, that confabulated literary creation is merely an infinitely sadistic demonic person in fact.

            Spiritual teachings in the Bible are completely non-existent, that being so by reasoning of the fact of the inconceivable intended sadism towards all nondevotees of Jesus, and similar applies to all three of the Abrahamic belief systems in fact, and they all constitute an extremely grave danger to the mental, spiritual and physical health of people worldwide, and should be banned by international law as such, and I hope very much that at some time in the future, some spiritually noble and brave people will in fact do that very thing, and emancipate the people of this world from thousands of years of needless sadistic terror and oppression that has been inflicted upon them by the three Abrahamic faiths.

          • Emmanuel Truthseeker

            Very interesting post, Mothman. Indeed, the oldest books on the planet are extant in India. To wit: Vimaana Aircraft of Ancient India and Atlantis; which speaks of flying craft over 4000 years ago! Indeed, there is ample evidence of this in Egyptian murals and elsewhere.

            Our true history has been hidden from us and is now, thanks to brave researchers like Michael Cremo and Richard Thompson, who are exposing the myths and showing us that we homo sapiens sapiens have been walking about on the planet for MILLIONS of years, not just 40,000 years.

            Regarding doctrinal issues: The gospel of Jesus Christ is very simple but Jewish sociopaths in the robes of Catholic clergy, confounded it and made it something other than what Jesus exemplified and proclaimed: The Fatherhood of God, the Motherhood of Gaia, and the universal brotherhood of all sentient beings. That’s it. All the rest of the Bible is just window dressing, disinformation, beautiful myths, bad science, nice poetry, interesting horror stories, etcetera.

            The problem with the New Testament lies in the fact most of it was written by the Jew, Saul of Tarsus, who told us, ‘he saw the light.’ Most of what he has written is not at all close to what Jesus taught. Saul; ie: The Apostle Paul created Christianity, not Jesus Christ. Christianity is a religion which Satan surely smiles on; like all organized religions which are organizations for credulous sheep not able to think for themselves and not recognizing their own spiritual power.

          • mothman777

            Thanks for your reply Emmanuel. The thing is, what on Earth is a Messiah of the Gentiles doing coming from within a religion that says all Gentile souls are non-living spiritual anti-matter, only bound for eternal hell, having come from there in the first place, the Gentile souls being held by the Jewish scriptures and rabbis to be of a completely opposite substance to true living spiritual souls, held by those Jews to only be the Jews themselves, and no other souls.

            Surely, it is highly unlikely that a saviour of the Gentiles would come from such a source; would you not think that yourself? I consider it not only unlikely in the extreme, but absolutely impossible.

            Besides that, why not choose a Messiah or prophet from one of the other faiths that does not come from such a totally hostile source towards all Gentiles, but rather one that actually properly addresses the spiritual welfare of all the Gentiles, and all the other souls in the world in fact, including those of the Jews themselves, offering all souls, properly acknowledged as expansions of God, a chance to wake up and join in a universally compassionate spiritual endeavour instead of the useless Judaic faith, as the Judaic faith itself is a mistaken one that will not even afford the Jews themselves any real spiritual progress.

            You have Guru Nanak of the Sikhs, Lord Krishna Chaitanya Mahaprabhu of the Vaishnavas from India in 1486, and you have other good teachers, all offering universally compassionate religions that do not mention any eternal hell.

            You appear to want to stick with Jesus, and have your personal and I must say extremely rare individual conceptions about Jesus, whom you feel gave completely different teachings in truth compared to those in the Bible, and certainly it is true that Jesus may never have never asked anyone to write any scriptures it might be argued, though myself, I firmly beleive that Jesus is a person who actually lacks genuine historicity, being merely a literary confabulation invented by the Jews, used to dupe the Gentiles, whilst the Jews, who know exactly that fact, play in the Talmud at appearing hostile towards Jesus, so that Gentiles will take the bait more readily and think that in accepting Jesus, that they will be in a safe camp in oppostion to the Jews.

            Read ‘The Diegesis’, by Reverend Taylor, of 1829, to see just where the myth of Jesus comes from. The Jews are extremely crafty, and always make up kinds of stories to mess with the minds of the goyim.

            It is precisely because Jesus is not a real person, and never was, having been invented by the Jews to mess with the minds of the Gentiles, that the Jews show no respect for Jesus.

            The Jews are the people to tell everyone who their real Jesus is, and besides, if the Jesus of the Christians really is the Jesus that the Christians hope he is, as prophesied by the Judaic scriptures, the same Jesus that they believe has fulfilled so many of the Jewish prophecies about him to justify him beng accepted as the real Jesus, then heaven help the Christians, because the Torah prophecy that when Jesus the (Jewish) Messiah (only of the Jews) comes, all Gentiles including the Christians will be exterminated from the entire planet, and then their souls will be sent to hell under the Angel Duma, must also surely be fulfilled, according to the words of Jesus himself it has to be acknowledged, but the Christians seem to be blissfully and willfully ignorant of that particular prophecy. I wonder why? Work it out.

            Does not Jesus say in the Bible that he has not come to oppose or deny any word of the Jewish prophets or the Jewish law, but to fulfil them all, then surely the coming of Jesus must fulfil the Torah prophecy that all the Gentiles will be exterminated when he comes, and sent to hell also.

            Christians selectively blind themselves to looking into this prophecy further because they do not dare to think for themselves. Wake up. Think what true spiritual compassion is, and choose a genuine spiritual path, and forget all about this Jesus nonsense.

            In your own personal understanding of Jesus, that is not contained in the Bible, do you still believe in the eternal damnation of all non-Christians, especially even after just one life?

            And how would you perceive that damnation to be, merely making all the damned eternally unaware of existence anymore? Or actually tormenting them in flames as the Bible and the ‘saints’ of AD150 state?

            Or would you perhaps even go so far as stating that Jesus really taught reincarnation, and no damnation at all? And if you do accept this last proposal, then why not simply accept that Jesus’ teachings have been lost, except to a very tiny minority who can ‘channel’ what he perhaps really taught. Why not then choose a still intact spiritual movement with these much more pleasant beliefs, that are the same as those idealised teachings of your chosen Jesus? Surely that would be the most practical thing to do if you want to spread such beliefs, as trying to get people to believe in teachings about an impossible Gentile Jesus that do not survive in the Bible must be just about impossible I would say, unless you are connected to some mystery school that passes the teachings directly to initiates, as the Rosicrucians claim to do for instance.

            Possibly where we might agree is that the Bible itself is nothing to do with any real messiah of the Gentiles. But where does that leave us? For instance, without any Bible, where did you hear of Jesus from, and how do you know then what his teachings are? Perhaps you obtain them through meditation in silence, inwardly, as the Quakers claim to do, but then again, why on Earth try sifting through all that rubbish to seek out genuine teachings of a Gentile Messiah (which Jesus could never be in any case, unless you choose also to deny that Jesus was prophesied as a JEWISH messiah in the Jewish scriptures, and that the Christians accept Jesus as genuine precisely because they say he fulfills so many prophecies in the Jewish scriptures about him.

            Really, you have very little to go on there to properly justify any Gentiles seeking their spiritual progress, or ‘salvation’ through any Jesus (who must obviously have been Jewish, as they would never call upon a non-living Gentile demon soul from hell to be their messiah) prophesied in the Jewish scriptures.

            I think that the whole endeavour to carry on trying to justify Jesus, and present him in a better light than the Bible does, is completely unrealistic and unsubstantiable.

            You might just as well try to channel someone to save the Gentiles from within the Jewish Bolshevik killers of the Red Revolution, and claim that their ‘message’ has been corrupted somewhere along the line too.

          • Afshin Nejat

            Wow, it is Mothman 777, the would be knower of all things concerning Krishna and Hindu religion of the ancient past. no one will bother to read your long and tedious scribbling. In any event, only a moron takes non-credible crusts of paper seriously when contemplating what happened in the ancient past.

          • Support

            well hes got way more gray matter in his head at one moment then u in ur entire life.

          • Afshin Nejat

            WOW!!!! REAWWWEEEE?

          • mothman777

            Fuck off you nonce

          • Afshin Nejat

            One might think that a “Sage who understands Krishna and the Vedas and Bhagavad Gita SO WELL” would use more eloquence, or would act according to his beliefs, or would even bother to know the definitions of words that he uses. (“nonce”.. what a laugh. That means “this moment”)

          • mothman777

            Er, yeah, sure, Afshin.

          • LocalHero

            I read every word of his post which is more than I can say for yours.

          • Joe JUssac, Jr.
          • NVN777

            Abrahamic faiths are made up to control the mass of ignorant people.

      • Defiant

        LOL! As I started reading your post I was impressed because it was someone making a decent point with little of the usual bad attitiude! Then I got to the sunglasses and eye-slit thing! ROFLMAO! You slide it in there so casually, like it ISN’T absolutely and hilariously insane. Well done.

    • anthonysokolsky


  • Thomas Fournier

    Israel and its lap dogs in Congress and the white house are the terrorist and the biggest threat to sending the world into another dark age. Its up to Russia and China to stop this insanity.

    • Emmanuel Truthseeker

      Actually, Thomas, it is up to ALL of us; not just Russia and China. And, besides, who do you suppose runs those countries?

      The entire global show is just that; a show. Remember Hegel? His dialectics? The Banksters create a problem, they propose a solution which the people accept, and then they implement the solution. The International Banking Cartel (by definition; a criminal organization), is owned and controlled by Jews and makes huge profits off wars; and have done so since at least the French Revolution; a ‘war’ the Illuminati created and the Rothschilds greatly benefited from. ching ching!!!

      Now we are being set up for yet another world war, ostensibly about Syria and agents provocateur, ie: ‘rebels,’ who are likely Mossad sociopaths and mercenaries, stirring things up against the ‘evil’ Bashar al-Assad; an opthamologist turned politician of a peaceful country which has not made war in a long time and had no intentions to. It is just an unfortunate pawn in a game the banksters are playing in order to push back, ever further, Israhell’s illegal frontiers; Israhell being essentially the HQ of the global criminal cartel; and armed to the teeth with biological, chemical, ‘conventional’, nuclear, and untested horror weapons, all thanks to the Amerikan and German peoples who have been ‘hoodwinked’, (Masonic term) to give those Khazarians, occupying that stolen land; where they pretend to be so ‘holy’ as they wail at their ancient wall, all that military might, non of which can be inspected because Israhell hosts the ‘most moral army in the world’, don’t you know? and does no wrong.

      Presently, Vladimir Putin is hoisted on the world stage and seen by many to be the new light for the world. Indeed, Mister Putin; as a man, in man’s clothing, certainly out mans that thing pretending to be the president of the Jew SS A, presently marking the Resolution Desk with his $1000 shoes. At least Putin shows respect for the history and traditions of his country. Barry, or Barrack, or… has no respect. He can not even be bothered to stand upright and salute the American flag and sing their anthem. Vladimir Putin sings his country’s anthem. Putin is characterized as riding on the back of a bear, while Obama rides a fake pony in front of a rainbow.

      However, do not be fooled. No country but a very few, are independent of the Zionist octopus. Even though many Azkenazis left Poland and Russia in order to occupy all those stolen homes and businesses in Palestine, many remained; and they have not stopped pulling the strings there just because Communism changed its face.

      The entire world is once again being set up by International Jewry to accept WWIII and look to Russia and China to be their saviours. Well, I know that bears are very unpredictable, and very dangerous animals; indeed the largest land based carnivores, and China is a dragon; which comes at you from the air with very hot breath.

      Watch out world. Remember; things are not what they seem; and that is the truth.


      • Thomas Fournier

        great reply thank you

  • David McElroy

    Yes, Israel is the Rothschild sock puppet armed to the teeth in order to destabilize the Middle East for the banksters’ New World Order of techno-fascist tyranny. Israel should be forced to reveal its nuclear arsenal. It castigates Iran for its nuclear power plant because Israel has a guilty conscience about how it used the Dimona power plant to develop hundreds of nuclear bombs. But Iran has not waged war, other than defending its borders, for hundreds of years, unlike Israel. Israel has promised to nuke the whole world if Israel is endangered. Israel has nuclear-armed submarines. Iran has signed the UN Non-proliferation Treaty and abided with UN inspections, Israel has not. Why not?

    • Emmanuel Truthseeker

      I don’t think Israhell has a conscience, either pro or con. Israhell is a mindless, soulless, sociopathic pit of vipers which never should have been plunked anywhere, let alone the Middle East. The best thing for the world is to keep the Jews in Diaspora; do not let them congregate in greater numbers than one. As soon as you have two, you have a schemer and an agent.

  • Solon Benjamin

    Does anyone here read the Holy Bible? If you do, your questions about the jewish race and Israels right to exist will be answered.

    • Emmanuel Truthseeker

      Bible, mostly written by Jews. I don’t trust the Bible for a reference other than for a few words spoken which actually sing with truth; as in, those words resonate my chakras and say to me; ‘Yes, that is true.’ An example: Matthew 23. Jesus referring to Jews as: ‘the children of Satan and the sons of the Devil.’ Or, Jesus referring to us as sovereign beings: ‘Call no man Master, not even the Messiah and call no man Father, for you have only one Father who is in Heaven.’ That is true. The 10 Commandments in general, totally true; they make sense. Certainly it is true, if everyone practiced that simple set of rules; God’s Law, the world would be a happy place, indeed.

    • LocalHero

      Fictions (as all countries are) have NO “right” to exist. They are created with a stroke of the pen and can be eliminated the same way. Only flesh-and-blood living beings have rights. Peddle your nonsense somewhere else.

  • Defiant

    Meh…I don’t LOVE Israel…but I know they don’t want to kill me, like the Muslim countries do. Not only that…aside from some conspiracty theories, the Israeli’s don’t sneak around bombing Americans. Nope. I’m glad they have these weapons. Weapons aren’t bad. People who blow up cafe’s are.

    • Emmanuel Truthseeker

      Actually, Defiant, Israelis do sneak around bombing Americans. 9/11 is a blatant example. The USS Liberty is another. Hmm, what about Fukushima Daiichi; compromised by STUXNET; an Israhelli computer virus. Here is the link:


      Israhell is now killing hundreds of Americans with the fallout from that nuclear disaster. The entire west coast is compromised, the Pacific Ocean killed, and likely heralding an ELE for the world. So, there you have it. Proof, they ARE trying to kill you.

    • Afshin Nejat

      You’re an idiot.

  • Name

    Fuck you all in the comments. Israel is NOT an “artificial country” you can keep saying so but that wont make it true. Zionists are good people you muslim apologist scumbags.


    • Emmanuel Truthseeker


      Please keep the conversation civil. Your language is offensive and your obviously slavish support of The Tribal Farm makes it clear you are probably of the Jewish persuasion; May God Have Mercy on what is left of your soul.

      Israhell (sic) is a country which was stolen from the Palestinians, who have lived there for thousands of years. The people professing Israel is their home land originate in central Europe and have NO genetic ties to that Middle Eastern region. Hence, Israel is an ‘artificial country.’

      • mothman777

        Actually, think about it; how does it benefit us Gentiles to say that the Ashkenazim Jews are all Gentiles, and that the ‘real’ Jews are entirely innocent of all the criminality performed in the interest of the Jewish NWO?

        The answer is that the entire idea is a carefully constructed piece of Mossad disinformation; a small army of Jewish writers and their sayanim and many unwitting and well-meaning dupes are unfortunately falling for their propaganda and saturating the internet with this erroneous information.

        Elhaik is a complete fraud. Read the genuine genetic study on this issue by Dr Karl Skorecki, who proves that the DNA of the cohanim priesthood of the Ashkenazim and the Sephardim is indeed the same, genuinely Jewish and dates back 3,300 years to Israel. Ever heard of the diaspora and the search for the lost sheep of Israel? Well, the Ashkenazim are really just that.

        Note also that to be a cohanim priest, you must be able to demonstrate that for a full 1,000 generations, not a single gentile has entered into your bloodline, and that completely rubbishes everything that Mossad agent Elhaik is saying with his indecipherable pretentious gobbledy-gook that could mean anything at all with all his mysterious squiggles. The idea is to do similar as the Maronites do, to pretend to be us to confuse us.

        Meanwhile, back in Israel, and in the corridors of power around the world, all the Sephardim and Ashkenazim are high fiving each other as genuine Jews in private, and laughing at the stupidity of the Gentiles for believing their little cover story, as they build more genetic weapons, and chemical and nuclear weapons, and GMO weapons etc. to exterminate us all with.

        Israel could and should be delegitimized right now for the genuine reason of having threatened the entire world on numerous occasions with nuclear annihilation by means of unleashing their Samson Option upon every country outside Israel.

        Yet everyone thinks that merely by parrotting the erroneous propaganda that Israel is inhabited by a majority of Gentiles mysteriously pretending to be Jews, that somehow Israel will become no more. They could not be more wrong, and even a small number recognized to be real Jews in Israel will always be enough to provide ‘legitimate’ excuse to maintain the state of Israel in any case.

  • Rofak Zess

    Can someone post a link to the list of countries which voted for or against this resolution ? I cant find this anywhere on the UN or IEAE site.

  • Jorge Estemac

    I believe as there is a God, in charge of the universe, but allowing humans the privilege of self determination, of self ahihilation. Since us human beings have presumtuosly assumed “control” of the world. There is a universal law of retribution, “whatever we sow, we shall also reap”. So the West is sowing injustice and destruction on other fellow human beings, due to their advance weaponry and other advanced technologies they are trying and in a good measure are controlling the world. But there is a counter balance developing in the East, that if and when they unite
    the West is going to tremble in their shoes. The prophet of old cried out: How long oh God will you allow injustice to prevail…in this world? Perpetuated by people who call Thy name but heed not Thy precepts of love and justice for all.

  • NVN777

    Which are the 51 ? I like to see a list somewhere.

  • R. E. Smith

    All of the Western nations and most of Europe voted against Israel being treated in the same detailed manner of transparency as all other nations holding and developing nuclear weapons. Why? Ask yourself Why. Why is this nation of a relatively small population of actual Jews so influential that it holds these 5l nations of the world, some very powerful nations, in such fear of the wrath of Israel when those 5l nations know that Israel is totally rogue. Israel defies the United Nations by occupying Palestinian lands, by refusing to acknowledge or have inspections of its nuclear capability. And it threatens Iran almost daily. People of the world had better treat Israel the way it should be treated and that is by boycotting it and sanctioning it severely instead of kissing up to it like it is a Messiah. It is NOT! It is a despicable regime that warrants no special treatment. But obviously its ties to other countries in its control of financial institutions and developments have tied the hands of even honest politicians. Truly pathetic

  • Fucк Israeli Jews

    America has the gaу pеnis of the Jew Lobby so far up its аss it doesn’t even know what real freedom feels like. Don’t kid yourself, America’s propaganda is run by a bunch of fucкing gaу Jews and its obvious….

  • George Washington

    It is pretty clear that our country has been subverted by jews, we now
    know 9/11 was done with the help of Israeli dual citizens and American
    jews, the atrocity was committed by Israel. This type of behaviour is
    common for jews, jews have been kicked out of 109 countries in 1000
    years. We must face this threat to our sovereignty as Americans, like
    the American bison we must turn and face the storm. The jews have
    subverted the FBI (certainly there are still many loyal elements but I
    am sure the levers of this organization have been subverted), certain
    local law enforcement regions with strong jewish infiltration. The
    formation of DHS was illegal and remains the blackest treason. DHS is
    the jewish attempt, trying to turn all Americans into Palestinians in
    our own dear home. Almost all politicians are guilty of conspiring with
    the foreign enemy, Israel, to undermine the constitution and the rights
    enunciated within. This is the score, the jews have latched on to us
    like some parasitic worm, they control the media, financial, political
    and education branches and continue to suck like the bloated parasite
    they are. They control an idiot religious faction known as rapturers and
    judaism. We Americans who are awake must prepare for the inevitable
    revolutions we must undertake in order to restore our once mighty and
    free republic. The jews seek to establish a tyranny through debt
    slavery, fear, deception and murder. They have been inciting racial
    hatred through their media and exacerbating this division through the
    brutality of police trained in Israel. The jews have been busy sowing
    chaos and confusion trying to unmake the very genders the creator has
    made. I can proudly say a large portion of Americans are waking up to
    this tyranny, WE are waking up to the horrors the jews have inflicted on
    the world in our name. 2 million Iraqi women and children murdered for
    the sake of Israel and jews. Death and destruction everywhere in our
    name and now we sit on the threshold of WW3. Well the tide is turning,
    justice and goodness will triumph over the reprobate jew and its
    minions, the same people who crucified Christ seek to crucify the
    American people. They will not succeed. America was founded on the
    prospect that all men are created equal and endowed by their creator
    with certain inalienable rights, the jew wishes to usurp those rights
    and allow only himself to bask in the creator’s warm light. I understand
    now why the jews have been labeled a parasitic infestation for so many
    centuries and why they have been ejected from so many diverse peoples.
    I can only say prepare for our creator has not abandoned us to their
    evil, there will be a light in this winter of American discontent, we
    must be awake to see the light and to behold the path it bids us take.
    Wake up my American brothers, wake up to protect the American dream our
    founding fathers forged as the greatest hope for humanity. Now is the
    time for work to be done.